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I was there too, took a vid of the same tune, I'll post it when I get a chance. Great tunes played on the night, particularly the last 45 minutes.

I'll see you at that Sydney gig Dermo. That Novotel on Darling harbour is good for digs.


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Suppose I'll be the first to state the obvious but it looks as if they've patched up their differences.



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It was on the James Holden Balance compilation from the same year.

574 was good

1. Think Over - Laura Jones
2. Autumnal - Love over Entropy
3. The Bumps - John Monkman, Coyu Remix
4. System Reset - Arnav, Lorenzo Calvio remix
5. Murk - Every Now and Then


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There is one decent group actually but they don't do regular gigs, hello Sean. Conspiracy's?! Oh bugger it, I'm too old and cynical to care what people think of me now Millsy, just say it how it is. Lost a few "mates" over it, f@ck em.


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I know the basics, been doing it for 8 years on Cd's then MP3. I never took a crash course in the art, never watched a Youtube video, I just muddled along and used my instinct. At least I've learnt something on these pages anyway. I used to be ok but living in a city with a scene comprised of clicky groups of people who won't let you in on the scene affects consistency.


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That's the other thing I can't get my head around this mixing in key, how you supposed to do a whole set in key. I think it sounds better sometimes to not, I find C goes with G, D goes with anything, F and G go together, Tunes made in A and E are a bit difficult.


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Ok thanks but its not often that a track gets played right until the end.


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Just wondered for all the DJ's out there what method you use to count beats so that you start the other track at the start of the 32 beat bar? With some tracks its obvious but others you have to count for ages as the track might not have any distinguishing features to mark the start of the new bar. Digweed always seems to get it right, don't know how he does it, years of practice I suppose.

1. Pilar - Doza
2. Freak Me - Float Away
3. Paul Hazendonk - Tenant Setting, Estroe Remix
4. Reset Robot - She
5. Octave One - The Greater Good

Operate to Singapore, then a shuttle to Bangkok, followed by 24 hours in Bangkok, then back to Hong Pong.

Nice mix. Like the transition of Polar - Hans Berg into Alexander Kowalksi - All I got to Know, Josh wink Remix.


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It was a bit more than that actually

http://www.ritholtz.com/blog/2011/12/ba … n-dollars/


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Parroting shit without background reading I agree is daft. I think the trouble is the people that are supposed to be policing this, such as the SEC, are in the bankers back pockets. A lot of times we hear about the revolving door, where somebody from Goldman Sachs joins the SEC for example. Its this cronyism that is to blame.


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Oh and before you say it Dave, if they hadn't printed that money banks and other inefficient industries would have failed, which is otherwise known as capitalism not the feudalism and fascism that we have today. People would not have lost their savings because in the US they are protected by the FDIC and in the UK I'm sure there is something similar. People would have lost money in stocks but considering the top 10% of people own 80% of stocks this wouldn't have been a game changer.


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It is the bankers fault because in response to 2008 they printed upwards of 28 trillion dollars, this was under the pretence of saving the global economy but the only people they were interested in saving was themselves. They made off handsomely as the stock markets rebounded, not in any way related to organic economic growth but due to QE and money printing. Not content with printing shed loads of fake credit, they lowered interest rates to zero otherwise know as ZIRP. This in affect was again another form of QE as it allowed banks to borrow money for free to then invest in UST bills or whatever else they wanted and in many cases leverage up to 30 times what they owned. The major point of all this is that the trillions in money printing then metamorphosed into huge credit expansion in China and the developing countries.
Artificial demand was created by money created out of thin air so these nations went on a spending spree, China expanded its debt from 7 trillion to 28 trillion in the space of 7 years! This in response to the initial TARP and QE efforts out of the US, America effectively exported its inflation to these nations, which then saw it as a green light to mal-invest in numerous areas, construction booms, roads to nowhere, ghost cities etc. There was never any real demand for these projects but it was possible due to co-ordinated central bank largesse, and the the reams of fake QE credit running into respective stock markets, giving nations and people false confidence in their economies. So what we're witnessing now is the fall out from fake credit creation, and the realisation that there never was any real demand and the threat of rate rises has exposed the fraud for all to see.
In truth there never has been any organic "recovery", the propaganda media and news channels have been lying about this for years, meanwhile the banksters have been making out due to bail outs and QE engineered to make banks richer and NOTHING else. I find it particularly galling that you say bankers are not to blame Dave considering the endless evidence to the contrary, where do we start; Libor manipulation, Gold/ Silver manipulation, FX manipulation, Mis-selling of mortgages, HFT distorting markets, Bond fraud, MBS fraud. This is a small selection of events, in isolation this has not led to what we see today but the collective fraud has, by this I mean a concerted effort by Central Banks; The Fed, BOE, Japanese Central Banks, yes even the PBOC to make bankers and finance companies whole through fraud and favourable policies.

Over to you David Stockman:

http://davidstockmanscontracorner.com/f … -the-rips/


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Just had an idea, maybe before the Bedrock gig in October we could have have an open DJ session, maybe John could pop by and be the judge/invigilator? Not sure about venues etc.


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The banksters will be demanding another bailout before long you watch, despite all this crap we've been hearing all year about interest rate rises, the fed will launch another round of Quantative Easing to appease their owners, the banks! This will buy them a bit of time but not long. The mechanisms behind QE have been discredited and proven to be for the purposes of enriching the already rich, the trickle down wealth concept again has been proven to be a fallacy. It's nothing but wealth transfer.

http://www.zerohedge.com/news/2015-08-2 … ance-sheet

http://www.zerohedge.com/news/2015-08-2 … y-policies

http://www.zerohedge.com/news/2015-08-2 … hree-weeks


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I do tend to skim through it more now but they do have some good articles, here's one:

http://www.zerohedge.com/news/2015-08-2 … ot-surging


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Not much to know about China other than its a train wreck and the fact all of their statistics are lies. Not much different in the U.S. mind.