1. Nu1 - Omid 16b, Kevin Di Serna remix
2. Midnight Gardens - Squire, Forrest
3. Labrador - Terranova
4. Terminal - Mihai Popoviciou, Marcus Homm
5. Agrafena - Manuel Tur, Aera remix

747Man, are you a Virgin Atlantic 747 man?

1. Sirens Call - Clarian
2. Dance Like There's No One Watching - Matt Tolfrey
3. Fata Morgana - Life On Planets
4. Narcoleptic Super Soul feat. B. James - Mr. Glass & Peter Roots, Robert Babicz
5. French Girl in Berghain - John Monkman, Sandeman


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Tokyo is good, people are friendly enough, bars are ok not great, clubs to go to are Vision and Womb. Main thing to marvel at is the infrastructure and technology.

Just rent a field.

They say if you dream of something you'll get it, for what you dream of that is.

Nice Adriatique remix of Spirit Lights played in Dublin.

1. John Tejeda - Two O one
2. Jens Bond, Jacob - Affects the Spirits
3. Jonty Scrufff - Stiletto, Patrice Baumel remix
4. Lighthouse Family - Free, Brother Brown dub
5. Jens Bond, Jacob - Jane's Addiction

1. Lee Van Dowski - 050504
2. Fish Paul - Walking Shadow
3. Four AM - Eagles & Butterflies
4. Andre Bratten - Be a man you Ant
5. Dubspeeka - Primary K256

Anyone know a cure for shingles? Driving me f@cking nuts.


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January 2015:


Get your lug holes around this.


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Must have battled to get that sample!


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Amazing tune, vocal sounds a bit Freddy Mercuryish. Heard it at Fabric initially, played by Digweed last month.

http://www.beatport.com/track/050504-or … ix/6145292


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That was the night the Live in London was recorded.

Great track isn't it.

1. Twin - Few Nolder
2. Fault Lines - Beacon, Dauwd Remix
3. Eigengrau - Inkfish
4. Embassy Of Joy - Addiction, Johannes Brecht Remix
5. Finding Love - Einzelkind


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Thanks for that.

New one by Eagle & Butterflies: OneAM.


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I was meant to go this, came down with bastard viral meningitis so I ended up as far away as possible in hospital.

The Concorde crash wasn't their fault in fairness, a bit had fallen off a clapped out Continental DC10 which then punctured the Concorde's fuel tank. Just read that article Liquatech, it is truly horrifying.

Air France have had a terrible track record, that was one, Toronto being another about 10 years ago.

http://www.airbus.com/support/publicati … D%5D=18323

Maybe ended up in Direct Law. Not much fun in an Airbus!

Damn missed this, have this anyway.


Flew through bad weather a la Air France 447 most likely.

http://www.vanityfair.com/business/2014 … -447-crash

I love being in Riyadh on Christmas I really do, can't get much worse than this.


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Followed the Neneh Cherry tune with Strange Days, Mind Against Recondite remix. Not sure why I said that.