to the man himself!!!


i have t4 this cd and a bedrock 4th anniversary poster signed and there all the same too smiley face included, picture how often he signs his name haha

cheers for the post !

amazing to hear the distance people travelled to be at this night!

fair play folks!

northen exposure 1

i grew up listening to the likes of k.l.f., omd, depeche mode and new order my mum and her sister loved all that kind of stuff a lot of my older cousins were really into the electronic scene it was drummed into my head from an early age , when i heard northen exposure 1 it all made sense to me!! its been an amazing journey ive been to alot of great places seen some amazing act/djs and met a lot of cool people along the way , i have dance music to thank for it!!

lol i see what some of you are saying with the flaws of the packaging but the fact that gu and the likes of go to the effort of doing something like that is amazing, ive got involver 1 2,gu 10 and the limited edition 10th aniversary rennaisance cd on my dressing table instead , doesnt bother me in the slightest

to spinnerlg would it not be easier just to make a copy of cd's like involver 2 for ur car ??

realesing the mix from matter would be a bril idea like simon r said there was a lot of fans that couldnt make it myself included as much as i tried! been a fan of urs since i was 11years old your musics changed my life !! thanks john ur a legend!

received myn today aswell just about to put it on !! cant wait


well folks how did it go


John d & coke wrote:

Arguably the best set i have ever heard

who else did you hear ?  guy j the howeller??

would love to have been there!

Thee-O wrote:

Nothing against Joel as I think he is a amazing producer but Jeff Mills is a history lesson and class is in session. Nuff said.


super cheers dan!

i was ten 11 years old when this was realesed i heard it that year and it changed everything for me ! would love to have been at one of those nights ive got a tape of sasha and digweed on jjj radio of the tour it sounded amazing!!

Andy IHF wrote:

Something like this please!!!!!!

Moby - "Go" (A Cappella) [Part of First Track]

Samples from the Speaking Clock [Part of First Track]

God Within - "Raincry" (A Cappella) [Part of Second Track]

Rabbit In The Moon - "Out of Body Experience" [Second Track]

Sunscream - "Perfect Motion" [Third Track]
Amber - "Anyways" (Steve Porter's Mix 1)
FC Kahuna - "Hayling"

Jondi & Spesh - "We Are Connected"

Saints & Sinners - "Pushin Too Hard" (Official 2003 Mix)

G-Pal - "Ocean of Blue"

Nathan Flake - "Outhouse"

Sasha - "Cloud Cuckoo" (Luke Chable Mix)

Kings of Tomorrow - "I Want You" (Luke Fair Mix)

Depeche Mode - "Only When I Lose Myself" (Chris Micali featuring Ali Ajami Mix)

Matthew Dekay vs. Beastie Boys - "Intergalactic"

Matthew Dekay - "If I Could Fly"

Matthew Dekay - "Higher Thoughts"

Quest vs Dirty 4's - "Basstrap"

Matthew Dekay - "A Time To Think" (Forward Mix)

Chable and Bonicci - "Ride"
James Talk - "Eggs Are Cute" (Dave Robertson's Going Deep Mix)
Luke Fair - "The Wish"
Infusion - "Girls Can Be Cruel"
Traffik - "Your Light"
Tony Thomas - "Freedom"

King Unique - "Sugarhigh"

Ian Brown - "Fear" (UNKLE Mix)

UNKLE - "In A State" (Sasha Mix)

Sabres of Paradise - "Smokebelch" (2003 Mix)

Villo & Beaumont - "Wormhole Surfing"

Accadia - "Into The Dawn" (James Holden Mix)
Pete Heller - "The Drop"
Timo Maas - "Unite"
Black Pearl - "Barracuda"
Squareface - "Electrify"
Remy - "Bang"

New Order - "Blue Monday" (John Digweed's Cheeky Edit of the Hardfloor Mix 2)

Sigur Ros - "Svef-n-Genglar" (Innerstate Mix)

Luke Chable vs PQM - "You Are Sleeping" (Dub)

Flash Brothers - "Deep Love" (G-Pal Rough Draft Mix)
G-Pal - "Ophra" (El Grecko Mix)
Beloved - "Sweet Harmony" (Kosmas Epsilon & Zorz 'Northern People' Bootleg Mix) [Fourth to Last Track]

Bedrock - "Heaven Scent" (POB's Seismix) [Third to Last Track]

Leftfield - "Cut For Life" [Second to Last Track]

Ian Brown - "Fear" (UNKLE Mix) [Final Track]

this would be an amazing night

majortom wrote:

I'm such a sucker for the words "signed copy"... wink


x2  big_smile

in no order 009, 013, 008 ,028, 019,006,027

satoshi tomiee's nubreed sanders too

danny howells 247

cant possibly choose  1 !!

really liking this, great remix!

jeff mills hands down a master at his trade , dead mau5 wud be excellent too

wish i was going id be the guy standing at the dj box with a smile ear to ear in amazment! all night long...

havent heard it yet but seem him recently in lush !

set was unreal, gona get it this weekend cant wait!


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absolutely amazing i havent  stopped listening to it! wouldnt compare it to the first either for obvious reasons , ive heard a few of the original tracks too and whats sasha's done is mind blowing!  worth the wait

favourite track at the mo

charlie may - midnight

this tune wouldnt look out of place on northen exposure 1 amazing!!

few crackers there for defs,