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ukhursty wrote:

Ronaldo's toys are out of the pram over this tax issue.

Who will stump up the 1 Billion euro clause to sign him at age 32 I wonder?

My hunch would be that only the Chinese market has that spending power.

Think the Chinese have brought in a 100% tax rule for foreign player purchases to stop the influx. Ronaldo might be a special case although why would he go? Bit of a bell end as he is, he can still play top level for years


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Super absorbent heavy flow fanny plugs?

Definately not one to watch after a heavy weekend

What's in the suitcase?.....


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Ha! Zlatan backs it up with talent. He does have quite a long neck though


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Arrogant cunts are hated by everyone though


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sasha intro from back in the day

Grant wrote:

When did you see New Order, Phil? Back in the day, they were fucking mint. Recently, less so.


Never saw them back in the day...only really seen them at large scale events.....1st time was at Old Trafford in 2002. Worst was probably Hyde Park in 2005.
Remember getting the Pumped Full of Drugs VHS for Christmas and being gutted that they sounded a bit shit. Haven't listened to it since mind so it might sound alright now...fooking £25 for the video back in 85/86!

smallman1 wrote:

Ian Brown at Homelands a few years ago, horrific.

This, without question. He was on after BT who was qualo and he droned through his set ending with his infamous/hilarious/disturbing Billie Jean cover

And as much as love them, New Order have been pretty ropey when I've seen them


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Yant wrote:

They are boss!!

No, they are Porsche.


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'game over man'

As much as I detest Saints and Sinners, it wasn't the shittest track on S & D Communicate...

Yant wrote:
Homegrove wrote:
Phil McRrackin wrote:

Saints and sinners - pushin too hard

Not looking forward to yet another remix of this.

This is disgraceful. Brilliant prog classic!

Thought I might be on my own with this one! Just never understood the love for it....Thought it stuck out as a low point on any mix it was on

Robert Owens - I'll be your friend
Saints and sinners - pushin too hard

That's the one!

No, the bit from both sets is Jean Michel Jarre ....from Zoolook I think.

I think his posture is the least troubling aspect

Diminished Responsibility wrote:

The Thing is definitely a classic. Will give the prequel a watch as well.

Good shout for the "Age of Seventeen" Phil McRackin, thought it would bore me to tears... but it's definitely an entertaining watch.

Watched 20th Century Women and they're pretty much the same movie - avoid this, and watch "Age of Seventeen" instead.

Presume "Age of Seventeen " is some sort of grot film you watched....Definately "edge of seventeen" over here.

Lego Batman.  Kept my 4 yr old in his seat for the duration of the film for 1st time ever. Passed the 6 laugh test very early on and was pretty consistently funny. Loads of references that went over his head but he did do a massive fart in a quiet bit which made us both laugh

Edge of Seventeen. Very good teen comedy/drama. Woody Harrelson is skill in it.


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Ta-ra Palmer-Tompkinson

Nick Sneddon wrote:

anyone read 'Ready Player One'? I whizzed through it in about 10 days, Spielberg is currently hard at work bringing it to the screen with Ben Mendelsohn and Mark Rylance

I watched that being filmed in Birmingham over the summer....Standing in for future battered Columbus, Ohio. It had to be smarted up obviously.
Disappointed by the book....Was just a collection of 80s references..like if Harry Knowles had shat out a novel

Homegrove wrote:
shaunstrudwick wrote:
Nick Sneddon wrote:

one of those films that Im actually jealous of people that havent seen it. if pushed I would say the 3rd is my fav

River Phoenix AND Sean Connery pwning Han Solo


That's embarassing for you Shaun. That's The Last Crusade.

...Which is the 3rd one Nick and I think Shaun was referring to...

Seen a couple of reviews for John wick 2 like Empires' so seems like a winner.


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john bon digweed wrote:

Some DJs age better than others:


More here:


Phil Neville in the background  still looks the same


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Hop_Head wrote:
Beijing Dave wrote:
Hop_Head wrote:

Yeah what about when they went to see how bad it was for themselves and started walking around the suburbs, in and out of empty houses and they had unpaid bills lying out for them to flick through and the guys were like "this is really happening".  And all the pieces to camera explaining all the finance mumbo jumbo.

Not quite sure what the beef with The Big Short is.

It seems to have passed you by that it's a true story (granted, with some artistic license probably taken), and explains the Financial Crisis to dumbarses without an economics degree very effectively (even my Chinese burd could follow it).

Michael Lewis' books are generally excellent but pretty much unfilmable - glad someone tried with this, though.

Well, this is goodbye. I mean, we obviously have nothing in common. I'm a genius, you're all fucking wankers. You'll never see me again.

Martin hannet...24 hour party people