… 2b-edward/

starts 3h 17min.    boom … rp-2014-01 … ik-eulberg

its gash

good mix sam. likes it

going albert hall. defo must that 1


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they were immense. best thing ive seen for a long time. and i watch emmerdale 5 times a week

im in. diggers 4 hours. then back home for 5. carry on there.

andy ling used to work at tote  in wigan until last year. got sacked. he was me mates boss there

im off to the moderat night in a few weeks.

tune @30 mins.  BOOM

Cloud Atlas.  as long as it is. glad i wernt in the cinema for this.  8/10.

i loved it

Good set this from dave … -nov-2013/

me fav em ever. brings back memories … -ripperton


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well i thought it was a fitting ending to 1 ov the best tv series's ever.

Chaim - Blue Shadow 

Cracking tune

Last 8 starts sunday in the us and on netflix straight after. i knew my 5.99 a month was worth something..

cant wait to see how this pans out. Best tv series ever.


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likes a bit of birdd flu me

any 1 heading down to this tomoz.  its gonna be 1 hell ov a day and night … ael-mayer/

Set times for tomorrow ..

****set times****
Freeze present kompakt records party
The Bombed out Church
Skyland Mountain13:00 -14:30
Adele Moss 14:30 - 16:00
Jemmy 16:00 -18:00
GUI Boratto live 18:00 - 20:15
Tobias Thomas 20:15 - close

Little sister present kompakt
records party
The Kazimier 10pm - 5am
Adele Moss 22:00 -23:30
Tobias Thomas 23:30 - 01:00
Michael Mayer 01:00 - close

thought u said all freebie were shite dermo???

Fuking tune..  Also have the  new album as well. A lot more laid back than the 1st but pretty good stuff. … ted-people … wl-and-the

yes i