must have watched this 6 times today now, amazingly fucked up...yet strangely beautiful...

This was always a good cd for me wink

Todd Edwards - Locked On : Inside The Mix … de-the-mix

One of John's many quality releases this year, this is a fuckin' genius track and ticks all the boxes for me.

Never fails to deliver smile

love this track, one of my favourites this year

I love stumbling across a track on YT that you've been after for years... like a weight off my shoulders...

If you haven't heard this, tis quality

I've never been a big fan of Faithless, but I can remember been off me bracket one night and hearing this for the first time, still gives me shivers...

...take me back....

shaunstrudwick wrote:

kooptheloop remix of dPen

lol, thank you kind sir smile

revisiting this mix from Datassette

Datassette - Polb
Severed Heads - Traumat
Shoc Corridor - In An Empty Room
Ende Shneafliet - Rendez-Vous Met Betsy
Datassette - Kawai Sprinkles
Tropic Of Cancer - More Alone (Album Version)
Depeche Mode - People Are People (Edit)
PTP - Show Me Your Spine
New Order - Blue Monday (Datashat Green Friday Mix)
Datassette - Untitled
Doomed Nudes - Negative FM
The Other People Place - Let Me Be Me
Datassette - Cagney XOR Lacey (Part 1)
Datassette - Chi Sagittarii
Matt Holland - Tablet Drone
Richard Devine - Plonked Spectral (Vaetxh Oort Cloud Remix)
OMD - 2nd Thought
Deux - Game And Performance
Moderne - Qu'elle Me Caresse
CHBB - Ima Iki-Mashoo
Hrdvsion - Home
Jonny L - Moving Thru Air
Mister Fisto - Rein Und Klar (Edit)
Severed Heads - Floopness


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01 - Slam - Eterna (Original Mix)
02 - Jaydee -- Plastic Dreams
03 - The Disco Evangelists -- De Niro (Journey Mix 93)
04 - Roach Motel -- Transatlantic (Original Mix)
05 - Roach Motel -- Movin' On (Original Mix)
06 - Rejuvination -- Requiem (Part 2 Mix)
07 - Liberation -- Liberation 2 (Original Mix)
08 - Glam -- Hells Party (DJ Ricci Mix)
09 - Ramirez & Pizarro -- Hablando (Original Mix)
10 - Mukkaa -- Buruchacca (Main Mix)
11 - Slam -- Positive Education (Original Mix)
12 - Rollo Goes Mystic -- Love Love Love (Big Mix)
13 - Transformer 2 -- Just Can't Get Enough (Extended Radio Mix)

aahh, the days of the aul Youth Club disco's...


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zackster wrote:
klooptheloop wrote:

wanked meself silly to these two...


did a proper lol there, nice 1 zackster

still sounds great...


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wanked meself silly to these two...

aahh, good days...


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cheers pal smile

Will be grabbing this pal, thanks smile

revisiting this performance from the one man musical mastermind...


Ger_Stokes wrote:

Warmed up for Zabiela & Fanciuilli when they were doing their one + one thing, warmed up for Lee Coombs, and played on the same nights as Digweed and Timo Mass another night but didn't warm up for them.

don't forget that night we did warm up for Jacques Le Cont too lad wink

smallman1 wrote:

Cracking list that Klooptheloop.

Thanks Smallman smile

poirot wrote:

Erasure? In an all time top ten?? Really???

well for me personally, this record takes me back to a particular time & a certain person whom I have fond memories of.

Obviously, Erasure are not gonna be to everyone's taste, but that's nothing new to me smile

erik.b wrote:
klooptheloop wrote:


still gives  me goosebumps

as does this:

ye can't go wrong with any Quivver track smile



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Got these Etnies last week, comfortable as f@>k!