Were it anywhere but MOS.


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Henry Rindhoops wrote:

No you are not, Aural. Stop making stuff up.

Not sure why i'd bother making it up.

The stopwatch was started when I took my computer off of line power. I made it to 6h22m before I needed to go to sleep and my computer still had 3h 20m left on the battery.

I had the screen brightness up to just over 50% and had 6-10 browser tabs running with auto loading pages, the stopwatch, Soundcloud streaming happening the whole time, along with Mail and Messages running.



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Henry Rindhoops wrote:

New MacBook Pros going down a real treat I see. Record numbers being returned on account of getting only 3-4 hours battery life when Apple have quoted 10.

I had the issue with mine until I did a few SMC resets. Now it is getting 9.5-10 hours with regular use. People tend to make a huge fucking deal about things that aren't that big of a deal.

jamie wrote:

a colleague has the new google phone and loves it so think I may be investing in one next year.

I've been an iPhone user since it came out and I've had literally every hardware version except for the second one and I can honestly say that the latest version of iOS is the most refined it has ever been. I don't personally have any of those issues, but I do always buy the largest capacity model and I manually manage my device and what is sync'd with it. Not for any reason other than that it is my preference to do it that way and I'd do it no matter who made my device.

That said, I think that the new Google phone is amazing. I don't have any hangups spending a bunch of money on a device that I use every single day for communication, entertainment, directions, etc. If I am going to rely on one thing to do so much, I want it to be the best. But were I not totally engrained in the iOS ecosystem, I'd probably buy a Pixel because it is solid all around.

It still amazes me how heated the phone/computer debate is though. As polarizing as politics.

I bet you could get a Note 7 for a bag of beans.

The logo is really good. Let's hope they play some places us grown folks can get to.


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Bandcamp is my fav place to buy music. Love that you can get any format and that you can DL as many times as you need.

I try and buy at BC first before anywhere else. I also seem to grab a fair amount of physical media there as well and it is nice that they add that stuff to your digital collection.

I'll be interested to hear what you think of the PX5. I'm sure it will sound great.

I'll buy anything that has C-Jay originals on it. That guy is the best thing to happen on Bedrock in ages. I was hesitant to buy the Backslider release for some reason and now it is one of the most listened to mixes of the past year for me.

smashdad wrote:

Huge Secret Knowledge remix...

Hit me up with this one, smashy. Haven't heard this in ages!


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I've listened to him since the mid 90s. Then the radio station in my hometown dropped syndication so I was off of it for a few years and picked back up when he moved to satellite.

So many people think that his show is still filth and strippers, but it really has morphed into so much more. He does the best interviews of anyone.

HEY NOW! Fuck Bobo.


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Military Intelligence

Jody Wisternoff played it on his latest Anjunadeep podcast along with the new Justice Track and his remix of Chicane - Saltwater that has yet to be released. Definitely need to get that one!

I think I prefer the one with the bird in the green shirt. She can share my nachos.

Private video! BOOOOOOOO tongue

At this point does Digweed really need the essential mix? He can release music directly to his fans through Bedrock and sell out of 1000 units and well into secondary pressings to every major retailer and digitally as well.

I'd reckon that Tongy needs Digweed more than Digweed needs him. Were I in Digweed's position, I'd keep the ship pointed in the direction he's going. He has total control over his brand.

smashdad wrote:
liquitech1 wrote:

...I found every track in this thread to be very nice indeed, nice summer sounds. Breaks mix on the horizon maybe, Smashy? wink

I couldn't do a breaks mix mate - I value my Bedrock-street-cred far too highly to even consider it - imagine what might happen if I did...

No, no - breaks are the very worst work of Satan himself - distance yourself from them and save yourself while you can.

Yeah, definitely don't click his signature link big_smile

"Bedrock-street-cred" might be the funniest statements I've seen all day though!

Homegrove wrote:

I still maintain it's ace too. Brings me back to the 90's.

Some of this lot weren't even in it in the 90's, so done expect them to understand. big_smile

I felt the same way when Scuba put this one on his 2012 album, Personality:

I think this is ace, but I'm a huge sucker for a breakbeat.

I'm also in love with the Global Communication Remix of Dusky - Skin Deep

steelydan wrote:

Renaissance might as well call it a day. They even get shirty on their Facebook page.

They got all pissy with me on their facebook page because I told them that announcing that they had an announcement and not announcing anything 3 months later wasn't a strong sign of confidence in whatever they were announcing.

Funny how that works.

BedRob wrote:
loopdokter wrote:
Homegrove wrote:

I figured that would get Loopy jealous Dan. Glad to be right.

Jealous?   Haha. They play other people's music. They're not exactly Stephen Hawking!

Haven't heard much of Hawking's stuff to be fair, so cant comment

It's amazing. Outer-worldly even.

Homegrove wrote:

I've heard him play three times and he was spot on every time though. 2001, 2002 and 2006. Great house music on all times.

Didn't like his new essential mix though. The last one from 2009 was really good.

I used to see him pretty regularly in Miami in the late 90s early 2000s and he was really great... until he thought that Electro House was a good decision. Just, no. Not ever.

Was it a female vocal? There is an old house track called "the reason is you" from 93 or 94 by nina - possibly an updated version?

I watched it a few weeks back and it was actually really interesting. He kind of took a hard look at his career and where it went off course and how he got carried away with being a big shot.

It came off as pretty self-effacing and honest.

jamie wrote:

definitely the player.

have you got bluetooth? if so then save it to your phone and stream from there. I definitely don't get gaps on my iphone.

as for USB in the car. IMO it's always good to have a spare stick in the car so it gives the family something to listen to as not all of them are into the board member mixes I have on my phone smile

Just... no.

Modern audio equipment, even what is found in cars capible of playing digital files, do not add to latency you hear between lossy encoded tracks on albums where seperate tracks are meant to segue from one to the next (mixed, sequenced, or progression-based music like classical).

The little tick you hear between tracks that have been ripped as individual tracks and compressed down to lossy formats is an artifact that is introduced during the encoding process. There is a small bit of silence padding that is added to both ends of the single track which causes the tick or gap. Some people don't even notice it, but it drives me insane.

If you are really interested in it, go check out the wiki page on gapless playback or you can go through endless pages about it on the afterdawn forums.

This is why when you purchase a mix from beatport or even if you download it illegally from one of the "scene" groups, they are ripped in single file format.

Your only options are to rip it as a single file if you need it in a lossy format, or rip it into lossless which doesn't introduce the artifact. It literally has nothing to do with hardware at this point. It was an issue long ago when the first generation of devices came out that could play digital audio files without the use of a computer.