Steve Arnold wrote:

Tonnes of good progressive trance around these days.


In case you're unaware of or, these sites will help manage this idea better than dropbox.


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Glen wrote:

Does anyone make tunes that fucking go over 122Bpm anymore?? Christsakes..




Ah okay! Yes it was a stomping (and extremely hot!) night!

Here is another clip of the track from Godskitchen

Any ideas?

spinnerlg wrote:

I see last seasons champ Mr P has yet to join. Did anyone ever find out who he was?

It was me...hung up my fantasy football boots now but goodluck to everyone competing this year.

Jamming - well done.

More dare devilish wheelchair action....


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FF 4 seems pretty good, but downgraded back to 3 after finding out that half my add-ons don't work.

Bleep 43.

His most recent set at MoS was disappointing....and does no one like it when he plays the harder stuff no more? His never say never sets were a bit too tame for me so will probably give that next MoS date a miss.


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Been with 3 for years....solid service overall, however when travelling on trains the signal drops drastically compared to my other phone [orange] that I use.  They do use an Indian call centre but they are competent bunch in my experience.


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Beijing Dave wrote:

1. Chinese peasants slurping their noodles.

The VIP section is meh....and the view from the balcony is extremely limited.  The cloakroom queues are very long, toilets are small, drinks are expensive, and the crowd isn't the best.  Security are relatively thorough throughout the night too.

Despite all that, the immense sound system and light display makes it one of my favourite clubs.  I've also caught John 00 Fleming at MoS and it was a top night.

Always enjoyed seeing Sven live....except when he drops the odd gimmicky tune.

I never used to see what all the fuss was about with Sarah Michelle Gellar....and Britney Spears.


Quality racist sketch from russell peters...

Indians in my experience.


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diggerfuel wrote:

yes everyone's first concern is the content, but if you collect books its a different story and of course the physical feel of a book is unbeatable to that of a computer (many people might beg to differ though)

Technology is taking the fun out traditional methods: going to a bookshop, going to a record shop. People collect vinyl for over years, people collect books for over years. You find rare pieces here and there its a whole different experience.

Physically, a kindle is more comfortable to hold than a book and easier to read in bed. Turning a page is more efficient too.


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I think the kindle is great...Very light, battery hardly needs charging, and the on-page dictionary is handy too.  I've got mine linked to calibre ebook software so it sends specific online news articles to the device.   Only consider getting the 3g version if you intend on regularly purchasing ebooks from the Amazon store on the move. … rn-online/

Solid album.

Monolake - Alaska/Melting

Tina Moore - Never Gonna Let You Go (Artful Dodger Mix) … re=related