Out Exclusive on BEATPORT
Monday 11th April

Brennan and Donton

Here we are again! Bombis Records are really cooking on the gas peddling along like the crazy label we are

Here we go into another journey of good / deep electronica and messy shenanigans as head honchos Dave Brennan and Paul Donton come up with another delicious treat.
This is deep (word of warning), groovy but all at the same time trippy as %^&*.

The textures and special fx layered throughout the track really show the level this duo go to, to make sure people on that floor know they go into another realm when a bombis tune is played!
From mad random buzzer noises to the general twist and turns which this duo come up with, this I can assure you, is a real treat and gives you a bit of an insight on what happens deep in the studio on what we call the dungeon.

First up on remix duties, we invite a very special individual in the form of Tim Sheridan!
Specifically known for his releases on VeryVeryWrongIndeed Tim comes up with a real delight by taking certain elements from the original and toughening it up into a tech house stomper with some nice orchestral strings to add to the mix.
This version has been slamming the floors all over the place and yes boys and girls we finally get round to tell you, its on Bombis.

Last in the package we have a mix from Rob Pearson and Paul Donton, here they create a different twist going onto a more techno orientated route. Deep and sophisticated this really adds a magical sparkle to another quality package coming from the Bombis crew.

DJ Support from:

Terry Francis / Robert Owens / Slam / Murray Richardson / DJ Aldrin / Ricky Ryan / Tyler Stadius
+ many many more!!!!

Paul Donton & Rob Pearson
Feat. Tempo O’ Neil

My World is Changing
(My Dear Friend)

Release date: 6th December (Exclusive on Beatport)
18th January 2011 (Other stores)

A foreword from Paul Donton

For the final release of this year from us at Bombis, I wanted to release a song dedicated to those in life that we lose. This EP was specially written and is dedicated to one of those people who I could really say was a true friend. Life goes on, and in this life people come and go but I think it’s important to remember the people who are truly there for us when we are in need, and that they are the ones who count.

I would like to give special thanks to Rob Pearson for the collaboration and realising my vision for this track and Mr Tempo O’Neil for such a wonderful unique voice as this project could not have been done without you.

Dedicated to Chris James R.I.P

To a dear friend who will never be forgotten
All who knew you will miss you greatly.

Product Info:

In the package we have the original mix, a smooth deep house affair that which showcases Tempo O’ Neil’s full vocal talents. The Original has a real lush feel to it whilst retaining a driving house rhythm with a classic acid riff to keep you on your toes and the punters firmly fixed to the dance floor. We have included a handy dub mix for those of you who like their beats uninterrupted.

Evasive label boss Rob Pearson is in fine fettle on remix duties here, Rob wanted to put his own stamp on things and who are we to stop him! Remix mode has most certainly been engaged, Rob takes the helm and strips things down, completely taking things in a new direction, stoking things up as only he know how to create a peak time tech house work out.

Last but by no means least; Bombis Honcho Paul Donton has lovingly crafted a special remix under his Eviltron moniker further dedicating this special tribute version. The Donton E-Tribute Mix rounds things off rather nicely and should definitely rumble any floor into action.


Samuel Okain - Donton E tribute mix the one for me here. Will def play it out
The Timewriter - Donton E Tribute for me here. Will play.Thanks
Terry Francis -    Robs the boy
Shur-I-Kan - nice release! strong mixes all round

with additional support from:

Luciano / Nils Hess / Miss Jools / Ed Davenport / Robart Owens / Darius Syrossian /
David K / Nic Fanciulli / Phonogenic / Tyler Stadius / Al Bradley and many more!!!

Brennan and Donton

E-Motiv EP

Release date: 25th October (Exclusive on Beatport)
8th November (Other stores)

Well well well!

Bombis Records return with another release
(Just when you thought we might be quiet)

Head Honchos Paul Donton and Dave Brennan hook up together in the studio to come up with a mellower housey track, but of course with our own special ingredient of trippyness to keep us flowing.
Expect the usual warm bass and special fx noises plodding along with a unique taste of euphoria occurring.

For this release, we invite the one and only Jay Tripwire to the label and if no one knows who he is, you must have been living in a cave the past few years.
Mr Tripwire has come up with 2 special mixes for this release, the Tonality mix bringing a nice deep house variation with some real harmonic tones which should get you shaped up on the floor flowing through the night.
The other is a unique interpretation which should get you more into a ‘shuffle’.

Finally Donton invites Evasive head honcho Rob Pearson for collaboration and the pair of them come up with a tech house stomper full of twists and turns which should get the floor stomping away.

Overall another unique varied package coming from Bombis HQ

With DJ Support from:

Hernan Cattaneo / Robert Owens / Dubfire / Nic Fanciulli / Thomas Schumacher / Doc Martin / Funk D Void / James Teej / Kevin Griffiths /
Samuel L Session / Tyler Stadius / Ed Davenport / Terry Francis / The Timewriter / Ekkohaus / Murray Richardson / Rob Small and many more!!!


Darren Roach – Summer Soulstice

Release Date:
Out Now Exclusive on Beatport
(13th September all others)

Well the end of summer is due, but that does not mean the end…

Especially when you have anything to do with the guys at Bombis HQ!
To finish the summer off in their own unique style they have invited one of their close friends Mr Darren Roach.

You may know Darren from his EBM parties. However more recently, he has been busy in the studio coming up with tracks like this!!! The original has a nice summer vibe, followed by a little bit of a twist

On remix duties, Bombis has invited one of the most prolific producers in techno,
Mr Vince Watson. Vince takes the original and puts his own feel to it, delivering a nice harmonic techno variation which should bring a magic sparkle to any crowd.

Finally, head honcho Paul Donton returns with one of his own variations and brings some more feistiness to the dancefloor under his Eviltron moniker.

Another EP swan song to finish the summer on!!!

Feedback so far!!!

Timo Maas - Vince watson mix is good
Funk D Void - Vince Watson on point as usual.
Alland Byallo - Vince Watson's mix is gorgeous!
Dave Seaman - vince watson mix is great!
Chris Duckenfield - Orig mix again, tasty
Jamie Anderson - Great package of mixes - full support!
Adultnapper - Digging the original here. really original groove..excellent work!
Desyn Masielo - Feeling Vince's remix - quality stuff.
Ed Davenport - lovely summer techno bizniz! donton eviltron rocks!! support!
Dave Mothersole - some nice sounds and rhythms in darren's og. nice remix from vince. cool studff. thanks. 
Slam - nice techy vibes - cool remixes - original just edges it
Glimpse Nice tracks thanks X

with support also from: Laurent Garnier / Nic Fanciulli / Steve Lawler / Jody Wisternoff / Anthony Pappa / Tyler Stadius / Robert Owens / Mark Ambrose / Murray Richardson / Chris Udoh / Trevor Rockcliffe / Tom Baker and many more!!!!


Hijacker and Stick – Heavy Clouds EP

Release Date:
(19th JULY Exclusive on Beatport)

Well after much debate whether or not we could keep these high standards up on the label.
We manage to come up with this!!!
Another delicious set of tracks to keep you flowing through the summer 
Hijacker + Stick return with another wonderful electronic cut which will get any floor tossing and turning from the acid grooves and wonderful production.
Then, we invite the one and only Adultnapper back to the label and he does what he is probably best known for! Do I need to explain? I don’t think so!

Fellow head honcho Dave Brennan finally takes the reins and goes and does his own unique twist on the package which can only be described as “what do you expect from the Bombis Man?
Only the good stuff!

Nothing much else to say really but another set of amazing cuts to keep you boogeying through the summer!!!

Lewis Ryder     Space Ibiza / Bigger Deer     Adultnapper dub is bad! Brennan's mix is bad! ...Bad as in good!
Brett / Justin      Droog / Culprit (LA)     Adultnapper dub is a dark but funky number. Will definitely play.
Alex Tepper     Drumcode / Viva / Futureshock     Adult Napper Dub for me. Will support Thanx
TERENCE (:terry:) .     Freak N Chic     good ep interesting
Dave Mothersole     MOS Radio     nice release - like all three versions with the og being my fave. thanks
James Teej     Rekids     liking the adultnapper dub
Nick Harris     NRK     D Brennan mix for me. Some dark shit here (in a good way)
Dave Martin     Technique / Immigrant     Loving Adultnapper's dub - very cool. great bassline Thanks DxM
Ed Davenport     Liebe*Detail     impecable production from adultnapper as usual!
Yousef      Circus     adultnapper mix is great!
Chris Duckenfield     Swag     D Brennan mix almost have a New Beat appeal to it, almost
Daniel Schulze     Trenton     original and adultnappers rmx are great. thanks, d.
Christopher MANIK     M A N I K (Ovum/Fresh Meat/)     Adultnapper mix is cool. Will try it out..thx ;D
Brendon Moeller     Beatpharmacy / Wave / Varioues     D Brennan rmx pretty cool
Tini      Desolat     great rollin brennan rmx will play that one for sure
Orde Meikle     Slam / Soma     nice dubby grooves
Jools Porter     Miss Jools / Sleeper Thief / Cladestino     Feeling the D Brennan remix here,,deep down seductive vibes,,nice
Mark Henning     Found Sounds / Trapez / Mos Ferry     d brennan mix smile
Tim  Red     Superfreq     hot dark stuff from Bombis, loving the original and Adultnapper version - support

With additional support from Dubfire/ Steve Bug/ Robert Owens /Tomoki /Dave Spoon/ Anderson Noise/ Tyler Stadius/ Andrew Duke/ Pig&Dan/ Al Bradley/ Sarah Main/ Mike Kiraly/ Anthony Pappa/ Mark Ambrose/ Hernan Rodriguez/ Dubfire and Nils Hess to name only a few others


Brennan and Donton – The Bombiloony Bin EP

Release Date:
14th June (Exclusive on Juno)
28th June (Other Stores)

Bombis Records continue to keep things fresh and bring forward another twister to the label with some ‘mad’ (being the operative word) music.
This release features both head honchos teaming up once again to bring another ‘trippy and wacky’ sort of tune. The Bombiloony bin (think this is where both of them belong really!!!) delivers just what really the label has been all about.
Straight up good electronic music with a bit of an extra elemental twist!!!
Nice and in a more housey direction, this tune has that little bit extra happening and really shows how the label is just not all in one direction.

On remix duties we invite Mr Jeff Bennett and here with this remix he just does what he has been doing for the past 100+ releases he has done with his own twisted style and comes up trumps with a fantastic remix which should get anyone boogying and tripping out to these sick grooves.

And finally (but no where near least) we also invite none other than Mr Euphoria Records boss Adam Collins who simply laces the track with his own unique tech house no nonsense approach and gives another interesting direction.

All in all of course
Another set of delicious cuts coming from the Bombis!!!

Check out what some of the DJ's supporting had to say

Hernan Cattaneo: Jeff B Mix for me!!!

Sharam Tayebi (Deep Dish): Jeff Bennet Rmx is the one for me. Thanks!

Dave Mothersole: Like the Original Cool Track

Terry Francis: Original is my fave

Desyn Masiello (SOS): very infectious - i defy any dancefloor not to dance their asses of to this

Tyler Stadius: Twisted tracks with that Bombis flavor.

Robin Ball: Nice groovers!

Also with support from:

Dubfire, Luciano, Richard Grey, Chloe Harris,
Robert Owens, DJ Vibe, Andrew Duke, Mark Gwinnett,
Gee Moore, Raymundo Rodriguez, DJ Aldrin and many more!!!

Hijacker & Stick – Down South EP
Release Date:
March 8th Exclusive on Beatport
(22nd March all other stores)

Firstly, Bombis Records would like to wish everyone a Happy New Year, and with the Christmas break and New Year shenanigans out of the way, it's best to get back to Bombis Business!

To kick off the year in great fashion, Bombis presents 2 producers who have been collaborating as Hijacker + Stick. Together, they have already notched up releases on Superfreq Records (released on Mr C’s Superfreq Ibiza Express CD) and with “Down South” they have come up with a nice electronic masterpiece in the making.

Quirky, dynamic and groovy all along, and featuring remixes from Mr C and Fellow Bombis honcho Paul Donton, Bombis promises you won't be disappointed upon hearing this!

Some of the great feedback and support!!!

Magda - Great!
Stacey Pullen - Mr C Rmx is my fav, melodic instrumentation
Anthony Pappa - The Mr. C Mix is excellet and l will play this out. Many thanks.
Anderson Noise - Donton Eviltron for me!
Dave Mothersole - feeling the orig and richard's mix. will defo be playing this out and on the radio. thanks.
Magnus Asberg - Yeas Yeas love the Mr C MIx Top Tune...
Adam Collins - All the tracks on this EP are solid. Original and Mr. C's will get the most dance floor time from me.

and also support form the likes of - Timo Maas \ Eddie Richards \ Alland Byallo \ Slam \ Chris Fortier \ Tyler Stadius \ Trevor Rockcliffe \ Nils Hess \ Chloe Harris \ Robin Ball and many more!!!

Dave Brennan – Bomboleccy EP
Release Date: 1st December 2009 (Exclusive on Beatport)

Well well well we finally meet those legs 11 . . . .

(So to Speak)

This time around Dave comes up with another beauty in the making.
Trippyness of the highest order is on the cards and this should keep you all rumbling along through the winter with ease.

Stemming his roots from the acid house theme into more of an Electronic soundscape

A very unique tune with the usual you come to expect from Mr Head honcho Dave Brennan.
The dark rolling synth stabs with the usual twisted FX and spooky tones. Just another example of Dave showing he is at the top of his productive game.

First up on the remix duty is Firebrand.
Firebrand comes along with a special Breakbeat mix which will do the business for any up for it crowd. Nice and flowing with the trippy acidic noises running in with those tough drums, this is a very interesting interpretation of the original and he definitely has given it some justice.

And the other (and not least) Dave invites fellow head honcho Paul Donton. Mr Donton goes under his Eviltron guise again and comes up with a rather disturbing take (but in a good way).
Expect another solid dose from the fellow Bombis man who toughens the mix up and gives a darker interpretation.
Weird but solid, Mr Donton keeps it driving and rumbling along nicely just as we expect from him.

Another solid set of cuts which shall rip up any dancefloor in the underground.

Just some of the Feedback ! ! !

Terry Francis - rare to get some good breaks. like this
Al Bradley - An absolute belter of a cut;
M.O.D.E - Donton Remix is the pick from us
Nils Hess - deep and electronic just the way I like it, Dirty
Dave Martin -The DE mix is the one for me.

with additional DJ support from:

Rob Pearson, Kirsten Sees, Tyler Stadius, Robert Owens, K-Dub, Hernan Rodriguez, Al Bradley, Adam Collins, Toton, Mike Kiraly and the usual supporters!!!

Hi all,

I am very pleased to announce we have our brand new Website online

Here we will keep you up to date with forthcoming releases and general news with the label.
We also will be featuring our music and have profiles of each artist who has been involved with the label.

Out at the moment (you might be aware) we have Bombis010 with the one and only Dave Brennan re-releasing his classic Bombis Acid with brand new mixes from Voodeux, Brennan and Donton, Darren Roach as well as the Original and Mr C Mixes.

This is out in all good digital stores. . . .

Up next we have Dave Brennan - Bomboleccy EP which includes a remix from fellow label boss Paul Donton and Firebrand.

This is out Exclusive on Beatport on the 1st December.

More news will come soon

all the best

Brennan and Donton
Bombis Records

Release Date: 19th October 2009 Exclusive on Beatport

Dave Brennan

Release Date: 3rd August 2009 Exclusive on Beatport

Hijacker is known for his searing techno cuts, which boast deep, groovy bass lines and mind-bending FX, Hijacker has already carved quite a niche for himself.

Involved in music for more than 20+ years, the London-based producer/DJ has experienced major highs and kudos for his work, both as a collaborator and as a solo artist.  Hijacker is an old pro when it comes to spinning and making music, and has produced a slew of tracks over the years, working under various monikers and aliases.

Namely under the guises of Megalon, Underground Science, Spectra, I.F, High Science, as well as his main nom de plume. Hijacker has had releases on various labels including: Mr C

Well what can we say? We at Bombis have been really busy sorting out the next few releases and generally doing what we do best
(Locked in the studio and getting on it)

Meanwhile special news comes from the office.

Dave Brennan will be having his mix aired on Proton Radio this week (Wednesday 17th June) at 12pm noon (EST) (5pm GMT) on the special Featured Artist show!!!

This will be a special 2 hour mix showcased as warm up for John Digweed's "Transitions" radio show.

Check Out for more information

I have had a peek to this mix myself and it has got to be one of those which he'd have to put in his Top 5.

In the mix Dave has put on future releases and also our latest one which is out in stores now.

Be sure to catch this! I can honestly say you won't be disappointed.

Both Bombis DJs are available for bookings and you can get more information about the pair below

Press Pack

For DJ enquiries please contact

Or on MySpace

Also coming soon we have Bombis009!!!
As it's a great pleasure to have a new artist in the form of Hijacker
We also have 2 special remixes coming from head honcho Mr Donton under his Eviltron guise and we also welcome a very special producer in the mould of Bushwacka!

This makes another Bomblistic package for you all and I will let you know the release date shortly.

And finally, to grab our releases, click the banner below to get to all the Bombis beats :-)

All the Best

Brennan & Donton

Hi everyone,

Bout time i got my posting boots on and let you know whats happening.

Firstly as an introduction, Bombis Records is a record label fast on the move and is run by myself Paul Donton and Dave Brennan.

Dave is based in Newcastle while im based in Leeds and together we have been running the label for a few months and producing tracks together which have already gained massive reviews and support from some of the biggest DJ's on the circuit.
(Laurent Garnier, James Zabiela, Dave Mothersole, Nick Warren, Hernan Cattaneo to name a few).

If you want more info about us, you can check out our myspace page

Please feel free to leave comments

You can aslo check out forthcoming material in our player.

Update on other bits and bobs we been upto at Bombis HQ:

Bombis Records currently have both their monthly charts up on DJ Download and Ministry of Sound websites and got The Bombasm Bubble reviewed in DJ Mag.

you can check them all out from the following links:

Bombis 003 Review in DJ Mag

Also we are on the move getting our website constructed


We have a temporary page up with links to 2 of our mixes which are exclusive to Swag Records and is on their Swag myspace player to check out. You can also download them from our site


Bombis 004 CuCkLeD EP - April 7th.....

Will keep you all updated


Bombis Records Crew