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Ncable wrote:

I've had Audio Hijack Pro on all afternoon ripping them and I've only just scratched the surface. There's smoke seeping from the side of my Mac...

You should really Google "soundcloud downloader" and save yourself countless hours.


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303 abuser wrote:

custom plugs ordered, should've done this years ago.  hmm

Which ones did you go with?


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I Second the ACS Custom vote. I recently bought the Pro 17 model and it is the flattest plug I've ever used. Sound way better than my old ER-15s. They have offices in NY and LA if you live in those areas. Top guys.


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With 4 mins left in the game, the Seahawks had a statistical probability of 1% to win the game.

It was an incredible comeback and the Super Bowl should be an excellent game, in stark contrast to last years.

I watched the set live and I thought it was a monster set. I totally didn't expect to flick it on and have Sasha chuging out a full on techno set. Best I've heard from him in a while.

Homegrove wrote:

It's the devil's tool. I've started using the keys on my screen in Traktor and Rekordbox, and it's made me lose all faith in my ears. I feel like I should just hide the keyes and start over.

Interesting that you say this, Homegrove - I've felt the same way. Over the past year or so, I found myself focusing WAY too much on what keys I was playing rather than just working on the overall flow of a set. I think I'm going to hide the key field like you said in my Rekordbox like you said and mix by feel/ear for a bit like in the old days.

I spend around £100/month on vinyl and random CDs and another £30-50 on downloadables.

It's a lot of coin, but I reckon it is cheaper than a drug habit.

I've been hammering the Reverse Commuter album "Exposure" that came out on the newly minted Hallucienda label. It's really fantastic. … allucienda

You can get the full album in a mixed mp3 if you don't want all the unmixed tracks for the cost of 1 song.

I think I'm going to go to Uncle John and Three on the 31st at Output.

S&D, b2b, 12H

My review is that the postal service during the holidays is terrible and I cure my postman every day there isn't a package from Bedrock.

Sorry, I like having a physical CD still. Wish we got download codes with purchase.

The first 2 were ace and the third was decent as well. defo dropped off after that.


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Surely the EmFire collection CD is the worst. other than the shit transition between the first 2 tracks, Involver3 isn't that bad. Some cracking track on there.


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I actually just got new ACS Custom Pro-17 for both myself and the mrs. Super flat attenuation - even more so than my old Etymotic ER 15s.


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custom -15db all the way

I've used the Serato version for an extended period of time and it was really fantastic to use and that is coming from someone who is a hardcore CDJ and Technics user. I did a 2 hour set on it and it felt exactly the same as using my CDJ-2000s really.

I'm not a huge fan of Traktor's software, but that is probably just my taste as I've used Serato for years now. If I were looking into getting a new setup or something more compact, I'd definitely go for one of these Pioneer units. The platters are a really nice size unlike the S1 and other units and the featureset is really unmatched. Built like a tank as well.

Unbroken1 wrote:

..anyone else find that wunderground site desperately unfunny?

Yes, they are dreadful.

I honestly didn't know what to expect from it and it blew me away. Really well done!


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I almost thought this was never going to come out. Interesting tracklist to be fair. Defo give it a listen. He's been tearing it up at Output in Brooklyn recently.


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Chris has always been one of the best guys out there. I used to see him play every weekend in Central Florida in the mid 90s. Can't wait to hear this mix!

So how many people will push the report button on this thread?

I think they look pretty nice. If they are good, they will make the prices for second-hand Technics decrease drastically.

Don't really care about them having USB or not. I like the fact that the RCA cable isn't built in.