on the Resident Advisor youtube page now. Interesting to see his collection of bikes and cars, reminded me that he really is in a different league of earning power compared to other top Dj's.

Girl on the train. 4/10

Hard to believe that him and Sharam released Yoshiesque. Both great compilations. Now both playing absolute muck music at the opposite end of the dance spectrum.


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He is still Dj'ing.

Has a show on Proton. http://mixing.dj/livesets/osamu-m/

St. Vincent. 7/10

Enjoyable stuff. Murray is great as usual and Naomi Watts nails the east European hooker role.

maybe they don't have the time?

fair play Smashdad, spotify playlists make it easier

The Drop, really enjoyed it. Great cast.



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Presto wrote:

That's something that pisses me off with Spotify. If I have Premium I expect it to have high quality playback on by default. Shady tactics imo.

Think it's the opposite Presto, they are thinking of people's mobile download limits

New Forms was a brilliant album tbf

Craig Richard's one is on spotify


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I stopped watching it after two episodes, couldn't watch anymore of the surgeries being performed.


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smart move by Sunderland giving the fans their money back for the tickets

nine I reckon and it's about four years since I last saw a Dj live.

just had a quick listen, nice stuff.

i actually think the 2nd disc is excellent

I don't see the post on Voorn's facebook page, has it been removed?

Hodgy wrote:

Joris Voorn - Ringo.
Didn't realise this was coming out but apparently it did on Monday... just bought it - lush tune.
Rework is quite nice too.



Such a great track

GU LA for me, it's a fucking masterpiece.

didn't know about this, just listening now. That James Welsh The Way track is brilliant.


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starcreeper wrote:

Can we all agree that Homeland is one the most overrated, cheesy & predictable shows to ever grace a living room?

Absolute muck.

Season 1 was good but the 2nd season was laughable

seanc80 wrote:

Great track

+ I've been listening to Jozif's balance mix a lot. Excellent stuff.

rickster2k wrote:

So, the list looks like this so far:

Jan - Nick Warren Masters Series
Feb - Tale of Us Mix Collection
Apr - Francois K Masters Series
May - Dave Seaman Masters Series

Ren chucking them out! If thats a bad thing or a good thing I'll leave to you to decided.

Seaman is not doing one now

very sorry to hear this Tom


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fadass wrote:

Food killed the scene imo.

genuine lol + Jay, Big Fella was taking the piss about Cafe Mambo