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mindthebendthemind wrote:

There is a great restaurant in Sant Joan de Labritja called Cafe Giri. It's up in the North Eastern part of the island near Portinatx. The chef there used to run El Bulii in Barcelona. The food and wine are both amazing.

Probs the best restaurant in Ibiza right now! Amazing modern surprising cuisine.

The North is stunning, defo worth visiting. Quick list of some of the faves: Benirras; stunning beach with a few great restaurants, Elements is the best one imo. Rent a paddle boat with a slide and get out of the bay for a swim and snorkeling. Portinax is very pretty with some good restaurants. Cala San Vicente is sweet too, the restaurant on the right side of the bay with Dutch owners has great food.

If you're going with your missus, go and visit Hacienda na Xamena hotel, it's super scenic and has a great spa over the cliffs and a very good restaurant. You can pop over for a lunch and have a swim in their gorgeous pool. Another stunning place up north is Atzaro. Very romantic, lovely food and a lot of fun stuff like fashion shows happening in the evenings. There's a dj and a great cocktail bar that's open pretty late. Aura is also a good option for a civilised "night out", they have a big garden bar and a little dance floor indoors.


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Dan Harwood wrote:


That. Fantastic night!


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steelydan wrote:
petra wrote:
steelydan wrote:

Gutted I missed the Loft party Creeps

Me too, sounded great! He's doing a small-scale album release party on Wedsnesday in London though so looking forward to that.

Put a word in for me please Petra wink

I can try smile


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steelydan wrote:
starcreeper wrote:
steelydan wrote:

8 hours of Sasha £12

3-4 hours of Sasha@MOS £20

piss take

The Ministry are hungry cunts. Thought that was pretty clear.

Gutted I missed the Loft party Creeps

Me too, sounded great! He's doing a small-scale album release party on Wedsnesday in London though so looking forward to that.

djdiggers wrote:

Friday 22nd - Sunset Cruise


pete_tong_mad wrote:

tickets bought just need to book a flight. Anyone got a spare grand?

You can get flights to NY for 350 quid and US domestic flights are cheap as chips smile

Betoko is awesome smile http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HY1O6q4s_Jk

universoGus wrote:


we need this  
►  superFlown uniqueWarren extremelyDistant ambientMode

date . :: on Punta del Este nick

much much better aroundssss joseIgnacio

so we can

please for real
advice me if I can help with anything



No plans for Punta at the moment Gus, I'll pass on your rather whimsical message though wink

Lindstrøm's new album Smalhans

http://www.spin.com/articles/lindstrom- … s-premiere

mullykid wrote:

How was the gig?

Bedrock was great, sold out and good fun! All the events I went to were packed and pretty much everyone from the industry around the world was there at some point of the week. The new Playground aspect of the festival is brilliant for those who would rather not sit in conferences all day but would still like to get involved daytime.

Chuffer, Trouw sounds like your best bet. Escape is a bit of a tourist trap really.

Pumper&Dumper wrote:

P.s We tried this a couple of years ago and ended up in Lakota in Bristol because it used to be good. It was dead and we had a shit night, hence asking for advise.

In:Motion is worth checking out if you're down this way, they've got Futureboogie, Cocoon etc doing nights there: http://motionbristol.com/index.php/events

Jaaa lekker! Going to be a busy night tomorrow. Tensnake in Air + Danny Howells, Jimpster and Shur-I-Khan in Home + this... have fun everyone smile

In Cancun for New Year's Eve so might stay around for this!

Pumper&Dumper wrote:

What no Hernan. In South America. Something's a miss here

This is just the first phase of the lineup, more to be announced wink


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Bristol is lovely smile some great restaurants and bars, friendly people, beautiful architecture (and some hideous buildings, too) and great connections around Europe. Surrounded by lush countryside and fantastic gastro pubs! Nightlife isn't on par with London of course but there's a lot of stuff happening and London's only a short drive away. Shopping use to be not all that but there's a lot more choice since Cabot Circus opened.

pete_tong_mad wrote:

Anyone been to InMotion in Bristol?

Went last Saturday, great place but a bit difficult to get to. It was a "Just Jack" event with a good lineup:

Main Room:
Jamie Jones
Dyed Soundorom b2b Dan Ghenacia
Seuil - live
Tom Rio & Dan Wild

2nd Room:
Real Nice presents...
Todd Edwards
Real Nice

Room 3 hosted by Meadows in the Mountains:
Death on the Balcony

Crikey Amps. A NSFW would've been nice wink

simonr wrote:

Great set this past weekend from HC, that Woodstock beach event is just superb.

A few of the tracks got a play over the 6hrs, canny wait for this release.

Fran Von Vie has a full artist album coming out.

That was amazing, great seeing you and Darren as well smile Roll on ADE...

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Unbroken1 wrote:
steelydan wrote:

Has your other half given up using one Petra?

...Petra will have up to date info, but last time I asked he was APC/laptop for solo (Ableton) gigs, and USB/CDJ-2000's for back-to-back gigs, (easier for switching-over)

He was using CDJs last time I saw him play out

He's using this one recently apart from the B2B stuff like D said smile



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No worries I'm sure someone who's actually used one will be able to help more smile

Beijing Dave wrote:

I would say to anyone offered the chance to work abroad that they should take it.

Even if you end up hating it and scuttling back after two years, at least you have something to tell the grandkids other than 'Yeah, I lived in this poxy place all my life'.

Ditto. It's a great experience either way, helps you understand the world a bit better and will make you appreciate your own country more, or that's what happened to me anyway. And you can always move back!


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It's supposed to be a good controller and it comes mapped but the buttons fall of easily if you do a lot of traveling with it so get a good case

Short vid I took on the boat party before the club:

DuFunk wrote:

I saw vids on there site from 2010 looked a really kool vibe nice and intimate right on the beach,  with sankeys up the road PDB has loads of selection now and wont cost and arm and leg to get in.

Spot on! It's free to get in at La Plage but you'll have to get on the list through their Facebook event page, or that's the case for the Get No Sleep parties on Friday evenings anyway smile

La Plage is the nicest venue on PdB imo and they have some great lineups this year smile

Steve Marx wrote:

in terms of what I am currently listening to, just dusted off PVD's Essential Mix from 1997, 15 years on and still sounds solid.

Thanks, that reminded me of his Xmix from 1993. Now 9 minutes in, goosebumps... smile


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furry wrote:

Missed opportunities to see them live too.

Still kicking myself for not changing the flights when I found out they were doing a free outdoors gig in Iceland a day after I was flying out. Boo.

Haven't seen him since ADE 2009 when he did his live thing with a band in Melkweg but that was amazing. Proper concert, they had seats and all and a lot of the audience didn't seem like your normal club crowd