Souvenir always makes be bubble I have to say, lovely track.

1. The Bumps - Pete Tong, John Monkman
2. Tonefabrik - Robert Babicz
3. For fear tonight is all - Alan Fitzpatrick
4. Underwater - Chaim
5. Mumbata - Fur Coat

Great tune below


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1. Roman Fluegel - Wilkie
2. Daryl Vlys feat Forrest - Another Way
3. Pezzner - Exit, Sebastian Mullaert remix
4. Roland Clark - I Surrender, Patrick Chardronnet remix
5. Dale Middleton - FB5000


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Nice tune, um that's it, Seeya. … ix/5662299

When's it out then?

Think it might be a new remix of Call of the Wild


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Whilst we're here, anyone know the second tune on this clip?

Yes actually that tower track is pretty dull, changed it to a soul button track. Can't believe I'm writing this nonsense on my day off.

The Phantom Zone, yes Hong Kong is that and worse, more like the Twilight zone. I thought the track was ok Dermo.

1. Illumination - Daniel Stefanik
2. Chakra's Groove - Eagles & Butterflies, John Tejada remix
3. Materium - Alex Niggeman, Ripperton remix
4. Chasing Thoughts - Soul Button
5. Rescue Me - Groove Armada


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Talks a lot of sense this bloke, certainly agree with him on learning to beat match before having the cheek to call yourself a DJ!

Anybody know of a solution then? Must be other websites to use. Out of interest Sbando, how did you break the show up into 2 parts? Every other website has the show running continuously which is a pain.

Excuse me if I'm being daft but can't you just start again on a new IP address or username? It's a right bloody nuisance this and must be awful to see that hard work go up in smoke.


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F@cking great tune.

This is shite, don't know where else you can download the show without it being the whole 2 hours. Keep us in the loop with what you come up with Sbando. I still like listening to the show on CD when I go back to the UK and rent a vehicle.


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1. Golden Hour - Boss Axis, Daso remix
2. Morphism - Nick Muir, P&D, Digweed, Extended Play remix
3. Ragged Star feat Ellipsis - Raw District, Josh Wink Rethink Pt.2 Bass mix
4. Degree - Steve Nash, Phillip Bader remix
5. Cowboy - Route 94

What's the tune after Cowboy Route 94 on video 6? I remember great nights back in the 90's with Sasha and Digweed in SFO, great memories.


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Remember hearing this at Bedrock in April, what a tune. Just found it. … ix/5489785


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Couple of articles below, one that calls into question the claims that Palestine always violates ceasefires and another one that proves that this is not about 3 teenagers, not even about rockets fired, it's just plain old Imperialism, just like it's been in Palestine since 1948. … -and-gaza/ … =1&l=e

And below the types of scum we're dealing with. … r-facebook


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Well Grant I glad we agree on something then.


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Grant just fuck off, have you got something to say on this subject or are you just being your usual bitter and twisted self. Wherever I get my information from it pretty much ties up with what liquatech is saying.


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Not sure what that means either but I think he's trying to say you're better at getting a point across, cheeky bugger. Anyway you're right the Human shields thing is just Hasbarah pro Zionist propaganda as this RT video shows. Just realised it looks a bit gruesome so I'll just provide a link.


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1. Frank Lorbar & Christian Burkhardt - Solar
2. Argy & Mama - WhoamI
3. Amber - One Touch
4. Ripperton - Unfold
5. Grum - The Touch, Solaris Heights remix


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What is happening in Gaza is just pure evil, Netanyahu is a scum bag and should be done for war crimes.


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Seems to me the Ukrainian Su 27 hit the 777 with a missile, hence the U turn, realising it had gone to shit the Ukrainian military then used the BUK missile.

As in everything in war you have to ask who benefits, Qui bono, certainly not Russia or the rebels with the eyes of the world on them. The Ukrainians certainly do benefit, remember the background to all of this is GAS! More specifically Gazprom. This is why the tin pot junta was placed in power by the US in the first place, unelected I hasten to add. It was to break the back of the Russian gas supply to Europe, Ukraine has always been an important lynchpin in the geo political game with the US and Russia.

With the 777 shot down in rebel territory the excuse now is that the rebels should relinquish their land so that the Ukrainian military can safeguard the passage for investigators, do you think they will give the land back to the rebels once they're done?! No thought not. This is yet another reason in this evil game of brinkmanship that the Ukrainians stood to gain from shooting down this jet.