764 for Main & 763 for Finale.

Bit late Millsy but just listened to this and it is superb. Thanks for putting it together.

Are the tracks easier to find?, haven't purchased tracks for a long time so out of the game for where to go nowadays but wouldn't mind getting a few of these.

Just got my Finale of the postie, not signed by John, was it supposed to be can't remember?

got so close on the matching numbers as well, damn!

My main is 0764 and finale is 0763!! lol!


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Was My Mom's first birthday since her passing so not a good weekend!

Yant wrote:

Nice pigeon-holing-'cause-i-hate-the-genre there, Mick.

Apologies Yant, Perhaps 'hate the genre' is a tad too harsh, more I just can't associate with the sound @ a personal level which is what music is all about really - how it affects you personally. But I have also purchased a couple of Radiohead albums over the years due to the 'hype', I have at least Ok computer.

Just can't get into that sound unfortunately, seems to depress me which doesn't help when already suffering from depression!!

Grant wrote:

What indie albums do you like Micky?

Not sure Grant, never really like or listened to much indie or brit pop etc.. was Raving back then for me.

And when I have had the misfortune to hear some of it then I'm rather glad I passed it all by.

I don't.

they're shit.

end of.

possibly Lamb - Learn or Wise Enough. But it's not just one song, having had to deal with this late last year, there are around 3-5 songs should you be going via cremation and possibly depending on your religon.

Dan Harwood wrote:
roberto wrote:

I used to bang that out in the Old Emporium in Fleet back in t'day.....that and The Prophet by CJ Bolland were our "time's been called thanks" tunes...

"Well I'm alright..."


Anyone remember the breakdown in Xen Mantra's Beefy Bells Mix of Slo Moshun's Bells of New York

Yes, what a tune that is Dan.

Wally wrote:

Not even sure why I bothered buying it on CD tbh - rather than waste time ripping it to my iPhone, I just bought in on iTunes instead for the convenience.

Think these are the only physical cd I generally buy now, but just purchased the digital from Amazon as well like usual.

Although John, who controls which cds of yours get the amazon autorip option, noticed the last couple don't come with it but seems Montreal does? Still not an option on Re-structured?. And yes I know I can simply rip the CDs but it's far easier to have autorip as then I can just download it whenever and wherever I feel from my amazon music cloud, instead of having to make sure the relevant device has the rip on it before hand.

djdiggers wrote:
Mickyd wrote:

Just got mine, U.k. based.

Packaging is impressive, one thing though whoever did the booklet should be sacked, Just look at the date on the center picture. Didn't know John had a time machine to take a photo @ Stereo on 25/Oct 2016!

This mix is from the future

We always put a few mistakes in the booklets just to check you guys are reading them.
I hope you enjoy the mix and the packaging as I think its our best one yet.

I'm sure it is from the future John. Looking forward to listening to it over the weekend and please don't make this the last 'Live in' thanks.

I got 764/1000

Just got mine, U.k. based.

Packaging is impressive, one thing though whoever did the booklet should be sacked, Just look at the date on the center picture. Didn't know John had a time machine to take a photo @ Stereo on 25/Oct 2016!

FFS, get it right with KODI would ya https://kodi.tv/the-piracy-box-sellers- … ling-kodi/

and yes flame away, but some people don't do the Genesis, salts bollox and that is not Kodi, if you bother to read the link you'll find that all these piracy add-ons will probably kill Kodi, but you'll all find something else I'm sure.

spinnerlg wrote:
aural wrote:
aural wrote:

PM me if you guys are interested in a shared cloud drive. I have unlimited storage. Just send me a PM with your gmail email and I'll add you in.

A few fellas who have sent me their emails are in already. erik.b - check your PM.
Anyone else want in, just shoot me a PM with your gmail email address.

Jay... do you actually read the 'new posts' when you log on?

I tried that avenue a while ago and go no reply so it seems you need to be in the cool gang.

funny, how I think a lot of the stuff being shard I gave out it the first place by the looks of it?

Nah mind!

Hacienda 30 early this week. Greame Park & Peter Hook discs are quality, Mike Pickering not so for me.

At the moment the ajunadeep series, vol 7 last night and bought the 2-6 today. Very nice deep mixes on Vol 7 and hoping the rest are the same.

millsy23 wrote:

Could do with a non vinyl rip version of Drum Club - Sound System (Underworld mix)

I have the cd single of this so if you don't get sorted then let me know and I'll ripp it at the weekend, I'm away at the moment.


How much you asking for NE1 Walls? Just wondering as I'm currently thinking of what to do with my collection and I have a lot of that type of stuff in it.


been asking for this option, even if it's a couple of quid more, since Argentina and on one from Bedrock has ever responded!

Seems they are not interested, so I've taken my business elsewhere. Yes I'm quite aware that makes no difference at all to Bedrock before you all bloody start!

still no option to buy physical + digital or even free digial with phyiscal!! joke!!!

Always makes me laugh when I see CSMF records mentioned, especially considering what it stands for!

Perfecto fluoro was and still is a boss album, just  a shame Oakey couldn't licence everything he wanted to use like he did on the Essential mix that was basically the frontrunner for the album.

hopefully back to the standard of Argentina or London as the last 2 were crap IMO!


Wouldn't touch it. It looks like it has a crap skin / gui and knowing most of these things you won't be able to change it easily. I've been using XBMC / Kodi for around 5 years, I'm now learning how to be a skinner, the term for creating the front end gui.

Also, until recently Kodi didn't run 100% on android, there were issues so android isn't the best platform for Kodi i think.

I don't use it for the 1channel, icefilms side of naughty naughty, I've ripped my cds, movies & tv shows and have it as my main HTPC hub. Currently running 3 x 6 TB NAS servers for main storage and around 20TB in external drives for backup purposes.

For most of you, it looks like you'll be using it for the free stuff, if so you want to search for "XBMC super-repo" or "Kodi Super-repo" this is a site that probably has all the info you need for that side of things. Don't bother with the Kodi website, they don't associate with piracy and as such there is no mention of the apps you would be interested in.

You'll find youtube vids for most things, but from the sounds of it you'll just install Kodi and then add apps / programs to access whatever. You can find other versions of Kodi where it's all setup for you, just google away and again check super-repo I think it was don't know if it still is.


HAGO Baldie.

Bedrock - For What You Dream Of (Full on Renaissance mix)