hi all,

I've just finished my first tune and uploaded to myspace if anybody's interested,

would appreciate any constructive comments, good or bad.


Paul smile


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Sasha -San Francisco - wins by a mile

Oakenfold - New York - belter as well


Hey Mikey,

Cheers for taking the time to listen mate,  appreciate the honesty . I don't tend to go too progressive  too often, more deep through more techier stuff. I did the mix using 2 Pioneer CDJ800s and a DJM600, thanks for the comments.

Should have another one done shortly, I'll keep u informed. Might do a two parter with a more uptempo mix if I have the time wink

Hi Mikey,

Just finished listenin to your transparent mix, really liked the choice of tunes you have on it a
nd the way it's put together.
Anything with Breeder in it is gonna rock in my book, let me know when u do another mix wink

Sweet mix mate, loved the vibe of it.

Gonna download this and give it a listen in work tomorrow wink


Thanks for the advice Mike, I realise that these forums get littered with mixes from djs who are just interested in getting there mixes out there and leave it at that. Now that I'm a member I'll get involved as much as I can in the topics that I find interesting.

Cheers again wink

Gonna download this when i get home, looks good though
i'll leave feedback when i do wink

Anyone had a chance to listen ???

Hi all,

I'm just new to the site and thought I'd post the link to my new mix to get things started. All feedback is welcome, positive & negative as long as it's constructive.

Thanks wink

Paul Boyle - Does_Not_Compute - July Promo Mix

Enjoy! Feedback appreciated 

1. Transit (King Britt Scuba Mix) - Sebo K & Metro Get Physical
2. No Hope - S-Low Forensic Records
3. Life After Death - Nikola Gala Plastic City
4. The World of a Woman - Naughty Mood Music records
5. One Drop Does It (Ben Parkinson Remix)- David Duriez Elevation Recordings
6. Revealing The Sounds - The Timewriter Plastic City
7. Sunburst (Dub) - Marc Romboy Simple Records
8. Beat On Beat - Stereologic
9. Buried Together - Nikola Gala Plastic City
10.Coming For You - Dirt Crew
11.Equipping Education (Loopz Da Fruit Minimal Techno Remix)- Cristian Paduraru Cristian Records
12.The World Of A Man - Naughty Mood Music Records
13.You're Mine (Dirk Dreyer Dub)- Pressure Drop Great Stuff
14.What You want (Dub Mix)- Little Green Men Forensic Records

http://www.mix-junkies.com/downloads.ph … oad_id=146

New 30 min JunkieCast also available :


1.Monday - Maskio
2.You (Double Black Remix) - Perc
3.Don't Panic Till I Said So - Audiofly X
4.Pumkin - Ritch & Collins
5.Automaton (John Dahlback Remix) - Rouzbeh Delavari
6.Night Watch (Dub Vocals Mix) - Spirit Catcher

http://www.mix-junkies.com/downloads.ph … oad_id=147

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