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fuckin lol


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The submersible broke down again this morning. Fucking complete disaster, you can see this ending up on some Unsolved Mysteries spin-off in 2028.

"They gave up hope after 77 days upon realising the batteries were long gone. Treasure hunters still hunt the depths looking for the wreckage of the mysterious jet that vanished without a trace. Some say the Chinks took it, landed it, took valuable humans captive, killed the rest and destroyed the plane. Others just dont know. All we know is, new radar systems were brought in to help track aircraft movement in the years following the mysterious event. The radars were built and sold by Chinese companies of course."


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Brendan Rodgers had a meeting in Munich earlier. The agent of Pizzaro set up the meeting.


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Bump Ahad for fuck sake. Intelligence gathering is the cornerstone of TeamTruthOut™


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Sabotini wrote:

Starcreeper used to oil and wax John O'Shea's legs. The lad knows his "physiotherapy" onions.

*makes gun shape with hand fires into crowd and blows smoke off extended index finger*


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Its always Live from the Vortex. Put your headphones on, lie back, close your eyes. The music could be coming from the tent in your back garden. You might hear the odd, whoopin & hollerin and think some cunt has invited over some Yank friends, all good, you can tell them to keep it fuckin down when you get back from ordering this drink from the wench in the makeshift bar you and the guys built earlier. The cops came eventually and shut the music off. What felt like seconds later, a bunch of vans arrive at the side of the house. Its Loopy and his mates, and they have sound equipment. Loopys got a big box of choice cuts and he wobbles across the garden into position. Thats when you wake up and realise iTunes has moved onto the next mix on the playlist and Loopys Life Anthology Mixathon is coming through the speakers. You roll over, get sick, grab the bottle of whiskey on the bedside table and smash it off the wall. You then leave.


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mikemiller wrote:

My most favorite animal in the world, toughest little bastards. Along with the mimic octopus.

Truedat. Ever hit a badger in the head with a shovel? Bastard just stands there, fuckin checking out the background to make sure theres no extra movement. Fuckin clever cunts. Sawn off shot-gun or one of those high powered crossbows is the only way, Mike.


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Some rumours that have been sent into the TeamTruthOut inbox today from some concerned citizens;

1. Russia and China are considering pumping billions into re-opening the silk road and cutting ties with the Yanks.
2. Russia and China de-coupling from the Petro Dollar for trade. (ooh-er)
3. George Clooney is a raging uphill gardener and has been living with his male Italian lover on Lake Como for years.
4.The worst country on the planet for a pig is England. There are more pigs raped, bludgeoned, stabbed, slashed, kicked, shocked, poisoned, whipped, burned, sliced, dipped, ripped, diced and eaten, than the next 24 swine eating countries in the Western world combined.

All worthy of sharing.



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loopdokter wrote:

After spending a year in physiotherapy, 3 hours a day, 5 days a week trying to rehab them, I packed in running.

Hang on a second, Loopy. What exactly did you do to your knees that needed 3 hours of physio a day, 5 days a week for a fuckin year? Considering the industry standard session is 50 minutes of hands on time that sounds like quite a "recovery". Even the lads in Murderball who cant feel there own bollox get less treatment. Thats 780 hours of treatment in a year, Darren Anderton probably received half that. Did you have your legs blown off out in Helmand Province? Somehow after this extremely high load of treatment your knees are perfectly fine for using a trampoline too. Who the fuck are you? What kind of species?

Suspect to say the least, Im genuinely interested in knowing what kind of knees you have and what kind of injury would require an ordinary Joe Soap to have that level of work done.

I hear what youre saying but its grief porn at this stage. Its about balance and fairness and Liverpool's "cause" isnt pure enough to be putting in on people who understand that EVERY tragedy thats football related should be remembered with the same passion.

As I said, its about people who went to games and never came back, any one of us here could be a victim. Liverpool and their fans are quite entitled to fight as you say but the lack of empathy shown towards other clubs who experienced disaster is what youre left with.

Dont forget the t-shirts either, Mr B, remember the victims, fuck Liverpool FC.


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No wreckage, no evidence of why theyre searching in that area, no plane, no fucking clue.

Ahad, if there was an electrical issue that shut down systems and knocked off the transponder in the space of seconds it seems, how the fuck did it fly for a further 7 hours into the area they say it crashed?

Would it be possible the plane suffered a breach of pressure and everyone on board passed out? if so, how did it end up circling back on itself by thousands of miles? Would the autopilot have been on? If so, the coordinates were hardly the middle of the Indian ocean, how would it have ended up there? If the autopilot was turned off and the crew were unconscious, how did it supposedly make it that far? Surely it would have crashed closer to where the radars last picked it up.

Im going for a lie down.

Mr Boring wrote:

Some valid points about Heysel and Bradford but it's not on to criticise Liverpool for their relentless grieving and fight to uncover a cover up.

You mean the families fight, right?


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Anyone seen Underbelly?

sabotini wrote:

It's the Bradford stadium fire that I think is the most pertinent comparison. OK, half the deaths, but only a fraction of the ridiculous ongoing grief. In fact, barely a whimper? No doubt it's respectfully observed *within* BCFC but do they inflict stupid kick off times for a fortnight before and after its anniversary amongst all the other contrived quasi-grief bullshit we're all supposed to partake in? No, of course not. They have class.

Couldnt agree more. Its all the grovelling from the FA and the rest of the crackers in the establishment thats so pitiful. All trying to gloss over the fact that they all turned their backs on them on the day and in the resulting years that followed.

Its beyond disgusting.

Amps wrote:

Good to know where still getting right on your tits Creepy.

Here's hoping we win it in the dying seconds with a super special stevie starfish peno dive.

To be fair to you, Amps, youve always called it as you saw it. Lambasting Suarez over the last few years, showing your embarrassment at the t-shirt debacle and distancing yourself from simonr and the rest of the Brady bunch.

Seeing as youre into skateboards you should just bin the cunts and start supporting a club with some class, youll feel better for it.


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Diminished Responsibility wrote:

Not really looking forward to female detectives if I'm being honest. Would much rather they stick with men.

And rape the women is it?

Just copy & paste all the guesses from the previous "speculation" thread and let that be that.

Both great points, Lads. Dont know how Domenico got chalked off the list, it was a simple copy & paste.

Let us not forget him either.

Who fucking cares, we'll find out anyway.


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Id have to go with Baby Smalls, the women in Argentina in particular around Cordoba are just amazing, like a different breed of female.

Those in Colombia are equally devastating, I had a fantastic experience with a girl called, Simona, in Cartagena. I should have married her on reflection, she was game to come back to Ireland an all but my girlfriend at the time thought otherwise. She showed me the ways of the darkside during several balmy nights and I can honestly say it brings a tear to the eye just thinking about it.

Stay single chaps.


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Off to Puerto Rico with the extended familia, Ill be road testing my new scuba gear and sitting in hammocks for 2 weeks.

Lets all pause for a minute and reflect on the whitewash in progress. Whether Liverpool fans or the club would like to admit, Heysel & Hillsborough are both directly linked. The UK govt and in particular Thatcher, bore their opinions about hooliganism and Liverpool out of the complete humiliation & embarrassment of the events that took place in 85. Treat them like animals because thats all they are. You dont need me to tell you that.

Fast forward 25 years and the ongoing wallowing in misery and pain goes on courtesy of the professional victims over at Anfield. Italian deaths don't matter, only Liverpudlian. Lets all join hands and sing YNWA and in unison cathartically dispel years of agony in one go. Thats all it takes, sing the song all fucking night, the Lord himself will grant us absolution and the title, if we ask nicely.

What have Liverpool done for the Italian victims, murdered by Liverpool fans and not incompetent cops, theyve stuck a small plaque up in one of the stands, away from the match day cameras and two thirds of those attending matches. A fucking plaque, talk about sweeping embarrassment under the carpet. Talk about pissing on the dead. All this stinks of is pity, pity from the FA, pity from the Govt and pity from boneheads like MattBlack and others who think these cunts, these vile selfish cunts "deserve" to be held as Champions. The people who died are heros, fuck the club. It wasnt long ago, this club actively supported a racist and wore t-shirts stating that very fact, Kenny Dalglish once a respected man flushed his own and Liverpool's "class" legacy down the fucking toilet. Just 2 years later, people are celebrating the cunts as potential Champions after being caught up in the furore of the inquest and the emotional outburst that came with it. Nobody is taking away the season they've had, absolutely brilliant, but dont think for a second the rest of the footballing world forgets 1985 or 2012 or a host of other incidents over the years that make this club the hated mess that they are. "Oh but Stevie G deserves...." FUCK Stevie G, he represents the core of their values and should finish his career like the miserable cunt he is without a prem medal.

Let us REALLY NOT FORGET the 39 people who never get a mention, the 39 people who have a special memorial at the Juve museum (despite not mentioning it on their website Shaun you fucking dope), let us not forget them and come back to fucking reality. Today is the anniversary of Hillsborough and not one Liverpool fan or person from the club seems to have mentioned the second football tragedy that happened in the 80s directly related to them, the very tragedy that began the ball rolling on this whole sordid affair. #JTF96 and "Never Forget" all over social media. I wont forget, you cunts. Its not about whose to blame, its about people who went to matches and never came home so the best thing Liverpool FC can do is stand by their supposed values and respect the dead who fell at the hands of their own fucking rioting fans.


Rocco Acerra 29
Bruno Balli 50
Alfons Bos 35
Giancarlo Bruschera 21
Andrea Casula 11
Giovanni Casula 44
Nino Cerullo 24
Willy Chielens 41
Giuseppina Conti 17
Dirk Daenecky 38
Dionisio Fabbro 51
Jacques François 45
Eugenio Gagliano 35
Francesco Galli 24
Giancarlo Gonnelli 20
Alberto Guarini 21
Giovacchino Landini 50
Roberto Lorentini 31
Barbara Lusci 58
Franco Martelli 22
Loris Messore 28
Gianni Mastroiaco 20
Sergio Bastino Mazzino 38
Luciano Rocco Papaluca 38
Luigi Pidone 31
Benito Pistolato 50
Patrick Radcliffe 38
Antonio Ragnanese 49
Claude Robert ?
Mario Ronchi 43
Domenico Russo 28
Tarcisio Salvi 49
Gianfranco Sarto 47
Amedeo Giuseppe Spolaore 55
Mario Spanu 41
Tarcisio Venturin 23
Jean Michel Walla 32
Claudio Zavaroni 28

I just noticed this thread was into 50 pages, sterling work.


Rushing back to the house from a bike ride in the woods, dying for a piss, skate through the house at lightning speed, burst through the toilet door, whip out the lad, release and hit the bathroom cabinet 3 feet to your left.

That can fuck off.

Henry Rindhoops wrote:

Errrm…. the track at 80 minutes is up the with Samim 'Heater' as being the worst track ever made.

Henry, this track divided nations but it has one of the finest hooks known to electronic music. A solid floor groover, out in Siberia anyway.