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Looks like a Tranny

Was a great night, played 10-4 but I left at 2, the 5 hour time difference got the better of me. Saw a few Bedrock heads there, we all enjoyed the music. Played Tijuana - Groove is in the air, Phil Kieran - Last train to Melbourne, Sex of insects - Song of trees, Sid le Rock remix, the rest I had no clue. Output is a great club, it's basically Fabric but in Brooklyn. Word of warning I can't believe how damn expensive everything is now in the US and the traffic in NYC is abysmal. The road systems, Van Nuys Expressway especially, are positively 3rd world!

Great night, love this place.

http://www.forbes.com/sites/larrybell/2 … 858c571690

30,000 scientists since 1998.

I can't resist:

http://www.forbes.com/sites/alexepstein … 829c67187f

https://friendsofscience.org/assets/doc … s_Myth.pdf

https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of … al_warming

http://m.washingtontimes.com/news/2016/ … n-of-pseu/

Shouldn't you be doing something called work Millsy, or are you skimming the Internet your whole working day?
Smallman I see you've confirmed your allegiance to the bedrock forum bullying clique.
I'll have to dissapoint you now as I'll take no further part on this forum.

I can't believe the level of vitriol on display here, all because I don't go along with the mainstream view. I feel like a heretic for having the temerity to sit and question your urbane, politically correct, mainstream dogma. If you believed in it so strongly, or if you knew what the hell you were talking about you wouldn't have to resort to snide, classless attacks. It's easy to go along with the crowd which you lot obviously are. What's flying a plane got to do with this anyway, I know plenty of pilots that disagree with global warming. To question someone's faculties just because a viewpoint doesn't fit in with your own blinkered narrow view of the world is cowardly. Let's all have the same viewpoint shall we and not have courage to put your neck on the line and actually question what's going on. I bet you love it though Dermo/Millsy, I've given you the opportunity to do what you do best, snidely mock others in the only way you pair of nasty bastards know how.

No we're not, Homegrove I'm afraid you've bought into this scare mongering nonsense. The ice caps aren't melting, we're not in any imminent danger. Have a look into the medieval warm period here below, temperatures have always risen and fallen but there's no evidence it's man made! The medieval warm period points to another source, such as solar energy and sun spots as there certainly wasn't any CO2 issues back then.


http://www.businessinsider.com/nasa-sci … 012-4?IR=T

Yep it's all just "conspiracy theorists" that deny warming, which by the way is just a tired and intellectually lazy rebuttal.

Does Millsy enjoy talking in the third person all the time?

There's no industry in the west so it isn't that difficult. It's all a smokescreen, China and the Far East are the worlds factory. If they were serious they'd target that area. Like I said it's purely political.

http://www.cnsnews.com/news/article/mai … ht-against

Liquatech, Took me all of 2 seconds to find.

Bedrob, would you say that to my face? Bloody coward.

Put it this way, if it wasn't being supported and pushed by the mass media, political elite and big business then I might just believe it.

What like the hockey stick graph?! Don't make me laugh. Have you not read the University of East Anglia emails; where they admit to tampering with the data for political agenda.

http://www.wsj.com/articles/SB100014240 … 0924988354

This will lead to a carbon tax eventually, they'll literally be charging us for the air we breath. It's ok, however, for the political elite to fly around in biz jets though isn't it to debate at the next climate change conference!

We also have a flock of unquestioning sheep on this forum

You're watching a documentary with actors, yes Obama too, talk nonsense about a warming planet. If it was Joe Bloggs off the street would you watch it then? These superstars are lending credence to a flawed bullshit idea, it gives it credibility to a fame and star obsessed generation. They've been drafted in to spread propaganda, no more, no less.

Should be called "Before the flood of bullsh@t". Global warming is a load of old codswallop.


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The Ozzies have had this style on notes for years, Hong Kong has one for its ten HK dollar too.


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No good blaming it on Brexit the UK and the world never recovered after 2008! I don't count massive levels of money printing and debt as a sustainable recovery.

IH told me last week in January for BA. You'll be looking at around 1200 quid on BA to get there.

There's a name from the past, The Butter Market! Wasn't much in Ludlow in terms of nightlife, we used to head up to Salop as kids for a night out, or occasionally the train up to Liverpool for Cream


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One of the finer moments on Communicate. Would sound fantastic tonight...


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What's Digweed doing with Danny Rampling?


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Not a hope in hell. They'd be better off now looking for a new venue. Fresh start and all.