Well happy me, Zackster did an amazing mix last year, just a shame mine won't be in the same league or even close to it. Apologies in advance Zackster.

blissout wrote:

received my copy today

abit disappointed to find all the inner plastic grooves holding the 3 cds were all broken off, though the cd cover wasn't cracked. disc 1 and 2 tracklists were labelled wrongly in the booklet

am i the only one getting such ?
hope the cds play well. gonna give it a listen in awhile

No blissout, this is pretty much standard for the physical releases, damaged cases crap booklets. Makes you think they don't actually want to sell physical versions when they continue to have issues with them?

slide a bit further down that helter-skelter of depression is all I have planned it seems.

GregWhelan wrote:

Random question, but does anyone know where I could pick up replacement jewel cases for these multi disc releases?

Toronto, Miami and Argentina all had damaged cases when I got them, think the parcel is getting chucked around at my work post room!

I couldnt find anywhere that sells them individually?

Same here again Greg with Toronto, was it the center spindle for you that was damaged?

Christmas doesn't really happen for me Millsy anymore due to Personal reasons. I lost my Father at this time of the year and it's sort of soured the whole thing. Might be a reason for the moaning as it was around now, apologies to everyone.

Stop defending them Hannu, it looks a bit pathetic ya know. Scott I presume was posting to Finland and as I've lived in Sweden in the past I know it can take a while for something to get to the region of the world from the Uk when posted.

Every other 'Live in' release turned up on the day of release so why hasn't this one? Simply enough question that several people have commented on and nothing from anyone actually connected to the release just people guessing.

I though Matt meant that you only get the main mixes on CD, you don't get the unmixed tracks when buying CD?, perhaps not?. Which in today's day and age is wrong, physical CD should contain a digital download as standard! I could have choose not to purchase via big cartel or whatever and got the cd from amazon for 8.99 to which includes the autorip option!

I have in the past always got the digital release as well, generally from amazon, but after the faux paus on delivery I shall not be doing so for this album!

And someone in the business needs to explain why digital is near on par with physical in terms of pricing as there is no way they are close in costs surely?

Disgruntled customer having a moan due to not getting delivery on release date!!!

Same here Grant, this is the first one that has not been delivered on release date. Service is slipping and will skew my view of this album from here on.

Especially considering I choose the option to also buy the traveller and the Pig & Dan release as well.

Sod it, haven't mixed anything for years so maybe this will get me started again. So at this time I'm in, but fair warning to whoever I'm paired with - it'll be shite mixing from me I thinks!

Manifesto released - Dina Carroll - Run to You (PVD & BT Mix). I think that and a few others forgives whatever you class as shite by them.

And for the record I have loads of Manifesto / Positiva etc. in my record collection and I'm proud of it!

Ner ne na ner neh!


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I've paid my mortgage off couple of years ago so just before 40, although where I am and when I purchased it in 2002, meant the mortgage to be only 70k for 3 bedroom semi to begin with. Also paid off the mortgage of my mom and dads years before that but that wasn't much as they bought the place in the 60's. So on paper have some form of investment but in reality not much.


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Big Fella wrote:

Big Fella's thrift tips.

1. Don't drink
2. Don't smoke
3. Don't learn to drive
4. Don't get a bird
5. Don't take drugs
6. Live at home with your mum

1,2,4 & 5 for me BF!


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I'm a saver, but the deep-end. Hardly spend anything on material needs anymore. Need to save for a rainy day as my line of work will not last forever! no wife or kids, too fecked up for any of that, but still not a great amount in the bank due to other issues!.

Life is nothing but work right now and not looking like changing! Yup, sad pathetic etc. etc. probably main reason for the stress, depression etc. etc.

Yeah, you could get hit by a bus tomorrow but then again you might not! difficult either way in today's world!

Edge of Tomorrow is the correct title Strudders, Live, Die Repeat is just the tagline but due to poor marketing they are actually make it look like it's called that - http://www.avclub.com/article/edge-tomo … t-h-208199

and it's not bad either.

Erm, you come on the bedrock board and state the only comp you've bought this year is Warren's soundgarden (which is amazing for the record) and then ask for more and don't realize you should have also have purchased 'John Digweed Live in Miami' or that it seems that it is even out?

Instant Ban I think! ;-)

Oi smashy, mix of the year mate, mix of the ****ing year*. Top one, nice one, get sorted Geezer.

Many thanks for taking the time to do this amazing mix.

* Disclaimer, haven't listened to Millsy's latest 80's spankathon so things could change. But deffo Top 2 ;-)

Fantazia @ Donnington Park, was it '92, is up there. So long ago and think Sasha even played at it. Just a great night.

Stever Lawler's Viva release last night.

Today Fluke - Oto and Apollo 440 - Electric glide in blue albums me thinks.

This https://hearthis.at/ewtbtdj/1994-01-01- … years-mix/

Possibly forgotten by some peeps, personally one of the best EM's ever done. 3 hours a chart toppers done as a special EM for new years day '94 mixed sublimely by BIR with additional keyboards, programming etc. etc.

vocal version https://soundcloud.com/gorge/let-me-be- … tasy-gorge

jesus, look at the price for this:

http://www.amazon.co.uk/PAUL-OAKENFOLD- … nderground

Wonder what my plastic wallet version will fetch??


This, absolutely BOSS:

This afternoon, I will be mostly listening to:

Spooky - Gargantuan
Justin Robertson - Imprint #1

Lionrock - An Instinct for Detection.