Fantazia @ Donnington Park, was it '92, is up there. So long ago and think Sasha even played at it. Just a great night.

Stever Lawler's Viva release last night.

Today Fluke - Oto and Apollo 440 - Electric glide in blue albums me thinks.

This … years-mix/

Possibly forgotten by some peeps, personally one of the best EM's ever done. 3 hours a chart toppers done as a special EM for new years day '94 mixed sublimely by BIR with additional keyboards, programming etc. etc.

vocal version … tasy-gorge

jesus, look at the price for this: … nderground

Wonder what my plastic wallet version will fetch??


This, absolutely BOSS:

This afternoon, I will be mostly listening to:

Spooky - Gargantuan
Justin Robertson - Imprint #1

Lionrock - An Instinct for Detection.


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drwho, Chris didn't mix Atmospherics V2 that was DBJ, he only did V1.

Seems there is a new number controller out or on its way for serato users. Anyone who uses Serato know if this will be any good? is it an improvement on the existing Serato solution?

To be honest Hannu, seriously what's the point? Is this something else which is just going to be used & abused for certain peoples needs? this board honestly hasn't changed that much since everything happened. You ban Flares, who possibly is back under another alias possibly not, same goes for Dermo. Yet when you watch the board you see people just jumping at the chance to fill the voids from these people being banned.

Take the thread about the unfortunate MH plane disaster, yes pehaps Ahad should not have used that thread to express his opinion but should he be attacked like that simply for just doing that, offering his opinion is that not the basic principle and purpose of a message board, for people to speak their mind and discuss their opinion on life etc.?. If you don't agree can't people simply express that like say "Sorry Ahad, I disagree with what you saying but as with other tragic accidents like this we'll never actually know what happened', even say "Wow, i think you a bit a melter there but each to there own". Instead, people are just straight in with personal attacks.

So, where exactly are the improvements since the stay was issued? We had this amhed character who it would appear is an alias for someone familiar to the board in the past and is playing nothing but an sarcastic / pedantic character in constantly 'reporting' things members have done. I thought there was a ban on using an alias so should this person not be banned under that rule?

You still have the people who think they are import on this board, the heavyweights / senior members - Joke, just a joke and before the standard level of attack starts against me just know that I've been on this board probably longer than most of these senior members, the date against my login is for my current id, I have used several, name based, logins due to issues over the years. The fact I don't have a significant post count is exactly why this board almost closed down!

Oh and I know most of you are taking the pee in your tone and comments but some of you just don't, it's that simple. I'm all for a good laugh but this board isn't a place to allow that right now.

So, off we go now with the expected level of abuse and attacks for simply expressing my opinion on the state of this board at the moment.


Amethyst - GoldenFishFever - pfftt!

Thankfully its widely available as well.  Disc 1 playing now and it is indeed very good.

Superb mix Millsy, also listened to your Smorgasboard Pt 1 afterwards and that will brilliant as well.


Is this the kickstarter he was doing?

Dermo wrote:

Joey. No offence mate but you've only been here 5 minutes. This is a senior members decision.

shut up Dermo, this is one of the reasons this board is on the verge of closure. bloody senior members, who do some of you think you actually are?, just give it a rest. You don't have any authority and should never have, assigning you as a mod is a pretty bad idea.

Bye peeps, thanks for everything. To those who put up the mixes etc. thank you very much, to those who just bitch, congratulations.

Without this board I doubt I'll purchase another 'Live' CD as this is the only place I know when another one is being released. Likewise with the soundcloud stuff going on it'll be harder and harder to get hold of the stunning mixes that other people put together which is the biggest shame here. Just look at for example Nicks or Millys latest mixes to see the positive side of this board.

But I found it easier to never post here due to the immediate attacks that would appear for no reason!. Just check everyday for new mixes and other things.

Again, thank you much much to those who contributed to making this board at one time a great place and to those who still take the time, sweat and blood to compile mixes and offer them.


An old cd from '94, Freska! mixed by Rachel auburn -

next up is another oldie - The Adventures of Shindig Vol 1 - … ase/207475


I think this is possibly Chris & James best producton for a remix:



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Have that Hannu thanks. Think that's the only thing I've brought this year so felt it was time to get some new stuff.


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Yes, there's the 'listening to' thread but that's just mainly seems to be tracks your all listening to / like at the moment? Apologies if not, I'll go through it again and see if there is anything in it.


Been a while since I purchased anything new and as such I was wondering if you have any recommendations?

I'll listen to almost anything, so have there been any good albums out this year artist / comp? anything?

Just want to but some new stuff to listen too but can't seem to find anything when looking so perhaps you lot can help?


Hi Derms.

It depends on his iphone model and what internal DAC that model is using with regards to how the phone handles lossless (flac for example) files.

Check this link for in depth info on the subject, might be of interest to your mate? … uality.htm


the greatest football team in the world?

Fuck off Rhouses.

here you go Dermo -

should be just what you need considering you never produce anything for anyone to listen too so why waste all that money on high end gear!