DJ's Take Control Vol. 3 by Deep Dish, could possibly even given their Yoshi comps a run for its money it's that good. … ter/162389

Can only find disc 2 on YT:

Homegrove wrote:
Mickyd wrote:

Sounded like a top weekend, I must not be in the know but who is Arielle?

She used to post on GU.

Cheers H, don't recall much from the GU board anymore.

Sounded like a top weekend, I must not be in the know but who is Arielle?

The original French version of 'Martyrs' is a bit of a head fuck!

Titanfall 2 is a great game so stick with it, decent campaign and the MP is just great.

Currently playing Shadow Warrior 2, great game with very funny dialogue.

Grant wrote:

Films on the plane home:

Straw Dogs. Sweet fucking mother of god that was a shit film - I'm certain someone on here recommended it, but nothing came up when I searched for the culprit. I can't believe someone backed it and made a film of it. Total bollocks. 0/10

Jacob's Ladder. First watch since I saw it at the cinema in 1990. Had no idea Tim Robbins was in it - his bird in it was fit enough for me to investigate on Google - time has not been kind to her, I'm sorry to report. Cracking film - 8/10

Grant, which version of Straw dogs did you watch? the '71 original - which is brilliant starring Hoffman - or the 2011 remake which I've never watched but have read it's crap?

Album of the year for me, had no idea what it would be like and just decided to buy something new. What a choice as IMO I think it's a super 2 and a half hours of music.

Mind you besides 'Live In' releases I haven't purchased that much new stuff so of course there could be much better CD's out there.

Listening to this again recently, The History of Drum & Bass: … ase/202115

Basically a 4 CD comp of choons from Formation records, which is nice.


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on a dubfire note … ds=dubfire

no idea if that is a good deal or if the music is any good to you folks?

Very good game from what I've played so far Grant - very hectic and if you like it look out for Matterfall around Aug from the same Co. housemarque who have put out some very good games.

Homegrove wrote:

Looks to be iTunes, Beatport exclusive. Nothing on Junodownload yet, and they've added other April 7 releases.

effing joke, should not be forced to shop at either of them, the fact other places still say 7th july if another joke as well!

amazon have it as 4th July release as well and want 11.79GBP for it! Ouch!

Grant, I listen to music I like. If that is classed as any old tripe then that just means you should pull your head out your arse now and then ya know!

Gosthy, already have the Wraith, good film. Will check the others thank you.

roberto wrote:

I felt Gleaming The Cube was better...

class film!

Homegrove wrote:

You should keep it in your memories. Not watch it again. Trust me.

That's just your opinion and we thank you for it, but bolloxs! There is nothing wrong with re-watching old films regardless if they hold up or not! I'm currently on a hunt for films from the 80's and haven't been let down with any I've managed to find and buy, yes they may be dated and possibly crap to begin with but they are still 'FUN' to watch.

All this negativity about bloody films from some of you is just a joke! It doesn't matter what type of film it is i.e. comicbook which is such a naughty word, film is there as as form of escapism, if people choose MCU films to escape day to day crap then so what! no need to be so effing opinionated about it, you don't like fine but give it a effing rest on telling people that! I'll watch any type of film and if it slighty entertains me then that's just fine, if it didn't then so what as well! Stop banging the bloody drum some of you with this is crap that is crap

This isn't aimed at you H, just some people on the board and the board in general.

This used to be a decent place to chat about anything in day to day life, now it's crap and I'm surprised still going with the way the elite group think they can use it and berate other members, main reason I don't bother posting here anymore is all this negativity on nearly everything that is posted nowadays!

perhaps moved to the effing promotions forum because that's all you a bloody doing with these threads! if they are being binned even better!

Wally wrote:

Finally got some time to play one of the in pile - Titanfall 2

Couldn't give a monkeys about MP but the SP is excellent - really well done campaign and a cut above other similar titles. The best action FPS game I've played in ages and it pisses on Doom and BF1's SP campaign.

It's a fucking tragedy it got thrown under a bus by EA but I'd highly recommend checking it out if you can.

TF2 MP is brilliant Wally, you should give it a go.

He was brilliant in

To Live and Die in L.A.
White Sands

That DJ808 looks interesting

Grant wrote:

I couldn't sell it on eBay or Gumtree and I just want rid and it does give me a warm glow knowing that someone on this board can take some further enjoyment out of it. I've got value for money out of it - had it over 8 years and paid £1,300 for it new.

shame I missed it then, let me know if it falls through with Jamie, I take it you are UK based?

that was my thought, never heard of it as I know A&H are top end and never had a use for them mainly on price. Checked that out and it looks like a serious piece of equipment as well!

Well, thanks for the offer Grant but obs. Jamie has beat me to it as I didn't have chance to check over the weekend!! Would have been interested at that price but depends on logistics as well?

and 303, thanks also just out of interest what are you looking for it and yes the logistics could be an issue.


Neither, the cheap mixtrack pro came with Virtual DJ and that's all I've ever used.

The N4 comes with serato DJ intro, 2 deck only, and a 4 deck version of Virtual DJ. Pinoeers I presume come with recordbox?


I'm looking for a new controller, I already have the cheap and nasty mixtrack pro but haven't used it for a while and have found it's now unusable with Win10, numark have classed it as 'legacy' and no updated drviers for it.

So, I'm now thinking of getting something new but again probably something cheap and nasty as it doesn't get used very often so can't really justify top end prices base on presumed usage.

I was looking at the numark n4, which is 4 channel with standalone, which seems perfect so I can use my 1210's again as well, but this look to be 5 years old already and as such I'm not sure of getting something that old.

So, would anyone be able to suggest a recent to new controller with preferably 4 channels of which 2 are standalone and low-mid price range.

I've seen the pioneer DDJ-RX which looks to meet my requirements just the price of 750 is a bit too much and the numark ns6 for around 600 but again not sure on price. I know I could start using a lot more and a such these prices can become more acceptable but not sure that will happen.

Just looking for something to use now and then for my crap mixing and if possible plug in my 1210's not for 4 channel mixing but to use my 1210's and vinyl again, checked recently and my old 2 channel mixer seems dead so a '2-in-1' would resolve that issue as well.

Spoke to H, already on this but the top-end ones just seem too much for me in both what the controller offers and price.

I know most of you probably go for the mid-high priced controllers but just wondered if you have comments on lower priced ones you might have used in the past maybe?