Seriously, is no-one going to comment on him on his profile pic on SoundCloud, touching a minor?

Definitly will give it a listen; in need of some good music right now! Thanks for the d/l. wink

"Bully" by Dupspeeka.

Easily, even without a YouTube link.


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Great lady, if only for this quote;

"The problem with socialism is that eventually you run out of other people's money."


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Dermo wrote:

She'd have put you straight sweetheart.
Well... maybe not.
I can't think of any world leaders coming from Holland. Infact I can't think of one politician from Holland let alone somebody as powerful as her. Wasn't drunk on power like you over on Gu either. Infact the only thing you have in common is you're both birds.

It's a bit frightning to see it still affects some people to this day, what is it, 4/5 years later?
And they say women are not capable of ever letting go of things...


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Not so much iron after all then.

I was going through some treasures in my dusty archive and couldn't stop listening to some Howells-cd's so I decided to upload some;

Nightlife Report (1998)

Nocturnal Frequencies (1999)

Nocturnal Frequencies 2 Disc 1 (2000)

Nocturnal Frequencies 2 Disc 2 (2000)

Nocturnal Frequencies 3 Disc 1 (2001)

Nocturnal Frequencies 3 Disc 2 (2001)

I hope you enjoy them as much I did. Nice to hear this again after so long! wink

Lately I've been listening to some incredible sounds from Joost van Bellen (mid-90's - club, aka "garage") among other stuff, but most of the mixes he did simply stand out for me. Amazing vibe in clubs back then where this was played. I've uploaded a few to give you an impression;

Enjoy if you're into that sort of thing.

This is quite awesome!

Does anyone know where I could find the actual recording of this Fleetwood Mac version, is this from one of their live albums??

Horrifying stuff, awful to hear - let alone live through something like that...

I can't even begin to imagine how powerless and defeated you all must feel, namistai.

My sincerest condolences to you and your family..


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Well, except for the Holiday Rap maybe...

MattBlack wrote:

Im not sure the bloke with the tache knows who she is, probably thinks shes just some mad drunk woman who started singing on the tube

She's definitly drunk... LOL!

Junkie XL live on ADE in a few moments @ the 'Concertgebouw', Amsterdam. … ature=plcp

Btw, hi everybody.


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I just bought myself a copy on Ebay.

Love it.


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3 Phase Featuring Dr. Motte - Der Klang Der Familie

Fierce Ruling Diva ~ Rubb It In (Original Mix)

The Subjects Vs. Jeff Mills - Dark Matter

Joey Beltram - Time Warp

DiY - Hothead

Gat Decor - Passion (D. Emerson Mix)

And a favorite of mine because of the killer bassline that drove me insane on the dancefloor when I first heard it. Kicks in at 3:21;

Barbara Tucker - Stay Together (Armand's Crazy Trauma Mix)

Up until then I experienced my most colossal events; Mayday in Cologne, Germany, 1992, and then a year after in Dortmund. The 1992 edition introduced me to Joey Beltram, Roland Casper & Sven Väth and Jeff Mills in '93. Love affairs that lasted for years to come.

I still have wonderful (wet)dreams about these events, occasionally,. lol

dutchy101 wrote:

I always liked 'Sex Fruit'. Can't remember who had it though.

Gotta be Presto.


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Still playing LFO - LFO from time to time.
Amazing track and memories from that.

That track literally destroyed our rented soundsystem for a houseparty we used to throw in a local club. Cost us well over 3,000 quid. lol

To remember this?

My clublife from back then in a nutshell. lol
20th Anniversary soon.

Last I heard on the MM CD is that will be coming with the December issue, which makes sense somehow.

The Dead; 8/10

About zombies in Africa. Quite a low budget movie but surprisingly well done. Quite a haunting experience, even long after watching this.

Apparently, zombies are hotter than ever before. Frank Darabont's The Walking Dead series is a great watch and even Brad Pitt is jumping on the band wagon as he's now filming World War Z with a whopping $130,000,000 budget.

Here're some amazing pics from the set in Glasgow which has been transformed to look like Philadelphia; … lphia.html

You do?


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Ah danke schön!

You know, new to this internet thing and all.

I can't believe you bought the exact same pair as I did, Derm.

What will people think?!


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Pumper&Dumper wrote:

sasha can come back in what ever form he likes. because i was there from the start and i feel i'll always have an opinion and that just it. biggest name in dance music and most discussed. so what i've paid to see him about 40 times over the last 20 years therefore i can chuck my 2pth worth. i've lost the point i was trying to make in here because it was pay day and i've abused my right to purchase a anything i fancy. night

True that.
Bought his first CD in '93 and finally saw him here in Holland in '96.

This was, and still is, THE dj to me.

Still looking for this set though...