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1. L'Eternita Di Un Attimo - Luca Ballerini
2. Frida - Julian Jeweil
3. Can You Hear Me - Pirupa
4. Big Fun - Kevin Saunderson, Full Intention 88 remix
5. Chaman - Jaceo
6. To Love Until We say Goodbye - Marc Marzenit, Uner remix


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Heard it a few times at the back end of last year, never released what the hell is it? Better than the latest Audion track in my book.


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That was Audion - Dem Howl, think it was a mash up of the Instrumental version and the Original and/or the Michael Mayer remix, did the same thing in Tokyo.


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Towards the end of both sets strangely enough ha.


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I've been meaning to write about the two gigs I went to last weekend but have been too busy until now. The Tokyo gig was last Friday at Vision in Shibuya; which has been the venue for the last few years now. It's a good spot and the crowd is always very animated and enthusiastic. John played a mind-blowing set, started with the Petar Dundov remix of Grum and then carried on in that same deep techy vein. He played for about 5 and half hours and as the night wore on and the vodka flowed a few old classics came out of the speakers. I honestly have never heard him play Sister Sledge - Lost in Music before but it signified the sort of night that was unfolding. I find the Tokyo crowd completely unpretentious and with Digweed at the helm; it's a combination that usually supplies the right sort of vibe where these unexpected occurrences are common place. Other classics I heard included, How was your evening so far by Josh Wink, Francois K remix of Talk by Coldplay, the Frankie Knuckles remix of Wrong by Depeche Mode and some other tunes that sounded like circa 1992.
Woke up on the Saturday, then it was a trip on the Monorail to Tokyo Haneda airport to catch the Cathay flight to Hong Kong. The gig was at Club 18 in Hong Kong's Lan Kwai Fong district. I felt a bit rough but nevertheless it was still a great night, similar style of tunes, crowd was up for it, set was around 3 and half hours.

Tunes from both nights: Audion - Dem Howl Instrumental and Michael Mayer remix, L' esperanza - Sven Vath Ame remix, Alkaline - Kaiserdisco, Laberinto - Jaceo, Livio & Roby - Ananda Luca Bacchetti Endless remix, Gigawave - Fairmont remix, Once In a Blue Moon - Guy J, Lost Together - Gorge Nick Curly, Cruel Intentions - Seth Toxler Jerome Sydenham remix, Grum - Autumn Petar Dundov remix, Wrong - Depeche Mode Frankie Knuckles remix, Hypernova - Marc Romboy, Deep in my Soul - 16 Bit Lolitas, Cold Play - Talk Francois K dub remix, Lost in Music - Sister Sledge.


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1. Fast Empire - Spirit Catcher
2. Hideout - Simon Baker
3. Laberinto - Jaceo
4. To Love Until We Say Goodbye - Marc Marzenit, Uner remix
5. Chocolate - Circulation

Wide Soul - Ibellini
So Good Interlude - Louie Fresco, Thugfucker remix
The Bells - Richy Ahmed
Hypernova - Marc Romboy
Lonely Colour - Guy J


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Sorry to burst your bubble Beijing Dave but the food in hk is shite. It's good in Beijing I'll give you that though.


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Best place to live: Buenos Aries. Definitely not Hong Kong.

I think I met her in Buenos Aries last night Gus Buddy.

1. Josh Wink - Talking to You, Groove Mix
2. Gorgon City - Unmissable, DJ Anna remix
3. Geddes - Standup
4. Adriatique - Rollox
5. 16 bit lolitas, Deep in my soul


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Sh@t I could have sworn 16bit Lolitas was played, must have got confused with Ibiza.


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Thanks for all the replies, bit dead surprisingly, some national election on.


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I attempted to get to Buenos Aries on Sunday after Bedrock but the vagaries of BA staff travel mean that I have ended up in Rio, trying to get to BA tmrw. Whilst I'm here tonight anyone know any good areas downtown? I'm at an airport hotel by the way. I know of Impamema/Cococabana but that's it. Cheers.


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Anyone notice the inflatable shark stuck on the DJ booth? Found that to be a good touch by whoever did it, added to the surreality of the night. The 16Bit Lolita's track sounded good with that Funky Green Dogs sample "Deep in my soul", probably the only tune I recognised.


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Great night marred only by a stinking hangover from going to Pacha Ibiza the previous night. Great acoustics in the room and a good atmosphere. Couple of stand out tracks for me that were played in Ibiza too, no idea what they are.


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1. Gorgon city - Unmissable, DJ Anna remix
2. Loco Dice - El Galo Negro
3. Neil Quigley - Time, Danton Eeprom remix
4. Jozif - Under the thumb, No regular play remix
5. Femme Fatale - Layo & Bushwacka


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Brilliant Mr. Strudwick, brilliant.


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Knicks it out the park this article

http://www.zerohedge.com/news/2014-09-2 … and-israel


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Israel is currently bombing during this offensive, they've attacked sites around Damascus. The zionists are a scummy bunch of bastards who are not content only with bombing Palestine but are using their own creation ISIS as cover to wage warfare on Assad.


http://www.zerohedge.com/news/2014-09-2 … and-israel

http://www.moonofalabama.org/2014/09/co … banon.html

http://www.zerohedge.com/news/2014-09-2 … ing-manner


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Israel has bombed Syrian government sights on at least three occasions. Ask yourself why ISIS has not attacked Israel, it's because Israel has funded the bastards all along.

http://www.timesofisrael.com/israel-use … n-reactor/


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I know re-read what I said, I mentioned above that ISIS are the most oppressive regime.


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Can't get more oppressive than ISIS! The Libyan leader as an example was loved by his people, look at the state of Libya now, its an anarchic shit hole presided over by these sick ISIS bastards themselves. It's no co-incidence that many of the ISIS fighters are Libyan and are the bastards that Gaddafi was fighting, again we were lied to on that front, he was supposedly killing peaceful protesters, we now know that was nothing but lies, he was fighting terrorism.
In that regard Syria is a carbon copy of Libya, we arm sick minded terrorists to get rid of a leader that doesn't play ball, the nation defends itself against these terrorists then we bomb the nation under the cover of getting rid of terrorists that we ourselves brought into existence. It's up to the Syrian army, Lebanon, Russia and Iran to get rid of these ISIS scum bags once and for all.


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He's been saying it from the start but the Daily Mail, Guardian, Telegraph, BBC (British Bullshit Corporation) don't report the truth, they report what the corporations want you to hear. ISIS are evil and need to be destroyed but you have to realise how they came into existence.


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Dan Harwood, I'm sure innocent civilians have been killed, killed by ISIS! You've seen how they've been roaming around the Syrian countryside the last 3 years killing Christians and moderate Muslims who have rejected their satanic version of Islam, well it's not Islam is it. Yes I'm sure people have been killed too by mistake as Assad's forces shelled these terrorists, they were unfortunately victims of a war instigated by these very forces of evil created to dispose of Assad. Syrian civilians are being killed as we speak as US missiles rain down on Northern Syrian cities supposedly to kill off ISIS, so in defending a nation against terrorists casualties happen. The point is though that casualties would not have happened if these terrorists had not been funded into existence in the first place by Saudi/Qatar/Israel/US. Like I said ISIS/AL Nusra/FSA are all the same thing as this article shows:

http://web.stanford.edu/group/mappingmi … s/view/493