heard on Guy J's new mix

https://soundcloud.com/guy-j/guy-j-once … er2014-mix

gr8 !!!

awesome smile

Grab Here!!!!!

https://soundcloud.com/stripped99/she-d … -donatello


Jamie Stevens...... WoW!!!!!!!

oki noki never fails

ACID straight out of Essex. Nice work!

stripped99 wrote:

Instrumentals to be released in Sept with an extra Accapella / DJ Tool from KU

good call !!!

Straight up summery prog on the Original and a sublime remix from Audioglider. Summer vibes

Like this video for the Original Mix


double bubble here !

Age Of Gross gets better every listen - ACID smile

quality stuff here

Four massive remixes well done to everybody involved!.

superbly produced summery prog love it!

"Feeding Me Poison" smile

great release, beautiful artwork

love this guys stuff, deep prog

roberto wrote:

I love the photo on soundcloud - a real arms in the air moment and the lad at the front is fully concentrating on looking down the young minker's chest. Can't say I blame him from what I can see....

I think that pic is from an Off Sonar event in 2012 that Norm played at if i remember with Henry Saiz and others.

This Bjork thing is a beauty!

quality throughout!

stripped99 wrote:
Homegrove wrote:

KU remix is great. Bringing back prog breaks is a ballsy move.

agreed on that mate smile

would be nice to see that genre return!

Powerful stuff loving the 303 action!!!!

double summer goodness smile

Nice to hear Nick Warren drop "If She Likes" in Brixton.