fadass wrote:

Balearic bliss.

It's last week's episode anyway smile

Thank you for the link.

Same place

https://hearthis.at/ewtbtdj/01-georgefi … 16-talion/

steelydan wrote:

Really enjoyed that.

Dermo = Grumpy Git


It would be great if he posted the first hour.

The audio from the FB stream

https://soundcloud.com/wantstobethedj/t … al/s-detnT

Thank you, JP.


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You can't ban a Leopard Mode.

He has an emo following.

I bet Uncle J. is proud of this thread.

I can't see anything new or strange.

Neko wrote:

*makes a note under records to play for a toilet break*

Add The Orb's Blue Room to that list.

Yes and he played it in full.

It's up but no D/L

https://soundcloud.com/phonicarecords/p … hn-talabot


Nice one.

John plays this in today's Transitions, a blatant ripoff of the 5 for Friday formula.

Amen to that.

It's a nice summer track, I don't get you people's reaction.

Hop_Head wrote:
Dermatron wrote:

The only way Hanners can recover this is if Diggers drops it at 4am to massive ovation.

Or Gus could give it his seal of approval with one of those posts full of errant full stops at the end of blank sentences and some Slovakian totty.

Gustavo has the best taste in music and immaculate credentials. The part about totties is true, though.


Kiss 100 - 2004-04-11 Part 2 - Jonathan Lisle

01. Young American Primitive - African Cosmopolitan
02. FSOL - Lifeforms 5.1
03. FSOL - Lifeforms 6.1
04. Pink Floyd- Echoes
04. FSOL - Little Brother
05. Trafik - Your Love (ambient mix) (GU)
06. R. Delavari and O. Can: Eternity (3 Beat Breaks)
07. Pat Fosheen- the Unthinkable (Habersham remix) (Institution)
08. Numinous and Habersham- Leaving Tifton (Digital Witchcraft remix) (Blueprint)
09. Precision- Comet Charge (Zero Tolerance)
10. Kaybee - Speed of Sound [M-Theory]
11. Yunus and Subsky - Airfuzz [Red Flag Collective]