Haha, didn't think you idiots would let that one go...

Good to see not much has changed around here!

Anyone going to renew the league from last year?

FF17/18 is back up and running...

I'm in


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millsy23 wrote:
Big Fella wrote:

Blimey, we are spoilt, despite trying to ruin this splendid platform.

Will wait until the big hitters give it a thumbs up/down.

Dodging salad again.



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baboop - such a good tune.


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I haven't been on here for quite a while - what happened to Hannu?

Wasn't he meant to be moderating?

cheers buddy




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I'm sure that you'll find out soon, as the image suggests...

10 points wrote:

Oh and the club itself. I am more then sure I will never go there again. What a fucking joke that party was. Dj was a joke and the place too. A night with a stand up comedy. A night with a joke. Fuck sake I am glad I am home.

so did you have a good night then 10 points?



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Pricer wrote:

She had a jaw like a salmon - from a bag of dodgy stuff we bought. She didn't look pretty.


George Jefferson wrote:

New depths of pathetic.

After a heating discussion about their 150th pick and the whole process, they deleted my posts and banned me. Fair enough.

I come back home and I find my personal account hacked. User reads: "Sbando disarray" (Hahahahaha, comedic genius) and I found one of my post edited (mentioning my SC, "Love your SC").

Since that (the SC reference) was something that came up in our discussion, who else could be to blame?

I never mentioned the DJ involved (DJ Vibe - whoever that is), maybe another poster, but why bother, my accusations were against the mag only.



alright mate, don't let it ruin your day...

Homegrove wrote:

That's pretty cool actually.

hannu, how many of these shirts do you own, out of interest?

can someone upload it please? it's reached its download limit...


thanks for this mate, have you got a tracklist?


anyone got a release date on this yet?

watchable, not particularly enjoyable though...

it's just not aliens which is what the majority of people were hoping for it to be...

Adam Sandler - Going Overboard... easily the worst film i've ever laid eyes on. it's actually the only ever fillm i couldn't bring myself to watch all the way through...


starcreeper wrote:

American Ninja 1,2,3.


classically shit, though...


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well this thread took a fun turn...


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fatman wrote:

Sasha involver 3.. cant wait.. hope theres a new mix of ladytron on it..


that joel mull tune is pretty boss...

potato head bar in Bali - fucking great.

this bar on a rooftop opposite the HSBC building in HK. can't remember the name, but pretty cool with awesome views...


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'could of' instead of 'could have'

fucks me right off...


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zebramofo wrote:

14,000 posts

Quite a feat, on the same level as Ryan Giggs' 900 appearances for United and one that will also never be repeated.

not quite on the same level nails, in fact, some 13,100 appearances off presto's record...