Beijing Dave wrote:

Sbando, who in actual fuck are you?

No one even noticed your presence until just now.

Has your post count been rigged?

I had forgotten the sweet feel of trolling big_smile . What's wrong with a more lively forum? Just sayin', I'll shut up now.

Hop_Head wrote:
Sbando wrote:

You need some trolling, c'mon. You people are getting lazy.

Why don't you fill the void blando?

I never said I'm the troll you need. You people are often up each other's arse. And you're getting a bit repetitive. I miss Dermo, Chunky and all the other loonies.

Btw, Gus says you're all "gaylords".


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Probably a recode: … -ame-remix

Thank you again for the Vagabond ID, great spot and wonderful track.

You need some trolling, c'mon. You people are getting lazy.

4 IDs still missing from part 2.

Dermo, without your eloquent bants these kids sound like douches from a school chess club. Please come back.


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erik.b wrote:

It comes as no surprise that supposed big hitters have no prog credentials.

Smaller dicks than expected.

Grant wrote:

It's a little Gus-esque with a faint whiff of Kiz.

The montage itself is hardly Gus-esque, he knows about music and he's definitely not an Interwebs dork.

Yes, he asked a music-related question in the Bedrock forum, what a silly cunt. Second post is truly embarrassing, though, lol.

Beats'N'Pieces wrote:
Sbando wrote:

Not even Voorn?

Massively greatful for all your stuff you post, going to give the Voorn mix a whirl now. Not had a proper listen.

I just mean, that is a good one, isn't it?

Not even Voorn?

Ok, I don't know if you need to clear tracks for a web radio broadcast. We'll know in 8 days.

The End won't be there, Gus.

HAppy Birfday, Shaun.


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I'm glad we agree, Mr. Lester.


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Homegrove wrote:

Uncle Bazza predicted his fate correctly the other day.

I already miss him. This board needs a resident troll.

Uncle Bazza wrote:

Really? I cant understnd why it would upset anyone unless its suddenly dawned on them they aren't big hitter material.


It's upsetting the fact that this Board is more or less a private chat room for 15 or so big hitters, unless that refers to cumshots.

"Big hitters" is a stale joke from another board (rip). No big hitters here apart from the Boss and maybe Simonr.

Beatport Pro will take the place of current Beatport, two separate things.

I mean the totally fake video of him playing out in some carpark or courtyard where you could tell there was no audience.

Sasa used to play in front of no one, if I remember correctly.

Bad, overrated / Paddy McAloon = oxymoron