Great choice! Can't mix, last seen relevant years ago.

Burridge saturday night.

with 300 on for the umpeenth time


Sound Blaster ?!

I'll do my best to be there.

^I want it!

Thank you, Jamie.

All files are still there but after the second "strike" (for Brothers In Rhythm's NYE Essential Mix  - 1994!) I finally surrendered to Sony and SC. It won't came back. If you follow the FB page you'll still find new links (hoster, Hearthis, SC as private tracks).

Grant wrote:
Sbando wrote:

9 days at the hospital, in August.

No doubt Benson pisses all over that.

No details but believe me, it's been tough.

9 days at the hospital, in August.


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Boss remix by Luke Chable


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Now that's a breakdown!

It's a great sample! Similar to


Ncable wrote:

I can't even operate a phone after the amount of weapons-grade chisel I've fired up my greedy snout. Ordering a drink is hard enough, forget technology.

Good one, Flares.


Wighnomy Brothers - Metawuffmischfelge


steelydan wrote:

glad Coldcut & Involver got a mention. That first Involver is excellent (apart from the last track)

Last track is Ulrich Schnauss, Dan. The one before that. Everybody hates Felix smile.

danose wrote:

is there a way of getting hold of his RA podcast? i had it years ago but lost it with the death of my previous laptop.

Vast (full?) collection of RA Podcasts. … t-advisor/ … ease/16233

For YOU! wink

Turku has an archipel?!

Pic or puppies will die.

Lol @ lupus


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He can still register, unless they're checking IPs too.

Big Fella wrote:

Gecko was on the board before, perhaps he is installing new emoticons. lol