I've done a thorough search of Amazon's listmania on dance albums, and read over lots of reviews. In the end I bought about 12 new artists dance albums.

From Mylo's "Destroy Rock and Roll" to Lemonjelly and Royskop, Moderat, Burial etc.

Most of the albums had really interesting write ups, so I'm looking forward to recieving them and catching up with current dance music trends.

fletcher wrote:

Chemical Brothers - Surrender (10 years old!!)

Got that one! Its a classic. BTW I'm in Oxfordshire too... smile

westy wrote:

Which Kosheen album Dan/anyone?

Its got a picture of a Stag on the sleeve.


Here are a few I've heard of - the Audio Bullies album. Kosheen? DJ Shadow - Entroducing. These any good?

I've got The Streets - Original Pirate Material. Its pretty good.

I'm a bit out of touch. Which are the best artist dance albums of the last 10 years?

The stuff I'm talking about is the latest equivalent to Leftfields 'Leftism' or Underworlds 'Second Toughest In Infants', or The Prodigy's 'Fat Of The land'. I sort of lost touch with artist dance albums at the begining of the noughties.

In the nineties I bought a compilation by Tong in which there was a list of the top 25 dance albums. It was brilliant, I bought every one of them. Love em to bits.

So what would that list contain of the albums from the last 10 years?

Thanks guys.

fletcher wrote:

1 and 3 are the only comps i do not own, have never seen them for sale in the uk.  Kasey Taylors set is wicked, he is playing the origin stage at glade this year so looking forward to that.

Thats interesting! Wonder if they are available secondhand on Amazon (either UK or USA) or on eBay? Must admit I've never seen them either.

Put balance 002 by Kasey Taylor on this early morning. Was impressed by how good it was. Some of the great old classic tracks on there.

So I was wondering what are the other (really) early Balance compilations like? Particularly the ones by Sean Quinn #001 and Bill Hamel # 003?

Got all the other ones. From Phil K onwards.

Is it worth chasing up these last two elusive early mixes for the sake of completion? Are they worth listening to?


#1 is my favorite, but #4 is a close second.

#2&3 are cool too but I prefer the others.

Sasha - Ibiza

Kleinenberg - Nubreed

These two are in a class of their own! IMO.

simonpreston wrote:

Did this a few months back

Oh yes! Whoops...

Which is your favorite Transitions compilation by Digweed? I gotta say mine is probably #1.

How about you?