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Go and rot somewhere dermo.


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They've already defaulted to the IMF, I suggest they keep doing that. What is the sense in paying off money that the IMF itself doesn't have with money that is borrowed, to then have to pay back the borrowed money with even more borrowed money, its a never ending circle. Default now and keep your dignity. This is all to ensure Deutsche Bank doesn't lose out on its Greek investments and they're willing to destroy a nation to achieve it.
On the flip side I have no sympathy for the Greeks because the daft bastards want the best of both worlds, to stay in the EU and default, you can't do both. Plus they knew this storm was approaching for how long now and they've only just started taking cash out of ATM's? You have to ask yourself you really do.

I'm sure half of those napalmed didn't even know the meaning of the word. Do you think "THAT" girl in the classic Vietnam era image of its day; cared about Communism or even understood what the fight was all for? Like he said, "The horror, the horror".

Exactly, those detractors are quick to blame the Confederate flag and yet have no problem when it comes to the Stars and Stripes. Now lets see, no innocent lives have been taken in the name of the American flag have they? Let me see, Vietnam, Iraq, Korea, the list goes on. The hypocrisy knows no limits.

If that's all you can come up with Monostereo, a cheap shot at a Lizard conspiracy thats pretty pathetic. It's like talking with a bunch of ADHD sufferers on this forum. I won't bother in future. Oh and Homegrove, I think you'll find Communism was created in Stalin Russia, so your comment was particularly apt when considering the process of banning a flag. Anyway I hope you all enjoy "The Banter".

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Banning the Confederate flag is a whole new level of Politically Correct insanity, it scares me sometimes how bizarre this world is getting. It makes me wonder if this is more about brush stroking one of the more shameful periods of American History and this is the perfect excuse. Hell, why wasn't the flag banned after the civil war if it was that offensive!
No, it's just today we live in a world run by softy left leaning liberals who want everyone to have the same opinion as the next man.

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Just have the Conspiracy AppTM downloaded on my iPhone. Yes Millsy I have all that. To be fair lads in all seriousness, you have to be pretty dense to think there is a real conflict between China and the US. Without each other, either side would not exist. There are no nation states anymore, just the power hungry megalomaniacs behind the scenes.


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The real theory is there are no sides in this game and behind the scenes they're all slapping each other on the back. This whole east vs west thing is just a movie for the masses and a false dichotomy. In reality they want rid of paper currency and a new global one backed by Gold. This is why China has been buying so much of the stuff. The wars and rumours of wars are to giddy the public up for when they have a convenient excuse to get rid of the current financial house of cards and replace it with something new albeit controlled by the same people, with a shift from west to east in appearance but with the power base still being in London/Zurich/Brussels/NYC.

http://www.zerohedge.com/news/2015-06-0 … llian-plan

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I lack all of those. Anyway, I always found the Taiwanese easier to get on with to be fair.


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Think you just explained what the problem is Dave. In essence it's an extremely materialistic society, if you're not then you can forget it. Thank God BA just emailed me!


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Having lived here for 8 years I've developed the "yellow fever" but I've noticed during that period that the girls are far less interested in Westerners, I think it used to be a novelty for them, but now it's faded. Yes you're right in the more sophisticated cities such as HK and Shanghai, the good looking ones are pretty much unapproachable! I blame this on Tinder which elevates their ego and self esteem, as they're always being "liked". If you approach a woman in public these days they think you're weird, what and swiping on some cheesy dating app isn't f@cking weird!
Unfortunately despite looking the part most Asian women are hard to communicate with unless you speak in an infantile fashion. So I'm stuck between a rock and a hard place, i have a penchant for them but I can't communicate with them and western birds just don't do it for me anymore.


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Singapore is ok, nothing amazing. Always found it a bit clinical and yes the women are stuck up but then that goes for most of Asia, apart from the Philippines.

The Tracklisting looks quite similar to the San Francisco gig I was at the week before.


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I'd say probably Bucharest or San Francisco.


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Ok I'll have a look Dave, stay in some doss hole in East Beijing near the airport though.


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Do you seriously like Beijing Dave? I've had the odd good night in Suzy Wong's over the years but nothing memorable.

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https://soundcloud.com/my-favorite-robo … ymera-erku


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So that's like sanctions your saying, well fuck it Russia and Iran cope with that shit. Besides tariffs are cheaper than billions in European subsidies we pay every year, tariffs sound like a fair compromise.


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Well then we define our own requirements, we don't have to abide by shit if we don't want to.


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Out! We should be like Norway. Do people think they will suddenly just stop trading with us because we're no longer part of the union??

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