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I will re-up them all, in time.

Actually, Cher's Believe made auto-tune popular, not the vocoder. Even worse.


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I wouldn't listen to U2 if the paid me to.

Stream and download (tongfull)

https://hearthis.at/ewtbtdj/01-tenwalls … 14-talion/


This one is lovely

The Tongless version

https://soundcloud.com/tenwallsmusic/bb … l-mix-1310


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Are they getting nekkid?


Is this about NE2, Si?


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"They were released only two years or so apart but that gap is exacerbated by the fact that R1 was very largely retrospective whereas NE1 was far more 'of the moment"

What he said. Maybe not different eras but different sounds.


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Yes, it's recreated from scratch, it's explained in the deluxe edition, I think.


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Two different eras and different esthetics.

Ok. You know it's there if you need it.

If you want to move them to my HearThis, you'll be welcome.

SC's stream quality is always 128.

That is just a shortcut to grab the stream when download is not enabled.

Use this, Dermo



Anja's guestmix is truly brilliant.


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"So now the people who have no land have their own farms"

RIP Robbie Williams.

Ahad Adump wrote:

Anybody know of a solution then? Must be other websites to use. Out of interest Sbando, how did you break the show up into 2 parts? Every other website has the show running continuously which is a pain.

That's how the show gets streamed but the on demand version is in two parts.

Big Fella wrote:

Don't do the crime if you cannot handle the time, is my only advice.

I'm not mad, I'm just bitter because it's a very bad day. I agree that the risk was always there. Last word from me.

Strike one was from Sasha's camp because of some Ivolv3r track, of all things.

I did some homework, it was one of these (Transitions 479 - 7 MONTHS after my post):

01. Shall Ocin - Blind To The Truth (Jozif Blinded Remix) [Leftroom]
02. Viadrina - Lush Hour [Promo]
03. Jamie Stevens - The Wonder Of You
04. Stt - Unknown (John Debo Remix) [Promo]
05. I Like That Freq ( Alexander Lissau Freq In Space Remix) [promo]
06. Pig&dan & Rachel Lyn - This Is Not Love [Terminal M]
07. Plastic Service Broadcasting - Nights Mai (Ben Gomori Redux) [Test Card]
08. Carlo Lio & Harvey Mckay - Droid Decay [Bedrock]
09. Denis A - Untitled [Dar]

I'm still blaming the cunt who reported the page, there are at least 3-4 other ways to have your track removed. To press the report this button you have to be a real, real piece of human shit. In fact, the other four times that it got flagged it was either by a major or by Sasha. If you can still find half of it it means that 650 mixes are missing, plus they were all downloadable and always available for streaming (the whole point).