aahh yes...

Like the Waterbending track smile

beautiful track this...

apologies in advance...but I love this smile

this guy fathered Bruce Lee & Charles Bronson...FACT!


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love this one smile

bit o' this & that...

Oh for the love of god! hmm

Stimming smashing it now

https://www.be-at.tv/brands/parc-del-fo … mming-live

Rob Harper on the piano, best intro to this song ever!!

Al Stewart - Year Of The Cat [Live 1979]

I wanted to be Limahl

Skinny Puppy - Worlock

Sbando wrote:

Great one, Gav.

Cheers Lorenzo

I found an old cassette I did back in 99 that had this track on it smile

Needed a revival

still get shivers looking at this now, an amazing night smile

the Innocents...a defining record from my musical youth

I love it...she hates it....so it gets played at least twice a day big_smile


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love these 2 live versions, the drums & bass are solid 

Nice 1 Hannu, will give this a blast smile

j.p sykes wrote:

had it on this morning, nice work mate

Thanks Mr. Sykes smile

Nice 1 Gerry! smile

mynameisconor wrote:

This is just brilliant- nostalgia fest! Great work mate

Thank you! smile

Thanks for listening, appreciate the comments smile

https://soundcloud.com/silinder/silinde … e-the-days

01 Lionrock - Lionrock
02 Dee Patten - Who's The Badman
03 Gat Decor - Passion
04 Leftfield - Not Forgotten
05 Chameleon Project - Feel [Spooky Remix Pt.1]
06 Future Sound of London - Papua New Guinea
07 Dr. Atmoic - Schudelfloss [High On Hedonism Mix]
08 Sunscreem - Perfect Motion [Boys Own Mix]
09 Visions of Shiva - Perfect Day
10 Pete Lazonby - Sacred Cycles
11 Humate & Rabbit in the Moon - East [R.I.T.M Southern Stimulation Mix]
12 Castle Trancelot - Indoctrinate
13 Desert - Moods
14 First Life - Be One Of Us
15 Chris Raven - I Know You Love Me Too [Van Bellen Mix]
16 Classified Project - Sub Culture
17 BT - Mercury & Solace [Dub Mix]
18 JT Company - Feel It (in the air) [Evolution Dubby Mix]
19 Hong Kong Trash - Down The River [H.K.T McBuffallo Mix]
20 Space Manouvers - Stage One [Seperation mix]
21 T-Era - El Tren [Slacker's Transporto Mix]
22 Placebo - Every You Every Me [Brothers In Rhythm Glam Club Mix]
23 Clanger - Seadog [Fog Mix]
24 L.S.G. - Netherworld [Jules Verne Mix]
25 Paul Van Dyk - Words (for love)
26 Humate - Love Stimulation [Paul Van Dyk's Love Club Mix]