liking the trippy feel to the track

but yeah, that crackhead vocal is naff & ruins the track

have loved the digital artwork you have done for some of your label releases in the past norman

hope you do manage to release a cd m8

sounds good!!

would love a cd with some artwork (hopefully not a photo of the dj wink)

sick of dull mp3's

p.s with the tunes you got norman it must be a killer deciding which ones to choose

guy_j - lamur (henry saiz remix)


after thinking i was getting bored of edm once i found stripped & sasha (again) i realised i was just searching in the wrong places & my sander van doorn wannabe days are over tongue

they 2 are my 2 biggest reasons for loving this style of muzik, sasha's talent is endless.....& norman is the man with the tunes!!!!

wicked mix m8, well done!

im all for hearing issac take this on smile

the boy got some talent

pube85 wrote:

Take it you didnt catch Hernan? He was far from naff.

been planning the day since may so that maybe this time we'd get there early....but got a 2 month & 3 year old boy m8 so once again arrived late! think im gonna have to leave them at my mums the week before next time!
got there just as zabiela was ending so missed hernan & nick warren too

i heard hernans set on henry saiz labyrinth radio & was impressed so was hoping to catch him, really like 'july', its like ive heard it somewhere b4???

anyone remember other tunes sasha dropped??
cant wait 4 warehouse project but he aint there till december sad

dunno about saturday but the atmosphere on sunday was dull to say the least

think i ended up paying £55 just to see sasha as everyone else i saw was naff

wicked set from the man, neo galaxy sounded amazing on that system

tracklist anyone please!!

but the highlight of the event had to be tiesto's roadshow complete with karaoke mic!!!!! classic!!!!!!

p.s only seen him because i got lost wink tongue

LOL my 3 year old son goes sick over this lil pimp!

does my head in!

somebody 2 love on constant rewind in my car!

save me hehe

i first started with 2 1210's, a mixer & my records in 2004
going out hunting 4 records was half the fun (miss it) but thats in the past as its hard to find/get most tunes on vynil these days as we all know
i then bought final scratch which was wicked as i was able to afford many more tunes than i could with records
i now have 2 cdj 1000 mk3's which are a lot more fun mixin wise but burnin my tunes is a head fuck (how come some never burn as mp3's??)
have been thinkin about gettin traktor scratch but now the new usb cdj's are here reckon ill go for them & pull out the old 1210's & classic vynil (i still cant bring myself to sell em, dont think id get much 4 em anyways) now n then when im feeling nostalgic
& i agree that u can have too many gadgets & effects which u can get carried away with & ruin the mix & the tune
oh yeah the other half the fun is beatmatching & then droppin a tune all by myself without a computer doing it 4 me smile
dont care how good a mix u can create with these programmes.......its still mainly the computers work & the hard work & talent of the producers that made it.....where's ur input??

alright peoples

wicked mix matt, well done , likin ur mix alot too steve

but normans got the tunes i want smile killer mix.

heres my first attempt at a progressive house mix, mixed on 2 cdj 1000 mk3's  & djm 400, nowhere near on the same level as these guys but im just gettin started wink



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feck all this digital bizznis makes me realise how much i miss vinyl...& the art work on the covers!

also really really miss hitting my local record store (shut down 3 years ago)....was part of my daily routine

used to love sorting, grouping, cleaning, talking to wink my records ha

dont get me wrong, i know the world has too move forward but........i suppose vinyl remindes me of my youth.......

btw ur mix of archangel wouldve been a wicked record to have iffy smile

original & richie g remix r doing it 4 me

glad 2 see progressive music can get so dark & full on smile

i heard 'steve moore - bayern kurve' on henry saiz's the labyrinth the other day, wicked track, in  the same kind of box bg's from

another quality release

stripped digital has been a revealation 4 me

likin wish u were here (diego poblets remix) was hooked from start 2 finish

& my release (issac mix) is amazing full stop

has it been released yet as i cant seem to find it ?

its perfect....takes me where i wanna go smile


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sound lads smile

iv'e been listening to edm 4 juss about 20 years, but i only started mixing around 2004

i think i do have my own style now & have learnt to bin it if im only half feeling it .....quality not quantity
for a while it was like i was buying more tunes then i could listen to or mix.....the cd burner became my best friend ha
ive been searching for muzik in every corner & maybe its a problem for a dj to like so many different styles, as its like u play a tune once or twice & then theres a new tune
basically im sick of sitting on my laptop wading through the mass piles of naff tunes when i could be behined my decks doing what i love most, mixing
so i wanna be more educated on my new love which is progressive house/techno from the start & find all them tunes u wount find on beatport........but i guess searching the internet is a must in this day n age

i have sleepless nights thinking a tune has passed me buy & it wouldve probbs been that tune im searching 4

wicked tune

this is effin blowing my head off every time i play it

what do u all think of this tune & by who & where can i find similar tracks??



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very very lucky to have capello

the players can't handle the pressure full stop

man for man most are better than the germans but the germans played as a TEAM


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alright peoples

im fairly new to the sound the likes of JD & sasha play but i thought it was classed as progressive house
however when i search under progressive house in places such as beatport all i get is what i would call cheesey funky house
i like artists such as guy_j, king unique, spektre, electric rescue, arnas_d, guy gerber, charlie may, nomad in the dark.....
would u call them progressive house producers or techno producers??

its all either good or bad muzik to me but as there r  millions of tunes out there im trying to figure out were best to search



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eazy all

this is the first progressive house/techno mix i've ever done, the tracks are a little old now as i meant 2 mix it last year but only got round to it a few weeks ago

hira-_-faraway.... (aug 09)

intro/ electric rescue - vetetroi (davis & may intro)
2/ gui boratto - take my breath away (john tejada mix)
3/ soulfinder - daywatch
4/ john shelvin - black moon
5/ dosem - silent drop
6/ guy_j - bianca
7/ ormatie - american girl
8/ baboop - yes we can (luis junior mix)
9/ dave seaman - gobbledygook (erphun mix)
10/ guy gerber - the hollywood in you
11/ damabiah - sur lex genoux d'lautomne
12/ soulfinder - lost in motion
outro/ electric rescue - vetetroi (ryan davis outro)

outstanding mix norman

some of the tunes from stripped r amazing

well done


eazy m8

used to listen to a lot of chill out stuff when i got back from clubbin as erm used to find it hard to sleep wink

this is outstanding

well done


where can u listen to this set??

u can find sasha's set here -

i dont think it starts with the original version of the open....sounds like a remix maybe