Yeah, The Man Like Loopdokter!


Plus Raxon's 22nd guest mix. … 017-01-13/ … 13/s-oc54f

Hour 2.


Gypsies stole my beautiful Submariner.



He's often bad, playing commercial shit, faceless music that goes on and on. … uary62017/

This is the right link … -Think.mp3


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No money left to burn smile.

I've read somewhere that they also destroyed the master tapes to avoid reprints and remasters (so to stick it to the Man).


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An hour from Bedrock 18.

The Frisky ban seems to have been lifted from Mercury so from now on you'll find all 320kbs versions there (in other places too, of course. But at least I know they're not recoded).

Solange's, great record.

Yeah Radio is even worse.

Neko, podcasts are saved in My Documents, Music, iTunes. … 6Part1.mp3 … 6Part2.mp3 … 6Part1.mp3 … 6Part2.mp3 … er2016.mp3 … 23/s-KrQLo


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Behaviour is a masterpiece.

Apple 96 kbs.

millsy23 wrote:

the temerity on display here is sickening. This board is full of workshy layabouts, dole scum, trogladytes, sex cases, sex workers, meffs, dangerously disabled meltcases, know-it-all music bores, washed up queens, failed mods, gypsies, pill freaks, fashion victims, deviants and thieves. You expect us to know what to do in such a situation? My advice would be for #1 and #2 to kill you and bury you in a shallow grave.


Top moderation work.


steelydan wrote:

Apparently Led Zeppelin were well overated by some. … eatles.htm

Keif, lay off your daddy's ashes.