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This sucks.

Rest In Peace.

How exactly do you panel someone? Are there tools involved?

Also calm down you inconsequential shitstick.

Its like I've always said - Music went downhill after the Harpsichord went out of style.


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Whenever I forget how, or indeed why I should continue striving towards perfection in my productions, all I have to do is play this:


And it all comes back to me.

A nod of respect to Everything's not you as well.


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they do put out 131dB at zero distance - actually quite dangerous.

Also there is this http://www.sonicworx.com/sonicWORX/VuvuX.html

a friend of mine reported a much more comfortable listening enviroment using these EQ settings through VLC http://twitpic.com/1wfsgf

ajust to taste


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yeah just what we need on here - another fucking circlejerk

as if football and motherfucking lost threads werent enough already.

khankra wrote:

Massive Attack - Paradise circus (Boratto mix)

you are a man of wealth and taste

jackdaniels wrote:
zebramofo wrote:

i can't believe the amount of moaning going on

Well deserved moaning.

For anyone else that hates the eyesore that this forum has become, download Stylish or Accessibar addon for the firefox browser and alter the colours to your own liking.

or the designer could wake up, swallow his/her pride and realize nobody wants flashbacks from programming qbasic decades ago.

with the amount of complaints here, there really is no excuse.

this colorscheme is atrocious beyond comparison.


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Listening now, its squashed to fuck. Like no dynamics at all. I bet Prydz puts alot of effort into that, so I can understand the rage.

Just heard this. HOLY SHIT

Saiz is unstoppable at this point, really.


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pricerange and intended use

brits and swedes are the worst tourists in the world

this is a well known fact


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this might be out of place as im not familiar with normal etiquette on this site, but I DO believe a fuck off is in order?


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Homegrove wrote:

This thing really can't come fast enough...

but apart from the Trentem


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appointmentsetting wrote:

Two babies walkin away from the car at once this must be together with your hat on.


get out

Also 009, all the way

Bought as well

Really simple track but it really works

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