Goran Tech - Jericho inluding a remix from Gene, is out now on

click here to check it out:

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John Digweed (Bedrock)

Dave Seaman (Audiotherapy)
nice, not sure if i would play but good tracks

Giorgos Gatzigristos (Manual, Bedrock, Kompakt)
Good stuff. Nice deep original, remix is cool too.

Cid Inc
nice one. Original Mix for me.

Dibby Dougherty (Yello Resident/Audiotherapy/Baroque/GU)
Original is well good, deffo something im gonna play

Luke Porter
Lovely deep stuff guys, nice one

Nick Warren (Hope)
original mix is cool

Jerome Isma-ae
nice but not the right for me... thanks!

Nick Varon
Great deep stuff . Will play !Thanks!

Kosmas  Epsilon
One of the best LowBattery releases for a while. Beautiful smile

Alex Dolby
gene's is for me!!

Laurent Garnier
nice deep tunes .cool release

Mitch Alexander (microCastle)
very solid release...real smooth stuff

Victoria R
liking the original mix

I prefer the Original Mix. Not sure I would play it out but certainly quality tarck.Thanks for sendingEgostereoRenaissance, Global Underground, Audio Therapy

one more nice release from Lowbattery.. i like the original but i like more gene's groove smile  thanxx

Kassey Voorn follows up his huge "Neptune / Pluto" release on LowBit
with "Out On A Limb" for his own Low Battery imprint. Kassey's original
has awesome drive with it's superb rolling bassline and very classy
melodic elements that never get to over the top. A perfect progressive
production from Kassey that is made for the dancefloor. Kenji
Takashima's remix deliver's some very smooth tech house grooves while
Lank's is a heavy stomping production with great clattering percussion
and as always an extremely cool vibe which makes it ideal for the more
educated floors.

Support so far comes from John Digweed, Nick Warren, Markus Schulz, Jerome Isma-ae, and many many more!

check it out on beatport -> … 20A%20Limb

The long awaited "Night" EP from Maxi Valvona is out now on including amazing remixes by Dibby Dougherty and Tom Glass.

check it out here: … 6305/Night

DJ Reactions:

Hernan Cattaneo - Good Stuff! thanks

Dave Seaman - dibbys mix is my fave

Guy J - nice break man good vibe track

Paul hamill (bbc radio) - full support

Oliver moldan - very special sounds brilliant

Patch park - cool remix by the way. not sure if i'd play it--nice chord stabbie

Tom morgan - cheers for sending that remix. don't think I'd play it but it sounds well put together; can see plenty of others doing so.

Chloe harris - Great job

Chris luzz - sounds nice

Johan vermuelen - great remix bro, nice and deep

Fergie - soundz good-to chilled for me tho

Nobrainer - nice one mate, deep

Federico Epis - love it

Erphun - cool and chuggy man will play!!

Sonny wharton - really into this remix mate - like it alot!! Deffo playing it out

Kazell - this is nice mate

Gabriel Boni - Not really for me but i like the remix of dibby ! Nice one , will play.

Cid Inc - Great pack of choons! Will play all the mixes.

[b]Mathias Meste

We are proud to present you our upcoming release, Lea D - Unique Belen. Coming from Buenos Aires, Argentina, rising star Lea-D after releases on Witty Tunes and Proton, delivers 2 great deep house original tracks for Low Battery Recordings. On the remix sides are Andreas Chicks & Francesco Bonora, Rhadow, and Hernan Cerbello, that have appeared several times on beatport's charts and are intending to keep all deep house & tech house lovers satisfied.

Preview and Download: … ue%20Belen

We Proudly Anounce:
Low0010  Paul Ursin & Soft Room - Atmosphere

Available NOW on beatport

Supported by: Jamie Stevens, Dibby Dougherty, Darin Epsilon, and many more!

(check it out on the link below) … Atmosphere

Thank you for your support!


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We are presenting you our next release, coming from a greek upcoming producer Evans T.
After his successfull release with Dyami Records & Kosmas Epsilon that stayed on beatport's charts
for quite a while, Evans comes back with a great progressive/tech house blend, including some great summer-vibe remixes from Oliver Maass, Elias Tzikas, Distant Fragment,
and Nikko Z.

check it out here: … 3/Qddicted

We Proudly Anounce:
Low007 Oliver Maass - Flora EP

Available NOW !
Exclusively @ Beatport !

Supported by: Hernan Cattaneo, James Zabiela, Dibby Dougherty, and many more

check it out here: … 4877/Flora


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Hello everyone,

we proudly announce the release of  "Garden Party" by the French techno rising star Fahrenheit.

After many successful vynil releases, and digital ones that have hammered

We proudly present our next EP "Artificial Sun" from the German rising star BQi, including remixes by Robin Hirte and MrMiles.

supported by: Paul Nazca,Eelke Kleijn,Chloe Harris,Sasha Le Monnier and Darin Epsilon amongst others.

check it out here: … cial%20Sun