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Thought it'd be a Digweed tune.

Always liked Daso:


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If crimes against humanity means killing and defending your nation against foreign backed terrorists then Assad is guilty as charged. Like I said earlier he was never fighting against pro democracy freedom fighters, these were always foreign backed mercenaries, Al Nusra front initially then IS laterly.


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Pipeline Intel for you:

http://www.zerohedge.com/news/2015-09-1 … ant-crisis

1. Sascha Braemer - Solitude
2. Aphrohead - Grown Man Cryy, Carl Craig "Brainy Grimlin" Remix
3. Tigerskin - Hippies
4. Quasar 27.3 - Lee Van Dowski
5. Clarian - Absence


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Here we go again. Since the beginning Assad has been fighting against US/Saudi/Qatari sponsored terrorists, he is not fighting a civil war against his own people. Most of these terrorists are not Syrian, they were brought in from Libya after Gaddafi was taken out. If these groups had not been sponsored by the USA (this has been proven by the way) then there would be no war. The war by the way is all about Qatar wanting to build a pipeline through Syria but quite rightly and as is his right Assad declined the offer. The pipeline is designed to break the back of Russia's gas supply to Europe via Gazprom. Assad requested the help of Russia in this fight, so Russia is there legally, the US, British, Israeli and Saudi forces are imposters and are in Syria ILLEGALLY! Putin is the only leader to put his money where his mouth is and actually do something about ISIS, he's smacking the shit out of them and I say good fucking job. How long were America pussy footing around before Russia stepped in, I'll tell you, it was a year of doing nothing because they did not want to hurt the army they helped fund and create because they are using it as a proxy force to invade nations! First Syria, then it'll be Iran. America as a nation is the biggest hypocrite to grace the planet, it preaches fighting terrorism at home yet helps fund and create terrorist groups in the name of ISIS and Al Qaeda. They now have the audacity to say Al Qaeda is a "moderate" force, the bearded men in caves that were supposed to have flown aircraft into the WTC are now moderate!! Even if you believe that particular cock and bull story, you still couldn't make it up. Read the articles below and educate yourselves.

http://landdestroyer.blogspot.hk/2015/1 … plied.html

http://www.zerohedge.com/news/2015-05-2 … dent-assad

Look at that twat in the Obey T shirt with a sign saying "Defy Tory rule", oh the irony. Full of twats on the left and right, both parties are basically the same, Corbyn is yet another front man.


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I was there too, took a vid of the same tune, I'll post it when I get a chance. Great tunes played on the night, particularly the last 45 minutes.

I'll see you at that Sydney gig Dermo. That Novotel on Darling harbour is good for digs.


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Suppose I'll be the first to state the obvious but it looks as if they've patched up their differences.



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It was on the James Holden Balance compilation from the same year.

574 was good

1. Think Over - Laura Jones
2. Autumnal - Love over Entropy
3. The Bumps - John Monkman, Coyu Remix
4. System Reset - Arnav, Lorenzo Calvio remix
5. Murk - Every Now and Then


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There is one decent group actually but they don't do regular gigs, hello Sean. Conspiracy's?! Oh bugger it, I'm too old and cynical to care what people think of me now Millsy, just say it how it is. Lost a few "mates" over it, f@ck em.


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I know the basics, been doing it for 8 years on Cd's then MP3. I never took a crash course in the art, never watched a Youtube video, I just muddled along and used my instinct. At least I've learnt something on these pages anyway. I used to be ok but living in a city with a scene comprised of clicky groups of people who won't let you in on the scene affects consistency.


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That's the other thing I can't get my head around this mixing in key, how you supposed to do a whole set in key. I think it sounds better sometimes to not, I find C goes with G, D goes with anything, F and G go together, Tunes made in A and E are a bit difficult.


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Ok thanks but its not often that a track gets played right until the end.


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Just wondered for all the DJ's out there what method you use to count beats so that you start the other track at the start of the 32 beat bar? With some tracks its obvious but others you have to count for ages as the track might not have any distinguishing features to mark the start of the new bar. Digweed always seems to get it right, don't know how he does it, years of practice I suppose.

1. Pilar - Doza
2. Freak Me - Float Away
3. Paul Hazendonk - Tenant Setting, Estroe Remix
4. Reset Robot - She
5. Octave One - The Greater Good

Operate to Singapore, then a shuttle to Bangkok, followed by 24 hours in Bangkok, then back to Hong Pong.

Nice mix. Like the transition of Polar - Hans Berg into Alexander Kowalksi - All I got to Know, Josh wink Remix.