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You beat me to it Dave. I went to Lantern last year wasn't too impressed by it. There will never be a decent club scene in Asia, Japan is the only exception. The modern Asian culture is based around the worship of money and group think so anything slightly underground is dismissed as quirky and irrelevant. Korea, where Nick was playing, is particularly bad in this respect, most of the women undergo plastic surgery at 18 and are busy at self worship much of the time, the men seem to be equally shallow. Of course they're not all like this but I've been to Korea many times and I'm just saying it like I see it.
I think it's come about too through an addiction to the trashy side of American culture, the bling side of things. Many Asians have relatives state side and/or have been to "school" in one of those cheesy US institutions and seem to take the scene back home with them.
Unfortunately the UK rave culture didn't make much of an impact apart from places like Japan and perhaps Hong Kong back in the 90's. Hong Kong now, well you can forget it!

Heard a few vocal tracks for the wenches, the Dixon remix, Rod Jr remix of Max Cooper and I think Tim Green - SETI.


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Was played at Bedrock last night also.


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Thanks lads, appreciate it. Shazam shite as usual. It's not primero though.

I'm sure you're not Phil I was just having a laugh.

It's like being set upon by a pack of rabid dogs on here, the denialists are out in force this morning and they've forgiven Dermo for his multi personality disorder.
In summary I have no clue what happened, I've said it could have been lithium batteries, could have been shot down but in reality I haven't got a flaming clue. At least I admit it.

I don't know what happened, nor does anyone. I'm allowed to theorise though am I not? I just fly the damn things I'm not an air crash investigator! Your first quote would tie in nicely with the third by the way.


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Been trying to find this since I heard it in New York, amazing tune.

Anyone? John?

I honestly don't know, none of it makes sense, I've given up trying to work it out. Perhaps they had an explosive decompression turned left to head to the nearest airport, failed to get the O2 masks on or the Oxygen system didn't work so the crew became incapacitated. There's a million and one theories but pilot suicide seems the least likely.
An electrical problem could have take out the radios and in theory the engines would still keep turning. It wouldn't have flown for 7 hours though, a jet engine burns fuel like no tomorrow at 12,000 feet compared to cruising altitudes up at 370,380 etc.
As for the aircraft veering off course without the pilots being alive, perhaps they had managed to turn west and had programmed a route into the flight management computer which it then followed, I honestly don't know though.
I still maintain the thing was probably shot down and they're keeping it quite.

I think Digweed played this on the aircraft carrier in Miami.


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People in the east are pro Russian, there's no need for Russia to be involved. The protestors are rightly trying to break away from an unelected bunch of thugs who bullied there way into power plus had the backing of the CIA and 5 billion dollars of US money. Seemed ok for Western Ukrainians to protest against the former government, so why is it a problem for those in the east to want to break away, after all they speak Russian!


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I was just going to say the same, Korean women are beautiful. Went to Myanmar/Burma once, they were lovely there too.


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1. Moonlight Hotel - Lee Van Dowski
2. Claire De Lune - Kevin Di Sera, Omid 16b edit
3. Little People - Sasch, Soul Button remix
4. Was in Luv - Lauren Lane feat Jaw
5. Gemini - Safety Scissors, System of Survival remix

The track before the Dixon track is Supine - Max Cooper, Rodriguez Jr remix.

https://www.trackitdown.net/track/max-c … 46018.html


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I think we're missing the intent behind Ali's posts.

That's a fine set of nashers she's got there.


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I was pissed when I came up with Ahad Adump. Too late to change now.


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Still no ID on this, sounds a bit like Rob Babicz.


The third tune of the second mix sounds like Nicco "it's over".


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Because the perpetrators wanted to hit the psyche of the nation, so they needed a methodology that would capture the imagination of the people, using planes as weapons had been introduced into the collective realm via predictive programming for years via movies and TV shows. The twin towers event was just a follow on from this. It wasn't what brought the buildings down of course but they believed the public were dumb enough to believe it and history unfortunately proves them to be right. So in answer to your question the story didn't have to be too complex or clever because they knew the population had been sufficiently dumbed down by the media, to such a point that even a story as brazen and transparently foolish as this would be believed by the masses.
I don't think Tower 7 was to do with records, you'll find if you do a search that an insurance policy was taken out on the WTC sight before 9/11, as this was the third building in that complex it came down with the rest for that very reason. The owner was quoted as saying "pull it" in connection with tower 7. This of course is of course classic demolition speak for bring it down! I won't mention any names but just do a search on google.

Sorry Dermo, no one knows much about anything just highly suspicious of the crap that's being told by the media.

No they're just in the order of who told me to bugger off first.

Yep that's the place. Used to fly up there on China Southern from Shenzhen.

Some of the girls at work aren't too bad.

https://www.cathaypacific.com/content/d … 324_03.jpg

My ex Mrs was from Shengyang Dave, now that was one odd ball place!

Ask Dave he'll tell you what I mean