Does this qualify (blue vinyl)?

simeon79 wrote:

Bicep's forthcoming EP sounds tasty...

EM tomorrow night.

As Pingu says, Nina KraviZ has an adventurous spirit and I'm pretty sure she means it. We exchanged a few messages through SC and she sounds like a decent person (no klang, not even close to a klang).

We answered, 1) you a can't hear a difference 2) if LAME is the encoder (look under Properties) then it will sound transparent 3) They all play the same mp3 promos, no one ever complains.

Saving 2 euros with a code beats having to work harder.

"Jay Kaufman likes Sandra Collins" Lol

An honourable mention for Anthea


Nina plays rare Detroit tracks, by people like Gemini. I don't think she's that bad. I've heard good sets from her.

For some crazy reason people nowadays think: vinyl=real DJ. As if.

Anja, her Transitions guest mix is epic.

There's a 3 hour set here:

Also a mention for J.Phlip.

Are there any 25s in here anyway? Or any 25s who like prog tunes from the 90s?


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Isn't "minerals" also a forbidden word, Kel (or Presto or Dave or LQB)?


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Probably. Decent man, been here and GU from the start, computer knowledge.


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MattBlack wrote:

Has anyone seen Sabotini since the Mystery mod appeared?

It's Presto!


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erik.b wrote:

Not hard to figure out who it is. Certain idiosyncrasies in grammar and prose carry through even when trying to remain anonymous.


klooptheloop wrote:

Having a Gene Monday smile

Libertine would be in my top 10 all time favourite albums, if you haven't heard it, I urge you to have a listen...if you like this track obviously wink

Oh I love that.


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Most people use LAME for mp3 (free) and as womanless men would say that produces transparent sound.

a massive zebra wrote:

Thanks to djdiggers for his countless aural montages from paradise.



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New posters with a 2004 joining date?


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Geoff Oakes of 20th anniversaries got me thinking…Exactly 20 years ago today a certain album was released on 19.09.94… it changed the face of dance music and hugely influenced many of the DJs, artists and clubbers I've been fortunate enough to call friends over the years. This seems like an appropriate time to say thank you Sasha and John Digweed for what we created together in those early years, which had a huge influence on all our careers. And to all of the clubbers who shared the exciting journey and showed such enthusiasm and loyalty to the brand, I'm flattered that what I've done with Renaissance over the years has meant so much to so many... I get a lot of messages via Facebook and Twitter asking what's happening with Renaissance. When the business went into administration in 2010 the plan was always to buy back the Renaissance brand from the administrator, pay all of the labels and artists that were owed money and come back stronger with new partners... but Ministry of Sound had other ideas… they jumped in with an offer to the administrator and, despite my pleading that they back off from what had been a lifetime's labour of love for me, they went ahead and bought the brand rights. 6 months later they decided they would be kind enough to 'lease' my brand back to me! So, I managed to get a small amount of investment to start up again but without owning the rights to the brand it was never going to be enough to build a business. Compilation releases from Tiefschwarz and, in particular, Tale of Us, felt like the brand was growing and relevant again but ultimately I failed because how could my heart possibly be in building up Renaissance for Ministry of Sound to benefit from the most. Since the initial 'lease' period expired I have tried to negotiate purchasing Renaissance back outright from Ministry but they have refused all attempts, despite paying a very small amount for it themselves, and, it seems, prefer the brand to sit there doing nothing rather than returning it to the person who created it and stuck with it through all of the highs and lows. They will probably insist that the Renaissance Facebook is taken down after this post but this seemed the best possible platform to let you all know what happened. I'm sure there will be positive and negative reactions to this post but, regardless, Renaissance deserves its place in electronic music's hall of fame… R.I.P Renaissance!


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zackster wrote:
djdiggers wrote:

Caught on camera today

deplorable behavior from the man himself. just when things were starting to get positive around here.


That's 149'000 copies more than the average dance cd.


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Too easy.


I will re-up them all, in time.

Actually, Cher's Believe made auto-tune popular, not the vocoder. Even worse.