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Gecko was on the board before, perhaps he is installing new emoticons. lol


I really enjoyed this one. Intro included (Pete Tong?).

Solving the weakness he's obviously free to exploit would be an alternative solution.

The way I've always understood this, Hannu doesn't have access to the admin control panel. It could be a bug. Is the forum up to date? Some exploit the dated version allows? Or John did pull the plug.

Why are asking for god's sake? Anyway, they used to be on SC, now they're gone with the rest of the page.

Digweedinitus is the worst!

You definitely suffer from Dixonite.


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billy mckenzie.

Only you here could remember Billy, bright but damaged star.

The Inspirals released a new record not so long ago (2014?).

Inspiral Carpets, but they were cool as fuck.

Jello Biafra
Gibby Haynes
Mark Mothersbaugh

They're variable bitrate, 256 is the average, pretty good.



Confute And R.e.c. – 2002 [Bedrock – Underground Sound Of Ibiza 2]


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The new Visionquest compilation.

It's horrendous.


life these day displeases me fact im taking the afternoon off to get cunted

Amen to that, brother.

Ditto. Epic interviews: Pete Townshend, Noel himself, Shaun Ryder -retelling all the classic stories: When he and his brother killed all the pigeons, when they would steal coats and fur coats from restaurants and the infamous "Yes, Please" sessions with Ryder licking methadone from the floor.

Q took the same route becoming the Gallaghers' Gazette then putting Justin Timberlake on the cover. Still not as bad as the weekly press-style reviews "Go back to your time machine, grandad!", all written mimicking Noel's "swag". They went from "Abbey Road" best record of all time to Definitely Maybe best British record ever.

At fucking last. Turned into an obnoxious version of Smash Hits in 1996, supported ridiculous bands throughout the 00s and now it's out of business. Fuck them. MM was the hipster rag of the time and unsigned bands would regularly win "Best Band" in the end of the year polls.


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^ And moderate the first few posts.


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Also, paying a million for old and forgotten 45s is big with that crowd. … 825539-02/

Continuous DJ Mixes + tracks. There's already a preview for each track.