If he's off how do you tell the difference?

poirot wrote:

MS has never had the intellectual clientele required to makes it a GU or Bedrock. A lot of dribbling kids and pidgin speaking remwards from unimportant countries..

And thank you.

As mad as "Zover" is, el presidente highsteppa is a true mong, he must be 16. He reminds me of some of you before Uncle John's warning, lol.


smallman1 wrote:

Cocteau Twins - Four Calendar Cafe.

Such a wonderful record.


simonr wrote:

Let me dig them out from wherever I saved them.

I just posted them, wtf smile

https://soundcloud.com/wantstobethedj/s … 17/s-RIEW4

https://soundcloud.com/wantstobethedj/s … 17/s-A77ki


He's the one posting most of the rare stuff.


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I remember you lot raving about it like schoolgirls in an old 5 for Friday.


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America is from 2009, get a better radar, Jay smile

Squidgy wrote:

Enjoyed this one. Before HK got their name bought and became a massive commercial brand.

Good one and rather cheap too. Mark Doyle's Hed Kandis were all good. Panyard - In The Sand is one of HK's official anthems smile

https://hearthis.at/ewtbtdj/transitions … 015-09-11/

Every friday morning at MS.

shaunstrudwick wrote:

the version of 'Daphne - Change' that Diggers used for that seminal transition with the above track on his 04/09/95 EM

Was that released at all?

Louise NurDing, stunner. But I was already a grown man when she first appeared with Eternal.

Honorary mention for Best Tits.




Nicole Eggert from Charles In Charge



There are better versions, sat radio recordings, there's a tracker that posts them every week. But the stream is 192.

Nick Sneddon wrote:
Big Fellaa wrote:

links to listen to these would be nice...


A few were ripped and posted here, if you have the patience to search for that thread.

The rest is available here and there

Nick's Homelands

https://soundcloud.com/wantstobethedj/n … xx/s-pgzF2

John Digweed - FFRRee Mix

https://soundcloud.com/wantstobethedj/j … ed/s-YaGzw

https://soundcloud.com/kim-reeves-1/set … e-mixzd-by

Hawtin too.

No, there are tracks removed by the system (no consequences) and proper copyright infringement notes. Since they treat DJ mixes as piracy, SC has no future for DJs.


Third strike!