The new JAS podcast is mega.

zackster wrote:

personally, i come here with the intent of being ridiculed for my superior tastes in music. keeps my deservedly large ego in check.


Maybe not fine minds, just fanboys and nutcases. Same as GU. I mean, traffic here is almost irrelevant. Bringing back a few more "weirdos that hang out in Mixes", random types or simply fans of Digweed and Bedrock would really hurt the board?

The Forum is indeed nicer after the big scare. Still..

"Weirdos", "Fat losers", "Not a Heavy Hitter". People who want to discuss music are ridiculed (and that the whole point, huh, John, Hannu, Kelly?).

The Forum is little more than a chat room for a score of grown men and their "banter" -and other grown men business.

Why not create a section for the general talk (the banter section)? So that the people you lot drove away from here can come back without tainting the HHs' sacred blood.

It's been asked before. Why not, seriously?

smallman1 wrote:

Here I am -

How's Rosie Huntington-Whiteley?

I didn't even use the word "Balearic" smile !

Fantastic site by Bill Brewster et co.

DJing is the art of selecting tracks.

EDIT: … tary-mixer

^Huge scans that Hannu can hang onto his walls and make love to.

Wallow/Lift, can't spot a difference anymore

Dermo having a field day smile .

It's a lovely place. … 16/s-j9Zsf

[00] ?
[02] Villanova (Fr) - 5 O'clock In The Morning (FeatFlowers & Sea Creatures) (Club Mix) [My Favorite Robot - MFR 114]
[08] Hunter/Game - Bermuda [Kompakt - KOMPAKTEX83]
[15] Alex Niggemann - Primary [Poker Flat - PFR 149]
[20] ?
[25] Lee Van Dowski - 050504 (Original Mix) [Mobilee Records - MOBILEE142]
[30] Felkon - Sunset Stories (Skanky Mix) [Blossom Kollektiv - BLK 011]
[36] Beacon - Fault Lines (Dauwd Remix) [Ghostly International - GI 237]
[42] Rone - Parade (Dominik Eulberg Remix) [Infine - 38296]
[45] ?
[53] Alex Niggemann - Materium [Poker Flat - PFR 149]
[56] Guy J - Seven [Lost & Found - LF 009D]
[64] Heiko Laux - There There [Kanzleramt - KA 167]
[67] Alex Niggemann - Abaton [Aeon - 009S]
[73] ?
[76] Oxia - Domino [Kompakt Extra - KOMEX 34]
[77] ?
[85] Coyu - Just Nin (He Cries At Night) (Andre Lodemann Remix) [Suara - 147]
[90] Alex Niggemann Feat. Bon Homme - Sorrow [Watergate - WGVINYL 021]

Hannu, can we  implement a simple forum mod for posting SC links, [s] [/s]?

Ooops smile.

PDE's Lighthouse?

It's private, I've had problems before with Sasha's camp.

ukhursty wrote:

Anyone got a link to soundcloud for it? Mixcloud is fucking horrendous. … 16/s-gQcod

smallman1 wrote:

Caribous 6 mix (can't post the link for some reason) … 2015-01-16

Just organize a MixCloud competition, open it to anyone as long as it all begins from the forum. Doable, easy, traffic to the board, which is a club for a small clique and the rest of us are made to feel like we don't exist.

As for judges, it can be arrange, create a Facebook event or page, free, easy.

Transitions showcases contest winners every now and then. And they are definitely new.

It would be about the forum, really, for the exact reason that it has a population of 25 (other "not relevant" and I don't even count).

They do have a better flow and, even at 3 hrs, they never bore.

4-5 great mixes in a row.

This piece of shit will be the only thing available once Beatport turns into a streaming service. I don't remember the details but I think there are news snippets at RA and Fact.