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303 abuser wrote:

just finished all four seasons of spartacus.  it's not the best show ever, but entertaining still.

The first series is by far and away the best.


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I've had one for about a year and a half, everyone thinks I look great with it. Which means I should clearly cover my face. sad
I don't miss shaving one bit, but I do get it trimmed when I get my haircut every 4 weeks.

God I sound like a cunt, sorry everyone


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Very well done to everyone so far, excellent work smile

MattBlack wrote:
Henry Rindhoops wrote:

And Strudders. If you post any links to the theme from Airwolf, I'll be coming down there to pot all your greenhouse windows in.

Didn't they do Street Hawk as well?

They did do Streethawk, it's called Le Parc, from the album of the same name. They did not do Airwolf.

smallman1 wrote:

This Tangerine Dream thread has turned into a Tangerine Nightmare.

Definitely worth a smile

I've been a fan of Tangerine Dream since I was around 10, so 1982. Definitely a big influence on lots of the early house pioneers. Plus some really great tracks to boot. Avoid the early stuff unless you like the sound of someone banging on all your kitchen appliances with a variety of wooden spoons and spatulas.

steelydan wrote:
Yant wrote:

The only one i know is the one used at the start of Risky Business.

Love on a real train

The Dream is Always the Same is the track at the beginning of Risky Business. Love on a Real Train is much later when he shags her ON A TRAIN! smile


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My dad went to school with Bernard Cribbins, I went to school with Kieran O'Brien (Gruey, 24 hour Party people). He was a few years younger than me, I was mates with his brother Damien. My dad couldn't stand Kieran, he thought he was an arsehole when he was 8!


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I've got to be honest, I didn't enjoy it

PM sent, hope you like it smile

smallman1 wrote:

Is that Dave Beer lurking around the back of the Dj booth?

Yes it is

I was an Implementation Consultant until last Monday, I'm now Training and Development Manager (same company).

Presto wrote:
smashdad wrote:

Entered the ticket ballot for this - gutted to have missed out - glad you enjoyed it.

Same. Although I was less likely to get it, not being in London and that.

Seeing them tonight though, so all good.

My mate who won the tickets is from Newcastle, so we were really lucky. Enjoy tonight, it should be mint.

smashdad wrote:

Entered the ticket ballot for this - gutted to have missed out - glad you enjoyed it.

It was actually my mate who entered the ballot, he's a massive fan. His wife didn't want to go so he invited me big_smile

loopdokter wrote:
Amps wrote:

Been listening to the remastered version of Dubnobass on the old headphones today... kerwalitee stuff all round!

Do you notice the difference in the sound quality/dynamics?   I had it on in the car and found it to be definitely punchier.

Speaking of sound, I forgot to say that the sound quality at Maida Vale Studios was superb. As you'd expect really.

dogmanstar888 wrote:

How many people were there? 

The image Millsy paints above would have been legendary had the numbers been below 30 ... shirtless, sweating middle aged men going absolutely chicken oriental on a Wednesday lunchtime for exactly 1 hour ... in a fully lit room with 'regular' people going about their normal day.

I'd say no more than 300-400 people, but it wasn't fully lit, it was like a proper gig when they were actually performing.

smallman1 wrote:

Did you get on the Mick Mills Titian?

smile We did think about it, but my contacts in that arena are somewhat limited these days, so we just had a couple of pints before.
Didn't see anyone who looked like they had either tbh.

liquitech1 wrote:

How long did they play for, TW?...sounds like a decent lunch that smile

Just an hour, dark and long, dirty epic, three months off, scribble, cowgirl and (I think) 2 others. Also a couple of questions from the audience. On the train back to Leeds now, but well worth taking the day off work for!

I was lucky enough to go to this earlier today, very strange at midday on a Wednesday but thoroughly superb. For those in the UK, it's on the red button at 7, well worth a watch and listen!


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I bought the GoGo Penguin album the other week, it's very nice. Downloading now.


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My HD-25s broke last year (after 20 years of use), I simply bought another pair.

GregWhelan wrote:

Found out this week that the word tip originated from 'To Insure Promptness' and was paid at the start of dining.

Another amazing fact for you all next week guys!

The problem with that is the word should be ensure, not insure. I smell urban myth.


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smallman1 wrote:

The best fireworks display I ever did see was Sydney in 2004.


Sydney 1997 for me, stunning.

shaunstrudwick wrote:
Sbando wrote:

Use this, Dermo


don't you have to be careful with the output from this tho - quality wise?

i don't think it is in 320?

It'll be 128


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Amps wrote:

Fair fucking play to whoever is in charge of product design / finish at Sony, they're having a good laugh. It feels like it'll break in your hand and the disk drive and fans sound like they came out of a skip. Thought they would have sorted such things after the ps2. feels like a cheap £50 printer rather than a £330 quid console.

It's supposed to be pretty quiet when running (after the game has installed on the hard drive), you might have got a duff one. The new version of Tomb Raider has been spruced up for the PS4, really enjoyed it on the PS3. If you haven't played it, it's definitely worth checking out.