I almost thought this was never going to come out. Interesting tracklist to be fair. Defo give it a listen. He's been tearing it up at Output in Brooklyn recently.

Chris has always been one of the best guys out there. I used to see him play every weekend in Central Florida in the mid 90s. Can't wait to hear this mix!

So how many people will push the report button on this thread?

I think they look pretty nice. If they are good, they will make the prices for second-hand Technics decrease drastically.

Don't really care about them having USB or not. I like the fact that the RCA cable isn't built in.

As far as I can tell, it isn't mixed by Digweed, which is why, I'd imagine, it isn't signed.

That said, the downtempo mix is really good. I think I like the structures 2 blissed out mix a little better, but it is still solid.

I found the tracklist on the bedrock big cartel site which seems right - i don't have the CD in front of me though
http://bedrockmusic.bigcartel.com/produ … -pre-order

CD1. Poolside / Daytime

1. King Unique - Brakes Pads
2. Charlie May - Barely Audible
3. The Japanese Popstars - Out Of Nowhere - Reprise
4. Jemmy - Waterloo Blues - Ambient Version
5. Charlie May - We Control Everything
6. Oniris feat. Pat Brooks - The Rebirth - Blissed Out Mix
7. Ramon Tapia & Stavroz - Havana - Downtempo Mix
8. Jimmy Van M & Affkt feat Luxor T - Dreams - Ibiza Summer Balearic Remix
9. Mantis - Stargazing
10. Pig & Dan - Sahara
11. Mantis - Roots
12. Pig & Dan - On The Rocks
13. King Unique - Brakes feat. Packard Ghost

CD2. Clubside / Night time

1. Marc Marzenit - Fictional Crossover
2. Marco Bailey - Cataleya
3. Sasha Carassi - Tale of Memories
4. Ramon Tapia & Stavroz - Havana - Dub
5. Eagles & Butterflies - Hypernova
6. Ian O'Donovan - Atoll
7. Richie G - Puzzle Love
8. Misstress Barbara - Tenno 5
9. Dave Angel - Tomahawk Dub
10. Guy J - Lamur - Sebastien Léger Remix

I use -15 whenever I go out. Flat attenuation. No ringing ears.

It is SO much better than previous versions. Multicore track analyzation (finally!). The interface looks like they stole as much from serato as possible, but that is a good thing. The dual deck feature is actually really useful to check out how 2 songs can work together, or not.

So far so good. It was stable while I re-analyzed my tracks last night and played around with the internal mixing capabilities. Much faster and far more user friendly. Really the first positive step Pioneer has taken in this area since it was released.


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Today. Commercial dance music today makes me want to stab myself in the ears with a sharpened toothbrush handle.


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Great bit of kit, that. Well built hardware and elegant software. You pay a premium for their products, but you'll be happy with them for years.

Disc 2 told me it isn't particularly fond of you either.

I got a pair of sony bluetooth headphones for the train. its really nice to not have to deal with the cable getting caught up on anything.

I had mk3s and loved them, but having 2000s and not having to ever burn another CD again is absolutely brilliant.

This set is absolutely blinding! Gutted that this is the only Digweed night I missed at Vagabond in 6 years, but at least we have a record of it!

Just saw JD at Output in Brooklyn this past weekend and it was good enough for it's own "Live in".


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One of the big differences is the sheer size of the US vs the UK. The US has had much more regional impacts in culture - Look at the electronic music scenes in Chicago and Florida for examples. They both have extremely developed and diverse electronic music cultures (and have since the late 80s) - but they are largely isolated by region.

for example

In contrast, a cultural shift in the UK has much less distance to travel and, as with many things, Intensity = Power/unit area (I=P/A)

Wow, you've really dug deep for this.

MarcusR wrote:

Advantage of traktor with the CDJs is the fact you dont have to go through the rekordbox analysis and exporting , plus with traktor you have added effects that you may want to use. Cdj 2000s have a bigger screen so navigating through tracks is easier if you have loads on your usb. The 900s have a crappier screen that I hate navigating through .

If I'm not mistaken, you have to go through traktor analysis to use traktor much like you have to do with rekordbox or serato. Exporting, well, that's if you want to leave your laptop at home and just turn up with a USB. If you like using your laptop, just put in an Ethernet cable and drag/drop tunes to your decks. When I'm playing at home and want access to my entire library, that's how I play. When playing out, I export what I want to a USB (actually 2 or 3 just in case), but it's straight forward and then don't have to muck about with setting up a laptop in the DJ booth.

Remember those days when you used to have to agonize all day on what to bring then lug 50lbs or records to a club. Then once you are on and you wanted to switch tracks, you'd have to bend down and flick through a crate to find what you want, blah blah blah. Now people complain about exporting files to a bloody flash drive.

The fact of the matter is if you are using CDJ-900s or 2000s, then need for traktor/serato just isn't there. They loop beautifully and no one wants to hear a DJ layer on a bunch of god awful built-in effects. The ones that are available on every modern DJ mixer are bad enough.

It really depends on the source file, but when you use traktor, the CDJ isn't processing audio at all - it is merely there to send timecode signal. All of the conversion is happening in whatever soundcard you are using with traktor.

I don't really understand why people use traktor in conjunction with a CDJ-900 or 2000 when you can just use a flash drive (or SD, or laptop) + Link. I get it for vinyl emulation, but if you are using a newer CDJ, uncomplicate things.

Dermo wrote:

I found the Ikea ones couldn't handle the weight and didn't trust them when they started to flex under a full load.
So I got my mate who's a chippy to knock me some up with a decent ply. He did them custom to fit my wall and put a hardboard backing on to stop any flex. Cost about 100 quid and I can fit approx 4000 in it.

Mind posting a picture?

I read the book, and the movie is actually toned down from what was written. This guy's life was so incredibly out of control.

I'm not into the flat brim, but New Era does have a line of curved rim hats called the 39THIRTY that are fantastic.

Those Zoom recorders are really great. I helped a performing arts school get set up with them for auditions and evaluations. Great bit of kit.

Yant wrote:
snowstorm wrote:

anyone have trouble getting information from cd4? all the others loaded properly but cd4 just says tracks 1-14 but only 13 are listed on the jewel case.

Yep, I mentioned this back on page one.

Noticed the same thing when I ripped my copy. I looked on the big cartel page and it says that #14 on CD4 is Harvey McKay - Push It

I just manually entered them in.

Dermo wrote:

Wunderground is about as funny as being genitally mutilated without anaesthesia.

This sums it up quite nicely.

Squidgy wrote:

Where did you get the supports for your shelf, aural? Or did you cut the legs down to size? Got a similar setup minus shelf and could really do with one.

The supports are meant to be legs for the bottom of a piece of furniture from IKEA. The top shelf is one of those floating wall shelves that I attached to the table top with the legs.

So there is the shelving unit that all the records are in which is sitting on top of a 4" set of legs. On top of the shelf unit is the large main tabletop, then the floating shelf that is lifted with 8" legs.