5 Guys and In n Out...end of story.

that FSOL remix is still fire.

Here's one I've been into this year.A bit poppy but goes well as an end of the night track. Its a free download too.

Chvrches - The mother we share (Moonboots remix)

https://soundcloud.com/moonbootsmusic/t … moon-boots

and stuff like this

It's back. Capone is at it with an "e".


and an archive of them here

http://knowyourmeme.com/memes/queenslan … ers/photos


Are you in the videos loopy?

I would be a 5 I think.

Its your Indian countrymen that are always saying Pakistanis and Indians are one and the same. So I know you've been trying to find a way to mix this into your late afternoon sets at the Pataka Tea Dhabba.

Next level shit

could love a copy too if you still have it.

Sounds like it is putting food on the table... from his gut.

Love it, Very much in the vein of James Holden's new stuff.

sabotini wrote:

Jackson Hole is an incredible place. According to Bubbles anyway.

"Was" an incredible place Sabotini.

If you guys make it over to the US. San Fransisco is a fantastic city for a holiday. Also these 2 resorts which are a little beyond my price range look fantastic.

Amangiri (Canyon Point in Southern Utah)


Amangani (Jackson, WY)





And who better than a Canadian to tell UK residents where to get firefox for their region. wink

I know I know Brooker is a cunt but..

http://www.ebay.com/itm/Boards-of-Canad … AUS%3A1123

Doi-Oing - "Blue" into Spooky - "Little Bullet" (live version) on NE 2

- Ashtrax - Extreme Control  into Way out west -"Apollo"  with Zabiela scratching over it from Sasha & James Zabiela @ Annie  Nightingale Show (19-10-2003)

Digital Witchcraft - Fingerpaint /Way Out West - Mofo (Soundscape Mix)  into Djuma Soundsytem - Les Djins (Heads Mix) from Way out west's radio one show in 2003.

The comments on the sc page are a sight to behold.  Emperors new clothes here.The track sounds like the noises kids toys make when they are running out of batteries or casio synths made when water got spilled on them.

Wow thats really bad. Maybe he should try mixing it into that Jamie Jones Cat scream track.



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Do you guys remember Arkan's speech?


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This was amazing too.


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The girl who was paying clubs to let her play there.
The lad posting live about his house getting broken into.
Thackers and the car
Dusted vs. Funkagenda complete with dusted’s remake of man with the red face.

This http://s14.postimage.org/nx2x9sorl/Fullscreen_capture_2262013_100051_AM_bmp.jpg

and this