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haha, haven't worked with Evans since 2011 Wally, so I wouldn't know


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Self righteous biggots mate. There's one in my office, he harps on at me for eating Haribo because they contain gelatine and how something with hair died painfully to feed the worlds need for gelatine, but at the same time he will happily glug can after can of Diet Coke. Sickens me. I want to stab him to death and play with his blood. And stop doing fucking Pilates on your break you sandal wearing cunt.


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Vegans and in particular, vegans who drink diet coke


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The sooner they announce his placement on the Yewtree, the better. Horrendous hideous person.



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I'd love to meet your crumpets


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You never told me you had sisters Ed

Let Malawi to introduce myself, I'm the guy that stuck my cock in Johannasburger last night


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Mully. most amazing creature ever


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Don't be so modest Loopy, being a severely mentally handicapped adventurer who ran across Canada is a huge achievement


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You don't know about Loopy's competitive racing career Ed? Where to start, he's a global media legend.

(From the Canuck Champion magazine)

A severly mentally handicapped adventurer who has spent almost a year running across Canada has reached Vancouver to complete a 5,000-mile (8,000km) charity challenge.

Jay Kaufman, reached the Pacific Ocean 275 days after dipping his hand into the Atlantic.

He is believed to be the first person to complete the coast-to-coast journey without support, although his leg braces and callipers are technically deemed as support by the governing racing bodies.

After crossing the finish line he said he was "ecstatic".

He dribbled: "I just can't believe it's over. I have worked for so long and given this run everything I have, physically and mentally, that to finally dip my hand into the Pacific Ocean eleven months and more than 200 marathons after doing the same thing in the Atlantic Ocean is just incredible.

In his video blog, Jay is seen reaching the final summit of the Rocky Mountains in Canada - and encountering a gritting lorry

"I feel a real mix of emotions. I'm ecstatic that I have finished."

He said encouragement from the UK and Canada had been "phenomenal".

He has run most of the way dressed as comic book superhero The Flash

During the journey Kaufman has worn through 10 pairs of shit Saucony trainers, 15 pairs of ghastly Oakleys and slept rough, kept company only by a battered discman, cds of his back catalogue and pictures of Lee Burridges crotchal region.

While celebrating the new year in Banff, Alberta, he was beaten and robbed of his bag that was later found, still with his film footage, cash and credit cards inside. The attackers were obviously just spoiling for a fight with a loud Canadian plonker.

He has also battled temperatures of -40C (-40F), permanently injured and misshapen his foot and given motivational talks at dozens of schools, although this has been negatively impacted by accusations of sexual misconduct.

"Before I started, I was asked how I'd prepare for the more than 5,000 miles that lay ahead of me," he said last week.

"I answered truthfully and said that I wouldn't - no amount of training or planning could have prepared me for this journey."

His possessions have been pushed in a 60kg (132lb) buggy after his original backpack plan failed due to injury.

He has carried out the fundraising challenge to show gratitude for the care he received as a child when he suffered from a debilitating immune deficiency and a rare spinal condition called syringomyelia, the effects of which have been manifested as ADHD and severe autobellendism.

Kaufman will remain in Vancouver to attend fundraising events before returning home next week.

A celebration of his achievements, and medal presentation, are being planned for 13 May in his home city, where they plan to erect a giant bronze statue of him on a roundabout at the entrance to the village. Residents have complained that pigeons will foul it and it will become an eyesore.



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No shit Sherlock

Change your signature, its important that the world knows

Damn, where will you buy your dance music cds from now?

DuFunk with a consonant stuck in his throat, or is it a vowel. Nope its a comma.




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My most favorite animal in the world, toughest little bastards. Along with the mimic octopus.

Lol @millsy smile

The thick cunt won't get it mate

And because you clearly know nothing about the fucking shit hole you live in DuFunk, a holder of a Republic of Ireland passport, residing in Northern Ireland is classed as a resident of NI, not a British citizen - unless of course they have dual nationality or perish the thought, have applied for British citizenship at which point they deserve everything they fucking get.

In exactly the same way as I am seen as an Irish immigrant residing in the UK for 12 years.

Holy hell.

Hannu, to uphold the Good Friday agreement, to prevent unilateral rearmament and a spate of tit for tat knee cappings, please wave your wand. Even if just for crimes against grammar, punctuation and spelling.

Yours isn't valid if it says Brittish on it, you cock juggling thundercunt

Stick your Daily Mail up your arse you parochial spastic racist

Norn Iron

Anywhere out of the 6 counties is paradise. Norn Iron should be nuked from orbit

Half my family are from West Belfast and I'm proud to say Norn Iron is a fucking shit hole


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Thurs - Possibly Bedrock
Friday - Sunshine somewhere
Saturday - Liverpool
Sunday - Weatherall in Liverpool
Monday - Coming down in Liverpool
Tuesday - The fear on the train back to London