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Taking part is the main thing.


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According to my calculations Ive been away from this board for quite some time so yes, I missed it, you fucking hatstand.

Thank God Utd are 4th and all those clowns who predicted 20 years of wilderness have been shown up for the premature ejaculating clueless cunts that they are.

Not a fan of Hernan. He plays that excruciating brand of prog only a purist could love. Not for me.

Theres no debate here, read every post from page 1, its a fucking abortion of a thread. The clue is in the title.

You should change it to Moronic or Deadbeat Posters or Wannabe Board Members.


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Just noticed the thread broke the 1000 page mark, fucking great work fellas.

Wez should have an honorary place at the head table come Xmas awards season.


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Spent last NYE in Caracas. Absolutely ledged it.

Smallman would have loved it but he would have been more impressed with my ledging.

Is it downtempo or driving, Doc?

"Do people still watch this god awful shit?" - Grant.

I rest my case.

Cheers Matt.

dogmanstar888 wrote:

Poppycock - this is the most interesting / exciting thread in ages.

You give me the creeps with talk like that.

Its about as interesting / exciting as toenail pus.


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I think its clear Shaun thinks 'parking the bus' means not getting your own way in brainless attacking football. Glad we could clear that up.

MattBlack wrote:

downtempo but still driving

How in the name of sweet blue fuck can a mix be downtempo AND driving?

Shit thread.


shaunstrudwick wrote:

you stated that we only had a good season cos your lot were so bad - which was not the case

Think about it retrospectively Shaun, its all you had to shout about.

Also, when I say 'shout about', I dont mean you were literally on the the roof of your house. FYI.

shaunstrudwick wrote:
starcreeper wrote:

Last year was their best year in 20, purely because of the shambles at OT

errr... no

last year was down to 1 man: Suarez

Rodgers had us playing some lovely 'roy of the rovers' stuff at times but our defense was very dodgy and we had no plan B

all of which Chelsea exposed on that day @ Anfield

typical Manc - making it all about you - lol

So it wasnt their best year in almost 2 decades? Considering you won fuck all, all you had to shout about was what happened at OT.


MattBlack wrote:

the only thing that lets it down is the ending but in truth there's not really any other way it could possibly end

So was it a let down or not, Matt? lol

I had to read that back several times. Stunning work, Chris.


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Of course its the greatest country on earth. Why wouldnt it be? When you turn 55 they give you a rascal scooter as youll be close to 24 stone at that stage. How thoughtful, theyre the fuckin business for shopping in Safeway.

Kill me.


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Howells not funky?? Somebody call the head screw, someones about to do themselves a mischief.

Lest we forget these miserable jokers. They lose their star quality and bring in fuckin Ricky Lambert and a bunch of amateurs nobody has heard of. In fairness, Lallana is tasty but theres no doubt they'll ruin him, as theyve done to several players over the years. Henderson nailed on for the captaincy, LOL, fuckin hell thats depressing.

And lest we forget rat face Brent Rogers and his new fuckin teeth. The self styled messiah of the Kop, bringing talking out of your anus to new, outstanding levels. "United will struggle to bring in top names having no Champs League." Is that right Brent yeah? Inspiring is not a word I would use to describe this cunt.

Watching him on the sidelines lately is harrowing, his face now a pink hue similar to a mole rat. Standing there, watching Balotelli and thinking, "the day I put my arm around his shoulder and pointed to the Kop, what a waste of fuckin time."

Last year was their best year in 20, purely because of the shambles at OT. Their best year in 20 and they still won fuck all. Poetry.


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Henry Rindhoops wrote:

This one reminds me of Strudders. Bleasdale warm up in the Courtyard. 1998. 10.30pm.


bahahaha, perfect. No offence, strudders.


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dogmanstar888 wrote:
starcreeper wrote:

lol, seems fair.

And this from a United supporter.

Creeps, give me your honest assessment of the man LVG.  Is he going to deliver, do you think?

Ive no reason to think he wont. Hes a brilliant coach with bags of experience and the cajones to back it all up. I like the direction the squad is taking, in particular with the younger players. Being out of Europe is a blessing too, the extra time for preparation is huge.

There wont be any slip ups with a couple of games to go if we have one hand on the trophy, I'll tell you that for no price. Its fashionable to say Chelsea will run away with it but as last year proved, I wouldnt bet on anything. Thats not to say I think we're going to win the league, just making the point that having only the league & FA Cp to concentrate on is a massive advantage.

Will give this a listen based on the honest and down to earth reviews by some of the boards high end glitterati. Cheers.


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Jaysus lads, mad stuff altogether. That time with Bill, sheesh, Ill never forget it.

Shut up Millsy ya dope.