Watching Strudders catching a sliver of light and getting giddy is a sight to behold every year. And check out the boards resident casual racist, Simon fucking R, telling it like it is, LOL

I got the revered DJMATTBLACK, Dave yeah? Its a fucking fix. You know I'll just lose the plot and start swinging at the cunt rendering him victorious through a sympathy vote.

High Plains Drifter. 10/10. Stick your CGI, Ben Affleck and Strudders up yer bollix.


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Loopy being the recipient of love and goodwill for the bones of 30 pages, only to end up naked in the gutter with a syringe in his arm a few pages later. At this time of year too.



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jules72 wrote:

Di Maria doing well at PSG - scoring 9 goals in 21 games and setting up 11. That's in addition to Chicharito scoring 15 in 13 games. LVG you utter cretin.

What about Diego Forlan leaving Utd after a miserable season and going on to pick up the Pichichi the following year eh, Jules? Fergie really fucked that one up too didnt he? Because thats how it works in football. DiMaria doing better in the equivalent of the Beezer Homes League automatically transfers over to the English game too, obviously, because what happens at one club would automatically happen at another. How foolish of LVG or anyone else on planet earth to think otherwise.

Why not try making a point that has legs you complete fucking spacker. Hows about taking your moronic fucking ideas to join Flaresy on the comments section of Skybet. Hows about just turning on the tap at your house and inhaling deeply. So much you could be doing to compliment the holy show youre making of yourself.


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Thought this thread was about my hero. Outlaw Josey Wales, Grant? Yay or Nay? and dont beat around the fuckin bush.

I fucking LOLered very hard there. Mainly because from the start of this thread I was feeling the positive vibes then you get to end and heres fucking Grant, shitting all over something he thought was shit, again.

Fucking mentalists on here, the real deal.


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To be honest, from someone who doesnt live in the UK and seeing all thats gone on over the last 3 months its fair to say that the English game, from top to bottom, is really struggling big time. Kev nails it in a round about way, the game is dying a fucking death and has been for a few years. The TV deals being mentioned, the vastness of the money in the game, cunts like LaNaus having to listen to pricks like us bang on about how terrible times are and blah defuckin blah.

The proof is in the pudding with teams like Leeds. I dont give their situation the slightest second of attention, not because I dont like Leeds but quite the contrary. Id love to see Leeds battering City on a Saturday at a rocking Elland Road. They have as much right to be challenging in the top flight as much as Man fucking City. I dont pay them any mind because its so fucking depressing. "Some Italian playboy cunt is taking them over but he's being investigated for fraud and dodgy dealings so they may still go under. Meanwhile theyre struggling away to Brentford." The whole circus has been taken over by vultures, its not just Leeds, the writing has been on the wall for a long time, I'll spare you a list of clubs. Scudamore and odious fucking suits like him at the top of the fucking tree, driving the fucking bus off a cliff. Teams like Leicester, Spurs, Arsenal and the dippers can capitalize in the long run because of the instability of the top teams.

Social media retards such as DJMATTBLACK feed the media hacks and vice versa when it comes to how we should feel about our clubs. We've reached a stage in England where its ok to sack a manager before Xmas, like Serie A back in the 80s or closer to the managerial policy of the spanish clubs who are mired in corruption and sack managers for not wearing the correct after-shave. Everyone is to blame, the media, the owners, the managers, the fans, even lost causes such as Matt. Of course the football is shit but it has been for years. Its like when reprobate strip club owners like Steve McManaman blert out shite in relation to David Moyes "that team won the league last year" (Given the right set of circumstances Id happily drive Macca's head clean off his shoulders). Yeah Macca, and that team was shite too, and so was that whole fucking season barring RVPs volley against Villa. Fergie's worth to football and not just Utd, there for all to see. The era of building a team for success is gone.

That line about money spent is another one, even the most famous "experts" use it knowing full well how the transfer industry works in relation to agents, inflated pricing etc. It means nothing in relation to football and the "experts" know this. They know certain clubs will be charged more than others. Do they think Mahrez would have cost United 1.5M? Yet thats what you hear some fans saying, "Van Gaal spent 250M and we cant score against Bournemouth, he has to go". Braindead. What if 100M of that was on defenders, eh Macca? You fucking vinegar skinned rodent.

At this point, I dont care what happens at Utd. Get Mourinho or Guardiola or whoever else wants the fucking job for a few weeks, I couldnt care less. What happens if one of them goes on a bad run, sack them too? Fucking sack everyone, why not? Its not football anymore, its just a bunch of whining cunts giving out about how they arent being entertained. Their patience wittled down into the timespan of a fucking Vine. Wont be long and there'll be fireworks exploding when goals go in, sponsors streaming across the screen. They already have fireworks at the fucking Carling Cup Final for the entrances. Its fucking dead, Im telling you. Take your wanker fans like Jules and stick them up your bollix. Theyre all on the fucking bus with Scudamore singing like a bunch of drunk bastards at the back, unaware of the cliff theyve just gone over.


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"Gravitas" Grant eh? LOL Is this the new board buzz word that youve latched onto?

Put it this way, Giggs isnt the thick, insincere football turnip that youve formulated in your head, from looking at inverviews I may add.

Hes actually the complete opposite but carry on living in a fucking dreamworld pal.


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You know the guy from watching interviews on tv. So yes, thicker than the thickest fucking pigshit.


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Basing a managerial appointment on how he comes across in an interview Grant? Even for you thats really thicker than pigshit.

Wouldnt be surprised if Giggs appoints Neville as his coach Jules. Good shout.


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jules72 wrote:

So do you think Giggs, after taking over mid-2017, would stick with Van Gaal's style of play or do you think he would revert to Ferguson's? If the latter, what precisely do the next one and a half seasons of LVG achieve?

Starcreeper wrote:

The groundwork will have been put in and Giggs will have learned the organisational side of the game from one of the best in the business. He can then add his own flair to the team, thats not a reset in football terms

It would help if you read the comments Jules. In my opinion he'll use whats he learned and add to it with elements from everything hes learned over the years. LVG has a contract, it cant be explained any further than that. Giggs is more hands on with the team than youre obviously aware of. Think of it as a managerial bootcamp. If LVG wins a trophy or two he can retire happy, if he doesnt I doubt he'll give a fuck.

No anger here either, just pure frustration looking at the kind of comments that have sullied the beautiful game.


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jules72 wrote:

Giggs....another great idea - great guy, great player, but no managerial track record. Lamentable idea.

What was Guardiolas record before taking over at Barca? Every manager starts out with a no track record, you pleb.

Id rather have a guy who knows the club inside out than some johnny come lately foreigner. Giggs will have learned from the best and if anyone has a decent shot at becoming a great manager its him. If it doesnt work out it doesnt work out. Not giving the guy a chance based on experience is so short sighted you wouldnt believe. Every young manager deserves a shot. The only former player out there that has gone through the same education Giggs has, is Guardiola. This is not to say Giggs will emulate him but he deserves a chance to see if he can.

Whats lamentable, once again, is the modern day armchair fan who wants the best players, the best manager and the best playing style, NOW. Not fucking next year, not fucking last year, fucking NOW. They also want the managers to do it without spending money and they want the players THEY want, not the club. Enough to turn you off the game completely.

By paying into this foundation what will I receive for my contribution? A live link to the afters maybe? A signed photo of Loopy on the dex?

I want some something, make no mistake.


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Exactly Boring. Guardiola benefitted from the groundwork laid down by Van Gaal, so did Munich after they went through a torrid period.

I dont forget anything by the way Jules. LVG is handing over to Giggsy in case you hadnt heard, who will be offered a contract to see if he can take the club forward. Nothing will be reset. The groundwork will have been put in and Giggs will have learned the organisational side of the game from one of the best in the business. He can then add his own flair to the team, thats not a reset in football terms. If you cant see how that relationship is working out maybe you need to reset how you think about the game.

But lets sack LVG now anyway shall we? Lets just keep the merry go round going around without a fucking care in the world.

loopdokter wrote:
starcreeper wrote:

All joking aside, Im moved by the love in this thread.

Creepy rocking out:

Kumbaya up next...

In a world of hatred Loopy its genuinely heart warming that this bastion of old farts has taken it upon itself to reward somebody with genuine happiness.

Heres hoping Bob Geldof hears of smallmans endeavours. This is Red Nose Day done the way it should be.

I love you Loopy. You crazy fucking bastard.


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Dan Harwood wrote:

So, losing Shaw is the reason?

Do you think football teams are affected by sole reasons Dan? Of course they fucking arent.

The Shaw injury knocked Utds momentum and they havent been able to regain it. Up until that point that back 4 was developing into the best in the country (on form). They played every pre-season game together and looked as solid as any Utd back 4 Ive seen in years. Since then its been chopped and changed and we've struggled to find any consistent form, but it will come.

Rooney has little time left, probably up until breaking the record and then hes gone. They awarded him with a testimonial this week just to remind him. Hes the elephant in the room at the moment but LVG has backed himself into a corner with his silly comments earlier in the season ie: Hes my captain and he plays every game.

When you scrape away all the fine details youre left with sky sports comment section contributors like Jules and Flaresy. Absolute boneheads who have perfected the knee-jerk reaction. That is all.

Scholesy was snubbed as part of the academy, Dave. Thats why he has the hump. Watching him complain the way he does is fucking painful to watch, he just cant conceal his hatred of the man and it makes him look completely thick as you say. He knows LVG isnt going to play the way Fergie did, I mean for fuck sake.

Calling for LVGs head right now is some of the most idiotic shit you could think of. Lets bring a manager in right now who can use the players LVG specifically bought and reset the whole fucking thing a couple of months into the season shall we? Jesus Christ.

Simpleton fans with simpleton opinions.

This thread is magnificent. Dermo me ole mucker took the whole fucking rod on first cast.

All joking aside, Im moved by the love in this thread.

snowstorm wrote:

the sound system is great but i like it more when craig (shorty) ran it. sounded a whole lot better than it does now.

Thats a load of pretentious bollix anyway. How could it possibly be better than what SimonR described?


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Its the worst football Ive seen yes but I have the patience to understand these things take time. Its a brilliant young team that had the momentum taken out of it with the Shaw injury. You cant see the bigger picture, thats your problem. Hes gutted Fergie's squad and kept us competing, building sturdy foundations in the process for the coming years when he hands things over. Thats always been the plan, if we won something in the process it would be a bonus.

"Throwing massive wedge". What the fuck are you on about? Whats the alternative in the modern game? Maybe you should let the professionals know how its all put together. Spending is part of the game now whether youre fucking Swansea City or Man Utd. Its irrelevant, just like your fucking point.

Scholesy having a fucking mare too. Cribbing every 2 minutes about how Utd played under Fergie. So every manager has to play like Fergie now is it? Fuck off. And that whole, "the Utd way" can fuck right off too. The whole football circus is filled with fucking muppets these days.


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Coutinho shows up once a month, Edward


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jules72 wrote:
starcreeper wrote:
jules72 wrote:

Man United 62% percent possession vs Palace, and just one shot on goal. Go and do one Van Gaal.

Those fucking "stats" include passes between the keeper and the full back you clown. Glad to see the board IQ level is keeping at a consistent level anyway. Straight out of the Strudders school of tomfuckery that one.

Glad to see Chelsea are doing worse than Moyes' Utd. Who the the fuck would have thunk that 2 months ago? Very strange scenes.

And do you think 1) the stats lie in this case and 2) thunk is an English word. You clown.

"Thunk: used only by idiots with poor grammar"

Hang on a second, Jules (LOL). I'm addressing your idiotic statement.

Do you think Van Gaal wants his players to go out and play around the centre circle with the ball without taking any shots? Of course he fucking doesn't. The league is shit, it's completely diluted with foreign managers and foreign players. It's not like 15/20 years ago where the league had a proper identity. It's fucking shite.

One of the other reasons its shit is because of impatient, spoilt fucking cunt fans ike yourself who cry for the axe every time things arent going their way. Utd are playing the worst football in my lifetime but chopping managers every time youre not getting your subscriptions worth is fucking gash, but typical of the modern day cunt fan.

You got a big laugh for the "urban dictionary" description too. Thanks for that lol I dont speak the fucking Queens in case you hadnt noticed.

Any other classic prog CDs that havent been discussed here yet? LOL

Place is really gone to the dogs, lads. Proper goldfish bowl.


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My Beetlejuice outfit for later is ready to go. Nothing like a halloween party American style.

The one thing these reprobates can nail, tie and time again.

PLease tell me Loopy is terminal? LOL