Fuckin Hell Strudders, LOL. You banging out mixes now too? Polly would have loved this.

You on the "deep house" bandwagon now too, Homegrove?


Its been widely discussed that your taste is up your hole, Yant. Accept it.

Some people are in agreement, Millsy.


The names of any male who have coverted the female form will be printed via harriets stasi informers and then sent to a LGBT khmer rouge style re education camp where wilf the d day war veteran can be deprogrammed into thinking he is the stockwell strangler and rapist of women rather than a hero for taking out a nazi machine gun nest with a kumquat.

LOL, The board should be glad ETC is a member. A Captain on a sea of village idiots.

I prefer the old Millsy. He never hung around with the weirdos in the mixes section and he never used to speak about himself all the time.

What the fuck happened?


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Ncable wrote:

I believe they're interested in buying him back Ed. A figure just short of £30m has been mentioned, which would represent a delightfully clueless about-face we can all guffaw about for months, nay, years to come. I doubt they'd be that stupid, but I've been wrong before.

Imagine being clueless about buying one of the worlds best midfielders and then rival fans guffawing about it for years to come.

Mad craic altogether.

Jackie Chan's Armour of God.

Simply amazing. 10/10


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Thats where we were also, stayed at Grootbos. Great spot and will be returning. Disappointed Dixon wasnt booked for the garden marquee but we did alright.


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Did this when I was down there. I see youre heading to Melbourne for a bit, not sure if they do it from there but if you get the chance, there really is nothing like coming up on 2 sharks hurtling effortlessly towards you.



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Heading West, Eddie. Been in Cape Town at a conference for a few days.

Anyone else play it?


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Homegrove wrote:

After using Traktor for 6 months I've finally learned how to use the loop function. I can't understand much of this thread.

Youre a REAL dj, Homegrove. Dont let anyone take that away from you, LOL.


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Couldnt be better, Dan. Currently sitting in the cosy surroundings of the KLM lounge in Frankfurt, 3 bottles of lager deep and feeling great.


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jamie wrote:

sad time indeed - you've missed man utd off the list Vic? how about -

man utd - in a complete state of disarray and struggling with a post ferguson identity crisis?

Touche, Jamie. Although I know my clubs identity, its the rival fans and the media who are struggling with that one.


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No doubt youre here everyday, Millsy. How do you keep up the act?


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Just fuck off to confession Millsy. Get it off your chest. Job done.


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Fadas doing the right thing for sure. Any cunt that sits through this place daily needs their fuckin head examined. Especially those who post links from the outside world into here all day, as if the Bedrock board is the only source of news on the internet.

Those people are the lost souls of Bedrock and can be legally killed according to recent Sharia law in the UK.


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At least we follow the purest football team left on the planet.

Liverpool - Just an embarrassment really.
Chelsea - A ship floating on blood money.
Man City - Arabs. I rest my case.
Arsenal - The new Stoke.
Barcelona - Corrupt cunts who havent paid taxes since the last audit in '67.
Madrid - A large locust living on the crumbs of the Di Stefano days.
Munich - A large paedophile ring for washed up German pornstars.
Ajax - Historical kiddie fiddlers also.
PSG - hahahaha
Monaco - WHAT? hahahahaha
LA Galaxy - Hoping to sign Ryan Gosling in the latter stages of his career.
Sydney FC - Just fuck off.

Football is indeed dead, BF.


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Beijing Dave wrote:

I actually don't mind NFL and NHL. NBA is boring as fuck and can shit off as far as I am concerned. A bunch of tattooed lanky spastics scoring baskets every two seconds, there's no tension whatsoever.

But I can appreciate American Football and Hockey. They are watchable sports and I enjoy the measured brutality of them.

What I hate are the special brand of British wankers who are really into it and become faux-American, playing fantasy Yank football and talking about who the 'Vikes' or the 'Pats' are going to draft.

No mention of the beautiful, technical game of Baseball, Dave? Have to agree on your NBA assessment also, its no wonder squares like Millsy and Loopy play it. Meeting up to compare their Reebok Pump special editions. The fairies, deviants and oddballs all played basketball in school. Too soft for football cunts. Hanging around until all hours in the "gymnasium", no need to imagine what went on.

Fuckin despicable sport.


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Yant wrote:

Citeh are the worst good team I've ever seen.

You might have unwittingly stumbled across something there, Yant. I think what you are trying to say is that City are a creaking, overrated, bunch of racist plastic cunts who get found out when their plan A hits the wall.

"Oh but theyre so big & powerful"

"oooh David Silva, when he gets into those pockets of space"

"Milner is so underrated, he covered 21'000km in that match"

"Never mind Joe Harts fucking hair, hes only ENGERLAAANDS NUMBER 1 AINT HE?"

"Vincent Kompany is like a black Baresi who got hit in the forehead over and over again with a flat iron"

I could argue against most of those quotes but I wont.


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Close thread.


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MattBlack wrote:
Grant wrote:

I love pork scratchings, I don't know whether I surprised or not that they haven't been mentioned yet. I particularly like the ones in the clear bags and don't look like they pass a health and safety test.

Eating pork scratchings is like eating flavoured toe nails, lol at Millsys Scampy Fries tale, I had a work collegue who used to dip his fingers in a tin of catfood and tell people he'd fingered a girl and then let them sniff his fingers

Not one bit surprised those are the circles you mixed in, Matt. Look at you now. LOOK. AT. YOU. NOW.

Going for a Hall & Oates marathon later including this beauty.

Where's Wally? Wally tell the lads thanks for sticking this in GTA, fucking fantastic work.