smallman1 wrote:

Cracking list that Klooptheloop.

Thanks Smallman smile

poirot wrote:

Erasure? In an all time top ten?? Really???

well for me personally, this record takes me back to a particular time & a certain person whom I have fond memories of.

Obviously, Erasure are not gonna be to everyone's taste, but that's nothing new to me smile

erik.b wrote:
klooptheloop wrote:


still gives  me goosebumps

as does this:

ye can't go wrong with any Quivver track smile



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Got these Etnies last week, comfortable as f@>k!

Cocteau Twins - Treasure [1984]
Echo & the Bunnymen - Echo & the Bunnymen [1987]
New Musik - From A to B [1980]
The Smiths - Meat is Murder [1985]
The Cure - The Head on the Door [1985]
Depeche Mode - Construction Time Again [1983]
New Order - Technique [1989]
Electronic - Electronic [1991]
Erasure - The Innocents [1988]
The Blue Nile - Hats [1989]

bleedin' pikeys!


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nice 1 Danny smile

Skylar guilty pleasure...

aahh yes...

Like the Waterbending track smile

beautiful track this...

apologies in advance...but I love this smile

this guy fathered Bruce Lee & Charles Bronson...FACT!


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love this one smile

bit o' this & that...

Oh for the love of god! hmm

Stimming smashing it now … mming-live

Rob Harper on the piano, best intro to this song ever!!

Al Stewart - Year Of The Cat [Live 1979]

I wanted to be Limahl

Skinny Puppy - Worlock

Sbando wrote:

Great one, Gav.

Cheers Lorenzo

I found an old cassette I did back in 99 that had this track on it smile

Needed a revival

still get shivers looking at this now, an amazing night smile