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Amps wrote:

Yeah, bang in the middle of Chamonix.

Looking for a cheap pint more than anything, that and a lack of dick heads in general.

We have 4 days of boarding, so will probably venture up to Argentiere at some point. Plenty of snow at the mo and lots more to come this week.

Loads of places in Chamonix. Lots of breaks and DnB nights if I remember. Cantina used to be great, though may have closed. Vert small but good. As expected it has some cheesy places playing shit, but get a local listings magazine from a bar as always something worthwhile on. It's definitely better than most ski resorts.

Was listening to John 00 Fleming's Essential Mix from 2010 this morning. Highly recommended, particularly first hour...
https://soundcloud.com/yoshii-2/john-00 … ential-mix

Can anyone can recommend any similar deep prog/ trance mixes?


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You do realise John's basically giving us a trial here and if the month is successful he'll prob keep the board going.

Let's try keep it positive.

No surprise at all.

If I was John and read the general posts and conversations on here I'd be fucking embarrassed.

It is not the alias' it's the fact you are all fucking morons...Actually not all, just about 15/20 of you.

Was probably brought to John's attention around the Involver3 thread, when various producers and mixers got dragged into it and the usual loud minority on hear made tits of themselves. Then he probably occasionally checked on it and saw threads on UKIP/ football threads and aggressive, bitter, old twats shouting down any newcomer...

A shame, but thankfully it's the 15/20 loud minority that will suffer the most, as the fat, thick, insecure cunts won't have their playground audience soon..

comical_ali wrote:

Your sentence seems unfinished?

Anyway, taking a punt at what you were trying to say, the reason the board doesn't reflect Bedrock (as it's name suggests it would) is because it has been taken over by balding, overweight 40+ men who are struggling to reach adult levels of emotional and behavioral maturity - and who have spent years on here finding safety in numbers and getting one back for the bullying they suffered in the playground or the workplace, their minds addled by late 90's california sunrise nights in the progressive house peak and years of alcoholism.  There are also younger members who - like a weasel-shit in the playground, wants to be a sidekick to the bullies, following them around, laughing at their jokes in the hope they won't pick on them. 

It's a tragic and pathetic place which provides fantastic entertainment for a brief period.


Very true, some truly pathetic individuals on here.

Personally thought the midnight sequence of Place of love edit - PNG - Royksopp - Time was perfect. Bringing it down for another build in the last hour..

fadass wrote:

What has that got to do with my post, Dan?

danbailey80 wrote:
fadass wrote:

Mumford and Sons are headlining and closing the festival?

That is fucking abysmal.

I heard there a few other stages http://clashfinder.com/s/g2013/?excl-st … oadha&

Was just saying there's loads of other stuff to go instead, but yeah a terrible headliner..

fadass wrote:

Mumford and Sons are headlining and closing the festival?

That is fucking abysmal.

I heard there a few other stages http://clashfinder.com/s/g2013/?excl-st … oadha&

MattBlack wrote:

Why did he keep going on about that Home video track and how he had no idea it didnt make the album, well it was his album so surely he must have some idea, also hope that Bonobo Eyesdown track makes it out in some form as well

because it was one of the first tracks they worked on..this always happens, you get bored of something and move on..but then in hindsight, with a clear head you regret it

Wonderful stuff this set..

flares_and_an_anorak wrote:

2011 - is that the year Jay-Z and his wifey were shmoozing down the front of the stage with Gwyneth Paltrow, while all the plebs were sweating it out in the cattle pen? Fucking corporate wankfest with a cherry on top.

I think they call them backstage passes, they usually give a few to headlining bands (Coldplay, Beyonce). As for being a corporate wankfest. After breaking even, they donate all their profits to charity, usually around 2 million each year.

None of the smaller stages and dance stages (i.e. glade stage, all the late night stuff, arcadia, most of the Dance village) have not been announced yet, hence not many DJs on that list..


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Loving Involver 3 now. Like all of best stuff, it's taken me a while, and it's been more of a challenge, but am getting more rewards from it now. It's a grower..


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Grayson Shipley wrote:

Right i'm going to abstain from everybody else's remarks, i'm not being drawn in. But if  DanBailey would like to pop over to mine and let me wank him onto my Frosties sometime, it would mean a lot to me.

ummm. I was agreeing with you...why am i getting abuse!?


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starcreeper wrote:
Grayson Shipley wrote:

I don't understand the description 'jerky' ? They sound smooth to myself and everyone else involved in it.

There's a reason Matt plays to people at the back of a pubs in towns like Middlewich & Buxton, Grayson. He knows what hes talking about.

To be fair, Matt's comments have been relatively calm and articulate, compared with the other moronic stupidity.


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liquitech1 wrote:

I've listened to the mix 4 times now and I don't understand the negativity towards it either....either some people honestly don't understand mixing or they're taking the piss intentionally....the only mix that sounds "slammed" in is 'The Healing' and its just a change of bassline...the ThermalBear transition sounds exactly like a Sasha mix to me... hmm

The vast majority of negative comments are from people who were slagging it off back in September before it's release...


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Grayson Shipley wrote:

I read this thread with a total disbelief. What a sad bunch you are on here.

I have to agree with this..probably the most depressing thread i have ever read.


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Loved the Key Club..Great size and atmosphere..

And Velvet Rooms just had amazing feel about it..


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What were you listening to it on? Involver 1 can sound beautiful/ chilled but also sound fat/ deep in different environments and volumes.

Thanks Matt for the links Cheers

and who was the "twat" who came up with term "progressive..."?


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this genuine?

http://www.mixcloud.com/buzzfuzz/sasha- … 5oct-1997/

Great interviewer, and Sasha also comes across well; honest, humble but ultimately a huge fan of music and the history.

So does anyone actually know what happened with John and Sasha?


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simonr wrote:

There's a Logic (LA) set and a bunch of random DATs (DJ in the Box) and mis-labels of tapes (Tyrant).

1996 had some good sets.

Yes 1996 is a feast - so many good sets. I'll try find the Logic and Tyrants. Thanks for help. Cheers


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Thanks for links. I forgot I had the JJJ, is a classic. So only one Sasha set from the whole year?