I have an SC account with 3000 followers (they used to be 27.000 but shit happens). but we are one strike away from annihilation

But I will be glad to host it at Hear This.

Edit: Shaun killed the thread, lol,


...is expected to enable Spotify listeners to stream radio shows and other user generated mixes

We look forward to working with Dubset and the biggest and best DJs in the world

If you can emulate Photoshop then you can mix online smile. I think HTML5 allows people to run online applications but I'm waiting for Kevin's Word.

Hahaha. "Frankie Teardrops" is gen.

Lol. There was a brilliant deep house mix, a few years go. I really liked that one.

Masterpiece of a record:

The Balearic bit:

Lol, true, grown men adoring another grown man (ipse dixit).

Sorry, Kev, my knowledge is dated. Before subscribing I took a quick look around and things are all different now. Anyway, I thought the question was about ripping audio, not about a legit download.

EDIT: questions already answered.

jamie wrote:

apple music definitely allows you to save to your device.

give yourself some time to set it all up and check it though as I found it had a habit of saving some tracks from an album but not others.

Maybe you can rip the low-fi stream (AAC). Anyway, I'm going to accept their 0.99 offer and check about the download thing.

You can't download from Spotify. But the Pro account used to include "offline playback" [?]. No idea, but apple formats support DRM, maybe they meant something like that.

Grant wrote:

Use Apple Music's 3 month free trial.  Or cough up for premium on Spotify

Similar offer at Spot., three free months at 0.99.
Does Apple include their whole music library?


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I'AM a DIY disaster.

Gab Rhome, great dj. But he's with Anjunadeep.

Dermatron wrote:

jdoty 1/14

Plot thickens.

Summer is cumming

This is my favourite of mine. The second part is dark stuff. It's more of cassette tape, no prog in it, nun. And it's a story, not a journey.

"Little Girls Lost"


01. [00:00] Peter Broderick - When I'm Gone [Hush Records]
02. [03:44] Brian Eno - Spirits Drifting [Island Records] + "The Lovely Bones"
03. [06:19] Peter Broderick - A Beginning [Type]
04. [08:08] Goldmund - Door Of Our Home (Sampler Version) [Type]
05. [11:27] Peter Broderick - A Glacier [Type]
06. [13:56] Wayne Horvitz - Sweeter Than The Day [Songlines Recordings]
07. [18:54] Keith Jarrett - Lalene [ECM Records]
08. [27:16] Aaron Copland - Midsummer Nocturne [Sony]
09. [29:07] Deaf Center - White Lake [Type]
10. [35:37] Paul Robeson - Takin' Names
11. [38:05] Peter Broderick - Something Has Changed [Type]
12. [40:30] On - Too Many Demons Still Haunt This Land [Type]
13. [45:28] Jesse Somfay - Folding Ghosts Into Origami Stars [Archipel]
14. [49:14] David Sylvian - A Certain Slant of Light [davidsylvian.com]
15. [50:26] E.E. Cummings - Sweet Spring Is Your Time (Excerpt) [Caedmon]
16. [50:43] Stevie Wonder - Come Back As A Flower [Motown]

A bit of Balearica

I can't find the mix, can you upload it somewhere, Si?

^Great work on that, J-P.

Wand [cit.]

Kevin/Smash, Simeon, Damien, Loopy, Dermo for everything 88-95.

Cheers, Simo.

I have a folder on a hard disk somewhere with a folder named "GU Forum", full of rare gems, lol.