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smallman1 wrote:

Did you throw it on the barbie?


^Great tips, boys.

poirot wrote:

Maceo  is board cretin dogmongs favourite dj isnt it?  Double lollerthon.


Sei A


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smallman1 wrote:

Is this available on SoundCloud?

It's not SC but it's here: https://hearthis.at/ewtbtdj/ra491151026 … dvisornet/


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It's a RA Podcast not The Mix Collection Reborn. I enjoyed it.


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Nice one.

If he's off how do you tell the difference?

poirot wrote:

MS has never had the intellectual clientele required to makes it a GU or Bedrock. A lot of dribbling kids and pidgin speaking remwards from unimportant countries..

And thank you.

As mad as "Zover" is, el presidente highsteppa is a true mong, he must be 16. He reminds me of some of you before Uncle John's warning, lol.


smallman1 wrote:

Cocteau Twins - Four Calendar Cafe.

Such a wonderful record.


simonr wrote:

Let me dig them out from wherever I saved them.

I just posted them, wtf smile

https://soundcloud.com/wantstobethedj/s … 17/s-RIEW4

https://soundcloud.com/wantstobethedj/s … 17/s-A77ki


He's the one posting most of the rare stuff.


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I remember you lot raving about it like schoolgirls in an old 5 for Friday.


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America is from 2009, get a better radar, Jay smile

Squidgy wrote:

Enjoyed this one. Before HK got their name bought and became a massive commercial brand.

Good one and rather cheap too. Mark Doyle's Hed Kandis were all good. Panyard - In The Sand is one of HK's official anthems smile

https://hearthis.at/ewtbtdj/transitions … 015-09-11/

Every friday morning at MS.

shaunstrudwick wrote:

the version of 'Daphne - Change' that Diggers used for that seminal transition with the above track on his 04/09/95 EM

Was that released at all?

Louise NurDing, stunner. But I was already a grown man when she first appeared with Eternal.

Honorary mention for Best Tits.