smallman1 wrote:

Orbital live are massively overrated.

since the M25?

heard it was awful to see them play the 'biggest club in the world' privilege to a couple of hundred people last year..disaster. but they've still made some amazing tracks...

Homegrove wrote:

The voices in your head probably don't know shit.

cutting deep hannu...?

Homegrove wrote:
Kumquat wrote:

Already rescued, so don't cry too much boys.

Can't say more but he's right.

not what i'm hearing...

was it 9 years before digweed/sasha played together again for renaissance ? 1996 last time and then 2003 or have I got dates wrong here ? also what was that whole fall out over ?

Kelley wrote:

Polly, why did you edit out the bit where you asked if you knew dear leon?

another leon from south coast of UK from another time Kel. wink

leonstafford wrote:

possibly..i live next door to the nut house :-)

pray tell was ist de nuthouse ? smile

leonstafford wrote:

i do live in brighton but don't bat for the other side. your stories seem a bit far fetched at times, but who am i to judge - i like plan B on the side!!...........heckles(((....... Just keep it real. i don't take side's

wink  smile

rickster2k wrote:

I kind of thought this might be the case from my first post but didn't want to start rumours. All makes sense now; website down, no twitter updates, everything gone quite since mid August.

I'm gutted if Renaissance have folded - they're an established label who've been around for donkeys years, I release there have been some big names disappear over the past 10 years but is this really the end for Ren - surely not? It would probably be the biggest to go under.I looked back over the CD's I bought this year and the majority of been Renaissance, if they go my CD buying is going to go right down, probably to near nil.I only hope that they do something similar to GU back in 2003 (for those who remember) when just before Nick Warren's Reykjavik CD was to be release GU almost went to the wall, but somehow they restructured and came back. With regards to the brand it's their strongest asset, surely if push came to shove someone like MOS would buy them up - I just really hope this is a temporary measure to restructure the business and come back slimmed down. It would a real blow to the scene if Ren was to die off all together.

if what i've heard is right, their brand is not their strongest point. not in a business sense...

interestingly did anyone see mani's rant on twitter about peter hook? makes you think about what the papers are saying about boys from the past damaging manchester's current output of artists such as delphic cos they keep harping back to 'glory' days..

Homegrove wrote:

Nope, he doesn't.

at least one thing is accurate in this post.... wonder where he's gonna pop up next and doing what ?


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zackster wrote:
aural wrote:

Yah, I'm sure if MTV came to you wanting to give you a shitton of money for a few hours work you would tell them to fuck off.

you don't see anything annoying about the fact that he goes on rants about not being a "dj"/hating "djs" and than decides to "dj" the biggest money making musical joke party of the year? and what's more he's being payed to play or should i say "remix" awful pop tunes. you're a complete fucking moron. if mtv are going to pay someone oodles of cash to dj these things i'd much rather see loopy up there.

and aaron, how could this possibly be good for dance? the scene took its worst turn back when the "everybody" comps were big, and sander was all about "taking dance to mtv".the last thing i'm interested in hearing are more dj/pop act guettaesque tunes being played on the radio. keep it underground imo.

hear, hear zack... the sooner they line their pockets and feck off so the 'real' music and EDM artists can break through the better...and on that subject pantha du prince and nosaj thing are rocking it..

leonstafford wrote:

did you know he was free and availble for "1" year..........cheeky feck!! Don't email him...

really leon? that's fascinating wink and have you deciphered if he is gay yet? or are you setting yourself up for disappointment? ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh boys in love with other boys, its so cute...........

anyhow. podcast = kewwwl wink   pretty cool video - four tet remix of vessel

underworld for sure...
fave album of chems is dig your own hole and then hit and miss thereafter..

Homegrove wrote:
simonpreston wrote:

Does this mean that a) you've banned the lepper and b) You've forgotten about Jenny, Sarah and Racheal?

Kelley is the only active user. Polly doesn't register.

a long time since you got head hannu? yeah thought. so...''oh daaaa traaaaageddy'


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elmo wrote:
prettypol wrote:

what d'ya reckon to school of seven bells..

I love them smile. I think they're making awesome stuff, i.e.

glitchy indie electronic stuff bit like animal collective smile


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Homegrove wrote:

One might argue that it's Digweed's masterpiece. Perfect flow from start to finish. And I even like I Have Put Out the Light.

dude its music. not a van gogh.

Slabs wrote:
prettypol wrote:

Slabs. Jon hopkins not the American philantrophist Johns Hopkins smile but I will ensure question is asked on a rhetorical level as it has a multiple consequence on the meaning of life and its very existence. smile smile

Really Polly, is it a different person? Thanks for clearing that up.

one finger flick being seductively extended right now... wink

who wants to hear this podcast then?....interview should be up on Ibiza Voice next week...
here's the music preview.. … a5de85aa81


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elmo wrote:

Right, back from the island now and I can finally post some videos up. (connection in the island in general is pretty unreliable)

Btw, the quality of the mic in my camera is pretty poor but hopefully you'll get an idea smile

Sasha at 'Never Say Never' party in Ushuaia, Ibiza - 2010/08/12

John Digweed at Space, Ibiza - 2010/08/18 (track ID anyone?) (track ID anyone?)

Sasha + Sander at Pacha, Ibiza - 2010/08/27 (track ID anyone?) (track ID anyone?) (track ID anyone? I think it might be a Cirez D track...)
This is prob the funniest video of all. Sander's playing an Xpander's remix (which one is it btw, anyone knows?) and you can see Sasha next to him jumping to this!! smile

Having been lucky enough to spend a whole month in Ibiza, part working remotely, part partying/chilling/going to the beach....etc, I hope to get the chance to do it all over again next year. There's number of secrets that island possesses apart from the partying itself it's inmense. You have to go to Ibiza and see it with your own eyes.

And if you're around the island next year, hope to meet up at some point smile

As a side note, one of the funniest things I read on the local newspapers was that apparently a fair few brits felt off balconies in San An. One time, a local newspaper was interviewing the parents of one of those guys who was an soldier in the army, and the parents tried to explain that the reason his son had fallen was cos in England there're hardly any balconies and this kids are not used to them... How on earth can you say that with a straight face?

Cool elmo... smile wink

simonpreston wrote:

I believe my question was pretty plain. Answer it.

if you can't substantiate what your saying simon...


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Aaron Littles wrote:

Could the media stop paying attention to these religious dickwads?

what I don't understand is why palin and this lot seem to be getting so much attention of late ?? is obama up or down in the US polls ? thought he was meant to be a 'revolutionary' liberal change for the states so what's holding things back over there? the economy or something else? or are these fundamentalists just on a campaign to destroy anything that is moving forwards or anybody of a rationale mindset in US...

simonpreston wrote:

Yeah, it's just May and his management that is responsible for this eh Pol? Yet I know for a fact that it's not just them that feels this way about you. Many people involved in the industry have the same feeling about you. Why is it you creep so many people out? Answer me that.

c'mon simon....if your gonna spit something, spit it. or else your just petty bitching like the stuff I already said that seems to rife in this scene....stab,stab, stab and then ah yeah maaaaate how's it going......


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best 'who done it' sleuth post there mike....

kollectiv turmstrasse - like the first day
pure bliss...

simonpreston wrote:

Yeah, it's just May and his management that is responsible for this eh Pol? Yet I know for a fact that it's not just them that feels this way about you. Many people involved in the industry have the same feeling about you. Why is it you creep so many people out? Answer me that.

go for it simon. the floor is all yours...

Pumper&Dumper wrote:

I cant think of anything worse than people who aren't DJ's or top level producers trying to base their career round it. There is fuck all money in it and i dread to think what a pittance she gets paid for journalism which is read by less people than 'I like poking myself in the eye Weekly'. Its a nice little hobby for most who like to use it as an escapism from work and an ambition to create without financial reward. However, what i can't understand is polly's predicament now. Her sacrifice of living on a shoe string  was acceptable because she got to be an unwanted hanger on at some DJ bash. But now that her future isn't looking so rosy. i'm mean, this wasn't one of those Frost Nixon moments, I wonder where she's going to take her lack of skills next

y'know what man. you have just validated even more why I should write it exactly as it is. I haven't had any bother with anyone else, most people and their management are nice. Just this whole May thing and the consequent feeling of 'inferiority' that has been imposed upon me by that machine. I don't have to feel intimidated by people and why should anyone think they have the power to censor or intimidate people.