Thanks a lot for the feedback and for listening!

After his first EP "Shibuya" recently released in the Label of the argentinian Hernán Cattáneo "Sudbeat", Nick Varon presents his sounds in the first edition of the TALENTEDJ's Podcast called "PROPOSALS"

Enjoy … ick-varon/

I´ll see you there!


I was there! amazing Warm Up!


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I Went from Spain. In my opinion Bedrock 10 was much better for me. From the moment of the problem the set never back to be the same. From this time, Diggers was chating so much outside the booth. Danny was amazing! Was the main law of warm ups!

Special for me is the perfect way that matter is taking! They improve so much the club and the stage now is perfect!

Was less people than in Bedrock 10, anyway for dancing was better!

Sorry for my poor english and THANKS  to All OF YOU for being with me and my galician friends along the set!

Al Williamz wrote:

The last few hours were immense but I thought that the middle few hours, seemed to get stuck in a hypnotic groove that lacked variety. Would have preferred to hear more classics, we only got a few at the end. Last years 10th birthday set was much better crafted overall. Mostly, it was typical Digweed, relentless, uncompromising techno, so can't really complain too much smile

Almost in agree! Would have preferred to hear more classics as well. "I thought that the middle few hours, seemed to get stuck in a hypnotic groove that lacked variety" Same thinking!

Clausen77 wrote:

excellent night. i recognized a remix of 2raumwohnung - wir werden sehen but no idea whose remix that was. danny's warmup was amazing. i really also liked the club very much (first time there), the soundsystem is amazing. all in all, it was well worth the trip from germany.

Was really nice to meet you in London this weekend!

I was there! As always with John!
The night before in Madrid was playing my friend Hern

Fastastic Hern

Flew from Spain.
Amazing night!


Huge Hern

I'm coming from Spain and think is a good idea!

All my friends are flying from Spain to see Sasha @ Warehouse and Matter and i have no company to go to this one!
OMG. Can't believe it!

Good New. Maybe i have to listen it on internet.