Deep unofficial remix iv done of Warpaint - Stars is now up for download. Bit of a niche sound but I love the record and wanted to do something with it, hopefully keeping some of the original vibe in tact without using a great deal of the original.

Listen / download below: … gary-optim

Equally cheeky video edit as well...

You aint seen me right....

I know no one seems to pay much attention to random nobodies mixes on here. Get your violins out etc. But here is a set of mine from Egg where I warmed up the garden recently. Quite a varied track list. New material, classics, chill out through to dancefloor stuff. Hopefully it makes some sort of sense over the 2 hours. … 3-apr-2013

Tracks and remixes from the likes of Pier Bucci, Acid Pauli, Chymera, DJ Koze, Todd Terje, Agoria, Pachanga Boys, Bonobo, Ripperton, Four Tet etc etc. If you want the full tracklist let me know.

Weighs in at a healthy 2 hours 13 mins. High quality download.

My latest deep house track out now.

Label blurb...

For Evo Music's third release they welcome on-board Gary Optim with his weighty debut production "Lucem".
Remixes come courtesy from label owners Andy Lemac and Stride with both tracks being delivered at different ends of the musical spectrum whilst still sustaining the depth of the original in this well rounded package.


Ruben F    -My fav is Lucem (Original mix), really well produced track mixing the acoustic percussion with synth pads and with a good atmosphere too. Rmx¥s are good too. Thanks for sending smile

Magnus Wedberg    -diggin the andy lemac mix, thx

Nico De Ceglia    -Ok

Konstantin    -very nice!

Ana Bogadek    -Like the original version, but remixes are very good too

Deep South Sounds    -really nice ep deep as you like ....100% support!

Matt McHenry    -Mellow and dance floor moving, good strong rhythm, Stride remix spot on.

Gianluca Peruzzi    -try it on my set! original mix is my fav

Mr Pedros    -great stuff. all 3 mixes are cool.

City Soul Project    -Nice release, like the Stride remix

Dexter Duplong    -solid ep, original mix is my pick smile

Alex Over    -Thanks for sending this wicked EP through! Really enjoyed listening to all the tracks. The one that stood out for me, was the original. Look forward to hearing more in the future smile

Tom Krizic    -Fabulous release, full support!

Michael Scott    -Love the trippy spacious feel of the original.

Murray Richardson    -deep ... nice

Elmar Schubert    -The original mix somehow manages to use well-known warm organic sounds in a non-cliche way, very nice. And should you ever get sick of it, you'll always have the two great remixes to fall back on.

Marcus Barnes    -Good stuff, thanks!

Tyler Stadius    -"Nice mellow vibes. Thanks"

Calin     -Thanks for this cool pack, will support on Tunnel FM! Thanks wink

Schomi B    -Stunning EP! All versions are HOT, Thanks for the great music! I will support on my shows for sure.

Ross Richards    -Nice package, Stride remix works best for me but all great tracks, thanks

Nick Devon    -Very well remix of Stride here! i like the drive of it! thank you for this promo

Col Hamilton    -Really enjoying the deep, otherworldly groove of the original here. I will be playing this at BBQ's and on beaches. Thanks.

Single Man    -cool vibes in this pack! thanks for sending!

Tim Thaler    -Downloading for BLN.FM radio, Berlin.

Tim Andresen    -The original sounds very very good indeed. Great vibe for my early and deeper sets.
Matt Prehn    -Lucem original is pretty cool and Lemac remix is tasty.

Nick Belucci    -cool pack, thanks

Mundros    -All three tracks are nice slabs of summer time deepness. I found it hard to choose a favourite as they all grab you in a different way, but all very workable tunes.

Russ Deeks    -Cool atmospheric groovesÖ will need a release date if it is to get reviewed, though! Could someone let me know, please? Thanks!

Electricano    -Tasty deep house, thank you.

Matteo Floris    -Nice grooves here, thanks!

Deepshizzol    -Nice Drums and deep groove on this little number, defo a good filler, great work!!

Ethan Dunford    -full support like all mixes smile

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Review here: … lucem.html

Listen here: … oming-soon

Buy here:


Out now at all good download stores...

It is accomplished. The music world witnesses the birth of the 10th release on Enough!

Gary Optim's EP "SEED" is a musical highlight. Gary's orginal track is a wonderful bath of sound, being authentic and surprising. Impulsive, oriental melodies and grooving percussive elements tell their own story.

This EP is accompanied by the producers Wigbert and George P. Both artists have put their talent as well as their hearts and souls into the remixes.

Gary Optim - Seed (Wigbert Remix)...
This playful remix, refined to its smallest details, will give anybody goosebumps. Perfectly arranged sound elements and an impressive bassline lend the remix an unmistakable signature. A true delight.

Gary Optim - Seed (George P Black Market Remix)...
The remix of George P.'s simply feels good. With an impulsive bass, it is powerful, rolling and deeply alluring. Clear accents make this EP a spellbinding experience and thus a virtual pearl.


Dekay (OFF , Dirt Crew)
Interesting ambient here

Boronas - Square Room Heroes
nire remixes..

Jonathan Tena(The Zoo Project)
Good joop

Dj Forum Mag

fernando costantini (Broquade)
George p for me Thanks !

Wigbert rmx for me!

Philipp Ort
Remixes for me. Will try these out. thx

thank you

Fausto Messina (Diynamic)
cool stuff , thanks

Patrick Zigon (Biotop / Highgrade)
Great - love it!

Goerge P rmx for us thanks

signal deluxe (adjunct, blaq)
can't get enough! superb release allgoodness in here (Desolat)
Download for if he like we will send you another feedbacks soon!

David Zona (DocePulgadas Radio Show)
George P. for me!!!

Dhaze (Workbench,Recline,SlowPitch,LowPressing,)

paco osuna (Plus 8)
downloaded thank you

cool stuff, thanks !

Cosmic Cowboys (Back And Forth / Time Has Changed / Katchuli)

Luciano (Cadenza)
Thanks for the music!

Re-UP (Omar) (Upon You, Dissonant, Kina Music)
George. P is my pick!! Ace

De:Bug (De:Bug)
considering for review

Rhadow (Bla Bla/Sintope)
nice george p remix.thanks!

Smoke Sykes (BOUQ. / Waveform Recordings / Monique Musique / D-Vision Agency)
Giant ep! Full supported!

Harry Avers (Noice Podcast)
The George P remix is a Throbbing Masterpiece

Fog (Brise/Apparel/Metroline Limited)
Lovin all tracks , George P takes the winnings though on this one.

Danilo Vigorito (iside music)
very cool!!

Guido Durante (Keep On Records)
solid Ep, support!

marcos in dub
George remix for me, thenks! M

Luca Doobie (spades - amnesia milano)
congrats! cool stuff, both rmxs are great!  L

I used to rinse that Xpander Escape ✓

Some gems in there! Lots of new (to me anyway!) ones I hadn't heard as well. Cheers for the heads up

Unofficial deep house remix of the wonderful Swedish songstress Lykke Li. … i-until-we

Hi everyone. Here is my effort for the Nick Curly remix competition over on Beatport. I dont really expect cecille to be up for signing it but I like working to a tight deadline sometimes just so I get something finished! And was fun working on it.

Style wise its got a long intro on it its something I might like to open a set with. Lots of organic percussion, minimal use of the vocal... have a listen if you have a sec anyway and let me know what you think... … 249800025b

All feedback and constructive criticism appreciated smile

If you are liking it them by all means feels free to drop me a vote over on the page

Mostly stuff iv been loving from the last month or so. All pretty new material apart from a handful of older tracks. Deep house mostly but a few more techy bits in there as well. All feedback appreciated


Saschienne - Unknown
Midland - Tape Burn
Barnt - Hark (Vakula Remix)
Kassian Troyer - Hunter
Matthew Burton & Kate Rathod - Flip Reverse Girl
Rob Paine, Rootz Underground & Charles Lazarus - Enlighten Me
I:Cube - Yah Menta
Debbie Harry & Franz Ferdinand - Live Alone (dOp Remix)
Re.You feat. Daniel Wilde - Falling (Avatism Remix)
Nico Lahs - I Need Your Love (Dub)
Himan - I Dont Want You
Simon Baker - Osaka Nights (Pezzner Remix)
Jason Lanox - Destinator
Franck Roger - Surrounded
Marco Bernardi - Mystery Of Nazerus
Luke Solomon - Ultrasound
Laura Jones - Inner Place
Laura Jones - Inner Place (Beatless)
Matthew Dekay & Lee Burridge - Fur Die Liebe (Original)


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Nice synth work going on there


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After a rather long hiatus im getting back to doing my monthly mixes again. From chilled tracks and electronica through to deep club stuff. Will keep these mostly current material each month, but as I hadn't done a mix for ages iv stuck a few tracks iv been loving from last year in this one, as well as a few well old bits as well. Get involved if you like it deeeep wink


Pete Namlook - Je Suis Triste Et Seul Ici
Cymande - For Baby Oh
Harmonious Thelonious - Beilaufige Muziek
Achim Maerz - Channel 04 (Sven Weisemann ReChannel Mix)
Rhythm & Sound - Poor People Must Work
Avatism - The Slug - (Clockwork Remix)
Guido Schneider & Sander Baan - Stop Beating Around The Bush
Ripperton - For All the Wrong Reasons
Yooj - Mademoiselle (Martin Buttrich Remix)
Agoria featuring Carl Craig & La Scalars - Speechless (Carl Craig Remix)
Rodomaal feat Claudia Franco - Insomnia (Ame Remix)
Rhythm & Sound - Poor People Must Work (Carl Craig Remix)

Good feedback from Hernan Cattaneo (Sudbeat), Orde Meikle (Slam / Soma), Phil Hartnoll (Orbital), Colin Dale (Wildlife AM), Abyss (Buzzin Fly), Claire Ripley (Phobic / Dessous), Raymundo Rodriguez (Jaded), Timo Garcia (Yoshitoshi), Paul Loraine (Vitalik), Stephano (ALiVE Recordings)...


Video for Lost
Video for Spell Therapy

Electric Sheep Recordings end 2011 with two exceptionally gifted producers new to the label, Mike Walken and Gary Optim. These two close friends have submitted a solo track each plus a collaborative track, each having it's own unique flavour, but all three symbiotic of one another.

Track one 'Lost' sees the pair hook up to deliver a slick and sophisticated contemporary house track. Smooth synths, tight percussion and a sleazy bassline.

Gary Optim's solo offering 'Spell Therapy' is an evocative piece of modern machine soul. Lush pianos intersperse with subliminal vox refrains, primitive instrumentation and tribal drums.

Mike Walken's equally smooth 'Back Off The Wagon' could be looked upon as a blueprint for 21st century deep house.

Full feedback... … ?id=174794

video here

Deep House bootleg of Timbaland ft Nelly Furtado and Justin Timberlake - Give It To Me. Download for free at

New deep house bootleg of Timbaland ft Nelly Furtado on vocals. Still in progress... I'm going to mull this over for a couple of weeks and tweak it a bit before getting it professionally mastered and releasing a free download on my page. Follow me on Soundcloud for updates smile

Any feedback at this stage is appreciated as im still working on it

Iv just uploaded my latest deep house track for feedback and critique...

'Gary Optim - Make Good' … -make-good

Its deep, laid back 115 BPM but still with a bit of punch for the dancefloor once it gets going. Big house claps and hats etc and a punchy bassline. Let me know what you reckon smile

Cheers very much. Yeah I can see exactly where you are coming from now that you mention it. Good point indeed

cheers for the feedback smile

New track on the go here. Will probably do a little more to this id say 90% done though. Opinions welcomed as ever and all critique is appreciated

DEEP 115 bpm with some middle eastern vibes... Little bit Guy Gerber in places

Dunno who would play this one to be honest. Is a bit of a niche market. Quite Dixon perhaps. Lots of real instrumentation but big synths too. Quite an epic feel to it but very understated as well. Not a scooby... In a nutshell as iv described on my page... 115 BPM, 4/4 beat, moody as f*ck. A peak time club banger this is definitely not...

Bit of a drunken haphazard set from Prehab this weekend. Lots of classics and a few slightly random numbers to keep you on your one toe. Featuring tracks from Daft Punk, Marshall Jefferson, Breakwater, Chez Damier, Son Of Raw, DJ Sneak, Deetron... Full tracklist in the description on my soundcloud

Gary Optim @ Prehab 22.10.11 … b-22-10-11


shameless/full bump

cheers dude smile

Cheeky summer mix of some festival type stuff. With a classic theme running through as they don’t make em like that anymore etc. Tracklist includes some MJ, Grace Jones, Prince, Shades Of Rhythm, some Disco / Italo Disco, a fair few Greg Wilson and Wolf + Lamb bootlegs.... You get the picture. Take it wink

Some exclusive bootlegs coming on my soundcloud soon as well wink

cheers smile

Gary Optim January 2010 mix

4/4 club music across the board… Deep House / House / Tech House / Techno. Take it

Exercise One - Prowl
Kadebostan - Love In Looxor
Kadebostan - Vodka Wedding
Crowdpleaser - Jewel self dribbling baskettball
Entlet - Underground fire still burning
Anthony Collins - Away From Home
Maetrik - Paradigm House (Mike Shannon)
Kasper Bjørke - Alcatraz (Jimpster Instrumental Dub)
Frivelous - C:\ My Consciousness
Alex Santos & Chris Woodward - Village Vanguard (main)
2020 Soundsystem - Broken
Mark Landragin - In Between Two (Gary Optim `Places In Time` Warehouse mix)
Siopis - I'm On Miami
Ryan Crosson - Dont Look Further
Marcin Czubala & Hugo – Zoo Comunale
Sebo K - Spirits
Dualism - Hypnotized Mama? (Estroe mix)
Ed Davenport - Regalia
Tears for Fears - Start of the breakdown (Gary Optims end of the tape mix)

Facebook group for mixes...


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jammed together a mysterious deep prog track this eve as im having a quiet one in prep for tomorrow night..! `eve of the dig` up on now

after some early feedback, rate / slate etc. worth cracking on with do you think? only took an hour or so. Drums are very bare just got a groove on the bassline and the synth line really. All opinions welcome smile