God, I love this bassline!


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steelydan wrote:

Tayto's cheese & onion flavour

Somebody's been spending too much time over here wink

Ask your missus about these beauties, addicted to these in the 90's smile



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Nice 1 Jon smile

on a Fresh Fruit buzz this weekend...

Maurice - Feline [Original Union Mix]

I'm In Love!!

New track from Jape, love this smile

Hot Chip lovers may like this


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Nice 1 Dan, have to get another HSS night in in Ukiyo soon smile


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nice 1 Colly, thanks for the support!

Will give it a blast smile

had this on over the xmas alot

https://soundcloud.com/erolalkan/suppor … bible-tour



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cheers Jamie smile

jamie wrote:

Not all of us.

I'm growing mine out as I'm going for a John Dempsey


Tim Lovejoy?

And my #TBT for today!

catchy this...


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Homegrove wrote:

Are you part of Tilt now Gav? Cool.

Resonator is a great track.

Cheers Hannu smile

I wouldn't say part of TILT wink

Mick was in touch with me earlier in the year and asked me to do a remix of their Underground Allstars track, which was for charity, so I did that.

https://soundcloud.com/silinder/hail-to … ix-out-now

They were so happy with the result they asked me to collab on a track from their upcoming album (which is out now). They sent me a rough track and the parts and I gave them back the track as you hear it 'Resonator' smile


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Cheers for the support on Resonator Matt smile

Pilot - January

The Dooleys - Love of my Life


Nice 1 Hannu, will have it on for an essential Sunday listen:)

Banco De Gaia - Last Train To Lhasa

Himmel - Celebrate Life (Halogen Remix)

this has been on repeat for some time today, lovely cover

Hayden Thorpe & Jon Hopkins - Goodbye Horses

https://soundcloud.com/mon_amie_records … den-thorpe

It's Sunday morning, which means only one thing...Peter Murphy!

Had it on while I was painting the kitchen today, very nice mix pal smile