Circulation - Turquoise (Guy j mix)

is ace !!!

Heard him last Saturday at Rotterdam Toffler club, it was ace....
delivered a real underground atmosphere, fantastic night

thanks guys for your response

Agoria is indeed my choice for sat. night

thanks mate...

I'm planning to visit the Brussels on next weekend 18-19.feb

Any suggestions for a quality clubs with not high prices,

the music styles range: nu-disco, deep house, house, tech house, progressive, and techno.

I'm not particularly after famous djs, but also would enjoy local guys delivering quality music

thanks in advance


i like the vocal


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Ahad Adump wrote:

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There's another version, of US interest in conflict.
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Libya is an independent country and situation differs from Iraq, I hardly realize how other countries could take control over Libya oil.

Just checked a cd1, and not excited, didn't feel the flow... maybe after the middle.
But beginning disappointed me.

Though there are some great tunes
07. Phattivan - Man From Ternopil
15. Sante & Adam Port - Solano

and some others

Massive attack - mezzanine

comes to my mind.

Remember, I came up to idea that Richie's Hawtin
famous "Transition" was not annoying, though it is minimal

cool set … bel-suisse

Homegrove wrote:

as far as i know it was in St. Peterburg

ukhursty wrote:

I seriously don't get the hype around Villoooobobobs, every time I hear something by him, its absolute wank.



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idigweed wrote:

Having enjoyed the trippier elements of DJ Three's set after Sasha at Matter on 6 March, I was wondering if anyone had any links to some of his recent mixes for me to investigate.

I've downloaded Hallucienda which I'm enjoying as well at the moment.

ooh.... Hallucienda
reminded me that I have to put this cd again
smile) quality cd


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simonpreston wrote:

His essential mix in 2001 pretty much cemented my decision to get turntables. Superb mix.

yeah remember that one,
it was for a long time time in my cd player.

Also first release of "Everybody"
IMO one of the best track selection and sequence
very trippy


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but his latest production is quite ok,

sure, i don't speak abt "this our day" (or smth like that)

but there was a couple of good tracks, "zippy" for example

shaunstrudwick wrote:
cjb001 wrote:
shaunstrudwick wrote:

i must be getting old cos i don't really like it

when was the last time you really went clubbing shaun?

about 2005 / 2006

before the baby was born

the same situation here smile

though I find this tracks quite trippy,
so, it's also pleasant to listen to them when driving a car...
sure I'll include them in my mix which I want to recorder in order to put
it in my walkman when jogging


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steelydan72 wrote:
cjb001 wrote:
fletcher wrote:

Its awesome. Have a word.


it's begs the question what does Sasha do with ableton?

Agree with that,
as I was thinking Sasha uses ableton to play in a "similar" to B14 way,
but all stuff I heard from him recently reminds me a vinyls style track by track set

like your sound man,
will burn for car stereo

I tried to use that web template also... nice