Read 'Eat Shoots and Leaves' and decided to become a grammar bully did we Grant? I type too quickly to care about grammatical errors on the BRF. Its not like this is going to be peer reviewed for submission to a scientific journal now is it?

Were you at the ministry on saturday mariposa?

What SW4 fiasco was that Al? He was pretty good in the SW4 tent last year with Layo and Bushwacka

Big Fella your predictability is laughable wink

RIcky it's much easier to know what actually happened if you actually go to the night. Try it, you might like it.

Look, anyone who's not 'front centre' for Sasha, is clearly a girl, OK?

See you there Al, and everyone else who'll be done.

Hen-ree Whinehoots, Dermo and BF can all have a party for one at home in front of the X Factor, waiting for the first review to be posted in the morning, just so they can launch into a bit of Sasha bashing.

Playing devil's advocate, isn't this just a case of sales data reporting? Have a listen, they are pretty close. I don't think they are trying to create new genres! All they are doing is tagging music, the same way you might use keywords in a Traktor library. Its a good thing for them. What are we scared of, the fact that it might make our music easier to find? Welcome to the digital age...

Will there be dangling Bs at XOYO? Essential IMHO.

I love Erdinger (a German wheat beer) its proper loopy juice. Gets you drunk in a way few other beers can.

Can't stand Budweiser or most generic lagers served on draught in the UK.

Actually love a nice Czech Dark Lager - like a Budvar Dark or a Krusovice Dark.


If you're talking cocktails, then nothing, repeat nothing, beats an espresso martini, with top quality vodka. Don't forget the Kahlua.

A nice Chopin vodka doesn't go amiss (Polish) and I have to say a lager top can be quite refreshing after a game of footy with the boys, sometimes even with a dash of lime.

A skittle bomb is clearly a blatant facade for the drinks industry to make more profit out of unsuspecting punters.

Mines a Moscow Mule.

Rise of the Planet of the Apes 8/10
Mary and Max 09/10

No email here either. Thank god for FB status updates providing an alternative means of notification.

Another deep insight from Dermo that just deserves some extra context.

The thing is in South America they just don't have this political correctness bullshit and 'racism' we have here. It is very usual to refer to a black person there as a 'negro/negra' and it is not considered offensive in any way.

I've seen spanish speakers in this country get into trouble because they translate black to negro/negra without thinking and then some politically correct person over-hearing, who doesn't understand the culture clash/difference gets all in a tizzy about it because they think someone is being referred to as n**g*R.

I wouldn't be surprised if the Suarez thing was similar, he was speaking to a Spanish team mate in a non-offensive way - Evra doesn't understand the language culture thing and it all gets mis-apportioned.

I have personal experience of this from the Spanish speaker I live with.

Renster's account is spot on and given that I had the exact same experience within minutes of that with my jacket (even if you could call it a schoolboy error, Fabric is the one place I would never have worried about that before - I would now), that's two separate and independent accounts of this odd cloakroom staff behaviour in the same 5 minutes.

It left a very sour taste at the end of a fantastic night.

I'm sorry but in a probably doomed attempt to cut through the bullshit, I've been going to Fabric pretty much since it opened and all staff were always friendly. This weekend, anyone with a black security outfit and a comedy David Brent ear-headset thing seemed to have a serious ego/power-trip/attitude problem going on. I went for a piss at the Urinal in the main toilets and some guy with glasses and the outfit I've just mentioned got a serious attitude on just because he thought I'd jumped him in the queue! Seriously, it wasn't that busy, there was no-one else other than him. It was total comedy, it could have been a sketch in Peep Show.


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I adore the Nick Warren ambient mix from august 2009 - the one with all the movie clips, Shawshank Redemption early on etc.


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I still haven't seen this.

Will be there probably from 12ish wondering how I'm gonna make it to 9am! In for the long haul this time, lest John should play 'When Doves Cry' at 08.55.

I can't imagine a time when I will ever lose complete patience with the man like, but I was annoyed one time in Space 2005 Fundacion night when he cleared the inside room and everyone had to go inside to the Terrace where Lawler was playing.

Also I didn't really get the Fundacion album.

Look forward to that Simon smile

Cheers Leon.

Its a shame Al couldn't join me for the trip, it would have been interesting to see what Mr Williamz would have thought of the set.

It wasn't that bad Simon (don't believe everything you read on BRF shocker!).

Hmm everyone entitled to their opinion. I've seen him a fair few times and it was not as bad as being portrayed Mr Mark. The crowd were going absolutely mental in the last 45 mins-hour and people seemed to be getting pretty emotional in a positive way where where was standing. The crowd demanding one-more-tune must have been the reason he came back out to do an encore. Wonder why they'd have done that or he would if it was such a shit gig?

I suppose that's the thing with music, its so subjective. And Sasha tends to bring out strong binary opinions in people. Either that or I must like plinky plonky gay house shite smile

I haven't heard all the recent Ushuaia sets or made it to Panorama bar part 2 yet so difficult to say.

This clip gives you some idea: