Very excited to be playing at this venue. Neil and Loz will smash it! :-)


22:00-23:30 Cosmique
23:30-01:00 Broken DJs

THIS weekend !! :-D

Hey all! Here's another slice of music to get you in the mood for the party. This is a live recording of the Nuestra Casa residents playing earlier last month. Enjoy! … otion-2013

Get yourself in the mood with this very fresh mix by maestro Middleton !! … udio_tonic

And the stunning Essential Mix by Robert Babicz :-) … tialmix-26

I can't freaking wait for this!

Tom has been releasing some blinding tracks and live mixes of late smile

BOSH, it's tomorrow! Get involved! smile


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Oh yesss.

This 'Karim Shaker - A Leap Of Faith' track is flipping unbelievable. Like a proper 4/4 sci-fi 'Blade Runner' type soundtrack.

First impression - blown away!! Incredible mix.

Hey all! Tickets are dwindling FAST ! Please book now to avoid disappointment! x

Hey everyone, I've got a couple of Early Bird tickets to sell. Mail me at: if you're interested. Thanks.

Only £30 for a pair!


Just one day to go,  BOOM ! smile

balErik wrote:

See you there smile

Good man Erik, see you there mate smile

I'm really looking forward to hearing the brand new sound of Ryan Pilcher as exemplified in this stonking deep and tech house mix this

And of course - Steve'o always delivers too smile

This mix is simply masterful! … ve-trilogy

The perfect vibes for a sunny boat party smile

This is going to be so mint, can't wait smile

Can't wait !! For the first time, expect lots of nu disco sounds from yours truly big_smile

Allright guys!
Ease your wait for the weekend with the live recording of my and Oli's warm up set at last Nuestra Casa in Bar Vinyl wink
Lots of slow grooves and mellow melodies, perfect for the long autumn evenings.
Cozza … -sept-2010

Howdy fellow Bedrockers smile

I just wanted to share with you a bootleggy remix of Sasha's 'Cloud Cuckoo' which I did a year go. Very trancy but also a bit proggy. Enjoy and comments will of course be appreciated. … ique-remix


Very excited to have another abroad import, this time from the very talented Out To Lunch DJs. Quality! smile

Can't wait for this! Steve and Ben always serve a blinder of a set smile

Oh yes, not very long now !! big_smile

The  boys keep releasing quality music and their DJ sets match that quality. Can't wait!

This edition of Bedrock has saved the image of Matter for me. The sound seemed to be better than that at Bedrock 10, the DJ booth on the opposite side was a great idea with the extra installation around John and animations behind him. Maybe it does sound a bit cheesy but last time I missed the extra props which were visible when Bedrock was held at Heaven. They always gave me the impression of a special, bi-yearly party, sort of mini-festival instead of just another club night.

Music was better too, John was great from 3-6 when I stayed in the main room, Guy J was amazing throughout, while Danny Howells was just great when he should have been awesome. It's just that I never heard Danny before (yes, virgin!!) and I was expecting more of his multilayered superbly musical tracks which I know from his sets. I heard he did deliver more melodies before I arrived that is after 11 pm. After that he was still very groovy but sort of subdued. I know, that it was supposed to be a warm-up anyway but hey, it was after midnight anyway so you know wink...

But I loved it anyway and am very much looking forward to the next one. Cheers for that!