Agreed - great venue, great night, crap sound system!

I'll definitely be heading back there when I see a decent line up.

Absolute legend. Can't wait to get hold of this tomorrow.

Michael Mayer or Max Cooper get my vote smile

manimal wrote:

What i mean is that the 900s and 2000s have quantize yet these call it that? Whats the difference? i thought quantize meant it analysed a track and allowed you to lock it in to a loop or beat yet these say they do that without quantizing???

It's recordbox that analyses the tracks so that the quantized beat looping is possible on the 2000s/900s. I guess the same happens for the 350s and they are just using a less technical name for it...

There is no equivalent of the 'Auto Beat Lock' on the 2000s, but they do have an auto 4 beat loop button.

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