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I have heard quite a lot of GU CDs -but not all so perhaps I'm not best qualified to say which one is or isn't best. 

Have to say tho that Sasha's San Fran will always be a personal favourite of mine - it is a masterpiece - a work of art without question - easily overshaddowing Ibiza - and still brings back brilliant memories of backpacking for 18 months around asia/australia/states, as well as re-discovering that particular angle on mixing (Did anyone go to the launch of that CD - with Burridge and Richards aka Tyrant at The End/The Bomb? - fab!)

I love Digweed's Hong Kong!  It took me a while to get used to its strange hypnotic deep sound, but once I was hooked I was hooked!   That did me well in Asia too as well as making me really geared up to see him play at Bedrock.

However I was genuinely surprised and awestruck when I heard Nick Warren's Rekyavic (for the first time last week) and have to say CD1 has just become the soundtrack of my life.  It's very reminiscent of a progressive ambient breakbeat sound that Burridge, Richards and Will Duke (hugely unsung DJ - and God only knows what's happened to him) used to play on a Sunday night called Sneaky (very sneaky night and show) back around 1988 in a venue on Baker Street.

GU Reykjavik (24) is truly exceptional.  I've seen Warren play out a few times and have always loved his music with Way Out West and tunes he DJd at clubs - he's always been up there with the best easily.  Hearin him DJ at Twilo with Kleinburg has been one of my fave clubbing experiences.  But hearing this CD is different, and it's certainly redefined my view of Warren's potential.  I think he said it would be his last mix CD - well thankfully that didn't happen! That would have been a real shame because he has really regenerated possibilities for the GU line - but if that were true then it would serve as testimony to a rare and talented musician and DJ.  Simply: go out and buy it no questions asked.  I'm on my last day of holidays in Barcelona (is there anywhere really quite as beautiful and creative as this place - kicks London's arse for underground parties) and I've just had this CD playing all the time in between going out.

I love this quote from IDJ magazine (5/5):

" 'Reykjavik' is one of the strongest GU albums in recent times and is a move away from the two-CD club mix to a more experimental, fulfilling musical ride. Disc 2 goes down a sparkling progressive route with mesmerising, atmospherics and deep beats at it's core, with stand out tracks from Aural Imbalance, Vector and Starkid. Overall, this is a mix album that couldn't be boring if it tried. "

And this quote from DJ mag (4/5):

" Nick Warren and his audio account of GU's trip to Iceland is like England whipping Brazill five nil.
With quite stunning tracks from Avatar, Ulrich Schnauss and Yunx making way for minimal breakbeat from Justin Simmons and Burufunk, CD one is truly breathtaking adventure through a glacial paradise of nautical beats and blissed out ambience. Worth the dosh for CD one alone, don't miss it. "