Prior to getting your leg over with a slightly weathered stewardess, do you ever feel the urge to say something like  "Good news smile We’re just finishing up some last minute paperwork and should be underway shortly."

Yes Monostereo followed by, "I hope you have a safe onwards journey"

Kai Tak it was

Saw two baggage handlers having a scrap on the ramp once up in Liverpool Speke. Never laughed so much in my life.

Used to work for Ryanair Steelydan on the 737-800, based down in Charleroi initially which was a dump, Liverpool and finally Stansted. Always windy up in Prestwick, so much so that I landed on the short runway once as the crosswind was out of limits on the ILS on 13. Think it was runway 21 if I'm not mistaken.

Amazing skill to land so smoothly in those conditions. … 1720229557


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Yes it's mild and wet in September, no choice with annual leave though. The lads I know drink at a bar called La Rambla, I'll mostly be there, don't plan to do much. … b09a1e01fe

Nice mix. … -24072015/


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Buenos Aries in September, stay in Recoleta.

1. My Dream - Azimute
2. Blue Ox - Kevin Over
3. Love Siren - Alan Fitzpatrick
4. Ptolemy - Third Son
5. Golden Girl - Kinetic, Dee McCauley edit

None of the above. I don't look at Facebook but I was wearing a Bedrock XOYO T shirt

Well thanks for listening and the kind comments. I've always undersold myself, story of my life...

No need to be like that, they're a good bunch the other DJ's, they put on a good show. I guess with these Bunker/Bump parties it's more of a social outing than paying money to see a Digweed or Sasha but nevertheless the DJ's are of a good standard. Besides no one gets payed anyway, all the money went to pay for the junk/booze etc, as is the norm for all of their parties. As regards me, like I said I wasn't on form on the day, recovering from Pneumonia didn't help!
I suppose the parties provide an outlet that doesn't exist anywhere else in the city, apart from say Oma which I hate. As you know the rest of the place is dominated by banker wanker cocktail bars and shitty EDM clubs full of Hong Kongers paying for tables and champagne service. Like most of Asia its no style and no substance. The bump parties just give an alternative. … map=%5B%5D

Just listened to it,  it's bloody awful, sorry boys, not up to the board standards. Had a bad day obviously.

I was invited to play at an event called Bump, they do parties throughout the year this one being titled Bump on the Ocean for obvious reasons. The organisers are big house music fans and  booked Sasha in Hong Kong at the start of the year.

The boat set off from Victoria harbour then anchored up on the south of the island where the proceedings commenced. The sound cuts out after about 10 minutes, in fact the first 10 minutes were a train wreck; the boat crew instructed me to turn the sound down for some reason and then I had to help a Filipino deck hand shift an ice box, ensuring that I screwed up the first mix!

Anyway it settled down thereafter, everyone had a good time but boy was it hot, 33 degrees and probably 90% humidity. There's  a few ropey mixes in there but I haven't played for ages. Used USB on Pioneers, hope you like it.

I'll post the organiser, Sean Rogers, mix when it becomes available as it's better than my attempt. … map=%5B%5D


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Takes me back

1. Zephyr - Lehar
2. Bem Bem - Marcus Homm, Ronnie Spiteri
3. Play the Room - Hot Since 82, Matthias Meyer remix
4. Never get it twisted - Robert Owens, Blue Amazon, Alex Flatner
5. Solstice - Nicolas Agudelo, King Unique Remix

Beijing Dave, she looks pants.


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Solstice - Nicolas Agudelo, King Unique remix, for those interested.


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F ing madness! Greeks vote no to a bailout, then the poor buggers get one a week later.


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Troika remix?


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I know asking for tune ID's is a bit old school these days with Shazam but I find that mostly useless. Tune starts at 1:12, John?


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Nigel Farage tells it like it is.


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No different from normal then, there has been no price discovery in these "markets" for a very long time. Something to do with heavy manipulation from HFT's algorithm's.


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So creditors bear none of the risk/blame? They were able to buy Greek bonds at low rates due to the perceived safety of buying at the fringes of the union. A gift only available to these banks due to a dodgy intervention by Goldman Sachs which allowed Greece to hide it's true debt levels, the mechanism of which involved a loan disguised as a foreign currency exchange.
So with Greece now finding itself illegitimately in the union, they were fair game for predatory French and German banks to buy Greek bonds and they made a killing, buying them hand over fist.
These banks knew that Greek was a basket case from day one and that it would probably default, the business model however was based on the continued bail out of Greek bonds. This was not for the benefit of Greek people but instead concerned the bonds on the balance sheets of Deutsche bank. The bailout in 2010 was the first move in this sadistic game, the money was essentially to pay the interest on the previous debt and ended up in the coffers of Northern European banks. … t-money-go