The Bin Dippers eh? LOL. Even Harry Redknapp is sickened by the state of them.


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Dan Harwood wrote:

Vic, I never said we were serious. I merely stated we looked at him. Wenger passed, or was by-passed, on taking it further.

Just to clarify my earlier statement.

Whether serious interest or not, Dan, they werent in the picture at all. I wouldnt be surprised if there was another lad who Wenger thinks could be better. A very high possibility.


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jules72 wrote:

And disagree back - Pogba agitated to get away even before he was going to have a proper go at securing a team in the United first team. He left United at 19... it was looking good for him before he left and would have been playing. Probably money that motivated him to leave.

As for Tevez, Ferguson didn't want him cos he didn't score enough goals so wasn't really a case of his opportunism imo.

Ferguson had a choice, replace Scholes with Pogba on triple the money or send him away and see how he goes. Think we did alright. Scholes hanging one in the top corner against Barca in the Champs League semi cleared the slate.


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Ncable wrote:

Total bollocks being spoken here. I was at the game last night and apart from getting absolutely soaked pitchside (£300m on a new stadium and the first three rows aren't covered - idiots), it was all Arsenal second half and Pool were lucky to get a draw. Arsenal movement and passing was outstanding and the pace of the match was incredible - both sides moved the ball so quickly you could hardly keep track of it. Cech proved his real worth and fitness levels looked high.

Not Wenger's fault if Benzema or anyone else fails to come. You want to buy big players from massive clubs you generally need to wait until they've bought first or the player won't be going anywhere.

Congrats on going to your first game, Flaresy. I remember mine back in 85, like twas yesterday.


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Grant wrote:
starcreeper wrote:

Fuck off, Grant. This has been done before.

You ruined it, so I'm having another run. Apologies.

You'll like this. I think its shit.


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Fuck off, Grant. This has been done before.


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Beijing Dave wrote:

Talking of 'The Sink', is there any chance you can resurrect the De Gea alias Vic?

Ed 'The Kitchen Sink' Smallman virtually demands it.

I wouldnt know how to resurrect him Dave. How long ago was that? I didnt write down the password unfortunately.

Remember I set that up to diffuse a heated exchange between Flaresy and a few others in a Sasha thread maybe?!? That man brings out the worst in us.

Sasha is bang on.


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I do enjoy having to make a sojourn back to the football thread to correct the many misconceptions discussed on here due to the fact that the internet and the rags are your only sources. Let me straighten one or two things out for those who might be a bit unsure. Think of me as your lightning rod into the professional world. (YEAH, MILLSY).

Tony Martial was never on Arsenal's radar in a possible transfer sense. They were aware of him, as were many European clubs, but to say they were interested in buying him this summer couldn't be further from the truth.

Utd first scouted Martial in 2010. Martin Ferguson watched 4 games of his and his reports were so glowing that both Ferguson brothers went to watch him perform in a Cup Final against La Gauloise de Basse Terre. Jumping down by private plane before being back at Sandy Lane in Barbados for early evening cocktails.

Utd monitored his progress all the way through his move to France and Les Ulis where he continued to progress as hoped. Moyes actually had an option to take him on trial but passed on the opportunity for one reason or another.

Realistically, Utd wanted him to stay at Monaco for another year (much like Depay at PSV) but had to move quickly as Juve were in discussions to bring him to Turin. The move by Utd echoes the Depay transfer after they were alerted to the fact PSG had already contacted the player and PSV officials.

Monaco knew all along of Utds interest but genuinely thought they would never bid after Moyes decided against an early move. When they learned Utd were in fact interested, they tacked on an extra 15M pounds then sat with Jorge Mendes for an afternoon while he worked out the bonus structure. In fact, Monaco had blocked Utds initial bid because they felt Juve would have a better offer but when they realised Utds interested was linked to their DeGea transfer they realised they could get more money. (Utd asked Mendes to soften Monaco in order for them to listen to Madrid about DeGea).

What Utd have ended up with is 2 of Europes biggest talents for their respective ages, in Depay and Martial. The prices banded about are rubbish also. Martial was got for 22M with a bobus structure of 2.5M going to Monaco each year if he passes certain thresholds ie: POTY, Top Goal Scorer, even Ballon D'Or winner is thrown in. The ABUs in the media and Wenger have had a good laugh at an 80M figure but all it does is make them look really out of touch. Wenger is bitter that Utd are getting a player he knows is going right to the top and none of his contacts at Monaco sounded him out in advance. Maybe Wenger might have been offered him after Moyes refusal, who knows, all that matters is hes at Utd now.

I hope that clears up a few things for the layman. I'll try and get back on at the weekend to answer any questions as Im sure there'll be a few so until then, have a great day lads and try not to curse or fight or call names. We're all grown ladies around here and should act accordingly.


Vic "The Sink" Olembe


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Wally wrote:
Nick Sneddon wrote:
starcreeper wrote:

Ditched Microsoft and went to Sony for the next gen and can sleep well at night knowing this was a spectacular decision.

yeah Microsoft and console just doesn't sit right with me

The 360 is a beast of a console and defo the best of the last gen. Its all about sony and ps4 this generation though.

Yeah I still have my 360, it was my gateway back into gaming since my days playing Sonic the Hedgehog on the Megadrive.

As you can imagine, my mind was blown and I'm now planning on shagging the neighbour after I cut her grass in the morning.

Strudders loved the Blu-Ray version of this. Especially the directors commentary. He opened up many easter eggs into what was behind many of the sub plots. Strudders plans on getting the updated Redux once he gets his curved TV.

loopdokter wrote:

Leave it to Ahad to post the reason for the smog problem is down to some convoluted scheme by the government to pollute and kill the population, instead of lax environmental laws and corruption. #teamtruth

You've no reason to be whining about Dermo getting on to you when you spout utter shite like that.

#TeamTruth is a respected organisation. We wont be ridiculed by absolute space cakes such as yourself.


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Ncable wrote:

No, it means I actually didn't read it. Because I couldn't be bothered and he never has anything other than spiteful, poorly-researched bile to offer anyway, much like yourself Hercule.

I dont have to research, pal. I'll be involved in professional sports for years to come. Inside track and experience is my MO.

You're not codding anybody either with your "I didn't read any of it" shite. You of all people are not going to pass up a whole post dedicated to you. No fucking way. It just wouldn't happen. A counter argument to my explanations won't be forthcoming from you because, you know why. And so do I.

May I give you and your several personalties a bit of advice?


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Looking forward to playing the new Star Wars release whenever that is. Brother sent me a clip of the gameplay and its qualitaaaay.

Played 'Journey' with the daughter the other day and found it amazing. Would recommend it for the earlier ages out there.

Ditched Microsoft and went to Sony for the next gen and can sleep well at night knowing this was a spectacular decision.


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This needed dissection. Out of curiosity mostly.

1. "you're not even considered a major player by the really big hitters around Europe."

Who are the really big hitters FLARESY? Real Madrid, Bayern Munich, Barcelona, Manchester United, all considered to be football royalty by almost everyone living in the real world. All 4 clubs have deep, rich histories with distinct cultures going back decades and they're not going anywhere. So to say Utd aren't considered a "player" by these clubs only pinpoints your chronic lack of understanding of the goings behind the scenes in football, you read too many papers and blogs and form your opinion from those, most amatuerish. Every major team of players that goes on to win lots of trophies dissolves over time with a transition period dependant on a number of things to go right in order to help ease the transition. Utds situation is unprecedented in modern football because of one man, the greatest manager of all time in the history of the game. All the "big hitters" understand this full well and now understand that they have a man with pedigree in the hot seat who may well bring back trophies over the next few years. The year of Moyes' reign many pundits said we wouldn't be seen again for years. Many dipper fans strangely thought we would mirror their demise, almost STEP BY STEP. Funny that.

So no points here I'm afraid.


2. "He was surplus to requirements at Madrid and had successful pre-contract talks with both Monaco and PSG which came to nothing due to FFP loopholes. He never wanted to play for United and it was only a massively overpriced fee + wages (again) which nailed it. You've lost big money on the player and are trying to cover it up with hot air and bullshit."

For a start its not mine nor Bfs money Utd are spending. Beating an opposing fan around the head with that kind of horseshit is just another reason for me to believe yourself and Strudders did the same City & Guilds course on Tactic Trucks (Part time). Why would any one of us care what the club spent on a player if it means we get to watch a genuine star footballer tog out every week? Utd secured a world class player who had more assists than Hazard and gave us one or two magical moments but didn't didn't perform as expected. The break in didn't help matters but what are going to do? Ultimately he participated in helping the team gain 4th place. So what if we "make a loss" on him? We probably made it back up on the sale of away kit socks since yesterdays launch. Clearly,Rafael was held in higher regard by the send off he got from both fans and team mates alike. Maybe if you bashed Rafa for a bit you might produce a sting.

So no, you've failed once again here to produce not only an adult argument, but any kind of fucking argument at all really when you really think about it.


3. "Your transfer policy since buying RVP has been a shambles and a poor imitation of the Berties Christmas shopping spree which did actually win them some trophies."

I'm going out on a limb here but stop me if I'm wrong about this assertion; When Utd were mocked by you and other fuckwits about having a defence as good as Everton's, a midfield devoid of any engine or leader, and the Granny shagger up top, we were told they would all have to be "replaced", "they're rubbish" one quipped. "Jones not good enough to be in a top 4 side" said another punter. Naturally I'm delighted some of the shapers & spoofers have been sent for repair, Nani & Anderson and Cleverley spring to mind. In the modern game top players don't come cheap, some work for their big price (See Mata), some don't (see DiMaria or Ozil for example). So Utd have gone out and spent some of their hard earned SUCCESSFUL cash so they can still compete at the top end and now that's worthy of ridicule?!?! NO. You're not having that one, Flaresy. You can fuck right off. Bringing the Berties into it then. The Berties could only dream of having Darmian, Memphis, Basti, Herrera, Schneiderlin or Shaw in their squad. Money well spent.


4. "Given the shitload you've spent over two seasons I expect the title back at OT by May, no excuses"

Yeah, because that's clearly how it works. That's the blueprint for every football club on the planet. Dont spend wisely, JUST FUCKING SPEND. Does it need pointing out that this is yet another oversight on your part? The kind of oversight where you'd think to yourself "ok, I'm going to just kill myself for thinking that." No? Well it should. No fucking points.


5. "which is why I've tipped United to win it, with or without Di Maria."

Is this based on realistic football scrutiny or just another weazel way of saying "told you so, I KNOW MY ONIONS." If it's based on realistic football scrutiny then you must be retarded because you go on to doubt whether Van Gaal is the real thing or not. I put this down to reading two conflicting reports given out over 3 days on the back pages of the Metro or some shit. SORT IT FUCKING OUT. You're not fooling anyone with the act, Flaresy. It's embarrassing.


* (0-20 points - May not be of sound mind. May have hallucinations and/or hear voices. Should not operate heavy equipment. Likes smell of own farts.)


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Someone is needing a dressing down I think.


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Just imagine how tickled I was to log on to Bedrock, only to find a Donald Trump thread presented by Matt Black.

I just knew it had to be. I just fucking knew it.

loopdokter wrote:
DuFunk wrote:

Fair fucks loopy what year was this 2001?  Any releases in recent years?

It was my golden age.

Beatport will tell you that, but nothing super recent.

What was the last release Loopy? Did it make it onto smash hits radio in Saskatchewen?


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Millsy in the mixes and football threads. Ive entered the Twilight Zone.

Good to have him on board in fairness, he can sanitize the absolute shite that Flaresy/BrainFreeze delivers.

Shaun, how does a sporting director speed up a signing? There isnt a manager out there who enjoys having another guy buy his players for him.

Stop reading the rags and cop the fuck on.


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All this grown men cupping each others balls lark, is highly questionable.

Making up lists of your favourites? LOL, fellas have been banned for less.

shaunstrudwick wrote:
starcreeper wrote:
shaunstrudwick wrote:

talks again of bringing in a sporting director

we should do this and also go all out to bring in Klopp

Shaun, what do you feel a sporting director brings to a club? And why is it an advantage?

Can you also explain why they arent a massive hindrance to a manager?

You know, just so you can back up the enormous amount of shite in that post.

Brenda was signed as a 'coach' but he wanted full control inc. transfer strategy and the insistance that every player should have a massive mural of his gigantic head displayed in their lounge

in my opinion his transfer strategy is weak - if the board is not moving quick enough to sign the top targets then that in itself could be remedied by having a sporting director in place

key case in point would be the handling of Suarez - we knew for over 12 months that he wanted to leave - but when the time came everything felt really rushed and last minute

only targeting Saints players for example - and then paying over the odds for them - wtf was that all about?

Brenda should stick with what he knows - but even his coaching and tactics are being found out

2 things;

he tried to sign Falcao & Sanchez, both told him to do one.

Secondly, where does Brenda come from? Never got that.

mr rossi wrote:
starcreeper wrote:
DuFunk wrote:

Any releases in recent years?


Only in the trouser department

LOL, leakage, as they say in the Stardust count room.


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$99 over here. Absolute rip off. The only fight worth watching this year will be Aldo v McGregor anyway.


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If it was Flares Id let the board know, as hes a no mark and far from a stalwart. More like an itchy wart.

Which names does he go under these days?

To be fair to Brendan Fraudgers and Strudders, hes about as close to winning a trophy as John Sitton is.

Were Pool outstanding again tonight, Brendan? LOL