You've probably all seen it but I was pissing myself at this.

1. David Duriez - Subterranean Groove
2. Hunter_Game - Tree of Life, Chymera remix
3. Hunter_Game - Genesis, Ripperton remix
4. Vector Lovers - Futures in Plastic, Claro Intelecto remix
5. Octave One - The Siege


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Terrible joke, not very well researched. Modern airliners are certified with a minimum of TWO pilots. There isn't just one pilot on board, the First Officer operates the plane equally as much as the Captain. Standing by for childish references to the Germanwings incident....


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Great swing he has, takes it back and drops the club on to the ball on the same plane, slightly reminiscent of Davis Love III. Very cool head on him.

If I lived here I'd spoil the vote slip with a "none of the above". It's the LibLabCon, two sides of the same coin, left and right ceased to have any meaning after the Thatcherite and Blair era's. Political parties represent the interests of the highest bidders, nothing else. To think otherwise is childish.


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Live in Jersey

Well done Shane! Great tune.

1. WhoMadeWho - Dreams, Few Nolder remix
2. Agala - Dee Montero
3. Let Go - Yousef, Kieran Fowkes
4. Octave One - Terraforming
5. Sean Deason - The Shit

I never told you about the Chinese girl in Shrewsbury did I Si?

Can't beat Kate Bush … lder-remix

Volkwein - Superflu, Dortmunder, Kollektiv Turmstrasse remix. Was one of my Five for Friday last week! In reference to the breasts above, did anyone catch sight of the blond girl on the floor with those HUGE mammaries?

Forgot about this.

Off the subject, this needs an ID

How could you all forget this one: C12 featuring Jole - Judy (Montreal Men Remix) … wd-remix-1

Third tune I think. Sounded great.


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1. El Diablo - Human Life, Chaim remix
2. Sea of Colours - Robert Babicz
3. Insides - Fort Romeau
4. Beacht - John Tejeda
5. Volkwein - Superflu, Dortmunder, Kollektiv Turmstrasse remix

Tell me about it, I witness it every day here. Feel like shoving them where the sun don't shine.

The selfie stick = The stick of narcism

Cabin crew are just there to guard against incapacitation. Airlines would never train the dollies because it costs money and involves licensing. You can't guard against this type of incident, look at how many pilots there are and how infrequent this event happens. It was tragic and this guy should never have been near a cockpit, if indeed it played out as we're being told. But take a step back and look at the wider picture, there are psychopaths in every profession and it can be hard to weed them out, in banking for example being a psycho goes with the territory!
I see classic knee jerk reactions saying psych testing should now be rolled out, well most reputable airlines have a comprehensive initial selection process anyway that involves psychometric testing, aptitude testing, verbal and numerical reasoning, so I don't see how repetitive testing will solve or guard against this type of incident; that I will state again is completely remote and statistically an aberration. Not that this is any consolation to the families! Psychometric  testing would not weed out someone intent on doing this, I don't think SHL do a test that involves finding out if an employee has murderous psychopathic tendencies!
What you said Beijing Dave about the industry starting to attract less capable individuals is not necessarily true. Most of the European airlines still offer good packages and the ex pat airlines like Emirates and Cathay still pay good money. The US regionals do not represent the wider industry at all, although there has been a race to the bottom recently with the likes of Ryanair and Sleazy doing their "pay to fly" schemes. Besides anything else most pilots don't get into flying for money, they never did, its based purely on a love and passion for aviation, we are a self selected industry. I know that may be hard to fathom in this day and age of greed and status obsession but it is very much the case, we became pilots for the same reason a DJ DJ's, we have that passion.

I work for an airline in Hong Kong and we require a second person in the cockpit, one of the girls comes in and sits down. So no, its not just the US.

Supposed to have a second person in the cockpit if one of you goes for a slash.

1. Small Talk Vocal Mix - Beddermann & Dahlmann, Patlac remix
2. Bullets - Drew X Hill, ESS remix
3. The Past - Cotry, You & Oui, Dennis Horvat remix
4. Talker - Olivier Giacomotto, Los Paranos
5. Back to me - Manuel Tur, Jimpster Dub

1. Nu1 - Omid 16b, Kevin Di Serna remix
2. Midnight Gardens - Squire, Forrest
3. Labrador - Terranova
4. Terminal - Mihai Popoviciou, Marcus Homm
5. Agrafena - Manuel Tur, Aera remix

747Man, are you a Virgin Atlantic 747 man?