Any plans for a new 'Collaborations' comp or even something from The Audible Suspects again?  Listening to this for the first time in ages and it's still rocking.

Seeing people mention that it's common for vinyl to come with download codes...  What about Bedrock vinyl?  When you purchase vinyl from the Bedrock store do you get a download code?

+1 for getting individual track downloads when you purchase the CDs direct from Bedrock.

South Beach on Beatport (all individual tracks and continuous mixes): 10.23 pounds (converted from 14.62 euros)
South Beach CD via Bedrock (continuous mix only): 9.99 pounds + postage

I guess if you really want everything the answer is to buy both as some already do, but it doesn't feel like a fair answer.  Maybe there are costs or regulations involved that make it difficult to do, but if it's possible for vinyl then surely it's possible for CDs.

Seems like it's just not the done thing in the industry.  At least not yet.

Still remember the Transitions episode where John played Subtellite followed by the Eric Prydz remix of Ron Hardy Said...  Massive!

But yeah, more miss than hit for me and I wouldn't go out of my way to find out what he's been producing/remixing.


Pitch Black has got to be one of my all time favourite tunes.  Nice to hear how it all wrapped up.

Arghhh fucking mixcloud!  Cleared my browser's cache and still can't play anything on there.


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Yep, brilliant band.  Looking forward to hearing some new stuff from them, but still getting a lot of value out of 'This is All Yours'.


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simeon79 wrote:

and one of the best nights of my life....a "higher state of consciousness'' moment as Diggers drops FBA-Pitch Black and then Solar & Poppcke_lightest shades of grey!

Diggers played this set on Transitions.  The whole set was pretty amazing, but this transition blew my mind as well!

Great to see how it went down live.


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Yeah it's bit like that ahah.  Cheers.


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1.Tax (Original Mix) - Tom Peters (BER)
2.R.U.R. (Original Mix) - John Tejada
3.Interplanetary (Original Mix) - Olivier Giacomotto
4.Free Nation (Ellen Allien Edit) - Ellen Allien, Thomas Muller
5.Dinosaurs In Space (Original Mix) - Clarian
6.Gurdjieff (Original Mix) - Just Be
7.Stealth (Alix Alvarez Remix) - Actor One
8.Eastern Promise (Guy J Remix) - Deceptions
9.050504 (Original Mix) - Lee Van Dowski
10.Bibi (Original Mix) - Mononoid

Abdulla Rashim


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Been a while since I posted here, but just did a new set and really happy with it

1.Thunder (Asaga Remix) by Leman & Dieckmann
2.All About You feat. Lisa Shaw (Ashworth Remix) by Lisa Shaw, Vincenzo, Florian Kruse
3.Place (Original Mix) by Stereo MC's, Adam Port
4.Siren Song (Thugfucker's Lio's Wide Shut Rework) by Kerb Staller
5.Between The Lines (Matthias Meyer Rmx) by Acumen
6.96000 (Original Mix) by Dario D'Attis
7.The Greenwich Tunnel (Original Mix) by Sahar Z, Guy Mantzur
8.Depth of Emotion (Lonya Remix) by Blusoul
9.Gigawave (Fairmont Remix) by Nick Muir, John Digweed

Haven't given CDs 1 and 3 enough playtime to have a solid opinion, but on first couple of listens both have some great moments and transitions.  As others mentioned, the L'esperanza remix is outstanding and there are heaps of other amazing tunes across this compilation.

Really love the trippy vibes on CD1 (Casa Bulga>Siren Song>Fatty Boy), but The Chase is a bit jarring after that.

The whole of CD2 is brilliant, particularly Fiction Inc>Finding Yusef>Just Be>Candyland.  Just Be - The Magic Rock is fucking amazing.  That would probably be my favourite track from the compilation.  Massive mind fuck tune and takes me to another place UniversoGus style.

Agree with fletcher on CD3.  Probably won't get as many listens as the first two CDs, but it's a solid mix and I'll definitely go back to it.

This is probably equal to or just a bit better than London for me, but Argentina is still my favourite.  Four discs that seamlessly built on each other and individually, and covered a huge range of sounds.

Oh and the CD case made the trip to Melbourne unscathed  wink

Whoa.  Every track on CD2 sounds incredible.  Can't wait for this to arrive in the mail in a few weeks.

This absolute gem from Guy J's newest release: … ce-in-blue

Heard him play it in Melbourne last July.  Amazing track!  Great EP.

Only onto my second listen, but love the deep, dark chug of disc 1.  disc 2 is also great, but from track 4 to the end of disc one is definitely going to get a lot of rotation for a long time.

track 3 on disc 1 is a shocker, aside from that, awesome comp.  asked for something more banging in the london thread and this delivers!


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Mix done for May.  Would be great to hear what you think!

1. The Other Day - Daniel Dexter
2. Cunnilingus (Hector Remix) - Spieltrieb
3. Remote Templates (Dactilar Remix) - Marcelo Vasami
4. Road to Los Angeles (Marc Poppcke Remix) - Fran Von Vie
5. Painting the Sky - Felipe L
6. The Dreamer - Li-Polymer
7. On Tides - Petrichor
8. The Sudden Rush - Pig & Dan
9. Default on your Mind - Elio Riso
10. 7 Steps (Mike Griego Remix) - Guy J


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New mix up for April:

1. Mad on the Moon - BarBQ
2. Tears for Time (Dark Soul Project Remix) - Android Cartel
3. Rothschild's Violin (Anja Schneider Remix) - Alison Marks
4. Go On Then (Blond:ish Remix) - Kate Simko
5. Time Mariner's Mirrour - Silicone Soul
6. Probe This - Vlad Caia
7. Denial (Lonya Remix) - Sound Process, Guille Quero
8. Questions - Cid Inc.
9. Clandestine - Cid Inc.
10. Seiun (Max Cooper Remix) - Marc Romboy, Ken Ishii


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New mix up for Feb:

1. Transitions (Marcelo Vasami Unofficial Remix) - Guy J
2. No Quarter (Progress Inn Remix) - Led Zeppelin
3. Still Here (Oscar Vazquez Unofficial Remix) - Ziger
4. Parallel to the Radius - Mononoid [Traum]
5. Space (Bs As Deep Remix) - K-Pax
6. Morning Dew (Dark Soul Project Remix) - Marc Poppcke [Crossfrontier Audio]
7. From the Edge - Dosem [Tronic]


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Here's my Best of 2012 Mix!

By Lonya
1 Fetish (Lonya Remix)
By Audio Junkies
2 Taeuschnungs-Blume (Ryan Davis 'Narciss' Render)
By Dominik Eulberg
3 Running Man (Dave Dk Mix)
By Whomadewho
4 Wake Me Up When Everything Has Changed Feat. Cio May
By Fran Von Vie, Cio May
5 1965 Love (Lonya Remix)
By Bambook & Netzell
6 Persistence
By Kevin Yost
7 Lost & Found
By Guy J
8 Erks (Marc Poppcke Remix)
By Santiago Garcia, Dark Soul Project
9 Danger Mouse (Pawas Remix)
By Arjun Vagale
10 Twisted (Guy J Remix)
By Smfm
11 Fantasy & Reality
By Guy J
12 Japanese Snowbell
By Hernan Cattaneo & Soundexile
13 Backlash (Diyo Remix)
By Lonya, Roi Okev
14 Morning Star
By Mathew Lynch
15 Absence March - Max Cooper Remix
By Hugh Pascall
16 Korrado
By Matador (Ie)
17 Eastside
By Robert Babicz
18 All Over Music
By Guy Mantzur & Stephan Bazbaz
19 "High"
By Guy J
20 Jaga [Pako & Frederik Remix]
By Ernest Luminor
21 Crystals (Guy J Remix)
By Cristior
22 Mambo
By Matador (Ie)
23 Pathos
By Guy J

Have had one solid listen through, then a few listens to individual discs.  Overall a solid package.  Disc 1 is pretty cool.  Some great dancey stuff on there.  Disc 2 would have to be my least favourite.  Nothing really stands out apart from the last track.

Discs 3 and 4 rock, with disc 4 probably being my favourite of the lot.  There are even a few moments that remind me of Renaissance Mix Collection Part 2.

'Eastside' on Bedrock 14 didn't grab my attention, but for some reason on this CD it made me lose the plot.  Awesome stuff!  Next time would love to have the last couple of hours include in the recording.  I guess it's not always possible due to licensing reasons etc, but it would be awesome having a flat chat, heart pounding, arse kicking mix on a few cds.

Great release overall and looking forward to picking up some of the individual tracks.

Great release!  Disco Uno is awesome, no complaints.  Very nice CD.  Disco Dos is even more awesome, except tracks 4-6.  The rest of the CD is rocking.  Technics 1210 / Carlita / Insomnia / Eterna / Slob yesssssssss!!

Disco Tres has to be the best 'bonus' CD I've got from a Digweed comp or any other.  Love all the tracks except Echo from the Past, but not a fan of the original anyway.

Nice work on the packaging too!  Amala  wink


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New mix up for Easter, hope you guys enjoy!  Yes... sorry about the last track, but I had to do it once wink

1. Der Tanz Der Gluehwuermchen (Kollektiv Turmstrasse _Dirt Glow_ Remix) - Dominik Eulberg [Traum]
2. Deep Deep Down - Cottam [Aus Music]
3. Lightest Shades of Grey (Daniel Solar Remix) - Solar & Poppcke [Crossfrontier Audio]
4. Deep Pool (Todd Bodine Remix) - Mikh Solvis [Klangfarbe Schallplatten]
5. Don't Fly Away (Jimpster Dub Mix) - Acos CoolKAs, Nata Tomata [audio tonic Records]
6. Fish Fingers and Custard - Dan Drastic [Moon Harbour Recordings]
7. Expand - Pig & Dan, Mark Reeve [Soma Records]
8. Human (Oxia Remix) - Slam [Soma Records]
9. Nightstalker - Guy J [Bedrock Records]
10. 30 Northeast (Julian Jeweil Remix) - John Digweed & Nick Muir [Bedrock Records]
11. Newyorkese (Alex Tepper Remix) - Santos [Rockets and Ponies]
12. Chinese Lantern - Psycatron & Sian [Octopus Records]
13. High (Marc Marzenit Remix) - Guy J [Sudbeat]
14. Mambo - Matador [Minus]
15. Pathos (Luis Junior Remix) - Guy J [Sudbeat]
16. Stars & Shines - Marco Bailey, Tom Hades [Bedrock Records]


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1. Farra (Dachshund's Unreleased Dub Mix) - Ripperton [Perspectiv Records]
2. Tell Me When to Stop - Sasse [Brown Eyed Boyz Records]
3. Slow Cold Slow (Spieltape Remix) - Freska [Darkroom Dubs]
4. Black Cat - Danny Howells [Dig Deeper]
5. I Remember the Future - Alain Ho [Buzzin' Fly Records]
6. Mr. Duke - Sebo K [Mobilee]
7. Your Turn Girl (Shonky & Dyed Soundroom Remix) - Lee Foss [Culprit]
8. Liquid Thang (Daniel Dubb Remix) - Danny Howells [Dig Deeper]
9. Streamvision - Ilario Alicante [Great Stuff Recordings]
10. Le Nid du Bout du Monde - Damabiah [Natura Sonoris]
11. Fractal God Mirage - Hal Incandenza [Natura Sonoris]


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Any chance of the first hour of this getting aired?  Would love to hear some of the tracks again.

namistai wrote:

Assuming that by "fisting" you mean "punch" then Matthew Hayden because he's Matthew Hayden.

What is your gripe with Hayden?  Always seemed very down-to-earth & chilled to me.

Would I be wasting my time asking about any of the Aussies mentioned?