Dermatron wrote:

Should have KOS guesting then.



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Limited reprint of Banco Live @ Glasto out soon.

Reprinted on yellow vinyl:

^It still works its magic.

Nice … ts/remixes

funkeey wrote:

Pretty decent mix.  The guy has been on form for a while.  One of the few podcasts I actually look forward to, I find transitions relentlessly dull by comparison tbh ...

Aren't you in the wrong Forum? Just saying.

From Hannu's mix


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liquitech1 wrote:

...I used to love playing the vinyl of NE1 with just the lights from the decks and a candle to light the room. Smoke a big rooty out the window and play the thing upside down and back to front for hours. It's still a different level to about 75% of the shit released right now.

I've done something similar, playing the vinyl at ear-bleeding volume.

Well put.


Evil Bedrock, playing mind games with its slavering minions.

Ok, I'll buy the vinyl then.

Where did you see it, Snedz?

It's a longshot, US-only, unofficial release

Epic & massive

Gapless mp3 playback in Apple devices was announced ten years or so ago by Jobs in person.

No matter how you put it, per se mp3 is not gapless. But there are players that can fix that.

I don't what the thread is exactly about but mp3 is not gapless, it's a limit of the format. Mp3s encoded with LAME can be played gaplessly with Foobar and probably a few other players.

You still got it smile

Bizarre cover:

40 Thieves - Take Me I'm Yours (feat. Nina Lares) (Roam Recordings) … recordings

Good DJ.

Way ahead of their times, despite the dodgy vocals. Morgan Geist must be familiar with this.