shaunstrudwick wrote:

anyone willing to share the Unkle mix of London Grammar?

not buying the whole CD for it


This is an online tool that you can give a % value to and have it resize

Far gone are the days that I can last at a club for 11 hours. Hell, I'm lucky if I make it much past 3AM which is no good since JD plays the classics at the end of his sets. Getting old sucks!

I'm betting the Stereo set was a blinder and one we will get to hear more of through Transitions or Live In.

Lovely little offset of the Bedrock family. I still have them all and, for the most part, they stand up.

@siemeon - I think that Luke Fair is my fav of the bunch as well. Tune! I play it slowed down to about 124 and works well.


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j.p sykes wrote:

Here's one from 2005:

01. chris cargo – ‘cityscape (ambient mix)’+ niki b & christian e.f.f.e – ‘I remember (podapella)’
02. snake sedrick – ’fields (breaks mix)’
03. habersham – ‘gently shifting people (relisys mix)’
04. vector lovers – ‘future in plastic (claro intelecto dub)’
05. naveen g – ‘dura (ryan papa remix)’
06. nacca – ‘toriko (martin garcia remix)’
07. darioef – ‘near u (michael lanning remix)
08. dj tarkan & dammex – ‘in a dream (chris conner remix)’
09. niki b & christian e.f.f.e- ‘the african (baunder remix)’
10. dj tarkan & mert medini – ‘on the way (v-sag remix)’
11. bobby lorenz – ‘think (d.ramirez vs kristoph remix)’
12. will saul – ‘mbira (infusion remix)’ + danny howells – ‘breathe (acapella)’

... and another one, even earlier so its on vinyl.

01. ‘So get up (acapella)’ – Underground sound
02. ‘This world (ambient mix)’ – Everydaydowners
03. ‘Sunsicle’ – Momu
04. ‘Leviate (Momu remix)’ – Justin O’Brien & Jonathan
05. ‘Doner pass’ – Momu
06. ‘Mind rewind (Momu remix)’ – Cass
07. ‘These days’ – Petter
08. ‘Conceptions II’ – Symbiosis
09. ‘Nightmare (breaks mix)’ – Precision
10. ‘Timeless land (wrecked angle remix)’ – Yothu Yindi

Very nice mixes, these. Had a listen over the weekend and enjoyed them!

You guys are such predictable keyboard gangsters. So much unnecessary venom spewing. I love you anyway.

I live comfortably, work 40 hours or less a week with 8 weeks vacation making 6 figures. Have a BMW and a Mrs. who loves house music and isn't bothered that my decks are setup in the living room... and she doesn't want children.

I'd say I'm winning.

I listened to this earlier this week and it is still a belter. Really stands the test of time.


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Homegrove wrote:

A piece like that is too much fucking maintenance. It will look shitty when it fades.

Exactly. Most people don't realize how much additional work is needed with tattoos. Blacks turn into inky blue and those vivd colors fade away more rapidly than you'd imagine.

I'd love to know what kind of coin was dropped for that piece originally, as well.


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I've never been a fan of permanence or hepatitis, so none for me as well.

It uses the same Rekordbox database from v3 to v4 - I would, however, reanalyze your tracks by selecting all, right click, re-analyze in order to get the richer wavform data that v4 offers.

But all of your data that exists in v3 will automatically be there when you install v4.

John Creamer & Stephane K - I Wish You Were Here (PMT Remix) [I for some reason thought this was the 3AM mix), but it is mostly spoken vocals

Marshall Jefferson & Noosa Heads - Mushroom - this one has a weird spoken vocal

Tiga - Pleasure From The Bass (Subb-an Remix)

Layo & Bushwacka feat. Cevin Fisher - Dancing in the Dark (Guy Gerber & DJ Tennis Remix)

Martin Roth - Make Love To Me Baby

Mike Dunn, Youri Donatz & Bjorn Wolf - Iz Diz House

Gus just won the internet.


Someone call Bedrock's Art Director and let them know they have been replaced.

I'm pretty sure Balance wouldn't give something that big up that easily. … -pre-order

Released Nov 13th. I know a lot of you aren't huge fans, but I quite enjoy his material and still listen to his other 2 albums. I'm definitely looking forward to this one.

You seen his Mrs? I'd want to give her some undivided attention as well.

Leave it to Diggers to have to release Beddigi69, you dirty bird.

many thanks!

You guys remember this one?

S&D - JJJ Mixup Northern Exposure Tour Promo from 1997?

shaunstrudwick wrote:

hi Simon - any chance of a re-up for those links at all?

Seconded - I'd love to give that a listen if you have a chance, Simon.

MattBlack wrote:
poirot wrote:
MarcusGraham wrote:

Course they do, playing back to back forces an entirely different set.

I think you're just getting teary eyed nostalgia. I dont think they would work. They weren't any good for the last few years they were trying either. 2003/4 was that start of the end imo for them.

Pretty much this, musically they're too far apart these days. It would be like a rock band who can no longer stand each other getting back together for one last hurrah

I halfway agree with this... but I also think it could be interesting to have 1CD specifically by each DJ. Sasha with more brooding, melodic, vocal-driven type tunes.... Digweed with his current style. They both certainly have the ability to program impeccable sets and I'm sure they could figure out how to have a sense of congruency. They most definitely have a market for it - I'm just not sure that either can be bothered at this point. Digweed seems to have mastered the presentation of multi-disc live sets which he releases at a really great pace - Sasha, on the other hand, tends to mill about a project for so long that by the time it is complete to his satisfaction, it's relevance is questionable.

That being said, if they ever did bury that proverbial hatchet and start working together again, be it on another Northern Exposure album, a GU type mix, or hell - even a sort of production-based collaborative artist album - I'm sure it would be a best-seller. I'd plunk down whatever they were asking sight-unseen.

David Christophre of Rabbit in the Moon posts classic stuff on there that has never been on digital before (like Deeper) as well as recentish live sets.

If you are into D&B Soul:R has a great presence on Bandcamp. It runs through their website but is powered by bandcamp

Will Brunner (PMT) has a few classics up

I really love bandcamp. Any quality you want. If you lose the file, you can simply re-download. No BS like with Beatport.

Rokits are pretty terrible if used as a studio monitor, but they are great for DJ monitoring or general listening. Their sound is definitely not what one would call flat, but if you are just listening to music or using them to DJ, they really are a great bang for buck. They sound similar to the Yamahas, IMO, with a bit bigger low end.

I love Adam Audio's monitors with those ribbon tweeters, but def not in your budget (or probably needed in your situation).

I have v1 Rokkit 5s on my computer at work and v2 Rokkit 8s on my DJ setup in my home. I've had both sets for ages and it is hard to find fault in them for how inexpensive they were all things considered. Definitely grab yourself a set of isolation pads or ultimate stands - isolating them from hard surfaces and angling them properly makes them sound even better.

smashdad wrote:

Some nice moments on this - still think my favourite one of the series is the first one.

First is a classic. Second is mint as well.

This one is pretty nice. Not quite as good as the Balearic mixes that Uncle John has given us over the years, but it was a nice outting for GU. Hopefully some good things will come with it's return.

1. Nine Inch Nails - Pretty Hate Machine
2. Beastie Boys - Paul's Boutique
3. Sasha - Involver
4. Hybrid - Morning Sci-Fi
5. Friction & Spice - Explorations
6. Sasha & John Digweed - Northern Exposure
7. Metallica - ...And Justice for All
8. LTJ Bukem & MC Conrad - Logical Progressions 1
9. Kruder & Dorfmeister - The K&D Sessions
10. Danny Howells - 24:7 Day Disc

Yah - I think that would scratch most itches I'd get right there.