+1 for Depeche Mode. They are still brilliant. Saw them at Barrlowland Ballroom last week and they were mint.

As much as Muse's stuff leaves me cold they are pretty spot on live.


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Spieth I reckon. Knows his way around the place pretty well. He might even get it done in fours days if he speeds up his play drastically.

Would love Johnson to get it and then act like he honestly doesn't really give a shit.


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Grant wrote:

Gruden or Snyder?  I fucking hate Snyder, Allen and Gruden in that precise order.

They've only done it to try and keep Cousins.

I'd tell Gruden and Cousins to get to fuck and start from scratch.  We're gonna have a few more years in the wilderness regardless, so may as well be rebuilding whilst it happens instead of more of the same shit expensive shit.

Snyder. Shithouse personified. I don't know a great deal about Gruden.

I keep waiting for Cousins to give it up tbh. Seems he's a lot better than a lot of people thought. What's the deal with a contract for him though? Play under the tag until he has a shit season and cut him? He's coining it though.


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Gruden is the only HC to get a contract extension from Snyder since he took ownership in 1999. Great stat that.

Colossal prick he is.

The Goldie set was boss.

He's about to be investigated for it. Sounds like he had a bet on himself doing it. The dope.

I think it's this:

Sounded better in there though imo.

The pubs in Hull must be really fucking rough if alcoholics need to be tempted in.

Kiel sounds like a place even nuclear warheads would avoid if it's on a par with Colchester.

Tbf to him he's on one the bleakest tours of all time taking in Aberdeen, Hull, Manchester and Colchester.

I should have asked if he was alright.

I was at this last night. The levels were all over the place. I got the impression that he's scared of mancs.

Decent enough though.


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His bird looks like Jafar in Aladdin.


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I'd say he's finished. Wouldn't be surprised to see him retire this year.

He'll be knee deep in skanks though so all is not lost.

Always loved this.


Is Phonox decent?

My first Tottenham game was in the mid nineties and we were singing it then.

Missed this first time round. Boss set.

Talaboner intact.


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His speech this morning was full of plans which sounded expensive. Good luck getting Republicans to agree pay for infrastructure projects from the federal budget.

He sounded like a democrat this morning albeit a fucking orange twat headed one.

Mr. C's Acting Career wrote:
Tank Top wrote:

Any chance of an ID at 4:16 in after the Marvin and Guy track?

Boss like.

Nuel - Vibration [Further]

Cheers mate but it's the 50th track at 4hrs 16mins I was after (in bold below).

249min   Marvin & Guy-ID

255min   Talaboman-ID

I'm a dime bar when it comes to tracking down records.

Any chance of an ID at 4:16 in after the Marvin and Guy track?

Boss like.


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Sherman nails it in is column imo as to why the NFL is on the slide:

http://www.theplayerstribune.com/richar … ct-policy/

Heels like Tyrell Owens need to be brought back into the game imo. That you can put your body and brain on the line and not even celebrate or piss about after a score is bonkers and makes for a crap product imo.

Goodell is fucking woeful aside from signing TV contracts which is what the owners love about about him I suppose. He makes $30m+ per year. $30m+ per year.


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Daft cunt probably thinks he has immunity if he's President.

Homegrove wrote:

Appparently this storm is not fucking around.

With a name like that no wonder the fella became a weatherman.

This mix is fucking mint.


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ghostriddenhuffy wrote:

Kaepernick can fuck off to Canada and play for the  Saskatchewan Snowballs.

You fucked off with Kaepernck because of the anthem bollocks or because he's shit? $14m a year for a back up to Blaine Gabbert is some bit of business.

Will be glad not see to Brady being his intolerable self for the first 4 weeks.


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Hopefully the Seahawks take a knee during the national anthem and all hell breaks lose. There's a defence right there I wouldn't get fucked off with.