I've probably posted this already but who cares, it's deserves another


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My son goes to the school next to the church where Byrne is going on Monday, we've been informed that the school will be closing early and shops in the area have been forced to close because Garda are expecting it to kick off, unsurprisingly.

this popped up on the ipod today on the commute home, great album too

millsy23 wrote:

#Tip. Lump on the shares for Lee Jeans. Rumour has it they're reopening a store at the Blanchardstown Centre.

Proper lol there big_smile


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Massive crowd, looking forward to the 26th in Dublin smile


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looks class! looking forward to Dublin gig on the 26th Feb smile

This came on on the radio on my commute home from work today, jasus, I nearly burst into tears like a complete soppy bollox.

Been years since I heard it, all those past memories just hit me, it's those backing vocals that does it...

now I'm off to play it on repeat and have a good aul cry


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it's a sad day sad


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have a great nights kids, be safe smile x

...the language of love is music...

remember being absolutely trolleyed when I heard this for the first time, head almost exploded

One of my fav tracks this year

Touche Compilation 1


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303 abuser wrote:

to get this going, i have a workflow question.  how do you go through the arrangement process?

I struggled with the arrangement process for a long time, still do sometimes.

What I did in the past was use a 'ghost track', find a song that you like that best suits what you want to do, put it on a track in your arrangement and copy the layout/foundation from start to finish.

Obviously you can change or alter to your own taste but it helped me when was started out smile


Cassini - Proximity (Bliss Remix)

https://soundcloud.com/deep-house-londo … liss-remix

must have watched this 6 times today now, amazingly fucked up...yet strangely beautiful...

This was always a good cd for me wink

Todd Edwards - Locked On : Inside The Mix

https://soundcloud.com/garethisonit/loc … de-the-mix

One of John's many quality releases this year, this is a fuckin' genius track and ticks all the boxes for me.

Never fails to deliver smile

love this track, one of my favourites this year