Digweed did a monster set. Dark and hypnotic. Just the way I like it. We spent the night in room two next to the main one, and it was fantastic. Lots of space to dance, good sound. The main room was inaccessible until 6am and even then it was a sweatbox.

Overall a very good night. Those who complain that there weren't enough women should go somewhere else.

I wouldn't mind a free cake at 6am. I get quite hungry around that time.

That's a very good idea. It will be a great night.

Big Fella wrote:

What was inex tune of 2013?

It was Soul Button - The Keepers, Big Fella.

EDIT The Florian Rietze Remix is also pretty good.

I haven't had so much fun in a while. Last night was incredible, from the music, to the venue, to the crowd, it was one of those special gigs in which everything clicks right from the start, and you tell people about it for years to come. Diggers was on top, TOP form, but what made it so memorable for me was the moment he dropped one of my favourite tunes for 2013. Obviously he didn't play it because it was my favourite track, but a big THANK YOU nevertheless smile!



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Dosem - Urban Shelter

Marco Bailey - Horny Tiger

I cannot wait for this! What's the venue like? Good reception?

Five hour set on a Thursday night. Cannot wait smile.


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TUNE and it sounded great at Fabric last week.

simonr wrote:

Fuck, I almost though I was going to see someone die. That's probably the most extreme bungee jump I've seen so far.

Melody is really nice, especially during the build up, but my problem is that in a club, most of the time, the baseline eats up the melodic bit, and what you're left with is an incomprehensible wall of sound. The good old simple, repetitive techno sounds good no matter where you play it, as long as it's loud.

The pitch slider on the left deck looks very uncomfortable. Apart from that it seems to be a very good controller. I'm thinking of getting an S4 and I know people use it for gigs, but I'd assume it's a pain in the ass to find space for it and your laptop, especially in a small club.

Big thanks for that ID, simeon79! That tune was indeed one of the highlights of Digweed's second set at B12.

The court heard Preston, now 18, who has since left the school, took drugs and drank alcohol and had exhibited violent behaviour in the past.

That's one way to become a sex offender.

"Sutton schools have excellent measures in place to prevent this kind of incident and they are extremely rare."

I am now interested to learn more about these measures.

I think that's the best Live in album Digweed has released so far. CD1 and CD2 are just perfect, not a single track feels out of place and the deep baselines hit hard from the very first tune. CD3 and CD4 are outstanding. After the Let's Go Dancing into The Messenger transition it all goes crazy mode and finally towards the end CD4 rivals Slovenia in terms of power.

Top marks on all CDs.

Yant wrote:

Back cover of the CD says there are 13 tracks on disc4, but there are 14 tracks on the disc.

The cover also states that the website bedrock.uk.net exists.

CD1 and CD2 exceeded my expectations in therms of quality, as they, pretty much, represent that phenomenal build up Digweed did at Fire this year. Haven't touched the other two CDs, but so far I'm more than happy. Also beautiful packaging and design,

I love this track. Also Henry Saiz' remix of Veranoski is a very strong contender for best of the year for me.


Just saw that tickets are on sale for the Fabric gig on the 21st. Craig Richards, John Digweed and Minilogue in room 1.

sabotini wrote:

What makes the passing of time a factor in DJs being less likely to fuck up?

You mean "more" likely. You have a shorter set to program for example. Also if you can't find 18-20 decent tunes in your box to close the night, then surely playing an extended set isn't going to make things any different.

Saw them at XOYO a few months ago. The DJ before them started playing Prodigy and Drum and Bass (coincidence!?) around 12:30, so you can imagine what a train wreck the warm up was. Simian were pretty good, but it's hard to believe anyone can mess up a two hour set these days, even though it's very common for some DJs.

Digweed's build up was exceptional last night. He played almost all the Versus tracks, with that Carlo Lio track being the highlight for me. The atmosphere was great and overall I enjoyed it a lot more than last year's party. I missed Edu Imbernon and Max Cooper, but the music in room 1 was just too good. Heard they did an excellent job as well. Oh well maybe next time.

Damn, Max Cooper is playing in room 3 during Digweed's set. Gotta make a difficult decision tomorrow.

Really good set, with a great atmosphere, especially the first hour. Shame that Willie Burns - I'm Gonna Get You track doesn't have a dub remix. Apart from the vocals it's perfect.

Finally, we'll get our hands on that Heaven Scent remix. I'm quite happy that you decided to include both a mixed and unmixed version.

Oh wow, that's a great line up! I'm very excited to hear Max Cooper live for the first time.