Yup we had four hours of the Easter show a long time ago on kiss. That is one of my all time favourite sets. This one doesn't sound like it. John are you sure this is from the 2008 heaven gig?

EDIT: Hour one is a different set,hour two is the heaven gig. The first hour is excellent though!

The T 573 mix is crazy! Transitions this year has been great, maybe even better than 2014!

Unforgettable night. Digweed's set was incredible - 6 hours of peak time tunes, some of which were classics. Too tired to give any detailed impressions, but this was one of the best gigs I've been to. Danny was superb, the venue was excellent, the sound, the lighting all gets top marks.

Outstanding mix. I've been waiting for something like this for so long. Slovenia was incredible but since then nothing really that powerful was released. This though is another level. Makes me wonder how many more similarly amazing mixes Diggers has in his drawer, most of which we may never hear. Like that XOYO May mix, or Fabric 2010, etc. Can't complain though last years Transitions shows were probably amongst the best with plenty of awesome live mixes from the man himself.

Almost wet myself at work when I heard hour 3 of Village underground on this week's show. Outstanding stuff. Finnebassen's mix was also very good.

Looks the same to me, except that it's really grey.


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King Unique smashed it at MOS a few months ago. Pig&Dan were too awesome at B16, I was screaming and dancing like a lunatic along with everyone else who was there. Earlier that year Village Underground:

Then I remember Diggers destroying XOYO in May, 2012 with that tune:

Everyone in that club went mad, not to mention the letthemusicplay track he played earlier in the night. Another one I remember was Sasha at Matter (2010?), when he dropped 2 million suns. Plenty of moments like these. It's just harder to enjoy the music when you're fighting for space and air along with 1000 other people in a small sweaty, steamy, little room (yup I'm thinking of Fire).

Village Underground was one of the best gigs I've been to last year. Can't wait to hear the mix again.

Had a good listen to the three CDs and I have to agree that it's one of the best in the series. The track selection is superb, not a single dull moment. CD1 starts with a bang, CD2 goes even further and CD3 is incredible - quite enjoyed the techno portion after Ame's remix of L'Esperanza. Can't wait to start my next listen.

Very frustrated. I downloaded the album last week, but I was waiting for my trip home to listen to it and now when I checked my continuous mixes, CD2 and 3 are 5 minutes each! And there is no option to re-download!

Until beatport flags them for re-download again, I'll have to listen to CD1 on repeat I guess.

I feel like a sick dog today, but the night was incredible.

Josh Wink was excellent, Digweed was brutal and Pig&Dan just smashed the place at the end.

The venue was great and the sound quality was unbelievable. The pre-party was also very good and the new album sounded great.

Big thanks to Diggers,Wink, Pig&Dan and whoever else was involved in this event! Such a banging night.

Cannot wait! See you all there.


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I have the Alpine MusicSafe Pro earplugs and for £20 they're OK. The low frequencies are alright, but the highs are not very clear. Despite that they are very comfortable to wear and a lifesaver in any club/bar environment.


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The album sounds great and it's free. I don't see how someone can complain about this.

The live at Freeze set was great and so were the EDM and Ibize sets. I don't think there has been a dull show this year. Looking forward to T 520.

Guy J's playing at the Warehouse project on Friday the 3rd, so I'm hoping he shows up for Bedrock 16. I'm so much looking forward to this night.

Unbroken1 wrote:

..the separate deck displays look great, CDJ2K-style, I'm amazed it's taken so long for someone to do this

I guess there is no reason to have it in there, considering that your laptop/tablet is right in front of you. It's not something I'd pay the premium for. I don't see the appeal of these big expensive controllers anyway.

Charlie May's a genius. The album sounds great so far.

For a second I thought Diggers is quitting DJing. My heart skipped a beat. The forum was a nice place and there were quite a few good music threads. Yeah there are a few people making negative comments, but I always saw that as harmless.

Anyway it was fun while it lasted.

Transitions 511 was really good. Enjoyed hearing something different and that last Richie G track from the new underground Ibiza was incredible. Haven't heard a bad show this year.

Excellent remix by Unkle.

Bought it on digital, but I'm waiting for my new speakers to arrive so I can blast it properly. Browsed through some of the tracks and I couldn't find a bad one. Top package from bedrock as usual. Cannot wait to hear it this weekend!!!

Digweed did a monster set. Dark and hypnotic. Just the way I like it. We spent the night in room two next to the main one, and it was fantastic. Lots of space to dance, good sound. The main room was inaccessible until 6am and even then it was a sweatbox.

Overall a very good night. Those who complain that there weren't enough women should go somewhere else.

I wouldn't mind a free cake at 6am. I get quite hungry around that time.

That's a very good idea. It will be a great night.