fcuk u . u peasant and slippery when wet little eel.
I ll catch u , u liar , you have everything to loose and nothing to gain.

can see the headline now

Bealio busts Bealiobuster .....

id be on house or garage watch if i were you ....

just a thought.

Not really no . i just think its very very shallow, that u deem fit to post other peoples pictures all over the net.

When nobody has uncovered you, or true identity to this day ??

you Fcukin weasel.....

So where are your pics? bealiobuster

Your such a big man aint you..

btw i know where your mum lives.

next stop uncle chris smile

Dermo wrote:

Basically from what ive seen this is how melters roll.

Bealio - has stalked me for years. Used to constantly pm me on GU pestering for mp3's he wanted. To the point where I had to tell him to fuck off. Then he went mental and was threatening me for a mix off every week and generally talking complete shit. Then he has got round to saying i didnt work at The bloc when he's about 12 and has no idea. He's just a dribbling little pissant with a vendetta.

Chunky - Pissed him off about 4 years ago because he was constantly banging on about a Sasha set being a conspiracy and it was really Digweed. He spat his dummy and has stalked me ever since. He shows the same mental pattern as SimonR.
Look at his efforts ie deflects his infliction turns it around and accuses me of the same sycophantic ways. Clever eh? Look on mercury server

http://www.mercuryserver.com/forums/sea … hid=453040

Yet in true mental form he constantly makes out that its me who is infact like that. LOL Scary shit. Proper looper and now he stalks me constantly.

SimonR a grown man who follows the Sashweed duo around the planet. Knows where they hang out, knows what they drink, knows what they wear and he does little montages of them for everyone yet what does he do? He turns it around to look like its me obsessed. Fuck-ing Weird-o.

Hop head is Bealio too.

http://www.bedrock.org.uk/socialise/vie … 54#p464054

Got that little montage over with LOL . Got 10 pager written all over it.  Little lie down i think.

i storked u? PMSL .. no chance, u were the one asking for tetraflux id s before i even knew you on GU.... FACT
I have no alias to boot on here, im not that stupid or SAD, that I dont have anything else to do.

Lord Lucan,

Dermo dont u even ask me about any alias again!! considering your post count and join date!!!!!
and your bollix??... your sure as fcuk aint got a leg to stand on ...


Any spares ,any spares  will buy any spares?

Slabs wrote:

As much as I honestly have no idea what's going on here, I'd like to suggest that anyone who creates an alias for the sole purpose of attacking someone ON THE INTERNET is a bit of a choad.

indeed slabs

manimal and fairy come to mind 2bh...

just waiting for the truth fairy now huh

Unbelievable jeff

Good stuff. . . .:-)

Half price ticket for the re-union going?

I dont think dermo is gonna make it?

Uh o melter

Looks like da dicksniffer, DERMO is getting deeper.....

And deeper

Uh o

Melter .............

Dermo wrote:

Only in your head Billy Bunter. Although its nice to see you hang off bealio's coat tails. Aka fatheadman who when he isnt busy selling illegal mp3's of artists he's challenging people to a mix off.
Still now youve found common ground you might as well stay down there.
i understand your boredom. Not exactly at the sharp end of the culinary scale dropping shit into hot fat all day long are you? That and flipping burgers for a living isnt exactly taxing for the mind imagine, you only have to look at Maccy d's employees to get an idea.

i got u a ticket for the re- union derms, on faketime yeah..

Nantwich to mcr ....ohhh niga pls smile

dean wilson + dermo x1

Dermo wrote:

Eastern bloc.

your full of shit derms.....

u never worked at eastern bloc ever, and i know that for a fact....


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And at sankeys on friday too, where i seam to remember a few years ago, with John finishing with Slacker - Psychout (Micahs Tribute To A Legend Remix) smile

Grigory Fatyanov & Second Skin - Inner Vision [SILKTX022]

mmm. no copywrite??

FFS  sad



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Dermo wrote:
Big Fella wrote:

Let's hope he plays music that gives emotion a chance to speak.


Getting all welled up just dreaming of it. Hoping I get a wink or a knowing head nod.
Will send full report with pics to Simon for complete documentation purposes. Try to catch the holy grail in the urinals. Heavens knows what that would be worth ? Might just give it him as a peace offering.

u not on the guest list derm's???


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Its 5 hours aswell , the most he has played in this country this year is 4  sad

Get yourself down there derm s ...


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Kumquat wrote:

Compuphonic - Sequoia (Lee Jones Remix)
Flowers and Sea Creatures - A.M.
Joachim Pastor - Braumstig (Rodriguez Jr. Remix)

some great choices there mate smile nice .


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mullykid wrote:

I always want to try and name the top 3/5 (or whatever) this time of year, but I cant. I just can't... Ok! So fuck off and leave me alone! smile

totally why would you tell anyone??

whats your best tracks of the year??

Dermo wrote:

Who would have Adam & Eve'd it? Both gone.

Baconface.. knows his bread and butter,

Fa Cup next should be interesting???

jesus rob jesus,leave it..

sounds nothing like mate.....


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terrible news , unbelievable

I just hope, there is an independant inquest...


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Kumquat wrote:

Has Digweed/Prydz got their own V_rtek show now, or are the guys that produce it doing the lighting weekly at the WHP this season?

Good Point..

So its Jeff Mills this weekend, anyone in attendance? whatsoever?

Dermo wrote:

Acetate only. Never got released in any form.

i know that....but there were some test pressings.

So where did they go?

nice mate like it, but also after this vinyl, ..If anyone can point me in the right direction?

Bjork All Is Full Of Love (brancaccio and aisher mix)

really important week for citeh this week, make or break time , lets hope tevez drops his attitude.

Gerd  arkests blaze,  is right in the middle chunky.