Some new techhouse from myself

Feedback welcome

Now released - … ep/1188264 … sound-nick

Feedback welcome smile

More chilled/introspective vibes … -p/1103159

Another one released today more detroit / dancefloor orientated … -p/1103530

smile … -near-nick

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That may be of interest..

That may be of interest..

Here's my debut release under my alias Contort, it just made 'picks of the year' in the Techno section on Beatport … -ep/993195

Moojaa wrote:

Nice release here smile

Thank you sir

I mixed up some dubby and deep material with a lot of my own stuff for this mix … ow-podcast

Let me know what you think smile

If anyone likes it a bit heavier on here


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liquitech1 wrote:

I really like this dude.....far better than most of the progressive knocking about smile

Cheers mate im quite proud of it to be honest, dont think it got promo'd or anything though so trying to keep from vanishing into the mist smile


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Check it out smile

Abe Duque - What Happened … pened-nick

PQM - You Are Sleeping … eping-nick

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Thanks mate smile

My new release. Dub/deep/techno with remixes from Klartraum.

Feedback welcome 8)

Put a few triphop/ electronic bits here too, free DL of course … -star-nick

Feedback appreciated wink

zackster wrote:

marcel dettmann; translation one

Planning's better imo, good EP though

Been giving some quite heavy stuff a go recently

The Adjustment Bureau - 6.5/10

Interesting theme, reminds me of Source Code, as a film altogether though it could be pretty forgettable.


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Awww yeah


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Nice, but doesnt strike a chord enough with me to justify 12 minutes.

...Saying that I just listened again and its growing on me already, wish I had access to the vocals this guy does.