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chromosome_junction wrote:

Hello from Tyrol!


Fuck off from Birmingham!


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MattBlack wrote:
tribal_goose wrote:

The latest series of Banshee has been excellent.

Next season is going to be the last as well

really enjoyed the latest series....totally fuckin ridiculous but great

smallman1 wrote:
Damien Kingstar wrote:


Not to sure what i make of the crowd.

Maceo Plex is the worst person there though his saving grace is he's playing an absolute cracker of a track.

Nice to see santi cazorla out enjoying himself

Ncable wrote:

Billy Bob Thornton
Billy Corgan
Billy Dee Williams
Billy Bragg
Billy Gibbons

All very hip in their own way...

Ok , I clearly haven't thought this through...although i'd argue that lando calrissian is the hip one in his own way rather than billy dee williams
Don't trust a grown man who calls himself billy and works as the chief commercial officer for liverpool lfc...hopefully that will clear things up.


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Ncable wrote:

Billy Idol?

Yep, ok. Eyes without of face top tune.


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shaunstrudwick wrote:
Phil McRrackin wrote:

ad for new sponsor...superglue. not sure who he is but its not ian ayre

must be that yank Tom Werner then

Nope, not him either. Liverpool cred in tatters!..Some bloke called billy hogan. Never trust a grown man who calls himself billy.......connelly excepted.


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ad for new sponsor...superglue. not sure who he is but its not ian ayre

Went in the late eighties ..no hitman, no her, bad. Had to wait at bank quay station until morning train....grim

I have No prog credentials to ruin so will admit to owning
ss paparazzi by stock aitken and waterman

Beijing Dave wrote:

Never particularly used to enjoy the walk from Digbeth Sanctuary to Birmingham New Street of a Saturday morning as a GodsKitchen all nighter had started to thin out in the early hours. Properly rough area at least back in the late 90s, not helped by the comedown paranoia and the solo walk because your mate had pulled some mutant (ginger) cyberkid with blue braids, furry boots and a PVC-sweat-drenched crotch.

Done the same walk many a time...sometimes stopping at the meerkat pub...strange mixture of spannered clubbers and workers from the markets having a post night shift pint. The area has improved a bit since then

smallman1 wrote:

Nightcrawler was disappointing.

What was disappointing?.might see this tomorrow

Nicely done Marcus.  A familiar story to a lot of people on here I expect. How long has the hoboken night been going?..stayed there a couple of times visting family a few yrs ago


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Eat like a king for £1!

Beijing Dave wrote:
Big Fella wrote:

Cream was the only club where on one occasion the bouncers made us take our shoes and socks off.

Had that in GodsKitchen once. AFTER I'd got through the door.

I was absolutely wasted in there, and I'd been chatting to this girl who seemed alright (just as smashed as me, though). Anyway, I was almost out of money and she was like "yeah, I'll buy us both a water if you'll go the bar". The bouncer must have seen a spasticated attempt to take her money out of her pocket and hand it to me and he storms over and collars us both and takes us to separate rooms. I'm like "whazza fuk is zzissh allabout?" He goes "She was buying drugs off you wasn't she?" I'm like "I haven't got any drugs. Can't you see I've taken them already?" (probably not a wise joke in the circumstances) He's like "empty your pockets" (nothing) "Now take your shoes off... and your socks" (nothing) Then two of them just lobbed me out.

Spent the next two hours in Mr Egg waiting for my mates.


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Currently reading Hairy Maclary from Donaldsons Dairy and Peppa Goes to Hospital.
Hairly Maclary is a fantastically witty coming of age story about of group of friends and the scrapes they get into against their arch enemy Scarface Claw, the Toughest Tom in town. Peppa Goes to Hospital is about Peppa, who Goes to Hospital. I hate Peppa, I hope she gets Pig Aids

Mike and the Mechnics - Silent Running




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Bjork - All Is Full Of Love

Squarepusher - Come On My Selector

Nine Inch Nails  - Closer


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passed 1st time last yr aged 39 as had 1st child and finally needed to take some responsibility. don`t partake any more either and i think it was best for everyone to do things this way round


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mixed badly everytime


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sabotini wrote:

One of the poorest aliases in recent times. And that's remembering the truly awful Phil McCrackin.

thanks for the support gabriella


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Amps wrote:
spinnerlg wrote:
Phil McRrackin wrote:

Ellie Harrison off of Cuntryfile

Yup. When she talks of 'ploughing', then some folk think of other things. Bit of an odd walk to her tbh, but probably due to the aforementioned.



good find. if you`ll excuse me, i`m off to the shed with bottle of Hook Norton and 2 slabs of cold meat.


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Ellie Harrison off of Cuntryfile

shaunstrudwick wrote:
Wally wrote:

The tune that cemented the conversion from happy hardcore to house was:


perfect prog tune.

used to go to raves all the time for the jungle and hh

couldn't be doing with hh once it went all 'bouncy'

Used to goto Kinetic in Stoke and gradually found myself more and more in the house room as the main room was like listening to cbeebies on speed. Fucking `Toytown` being an example. Had a housemate who used to play this full blast every morning. twat.


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New Order - Technique - could have been Lowlife but i think this is where it all came together
Primal Scream - Screamadelica
Faith No More - Angel Dust
The La`s - The La`s - fuck what Lee Mavers thinks, it sounds fine to me
The Prodigy - Music for a Jilted Generation
Depeche Mode - Songs of Faith and Devotion - Dave Gahan should have stayed on the smack and Alan Wilder shouldn`t have left.
Cocteau Twins - Heaven or Las Vegas
The The - Infected - Soul Mining amazing too but heard this first so has more of a pull for me.

not exactly Gilles Peterson eclecticism i know but i love and still listen to them all

some obvious ones but favs none the less.....
Bt - Godspeed
Schiller - Das Glockenspiel (humate mix)..you could double drop at the start of the breakdown and be peaking by the time it kicked back in again


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eternas flight is a belter too


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RVP bringing in some much need points