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haha, of course you dont, Grant.

Which alter ego is Ben Wand, Matt? You fucking mentalist.

Ill leave you with this, remember that link to that piece on Moyes that I posted for you? The one you said was brilliantly written, on point and a far cry from anything I would ever post? Yeah, that was me. You foamed at the mouth a lot that day and how I laughed. Stitched up by a pro and wilting in my presence.

Creeper 1 - Flares 0


LOL I thought about this question a while back. Grant, sitting there in his late fifties, talking shit about shit he thinks is shit.

What the fuck happened around here? I see Flares is involved anyway, not surprised. The cunt is keeping Pfizer in business with the amount of meds hes shovelling into himself.

I reckon the powers that be will keep it going until somebody sorts out a playground to play in. Its the least Hannu could fucking do.

Im out of here anyway. This was my only saloon, Im no longer the raver I once was. It was great fun while it lasted. Adios amigos.

Victor Olembe.


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I know for a fact FIFA delegates took bribes from American organisers during the bidding for the 94 World Cup too.


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shaunstrudwick wrote:

Vic sticking up for Rooney at the expense of an LFC player - how predictable - lol

Obviously its predictable, Shaun. Theyre the 2 players in question. You massive dope.


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steelydan wrote:
Ben Dipper wrote:
steelydan wrote:

There's not much love in this thread

Kinda like you and the kids, kiddie fiddler.


LOL, indeed. When I read that I had to check your profile to make sure I hadnt really missed anything since my last visit. All very strange and out of the blue I must say.


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Sepp Blatter was at many a bongo-bongo party. That cunt is forehead deep in filthy money. Someone is after his job right now.


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I just dont know. Ive thought about it long and hard but I just dont now. I havent slept in 4 days, my mind racing back & forth unable to open the riddle. Everyone is asking the question, from dickhead journos to seasoned tv pundits. Will he play?

Raheem Sterling, who of course starred alongside Bruce Willis in The Fifth Element, being hailed as the second coming of Georgie Best and the saviour of England. All thats needed according to all the armchair experts of course. If only Roy Fucking Hodgson would wake up and read the team sheet for fuck sake. The team is picked according to the media, they picked it themselves the other day. Dropping the most experienced forward you have, whose fitness should peak during the tournament, is a necessity according to people more qualified to know than the professionals. Sterling is the answer, even after that wild lunge at Valencia that quite rightly got him sent off. Valencia was out of the game for a long time with a broken ankle and the possibility of a similar injury a few days before the WC because of an inexperienced and inept challenge may have given him good reason to try more than a throat grab. After all, it was a friendly match. Jack Wilshere getting involved as if somebody had taken a cigarette out of his mouth outside Buddha Bar. That cunt is another one who needs a fuckin reality check, hes not as good as he fuckin thinks.

Sterling. Will he play? Will he, wont he. Will he, wont he. Will he, wont he. Will he, wont he. Will he, wont he. Will he, wont he.

Such a massive tentercaust.


Camp 14 - Total Control Zone. Best documentary Ive seen in a while. 9/10

Story of a guy born inside a labour camp in North Korea. He escaped when he was 23.

Youll have a new found respect for the camp guards after watching this.

Rhouses, Matt would have you fed to the wolves given half a chance. Classic grooming going on here.

Im trying to work out what the initials M & B stand for. Probably the name of some death camp General.



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Fuckin hell, limited usage on here would lead you to believe MattBlack has been talking about UKIP for weeks. Check out his haircut.

If the shoe fits.

Lest we forget, David Morales could beat a man to death with his pecs.


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Shaun, how many bangers did you take back in the 90s?


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Ben Wand wrote:

Oh boo fucking hoo, my heart weeps. Lets see his wife compared to Rondildo's - I bet she's 4'11 with warts and weighs 200lbs.

And don't tell me I'm wrong you stupid fucking cunt. Have an opinion by all means, but keep yours and be on your way whilst others represent theirs. You sound like a complete nob, yet another one to add to the half dozen I've already encountered on here.

And yet another gen lol for the fantasy of him coming back to Old Shatford. Go and have a sentimental wank, you bellend.

You said there was lots of envy and I pointed out why his celebration was over the top as mentioned by BF. Youre fucking wrong, same as youve always been. And now youre a pathetic cunt who hasnt the bollox to sign in and apologise for his shitcunt pathetic homophobic behaviour. Its all very sad. You were told before to up the meds, you should really fucking look into that.

Cheers for the easy bite on Ronaldo by the way. Youre a slow as fuck amateur cunt aswell, theres no way youre that easy, you have to be thick as pig shit.


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Strudders, Dont Mess With The Zohan, yay or nay?


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Hello, Matt. Thanks for thinking of me, best wishes, Reginald.



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La Nausee wrote:

Where's Bobby Moore (down the jewellers pawning off a bracelet or two), there's some people on the pitch, three lions on my bollocks.


Scapegoats at the ready.

Amps wrote:
starcreeper wrote:


Correct me if I'm wrong here Creepy, but isn't most of the 'scouse drivel' that the likes of you and Dermo moan about not written by 12 year olds on football forums?

Fuck off, Amps. Liverpool being murderous cunts is not drivel. History shows us these are unquestionable facts. You might have some kind of concussion. You should wear a helmet when youre practicing 720s down the Tesco carpark, pal.

Fantastic thread. Proper old school event. Almost like a prog raging bull story. I hope we all hear of this midget doing himself a mischief in the near future too. I hope the fully involved parties in this thread keep us up to date. Not you, Matt.


All those cursing DJs for their work and producers for their productions, in a way that suggests that they themselves could do better, should provide solid evidence to the board that they can do so.

Otherwise, they can fuck off with that shit, their failed attempts at breaking into the industry are written all over the wall.

At least, thats how I feel about it.

Sasha, San Francisco.

Close Thread.


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Ben Wand wrote:

Lots of envy coming out the woodwork here. Poor form. 17 goals in 11 CL matches this term says he can sleepwalk through the game and collect his medal completely naked if he chooses. Would you prefer to watch the Full Kit Wankerism of one John Terry Esq all over again?

Didn't think so.

Thats one way to look at it but you'd be wrong. It was completely over the top because he stood on the halfway line when Bale scored.

Id have him back at OT in the morning though. "Viva Ronaldo. Viva Ronaldooo, running down the wing, hear United sing, Viva Ronaldo."

*clap, clap, clap*

No, Shaun. Im happy the wheels came off and you got shown up for the absolute insufferable cunts that ye are.

It would be sour grapes if you actually won something.