The e-book from Quantize Courses is great and so is their YouTube channel.  Also worth subscribing to Point Blank Music School and Ableton (although the latter uploads rarely and is more for inspiration than 'lessons').

Also worth checking out the book 'Making Music.  74 Creative Strategies for Electronic Music Producers' by Dennis DeSantis (again from Ableton).

You can read some sample chapters on the website to get an idea of what it's like:

fletcher wrote:
Deep Point wrote:

Flights and ticket bought!  Went to the Easter party back in 2011 where Guy J warmed up.  Think that was the last time I was in London too, so good to visit again.  This'll be my first time at MoS.

Great effort.  Have a blinder!

Cheers!  Can't wait.  big_smile

Flights and ticket bought!  Went to the Easter party back in 2011 where Guy J warmed up.  Think that was the last time I was in London too, so good to visit again.  This'll be my first time at MoS.


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poirot wrote:

The Iti's never seem to get terror attacks either.

Keep it down?!

Not Italian, but staying here until I'm broke/fed up (both not too far off).  Friends here ask themselves when it's going to happen, so yeah they're not blind to what you said.

Craig Richards
John Digweed

Paco Osuna
Fer BR
Terry Francis

Following the overwhelming response to our first event run in conjunction with the event subscription service, Jukely, we’d like to formally announce that we’ll be continuing this partnership on 19th December with a lineup that features Bedrock CEO John Digweed and Paco Osuna’s Mindshake label alongside our residents Craig Richards and Terry Francis. So yes, you will once again be able to get free entry to fabric with a simple RSVP to the event via Jukely. Just think of it as an early Christmas present, directly from us to you.

We’d also like to take this opportunity to apologise to anyone who experienced long waiting times in the queue for our first Jukely powered event back on the 31st October. The event had a truly incredible response from the public and the experience proved to be a steep learning curve for us, but rest assured, we’re very prepared and are adapting the queueing system to optimize entrance efficiency. What that actually means is that we’ll have a dedicated queue for people who have RSVPed via Jukely and we’ll be utilizing a more efficient technology for the guest list system to ensure that the queueing time is significantly reduced - for everyone.

So... once again - and with feeling - this event is being promoted in conjunction with the event subscription service, Jukely. Simply put, what that means is, the first 750 people to attend fabric on Saturday 19th December 2015 that have previously RSVPed to the event on Jukely will get free entry to the club.

Here’s a few tips on RSVPing via Jukely:

- You need to RSVP to the event on Jukely here:
- RSVPing to the event costs you nothing but you HAVE to have RSVPed to the event on Jukely to take advantage of the free entry offer.
- Tickets are limited to 1 per RSVP, so if you are planning on coming with other people, they must RSVP too.
- Once you’ve RSVPed please check your inbox (or junk folder, just in case) for your confirmation email.

Please note: Normal priced tickets will also be available on the door to purchase as usual for anyone who has not RSVPed.

Ugh.  Does fabric get to capacity when JD plays?  Not the best for anyone travelling to London especially for this.  Probably better utilised for smaller events/upcoming artists where you're looking to fill out a gig, not an event that's going to be rammed even if you charge 30 quid a ticket.

Anyway, RSVP'd.  Time to look for flights.

Might take the chance to go to this whilst I'm in the EU neighbourhood.  Closer than Melbourne anyway.


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Code: LEVEL1

I think it's 10%, didn't even check.  It's the first step of 3 in their annual 'biggest saving of the year' offer.  Pretty sure the third discount has been 50% in the past.

If you can wait, buy 1 track with each of the first two codes and stock up everything else for the big discount in about a month.

For other codes, check

Any plans for a new 'Collaborations' comp or even something from The Audible Suspects again?  Listening to this for the first time in ages and it's still rocking.

Seeing people mention that it's common for vinyl to come with download codes...  What about Bedrock vinyl?  When you purchase vinyl from the Bedrock store do you get a download code?

+1 for getting individual track downloads when you purchase the CDs direct from Bedrock.

South Beach on Beatport (all individual tracks and continuous mixes): 10.23 pounds (converted from 14.62 euros)
South Beach CD via Bedrock (continuous mix only): 9.99 pounds + postage

I guess if you really want everything the answer is to buy both as some already do, but it doesn't feel like a fair answer.  Maybe there are costs or regulations involved that make it difficult to do, but if it's possible for vinyl then surely it's possible for CDs.

Seems like it's just not the done thing in the industry.  At least not yet.

Still remember the Transitions episode where John played Subtellite followed by the Eric Prydz remix of Ron Hardy Said...  Massive!

But yeah, more miss than hit for me and I wouldn't go out of my way to find out what he's been producing/remixing.


Pitch Black has got to be one of my all time favourite tunes.  Nice to hear how it all wrapped up.

Arghhh fucking mixcloud!  Cleared my browser's cache and still can't play anything on there.


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Yep, brilliant band.  Looking forward to hearing some new stuff from them, but still getting a lot of value out of 'This is All Yours'.


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simeon79 wrote:

and one of the best nights of my life....a "higher state of consciousness'' moment as Diggers drops FBA-Pitch Black and then Solar & Poppcke_lightest shades of grey!

Diggers played this set on Transitions.  The whole set was pretty amazing, but this transition blew my mind as well!

Great to see how it went down live.


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Yeah it's bit like that ahah.  Cheers.


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1.Tax (Original Mix) - Tom Peters (BER)
2.R.U.R. (Original Mix) - John Tejada
3.Interplanetary (Original Mix) - Olivier Giacomotto
4.Free Nation (Ellen Allien Edit) - Ellen Allien, Thomas Muller
5.Dinosaurs In Space (Original Mix) - Clarian
6.Gurdjieff (Original Mix) - Just Be
7.Stealth (Alix Alvarez Remix) - Actor One
8.Eastern Promise (Guy J Remix) - Deceptions
9.050504 (Original Mix) - Lee Van Dowski
10.Bibi (Original Mix) - Mononoid

Abdulla Rashim


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Been a while since I posted here, but just did a new set and really happy with it

1.Thunder (Asaga Remix) by Leman & Dieckmann
2.All About You feat. Lisa Shaw (Ashworth Remix) by Lisa Shaw, Vincenzo, Florian Kruse
3.Place (Original Mix) by Stereo MC's, Adam Port
4.Siren Song (Thugfucker's Lio's Wide Shut Rework) by Kerb Staller
5.Between The Lines (Matthias Meyer Rmx) by Acumen
6.96000 (Original Mix) by Dario D'Attis
7.The Greenwich Tunnel (Original Mix) by Sahar Z, Guy Mantzur
8.Depth of Emotion (Lonya Remix) by Blusoul
9.Gigawave (Fairmont Remix) by Nick Muir, John Digweed

Haven't given CDs 1 and 3 enough playtime to have a solid opinion, but on first couple of listens both have some great moments and transitions.  As others mentioned, the L'esperanza remix is outstanding and there are heaps of other amazing tunes across this compilation.

Really love the trippy vibes on CD1 (Casa Bulga>Siren Song>Fatty Boy), but The Chase is a bit jarring after that.

The whole of CD2 is brilliant, particularly Fiction Inc>Finding Yusef>Just Be>Candyland.  Just Be - The Magic Rock is fucking amazing.  That would probably be my favourite track from the compilation.  Massive mind fuck tune and takes me to another place UniversoGus style.

Agree with fletcher on CD3.  Probably won't get as many listens as the first two CDs, but it's a solid mix and I'll definitely go back to it.

This is probably equal to or just a bit better than London for me, but Argentina is still my favourite.  Four discs that seamlessly built on each other and individually, and covered a huge range of sounds.

Oh and the CD case made the trip to Melbourne unscathed  wink

Whoa.  Every track on CD2 sounds incredible.  Can't wait for this to arrive in the mail in a few weeks.

This absolute gem from Guy J's newest release: … ce-in-blue

Heard him play it in Melbourne last July.  Amazing track!  Great EP.

Only onto my second listen, but love the deep, dark chug of disc 1.  disc 2 is also great, but from track 4 to the end of disc one is definitely going to get a lot of rotation for a long time.

track 3 on disc 1 is a shocker, aside from that, awesome comp.  asked for something more banging in the london thread and this delivers!


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Mix done for May.  Would be great to hear what you think!

1. The Other Day - Daniel Dexter
2. Cunnilingus (Hector Remix) - Spieltrieb
3. Remote Templates (Dactilar Remix) - Marcelo Vasami
4. Road to Los Angeles (Marc Poppcke Remix) - Fran Von Vie
5. Painting the Sky - Felipe L
6. The Dreamer - Li-Polymer
7. On Tides - Petrichor
8. The Sudden Rush - Pig & Dan
9. Default on your Mind - Elio Riso
10. 7 Steps (Mike Griego Remix) - Guy J