What was I thinking.

Homegrove wrote:

Who might that be? I know we've had some great architects here in Finland, but don't know which of them was born here in Turku.

Erik Bryggman, born and raised. his cemetery chapel in Turku is probably his masterpiece.

http://www.greatbuildings.com/architect … ggman.html

Turku has been on my map for a while, it's obvious that it's great place for dance music. Plus one of the greatest architect of the 20th century was born there, as crazy as it seems smile.

Can't the moderators see the ip address or the provider's name?  If not freaking add it to the forum's code.


Presto wrote:

It says 1pm GMT, Hannu. That's 2pm, British time.

You'll have to hold your cock for a little while longer.

Don't play mind games with us smile , Simon. In an hour.

liquitech1 wrote:

..happy to point out that nobody has ever been right when guessing these things. Would the last 2 hours of Montreal need this big of a surprise??? Some letdown if it is.

Exactly, why the countdown? The missing hours at Vagabond were a bigger and more pleasant surprise. Or does he mean that a full 8-9 hour set of his will be released for the first time?

Happi Birfdai, Hannu.

Part 2 is available, it's a Frisky exclusive, I don't know if I can post a link.


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(TRICKY is about  to cross the dancefloor with drinks in his hands)
BOUNCER: You can't walk across the dancefloor
TRICKY: Why???
BOUNCER: Prince is dancing

True story! (from one of Tricky's public meltdowns)


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^That's a funny dvd.

The NY Times reports it too

http://www.nytimes.com/2016/04/22/arts/ … -dead.html

EDIT: press agent confirms


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The 2-hour version is Sasha's podcast, available through iTunes.

millsy23 wrote:

I've reduced the size of that image using my exemplary Photoshop skills, have printed and cut it out., and now keep it safe in a locket around my neck. Forever Digweed.

Is a puzzle piece t-shirt in the works, Millsy?


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King Coe hath spoketh.

One of the most plagiarized bands in music history, still obscure to many.

Let's give it a spin then.

Always a pleasure.


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EMs are available every week at MS, corenews.me and a few other places, with a large variety of file hosters. I usually upload it to my HearThis page too, but this time I forgot to.

mullykid wrote:

Live from the Button Factory, Dublin this week!! smile

It's ready (MS).

liquitech1 wrote:

...just a brain fart but why does every mix need to have to have a prog-standard build?

Right on target.

An "I'm doing a benson @ Bedrock" tee, I'd buy that.