Best 'Live In' yet for me. CD2 in particular is absolutely stunning!

Just over 3 weeks until this now, early birds sold out a couple of weeks ago too so looking good. Hope to see some of the Bedrock crew down there.

Down to the last couple of early birds on this now. Expected to be sold out by the end of the week - … 3153541597

Be good to see some of the Bedrock regulars at this.

TICKETS HERE - … 3153541597

Industria is a brand new concept for Birmingham, concentrating on the freshest underground progressive, techno and deeper sounds, we aim to bring in the finest talent in the world to sit alongside some of the best DJs our country has to offer.

Our ethos is simple, good music, good people in a great venue. Next Door’s intimate surroundings coupled with their Martin Audio sound system and custom 3D mapping visual set up provides the perfect backdrop for what we’re all about.

The future is here!

Saturday 6th December
Next Door




BUY ONLINE HERE - … 3153541597

A sad day indeed but not entirely surprising. I hope this is just a shot in the arm and that the board can continue because aside from all the childishness there are some absolute gems of mixes and some amazing knowledge on here.

Forums are few and far between as it is but ones that cater for this side of music are an even bigger rarity and for that alone I hope it can carry on in some form.

Tickets and hotel also booked.

Hope and Plastic Fantastic / Plastica need a mention here.

Saw him at WHP in December but had to leave relatively early and again b2b with Ben Klock at Awakenings Festival in Amsterdam back in June but not quite the same as seeing someone with a good few hours in a smaller environment. Should be a good one.

All over that Fabric date. Marcel Dettmann in room 2 as well. Nice.

MattBlack wrote:

Nice to see Infected Mushroom in there, has anyone ever actually heard them?

Saw them at GlobalGathering this year, seems they've moved away from Psy a fair bit now, different but quite enjoyed it.

Dan Harwood wrote:
Steve Arnold wrote:

Can tell there's no women (or very few) on here anymore, one sniff of a line and all the females come out.

Never a truer word, Stevo. wink

Good effort wink

Hahaha! Touché!

Can tell there's no women (or very few) on here anymore, one sniff of a female and all the one liners come out.

HA! Jokers!

Would normally agree but it's where me and the mrs got engaged 3 years ago (Malmaison, not Fabric) in January and it's my 30th on 23rd December so she's paying. 2 birds, 1 stone and all that.

They go later than that Ryan mate but 14th and 21st are still blank.

Fingers crossed could be 30th bday celebrations sorted then, hotels are ridiculous in London around that time though cos of Christmas. Looking at £200 for Malmaison at the min going up to about £350 in a couple of weeks.

Anyone heard anything about this yet? Usually last Saturday before christmas but nothing on their website just yet.

90 minute guest mix for SWAP and Tim Rand's Back To Zero podcast. Really happy with the outcome, it's a journey through Progressive House, Techno, Breaks and Trance music. Hope you like it!

Back To Zero -

1) Biologik - Break My Heart (Exoplanet Remix)
2) Progreg - Underworld
3) Mariano Favre - Sacrifice (Suffused Remix)
4) Victor Calderone & Nicole Moudaber - The Journey Begins
5) Neftali Blasko - Hidden Moon
6) Planisphere & Digital Angel - Trinidad Flashback (Miika Kuisma Remix)
7) Manu Riga - The Darkness Within (Airwave Remix)
8) Paul Gibson - Three Mile Island (Narel Remix)
9) Solar Fields - Perception
10) Subtara - Alternate Reality
11) Juan Sando - Chronosphere (Cosmithex Remix)
12) Narel - The Machines Were Dreaming (Airwave's Sleepy Robots Remix)
13) Narel - Run
14) Alan Cuevas - Through This Line (Andromedha Remix) … -guest-mix

furry wrote:

False I can clearly see your hands are in fact, in the air.

Touche! That photo is from Warehouse Project in October when I was playing a bit more peak time.

Big Fella wrote:

Who were you warming up for?

Was me on first, then Tenishia, then Paul van Dyk and Solarstone closed

My warm up set from Godskitchen on 16th February. Be interested to hear thoughts on here. Obviously it's not arms in the air Trance or anything as I was opening.

1- Che Armstrong & DarXoul - Dexter (Chris Johnson Remix)
2- LoQuai - We Love The Night (Manu Riga's Early Dawn Remix)
3- Downgrooves - Traffic
4- Fake Truth - A Night With You (MSZ Remix)
5- Bernie Allen - Locomotion
6- Stiven Rivic & Michael & Levan - Sounds Are Deepy On The Surface (Noa Romana & Deersky Remix)
7- Raw-E & AbiQ - Jerome
8- Kintar & Luke Satellite - Realidad
9- Li-Polymer - Flight To Barcelona (Jelly For The Babies Remix)
10- Tintin - Like Yow
11- Cut Knob - Deep As We Like (Hector Sawiak Remix)
12- Domased Electronica - Temple Of Art (Michael & Levan And Stiven Rivic Remix)
13- Relaunch - Legacy
14- Insert Name - Rewrite The Future
15- Suffused - Year 2008 (Airwave ft Michael & Levan And Stiven Rivic Remix)
16- Relaunch - Eliptique 2012
17- Quadran - Rectangle
18- Styller - All That Remains (Basil O'Glue Remix)
19- Planisphere - Memento
20- Tolga Diler - I Hear You Calling (Timewave Remix)
21- John 00 Fleming - The Winds Of Change Are Blowing
22- Relaunch - Desire
23- JS16 & Orkidea - Hale Bopp (Timewave Remix)
24- Orkidea - Unity (Allende Remix)
25- Liquid Nations - Laguna Nights (Airwave Remix) … n-february


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Would be great to hear some feedback if anyone grabbed this. If not then, well I guess i'll have to try harder next time!

Haven't done a demo mix for a while now so thought i'd sort my act out. Pretty happy with the outcome here, a decent variation of Progressive sounds, lots of melodies, some deeper stuff, few Breaks tracks. Hope you like it.

1- Ad Brown - LA (Alfoa Angel City Mix) 

2- Soulfire - Eris 

3- Spooky - Polymorph (Petar Dundov Remix) 

4- Guy J - Fantasy Reality 

5- Moonbeam ft Luesin - Daydream (Andrea Roma Mix)

6- Guy J - Fixation 

7- Monaque - ID (Luis Junior Mix) 

8- Paneoh - Punto Des Control

9- Guy J - High (Marc Marzenit Remix) 

10- Quivver - Here's This (Marc Marzenit Remix) 

11- Dosem - Trust 

12- Slam - Eterna (John Digweed & Nick Muir Remix) 

13- Nick Varon - Mohnblumchen (Guy Mantzur Remix) 

14- Guy J - Pathos (Luis Junior Remix) 

15- Guy J & Miriam Vaga - Fly (Hybrid Soundsystem Remix)

16- Franz Kirmann - Liza (Charlie May Pacific Mix)


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Amazing work on this mate! Proper sterling effort! Had it on this morning in this office, has gone down a treat.