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Yah, the new Samsung 4k displays are really fantastic. The bigger the better.

I just gave this a first listen and I didn't think it was that bad. You guys certainly painted picture much worse than what is presented here.

It is definitely nothing special as far as mixes go and certainly not as good as his balance effort. It was worth a listen and I'll give it another shot at some point.

Checking out Hot Since 82's CD on the new Pete Tong comp now. Starting off pretty nice over here.


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I personally haven't been this excited since the CDJ-2000s came out. I'd like to see some more compatible hardware, but for me, this could be the creative step I've been looking for.

I love pulling basslines and swapping drums... looping vox and the such. But there is only so much isolation you can do with an EQ. Stems could get really interesting. I think it would put me back behind my decks practicing like it was 1995 all over again.

I was at my first real career-oriented job for 10 years. I had outgrown the position after 4-5 years, but stayed because it was cushy and comfortable.

Moved for a change of scenery and took a position that I was way over-qualified for and stayed for 2.5 years and the growth opportunities they promised never materialized.

Just swapped jobs for a 25k raise with 50% less hours and 50% more vacation time. It was a good move. They have set yearly salary increases with performance bonuses and serious retirement contributions after 5 years and paid-for health care which is hard to come by in the US.

I always thought the whole "Collaborations" concept was pretty great and wished that Bedrock had explored it a bit more. It is always interesting what you get when you put 2 talented DJs together and let them go for it.

GU confirmed on Facebook that Trafik is mixing. Good news!

can someone please sponsor me so I can come? It would be my first LDN experience smile

No, unfortunately neither Windows or Mac support FLAC natively, which is kind of ridiculous since it is open source. Well, Apple Lossless has been open source now for many years, so I'm surprised you don't see it offered as much (Bandcamp does support it). Because of FLAC's lack of support and WAV's lack of ability to be tagged well - I've started using Apple Lossless exclusively for my lossless needs. They play in iTunes on both platforms and many other programs. And they will, of course, play on iDevices.

If you are dead-set on using FLAC files, definitely check out that Clementine app, or you can always play them in VLC which is a GREAT catch-all for playing nearly any and all audio or video files (even if they are compressed in spanned RAR files).

Unfortunately, Pioneer can't seem to wrap their heads around supporting either FLAC or ALAC files in Rekordbox or on their players. The community has been asking for support for years. Ever since the original CDJ-2000 came out. I'd be willing to guess that on whenever the next flagship digital deck comes out - lossless support will be added.

Amps wrote:
aural wrote:


This is where digi files become a bit of a nightmare for me... I'm very visually orientated, so looking at a list of names, black text on white background, I struggle to put a name to a track. Where as when crate digging, the associations from the sleeve to the music are there from the moment you buy it. I hardly ever remember the names of tracks these days. Wish you could tag artwork to wavs!

If you live in the world of Apple products, the best thing you can do is convert your WAV files to ALAC which is Apple Lossless Audio Codec. It, like FLAC, allows you to do much richer tagging, including adding multiple pieces of artwork (as in you can have the cover be the main, visible art, then behind it you could put the rest of the liner notes if you had them and you can access it by getting info on the file in iTunes).

The ability to rip CD-> Lossless is another reason that I continue to purchase physical CDs. We aren't *quite* at a place where storage on mobile devices can handle an all-lossless collection (and my phone has 128GB) - but I'd imagine that eventually we'll have 1TB on our mobiles and, hopefully, even better audio chipsets (though I must admit, my iPhone 6+ without a headphone amp drives my very expensive high end JH Audio JH-16 Pro in ear monitors very well).

But... back on topic - I want access to the unmixed tracks when I buy a CD from the BigCartel store, dammit. Can someone call Uncle John and get the ball rolling?

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aural wrote:

I just refuse to buy the content twice. I'd rather Bedrock charge me a few extra pounds if they must to get a download card so I can, at least, get the unmixed tracks.

What the lack of this option is doing is, more often than not, pushing people to pursue the content from less-legitimate sources.

Before addressing the above quote let me say, CDs are almost literally useless to me - the only mechanism I have for playing them is through my PS3 and I can't remember an occasion in the last 3 or 4 years that I did that.

Consequently - and agreeing with you about the absurdity of potentially buying the content twice - let me suggest, the simple answer is get over the practically valueless aspect of CDs and to buy the digital package that (in the case of Digweed's latest 'South Beach' release) has the three full length mixes AND 41 full length, unmixed tracks.  Just, whatever the fuck else you do, don't buy it from Beatport...

The lossless quality FULL release of 'South Beach' - all 44 files - from Junodownload is £12.49 (do your own currency conversion) - whilst the equivalent from Beatport is £51.94!?!

Valid points, but again, I do like owning CDs. They are largely "useless" to me as well if I'm being completely honest with myself - but I have a really fucking great CD collection and I just like having complete sets of things (GU, Bedrock, Fabric, Balance, DJ-KiCKS, etc).

The digital mix thing - I have one major issue with - No one provides .cue files with them. .cue files were largely used to be able to take a single track digital file and burn them to a CD in a tracked, gapless format like you'd get with a retail CD and alleviated the slight tick you'd get between tracks if you ripped a mix to mp3 in multiple tracks (this isn't an issue with lossless formats). I can't remember the last time I burned a CD using a .cue file, but I do use them every day when I listen to mixes on my computers.

So basically, I open the .cue file much like you'd open a playlist file back in the day and it references the digital file and it shows up in the player as a tracked file with all of the artist/track information for each track. It may seem silly to some, but I really love being able to look at a mix's playlist in that way. These files are tiny - they are just text based and they can be used for ANY audio format that the player you use can handle, you just have to edit the line in the .cue to tell it what file to reference. So I could give you my .cues and you could edit them with the file names of your files of the same mix and it would work.

I use Macs, so I use this player called Clementine and just associate .cue files with that app. Double click the cue and off we go. For example, this is how the 3 files I ripped from my Underground Sound of Ibiza 2 look in clementine:

I just refuse to buy the content twice. I'd rather Bedrock charge me a few extra pounds if they must to get a download card so I can, at least, get the unmixed tracks.

What the lack of this option is doing is, more often than not, pushing people to pursue the content from less-legitimate sources.

Bedrock has to supply itunes and Bearport with the source files - so they already exist. I know that bandcamp offers a coded free download solution that would be simple/cheap to implement - maybe bigcartel has this framework already as well.

There just has to be an answer to it.

I really do still like buying physical media though. I love getting it in the post and opening it and going through the packaging. I'm sure it seems silly to a lot of people these days, but it brings me back to when I was a kid and I used to sit for hours looking through my dad's album covers while listening to tunes on his shitty old turntable. One of the only good memories I have of that twat.

I'll admit it. I still buy CDs. I buy vinyl too, much to the chagrin of my mrs. I live in New York City and space is at a premium so having decks setup and loads of shelves of physical media take up valuable cubic meters - but I degrees.

I buy all of the Bedrock releases blindly. I don't even listen to the minimixes on mixcloud. I happily put in my paypal information and shoot larger and larger sums of money to Scott. I like supporting the label and the material is typically very good.

What I want to know is this.... There has to be a way in this digital day and age that when I buy music from the Bedrock store which, most certainly, is better for their bottom line than me purchasing through iTunes or Beatport, that I can also get the digital files. I rip the mixes as soon as I get them so I can listen whenever I want - but shouldn't I also be afforded access to the unmixed tracks digitally?

Maybe I'm the only one who cares - but it seems crazy that someone who downloads the release on Beatport gets more utility out of their purchase than someone who purchases directly from Bedrock.

zackster wrote:

idk if i know a single faithless tune, and i intend to keep it that way.

Man, I really used to feel sorry for the battering you got on this board, but I get it now. Every time you post something it confirms that you have nearly nil between your ears.

Insomnia is still a massive record (I love the DJ Stew bootleg that Cheeky eventually released as a b or c side) that goes into a full on break.

but I always had a thing for the title track from "Reverence". Maxi Jazz's flow on it is great and it is just a nice late 90s house track.

There's no need to argue any longer - Digweed is the greatest of all time. This is the best mix of the series. The slow build through the 3 CDs is just unparalleled. It really should have been released as 4-5 discs. Really spectacular.

this has been my jam the past few weeks. Killer remix. The remixer is a young guy who uses all hardware to produce, kinda crazy.

I'd love a 6-8 CD full evening release of Heaven including Danny's set. Go big!

I walked by Rough Trade in Brooklyn yesterday and there was a line of hipsters literally stretching round the block. There are maybe 3 records on the planet I'd wait in a like that that for, but Rough Trade certainly wouldn't carry them.

I am glad that the local record shops got a good chunk of business. Fair play on that.

Sasha seems to be making a habit out of cancelling dates last minute as of late. A return to the old late 90s Sasha? Gigs just get canceled now that Uncle John isn't there to pick up the slack.



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Ncable wrote:

I've had Audio Hijack Pro on all afternoon ripping them and I've only just scratched the surface. There's smoke seeping from the side of my Mac...

You should really Google "soundcloud downloader" and save yourself countless hours.


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303 abuser wrote:

custom plugs ordered, should've done this years ago.  hmm

Which ones did you go with?


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I Second the ACS Custom vote. I recently bought the Pro 17 model and it is the flattest plug I've ever used. Sound way better than my old ER-15s. They have offices in NY and LA if you live in those areas. Top guys.