millsy23 wrote:

the temerity on display here is sickening. This board is full of workshy layabouts, dole scum, trogladytes, sex cases, sex workers, meffs, dangerously disabled meltcases, know-it-all music bores, washed up queens, failed mods, gypsies, pill freaks, fashion victims, deviants and thieves. You expect us to know what to do in such a situation? My advice would be for #1 and #2 to kill you and bury you in a shallow grave.


Top moderation work.


steelydan wrote:

Apparently Led Zeppelin were well overated by some. … eatles.htm

Keif, lay off your daddy's ashes.

This is Chunky's most recent effort

01. [000] 16B feat. Morel - Escape [Driving To Heaven] (Original instrumental)
02. [008] Pole Folder & CP - Apollo Vibes (John Debo Mix)
03. [015] ID
04. [022] ID
05. [028] Delilah - Be Strong For Me (Phillip Charles Remix)
06. [034] Dorian Paic - Schwingung (Original Mix)
07. [041] Swimmingpool Sound - Sumergible (Original) w (acapella)
08. [048] Olive - You're Not Alone (X-Press 2 Vocal Voyage Mix)
09. [055] Goldfrapp - Utopia (Tom Middleton's Cosmos Vocal)
10. [063] Peace Division - What's That Sound
11. [068] ID It's Dark It's Filtered It's Funky
12. [073] Gypsymen - Babarabatiri (Tee's Latin Mix)
13. [079] Goldfrapp - Utopia (Cosmos Acid Mix)
14. [084] Sharam Jey & Nick K - Deeper
15. [091] D.M.O - Any Thoughts (Chab Dub) w Major North - Annihilate (Acapella)
16. [101] Nerva - The Jackal
17. [110] Argonaut - Your Body Is A Temple
18. [119] Blackwatch - Foreshadow
19. [126] Mavi - Precious
20. [133] Submission - The Deep
21. [141] Kosheen Feat. Suzanne Palmer Hide U (John Creamer & Stephane K)
22. [147] Pob - Waah!
23. [154] Lil Louis Vs Hydrogen Rockers - Blackout (Hydrogen Rockers Remix)
24. [161] Lil'mo Yin Yang - Reach / Tribalism 2001
25. [167] Danny Tenaglia Vs Robert Owens - I'll Be Your Elements (WMC Miami Mix)
26. [176] Superchumbo - Revolution (Volta Vocal Mix)
27. [183] Paranoid Jack - Slave Driver (Original Mix)
28. [189] DJ Nukem vs Chab - Forward (Original Mix)
29. [196] Afrix Feat. Doro - Zakamucyo (Peace Division's Spaced Out Dub)
30. [205] DJ Vibe feat Franklin Fuentes - I´ll Take You
31. [214] Sono - Keep Control (Hydrogen Rockers Mix)
32. [218] Paranoid Jack - U
33. [222] X-Press 2 - Muzik Xpress (Bootleg Mix)
34. [228] ID
35. [233] Dino Lenny - I Feel Stereo
36. [239] Deflect - Show No Fear (Hard Mix)
37. [247] The Tata Box Inhibitors - Plasmids (Oscar G Mix)
38. [256] iiO - Rapture (Deep Dish Space Mix)
39. [267] G-Pal pres. Ghos - I Can See The Lights
40. [274] Behrouz - What We Do in Life... (Echoes In Eternity)
41. [282] Baz - Believers (King Unique River Deep Mix)
42. [288] Baz - Believers (King Unique River Deep Mix)
43. [297] Fingerfest Inc - Autoporno (Original Mix)
44. [305] ID
45. [310] Laid Feat. Derek Conyer - No More Games
46. [316] YMC - Arrows
47. [324] Ernest St. Laurent - Clumsy Lobster
48. [330] PQM feat Pilgrim Soul - Nameless
49. [335] Morel - Funny Car

10. Not sure if it's correct.
11. Should be easy to ID.
20. May be another track after this one.
41. I think they play the same version twice, they don't sound any different. It's not the Dub that's for sure.

Mercury Server is also free. is horrible, I wouldn't download gonorrhea from them.

The D/l option, when available, is now part of a sub menu (...More).

No update since May. But you can find it at MS.

Tune indeed.

If you're using bittorent you can find them as "year packs" (you can still select and download just the one you want).

All my SC files are still there, they're just hidden.

Jeff Buckley, now that was a miserable whining cunt.

He definitely wasn't. But in the last years it was sad to see him forced to tour because he had lost most of his money.

liquitech1 wrote:

..anyone else catch Digweed's live FB thing from Stereo this morning? Some amazing stuff played while it lasted.

Say "thanks" once in a while, people. It doesn't hurt.

Nick Sneddon wrote:

David Morales guest mix on Traxsource

Great shout

His EM from around the same time was pretty good, though.

More unreleased Danny, btw

The Girlie Mixes … ape-mix-a/ … ape-mix-b/


Neko wrote:

Are there any "high def" versions of the set? they used to post MP3s encoded at 64kbps if I remember right.

This comes from Danny's archive and it's how the original tape sounds.

fadass wrote:

I hugged Millsy in his gold Speedos in Bora Bora at 5am as this played. Memories.

Lol. Pics?

fadass wrote:

Balearic bliss.

It's last week's episode anyway smile

Thank you for the link.

Same place … 16-talion/

steelydan wrote:

Really enjoyed that.

Dermo = Grumpy Git