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https://www.mixcloud.com/johndigweed/jo … exclusive/

The highly anticipated 9th edition of John Digweed’s much-lauded ‘Live In…’ series is set for release on 7th April 2017 through Bedrock Records and is now available for pre-order, exclusively from the label’s official store.

Bedrock Store - Pre-Order http://bedrockmusic.bigcartel.com

Recorded at midnight New Year’s Eve 2016 and through until the early hours of 2017 at Output in Brooklyn NYC, the city’s leading underground club venue, this 5-disc mix album features 67 tracks and showcases nearly 6 hours of the very finest electronic music. Sometimes the year’s ultimate party night does not live up to people’s high expectations, but sometimes all the anticipation, excitement and energy converges to create a legendary moment of sheer perfection. This album captures such a memorable moment at what was an exceptional party in the Big Apple, where the combination of the crowd’s energy and club’s atmosphere fused flawlessly with the spontaneity of a timeless DJ mix to be remembered for years to come.

As is traditional at the cusp of a new year, John Digweed looked back and then forward, carefully creating yet another legendary DJ set that is both a retrospective of his favourite influential tracks from 2016 and a private preview of some exclusive future highlights for 2017.  ‘Live In Brooklyn’ is a showcase snapshot of cutting edge underground electronic music at its finest, that once again validates John Digweed’s incomparable status as one of the worlds finest DJs.

There’s a reason why John Digweed is still at the top of his game and still regarded as a true pioneer - his staunch refusal to follow trends and focused vision travel along his own distinctive path. These ‘Live In…’ mix albums have become musical historical landmarks for so many fans across the world, a chance to experience and reminisce upon some of the best party atmospheres, a format that captures so exquisitely the innate capacity John has for continually seeking out the best sounds from the worlds finest producers and programming and weaving them magically into his challenging, genre bending DJ sets.

As with all the ‘Live In…’ releases, Bedrock is one of the few labels that pride itself on its physical releases. The Box Set of the Montreal release was such a hit that the label has fine-tuned and improved the same deluxe packaging concept here, to feature a Limited Edition Numbered Copper Slipcase, Deluxe Copper Box Set with debossed sleeve design and includes a 16 page booklet and 5 CD wallets printed with a Metallic high gloss finish.

John Digweed

Live in Brooklyn, Output NYC


Formats: 5xCD Box Set / 5xCD / Digital Download

Release Date: 7th April 2017



02. Dele Sosimi Afrobeat Orchestra - Too Much Information - Laolu Remix (Edit)

03. TG - Rhythm Acupuncture - Martin Buttrich Remix

04. Hyenah - The Idea feat. Lazarusman - Frankey & Sandrino Remix

05. Slow Hearts - Dione - Alexander Aurel She Wasted The Olymp Remix

06. Serge Devant - This Moment

07. Rampa - Necessity

08. Last Of Me - Circle Of Life

09. King Roc - The Beginning - Jericho Dub Remix

10. Ivo Deutschmann - Transmigration

11. Marcus Sur - Hourglass (Ed Ed & Petja Virikko Remix)

12. Satori - Imani's Dress - Ewan Pearson Instrumental Remix

13. OCH - Time Tourism - Marc Romboy´s Roland Orchestra Edit

14. Kevin Yost - Dancer Dancer


01. Tripmastaz - Blossomz

02. Rampa - The Touch

03. Stelios Vassiloudis - Blood Orange

04. Trikk - Veneno

05. Trikk - Mozam

06. Lopezhouse - Crosses & Angels Feat. Angela - Guy J Dub

07. ZK Bucket - Let Your Body Control The Beat - Drifter Remix

08. DJ Tennis - Divisions - Roman Flügel Remix

09. Kotelett & Zadak - Obsidian

10. Isaac Tichauer - Higher Level - Bicep Remix

11. Quarion - Monolith

12. Marc Romboy - Counting Comets - Ruede Hagelstein Remix Edit

13. BOg - 0901

14. Dachshund - Bang It

15. Claptone - The Music Got Me - Justin Martin Remix

16. Adam Port & Stereo MC’s - Changes - Adam Port Remix


01. BOg - Moonlight

02. Collective Machine & Philipp Straub - Revolution of House - Dub

03. Mia Lucci - Audrey Hepburn

04. CJ Jeff - Dealing With A Mad Man

05. Gorge - It´s Time - Nick Curly Remix

06. Inaky Garcia & Luisen - Chimisi

07. Jimpster - Eel Pie Island - Adam Port Remix

08. Martin Buttrich & Timo Maas - Nach Acht

09. Guy J - Rock A Day

10. Fünf Sterne Deluxe x Super Flu – Schund - Super Flu’s No Champier Mix

11. Super Flu & Viktor Talking Machine – Plastik

12. Saints & Sinners - Pushin Too Hard - Guy Mantzur Remix

13. Rancido - Patterns/Symbols

14. Frankey & Sandrino – Hydrae


01. Emerson, Digweed & Muir - Fanfare - Darren Emerson Osaka Rework

02. Guy J - Paradigm

03. Fabio Montana - Ortygia - Love Over Entropy Repatterning

04. EBvDM - Divenire

05. Aaaron - Stomp

06. Aaaron - War Chant

07. DJ Tennis - Chirality

08. Guy Mantzur - Blooming Fields

09. Rampa - 528 Hz

10. Patrick Siech & Sebastian Mullaert - River Will Turn - Vox Version

11. B.K.R. - Stuck In Blue Alert

12. Monkey Safari - Dodge - Victor Ruiz Remix

13. Shaded – Touchfade


01. Rodriguez Jr - 2 Miles Away

02. Tiefschwarz & Ruede Hagelstein - Jetlag

03. Matteo Bruscagin & Visnadi - Drps Classic - Guy J Remix

04. André Galluzzi - Bold

05. Blackbill - 03-2

06. Shaded - Yoyoyo

07. Rodriguez Jr - Chain Reaction

08. Citizenn - Confide

09. Kaiserdisco - Toleranz

10. Ian O’Donovan - Seeker


beatport link - http://ow.ly/VxCSj

itunes link -  http://ow.ly/VxCUM

amazon link —  http://ow.ly/VxCYt


Pioneering an international network of artists since its origin in 1991, together John Digweed and Nick Muir have provided a gateway for the visions of underground music’s most profound names to consistently release their innovative and groundbreaking productions. Rooted firmly in the upper tier of electronic music’s premier division, Bedrock has rightfully become a pivotal component in the hearts and minds of dance music lovers across the globe.

Driving forward from the releases of Structures One and Two in 2010 and 2011, John Digweed proudly announces his next showcase of all the styles and influences that have made Bedrock such an intrinsic element of dance music’s tapestry. Featuring three CD’s and an exclusive DVD that impeccably captures the trademark Bedrock sound, Re-Structured is yet another exceptional milestone in the history of Bedrock records.

Consistently enchanting the worlds most prolific dance floors, Re-Structured exhibits thirty-five tracks (twenty-one exclusive), which have been compiled and mixed by label head John Digweed over three discs. Welcoming new artists to Bedrock as well as inviting some revered favorites from over the years, Re-Structured intricately captivates Digweed’s electric perception of how music should be experienced. Each of the three discs are merged together by the unyielding and mesmeric production style of Bedrock artists new and old, creating a listening experience no like no other.

Titled ‘Re-Structured’, CD one includes ten exclusive never before heard tracks, introducing the likes of Montel with his stellar production of ‘At Night’, alongside Lee Van Dowski and Joop Junior who all make their debuts on the Bedrock imprint. Never straying too far away from some of the labels most of enthralling releases, Digweed welcomes back leading members of the Bedrock family Dave Angel, Quivver and BOg with the masterfully crafted ‘Ava’.

Certain to entice a standing ovation from all types of Bedrock listeners, the second CD boasts a remarkable selection of reworks and remixes from some classics from the labels catalogue. Transforming these eleven tracks into a perfected listening experience, the likes of Electric Rescue, Joeski, and Sian all provide their colossal and limitless production styles re-constructing some of Bedrocks most adored releases.

October 1st 2015 saw John Digweed celebrate seventeen years of Bedrock with a momentous party at one of London’s most distinguished venues, XOYO. The third disc holds a very special live recording of John’s set at the anniversary event, capturing the party at it’s pinnacle point once again demonstrating why he is still one of the most sought after artists in electronic music today. Whether it be supplying assured floor fillers with his own euphoric sounding ‘Track For Life’, or mesmerizing the crowd with the melodic synth arrangements of Gel Abril’s ‘Carpet Sneak’, his set at XOYO will undoubtedly go down in underground music folklore as one of his most memorable to date.

The final, and perhaps most integral segment of Re-Structured gives viewers a breathtaking insight into the world of Bedrock, this special DVD features footage from the Easter event in London and party at Manchester’s iconic Gorilla. Coupled with interviews with John and Danny Howells who discuss and explore the rich history of Bedrock records.

An inconceivable selection of productions fused together into a unique and eclectic release, Re-Structured reiterates the undeniable fact that John Digweed and Bedrock records are musical visionaries, responsible for shaping and inspiring the paths of so many artists to date. Whether it be focusing on the future, or propelled by the past, John Digweed continues to be one of electronic music’s most esteemed DJs, producers, and label bosses.

John Digweed – “Re-Structured”

CD1 - “Structures”

1. Quivver - Time Go By - Reprise
2. Joop Junior - Sofie_Lucie
3. Rory Gallagher & James Trystan - Waking Giants
4. Philipp Straub & Andrew Fonda - True Basics
5. Dave Angel - Scorpion
6. Montel - Life
7. CJ Jeff - Leave Me
8. BOg - Ava
9. Montel - At Night
10. Lee Van Dowski - Ici Et Maintenant

CD2 – “Re:Structures”

1. Bedrock - Santiago - Nick Muir 2015 Downtempo Version
2. Guy J - Candyland - Luca Bacchetti Endless Remix
3. John Digweed & Nick Muir - Track For Life - Cosmic Cowboys Remix
4. Bedrock - Santiago - Joeski Remix
5. Bedrock - Beautiful Strange - Montel Remix
6. Bedrock - Emerald - BOg Remix
7. John Digweed & Nick Muir - Aquatonic - Alberto Ruiz Remix
8. John Digweed & Nick Muir Vs Christian Smith & Wehbba - Mantis - Alexander Kowalski Remix
9. JDNMGJ - Trezzz - Nick Muir 2015 Remix
10. John Digweed & Nick Muir - Tangent - Sian Aztec Remix
11. John Digweed & Nick Muir Vs Psycatron - Awakenings - Electric Rescue Acid Remix

CD3 – “Live Structures” - John Digweed Live XOYO London

1. Culoe De Song - Y.O.U.D.
2. John Digweed & Nick Muir - Track For Life
3. John Digweed & Nick Muir - Aquatonic - Alberto Ruiz Remix
4. Bedrock - Santiago - Joeski Remix
5. Steve Parry - Flippant
6. Gel Abril - Carpet Sneak
7. Sian - Medicine Man - Pig & Dan Remix
8. Bedrock - Emerald - BOg Remix
9. Dave Angel - Scorpion
10. Pig&Dan - Lizard King - Julian Jeweil Remix
11. Bedrock - Beautiful Strange - Montel Remix
12. DJ Dozia - Pop Culture - KiNK Mix
13. Clarian - Fear and Self Loathing
14. Daniel Stefanik - Twilight Zone

DVD – A Tale Of Two UK Cities Directed By Our Man In The Field

“Re-Structured” will be released on December 4th through Bedrock Records and is available to pre-order now


John Digweed & Nick Muir - Track For Life is out now on Beatport with remixes from Argy and Yousef


Excited to announce Bedrock XVII on 1st Oct at XOYO.

Discounted pre-sale tickets available now for Bedrock XVII at XOYO. This will be an intimate affair so get in there quick: http://po.st/BedrockXVII



Pre-order here - http://bedrockmusic.bigcartel.com/

Listen to the preview of CD1 here  https://www.mixcloud.com/johndigweed/li … 1-minimix/




‘Live in South Beach – Bedrock at the Treehouse’ is the seventh and latest addition to John Digweed’s iconic ‘Live in…’ mixes series, following the critically acclaimed success of ‘Live in Toronto’ in December 2014. With the release date set for June 22 2015, ‘Live in South Beach – Bedrock at the Treehouse’ is now available for pre-order, exclusively from the Bedrock Records official store.

Taken from live recordings of a mammoth 5 +hour set at the fabled Treehouse in Miami, the mix is aptly extended across 3 CDs and 41 tracks, enthralling the listener at every turn. With each section invoking a new tone, Digweed continues to showcase cutting edge underground electronic music at its very best, and validates his incomparable status as one of the world’s finest DJs.

Digweed’s latest opus takes the listener on a sonic journey through a perfectly crafted soundscape, blending multiple genres with ease. Featuring productions from seasoned veterans such as Nicole Moudaber, Robert Babicz and Alan Fitzpatrick, intertwined with those of up-and-coming producers such as Locked Groove, Gardens of God and Luna Semara, Digweed continues to express his love for fresh and contemporary forward-thinking electronic music. This love is translated into a collection of tracks that demonstrate an unmitigated understanding of underground dance music, a selection that proves Digweed as significant a DJ as ever.

Starting with the dark brooding sounds of BOSO’s Garden’s of God, and PHM’s percussion heavy remix of Olaf Stuut’s experimental ‘Spirograph’, CD1 then glides into an exposition of vocal-laden grooves. Progressing into CD2, an ethereal outset culminates in Locked Groove’s spacious techno adaption of Jules & Moss’ Head Juice, setting the driving tone for the remainder of the CD. The final CD sees Digweed effortlessly combining Drumcode techno with Bedrock’s own brand, finishing with an underrated Kompakt classic that is sure to reach new ears.

‘Live in South Beach – Bedrock at the Treehouse’ will be released through Bedrock Records on June 22, in digital format, as a 3x CD, or a limited edition 5 x Vinyl package. Head to the Bedrock online store to pre-order your copy now.



1. Zulu - Gardens of God

2. Olaf Stuut - Spirograph - PHM Remix

3. Damian Lazarus & The Ancient Moons - Vermillion - Agoria Remix

4. Beacon - Fault Lines - Dauwd Remix

5. Of Norway feat. Lois - It's You feat. Lois - The Drifter Remix

6. Omid 16B - Heart of Silence

7. Solaris Heights - Nightfall

8. Squire feat. Forrest - Midnight Gardens

9. Squire - City Cemetery

10. Digitaria - Little Boy

11. Cosmic Cowboys - Capricon

12. Cosmic Cowboys - Tell Me How

13. Robert Babicz - Density Disrupted


1. Snilloc - Magratea

2. Alex Arnout - In My Soul - Asadinho Remix

3. Rampue - Sephiroth

4. Love Over Entropy - Tonii - Dixon Retouch

5. Love Over Entropy - Tonii

6. John Belk - Silver Surfer

7. Montel - I Can't Remember

8. Jules & Moss - Head Juice - Locked Groove Remix

9. Super Flu feat. Dortmunder Philharmoniker, Philipp Armbruster - Volkwein - Kollektiv Turmstrasse Remix

10. Kyle E - Arp For Your Heart - Christian Burkhardt Remix

11. Davide Squillace & Plugger - Waxoline - Night Edit

12. Of Norway feat. Lois - It's You feat. Lois - Eric Volta I'll Always Remember Norway With You Mix

13. Ruede Hagelstein - Soul Dynamic - Fur Coat Remix


1. Guy Gerber & Puff Daddy - Tourist Trap - Visionquest Remix

2. And. Id - Live Life

3. Nax Acid & Giogio Gigil - Death Perception

4. Mateo Murphy - Steam

5. Mateo Murphy - Apex - Dub Mix

6. Pedro Aguiar - Snobiety (Darkroom Dubs)

7. Luna Semara - Arp Choir

8. BOg - Rakuten

9. Nicole Moudaber feat. Skin - Organic Love

10. Nick Warren & Guy Mantzur - Sad Robot

11. Marek Hemmann - Alice

12. Laurent Garnier - Ba Beat Da Boxx - Marc Romboy Bon Soir At Warehouse '94

13. Alberto Ruiz & Oscar Aguilera - VCA

14. Alan Fitzpatrick - For An Endless Night - Jel Ford Remix

15. Michael Mayer & Reinhard Voigt – Transparenza

happy days then

not on the digital release sadly


Released May 26. Pre-order the limited edition signed slipcase version from here http://www.bedrockmusic.bigcartel.com/products

http://www.mixcloud.com/johndigweed/joh … x-preview/

Recorded at John’s last night at The Vagabond Nightclub in Downtown Miami during this year’s Miami Music Week, ‘LIVE IN MIAMI’ features 37 tracks and nearly 4 hours of the very best underground electronic music, spanning across more than two decades. 

Showcasing a wide selection of new and classic records ranging from as far back as 1992 (Secret Knowledge – Sugar Daddy) and 1993 (Nicole – A Small Entrance To A Large Spectrum and Laurent Garnier – Acid Eiffel) Digweed’s latest opus effortlessly takes us through a vast array of sounds, eras and genres from what was an incredibly special night back in March of this year.

From some major reminiscent acid moments of the early 90s right through the years to the upfront house and techno soundscapes of present day, John Digweed blends tracks from some of the most notable producers into one seamless mix that truly captures the spontaneity and vibe of the crowd in one of the world’s coolest, most intimate and unorthodox clubbing destinations.

Speaking about the forthcoming Bedrock release John Digweed said:

“I can honestly say that some of my best clubbing nights have taken place in this intimate, magical room. Tucked away off the beaten path in Downtown Miami, The Vagabond truly is one of Miami’s best-kept secrets. I really believe this Live album captures the electric and eclectic vibe of the Bedrock / Creations annual event, with tracks reaching back to the early 90`s right up to the latest forward-thinking releases”



Bassel - Ambience A
Tim Green Feat. Hayley Hutchinson - Helpless Sun
August Jakobsen & Jacob Husley - Blue - Roman Flügel Remix
jozif - Standard Rising - Francesca Lombardo Remix
Fur Coat - Together
Douglas Greed - Summerless - Tuff City Kids Remix
Cesare Vs Disorder & Dave Vega - Mindless
Cesare Vs Disorder & Dave Vega - Worldwide
Safety Scissors - Gemini - Split Secs Remix
Daniel Bortz - The Misery Feat. Nils Corssen - Nu and Pauli vs Acid Remix
Psychemagik - Black Noir Schwarz Feat. Renegade - Extended Play Remix
TG - Rhythm Acupuncture - Martin Buttrich Remix 
Robert Babicz - Ange Solitaire - Lutzenkirchen Dub Mix

Joy Wellboy - Before The Sunrise - Dixon Remix
Daniel Bortz - Pictures - Tuff City Kids Remix
Fur Coat - There's No Time
Hot Since 82 - Don't Touch The Alarm - Booka Shade Remix
Ferreck Dawn - Mine
Nathan Cable - Get Up
Jamie Stevens - Tribe of The Disco Kings - King Unique Remix
Philip Bader - The Vibe
Lee Van Dowski & Dean Demanuele - Geroldstrasse 5
Harvey McKay - Phone Freaker
Harvey McKay - Welshy Arms - Gatzigristos' Celtic Relic
Humano - Life
Defex & Frederico Grazzini - Syrens

Safety Scissors - Gemini - System of Survival Remix
August Jakobsen & Jacob Husley - Blue - Minilogue Remix
Robert Dietz - Anger Management
Secret Knowledge - Sugar Daddy 
Kaiserdisco - Devon - Just Be Remix
Nicole - A Small Entrance To A Large Spectrum
Laurent Garnier - Acid Eiffel 
Philip Bader - Back
Lee Van Dowski & Dean Demanuele - Branding You Damned Feat. Cari Golden
Radio Slave - My Bleep - Roman Flügel Remix 
Gregor Tresher & Petar Dundov - Flux

5x12" Vinyl


A1. Laurent Garnier - Acid Eiffel

B1. Nicole - A Small Entrance To A Large Spectrum
B2. Harvey McKay - Phone Freaker


A1. Joy Wellboy - Before The Sunrise - Dixon Remix
A2. Douglas Greed - Summerless - Tuff City Kids Remix

B1. Kaiserdisco - Devon - Just Be Remix
B2. Daniel Bortz - Pictures - Tuff City Kids Remix


A1. TG - Rhythm Acupuncture - Martin Buttrich Remix
A2. Safety Scissors - Gemini - System of Survival Remix

B1. Hot Since 82 - Don't Touch The Alarm - Booka Shade Remix
B2. Robert Babicz - Ange Solitaire - Lutzenkirchen Dub Mix


A1. August Jakobsen & Jacob Husley - Blue - Minilogue Remix
A2. August Jakobsen & Jacob Husley - Blue - Roman Flügel Remix

B1. Lee Van Dowski & Dean Demanuele - Geroldstrasse 5
B2. jozif - Standard Rising - Francesca Lombardo Remix


A1. Defex & Frederico Grazzini - Syrens

B1. Daniel Bortz - The Misery Feat. Nils Corssen - Nu and Pauli vs Acid Remix
B2. Nathan Cable - Get Up

Underground Sound of Miami Series 3
2xCD Mixed / Unmixed
Released March 17th


10 totally exclusive tracks from the third Undergound Sound Of Miami release from the mighty Bedrock label selected by John Digweed. Featuring some new artists to the label alongside some of the labels favourite producers in the form of Robert Babicz, King Unique, Darren Emerson and Dave Angel alongside an excellent bonus mixed version.


Mixed CD

Robert Babicz - Rabbit Clouds
Derek Howell - Objectivity
Dave Angel - Keep It
Thodoris Triantafillou & CJ Jeff - Body Clock Feat. Thomas Gandey
Darren Emerson - Feel It
Carlo Lio - Who's House?
Coyu & Ramiro Lopez - Diferencias
Harvey McKay - Phone Freaker
Marc Marzenit - Mystery Ocean
King Unique - Westway

Unmixed CD

Derek Howell - Objectivity
Carlo Lio - Who's House?
Robert Babicz - Rabbit Clouds
Dave Angel - Keep It
Thodoris Triantafillou & CJ Jeff - Body Clock Feat. Thomas Gandey
Marc Marzenit - Mystery Ocean
Harvey McKay - Phone Freaker
Darren Emerson - Feel It
Coyu & Ramiro Lopez - Diferencias
King Unique - Westway

You can check the preview here

http://www.mixcloud.com/johndigweed/und … 3-minimix/

and pre-order the CD and MIA shirts here


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Imagine that. Speaking to people in person. Crazy talk. Nearly as crazy as people wearing Bedrock t shirts to a Bedrock night.



Preview minimix
http://www.mixcloud.com/johndigweed/joh … nimix-cd1/

Released October 7th.
Pre-order now exclusively from the Bedrock store http://bedrockmusic.bigcartel.com/products

itunes pre order   https://itunes.apple.com/gb/album/versus/id702884773

3xCD coming in a Limited edition bespoke embossed box set featuring the unmixed CD, John Digweed mixed CD and bonus 8 track Electronica CD along with a beautiful 20 page booklet and for those of you buying the exclusive version from the Bedrock store expect something extra in your package.

3x12" LP featuring 11 full length tracks in all their glory coming in a beautifully designed spined sleeve holding all 3 vinyls from the release.

Check out the tracklist below.

CD1 mixed by John Digweed

John Digweed & Nick Muir: Versus

1. John Digweed & Nick Muir Versus Henry Saiz – Lupine
2. John Digweed & Nick Muir Versus jozif –  Groove del Verano
3. John Digweed & Nick Muir Versus Second-Hand Satellites - Forge
4. John Digweed & Nick Muir Versus Pig&Dan - Morphism
5. John Digweed & Nick Muir Versus Jamie Stevens - Prism
6. John Digweed & Nick Muir Versus Marco Bailey -  Red Tape
7. John Digweed & Nick Muir Versus Ian O'Donovan – Dawnbreaker
8. John Digweed & Nick Muir Versus Carlo Lio – Infinity Road
9. John Digweed & Nick Muir Versus Christian Smith & Wehbba - Mantis
10. John Digweed & Nick Muir Versus Psycatron - Awakenings ( Stripped mix)
11. John Digweed & Nick Muir Versus The Japanese Popstars – Blue Tongue
12. John Digweed & Nick Muir Versus Guy J -  Heaven Scent 

CD2 Unmixed

John Digweed & Nick Muir: Versus

1. John Digweed & Nick Muir Versus Christian Smith & Wehbba - Mantis
2. John Digweed & Nick Muir Versus Pig&Dan - Morphism
3. John Digweed & Nick Muir Versus The Japanese Popstars – Blue Tongue
4. John Digweed & Nick Muir Versus Carlo Lio – Infinity Road
5. John Digweed & Nick Muir Versus Marco Bailey – Red Tape
6. John Digweed & Nick Muir Versus Jamie Stevens - Prism
7. John Digweed & Nick Muir Versus Ian O'Donovan – Dawnbreaker
8. John Digweed & Nick Muir Versus Second-Hand Satellites – Forge
9. John Digweed & Nick Muir Versus Henry Saiz – Lupine
10. John Digweed & Nick Muir Versus jozif –  Groove del Verano

CD3 - Electronica

1. John Digweed & Nick Muir - Gigawave
2. John Digweed & Nick Muir  - Bubblenet
3. John Digweed & Nick Muir  - Prism
4. John Digweed & Nick Muir  - Timestone
5. John Digweed & Nick Muir  - Larco
6. John Digweed & Nick Muir  - Buried Heart
7. John Digweed & Nick Muir   - Circle Square   
8. John Digweed & Nick Muir  - Hollow World

http://www.rollingstone.com/music/news/ … p_mobi=yes

http://www.inthemix.com.au/news/56208/J … cept_album

http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2013/08/2 … lp00000003


Out Now On Beatport

Preview this release and listen to Bedrock tracks on Soundcloud: http://soundcloud.com/bedrock_rec


Jimmy Van M & AFFKT Feat. Luxor T


Jimmy Van M has been an integral part of Bedrock's history with many
releases from the labels inception. Most recently he and Oliver Lieb
teamed up to bring us their Collaborations album release in 2012 as well as his
"We Are Children" track which featured on John Digweed's Structures Two CD in

Now in 2013, Jimmy Van M is back on Bedrock and this time he has teamed up
with Spanish producer AFFKT and Argentinean Producer/Singer Luxor T. Jimmy
Van M and Luxor T have been working for more than a year now together and
currently working an album project.  Luxor T a trained musician and
Jimmy´s production experience on the dancefloor is hitting the right combination
for freshly unique tracks each time. AFFKT heard one of Jimmy´s new tracks
feat Luxor T - Like U and liked the vocal.  When talking they agreed to try an
original together with Luxor T vocals which is how Dreams came into play
and rest fell into place easy with great vibes.   Working together on this
project AFFKT and Jimmy Van M feed off the creativity and positive
enthusiasm to make quality music, you can hear they are into it and having

The result is Dreams which is a bass driven track that builds and builds
with swung percussion creating a relentless groove with Luxor T's vocal
layered perfectly over it all with an almost hypnotic effect. For those
who prefer the dub vibe there is stripped back version of Dreams without the
vocal which features extended pads and toughened up percussion. The final
piece is Lucid which is a much more heads down affair for a darker and
trippier ride than Dreams which will be perfect for tougher and techier
sets. All in all a quality package that should have something for everyone
and as we have witnessed John Digweed successfully road testing all of
them over the past few months we know they rock on the dancefloor. Enjoy.

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Out Now On Beatport

Preview this release and listen to Bedrock tracks on Soundcloud: http://soundcloud.com/bedrock_rec

Anyone who was at the Bedrock party in Liverpool earlier this year will know that this is a musical city through and through, so its great to see one of Liverpool’s finest up and coming talents releasing his excellent music on John Digweed’s label. Jemmy’s Bedrock debut “Quarry Bank” appeared on the Bedrock 14 compilation in 2012 and paved the way for this debut single release

“Waterloo Blues” is pure summer sunshine magic with its delicious swirling melodies and scratchy beats. Jemmy has always eschewed genre, his knowledge and love for music from right across the spectrum, as well as his own unique sound, means he appeals to a wide range of DJs, borne out by the fact that the likes of John Digweed, Danny Tenaglia, Slam & Paco Osuna are giving him their support.

Jemmy is also making a big impact on the world of electronic music with his long standing DJ residencies with Freeze, as well as for the mighty Cream across Europe. He also has the rare and impressive claim of being the world’s first ever DJ to play at Liverpool’s Anglican Cathedral! During the day Jemmy runs his own record shop and label – Liverpool’s world-renowned 3B Records. It’s no wonder that big things are happening for this super-talented young man!

Fellow scouser and Circus master, Yousef, lends his support with his Circus Rework of “Waterloo Blues”, taking it on a deeper hypnotic journey to create a perfect package. The top rank international DJ, producer, club promoter and music aficionado shows exactly why he is at the top of his game and so respected.


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“This is the only way that people will remember your music, trying to make them feel something special and making them dance.” – Edu Imbernon

Having remixed Jozif’s “Twilight” for John Digweed’s “Live In London” opus and played at the Bedrock anniversary party where the live recording was made, Spain’s Edu Imbernon has already demonstrated a brilliant ear for pulsating house music. Now, he returns, having teamed up with fellow Spaniard Triumph, with “Veranoski” - another haunting masterclass in dancefloor dynamics.

Edu Imbernon is a great example of how a young artist can quickly make their mark on the electronic scene, his worldwide hit - “El Baile Alemán” (produced with his friend Coyu), was lauded as "Best Underground Track of the Year" by Beatport in 2009. Since then, he has continued his steady ascent up the ladder towards house music stardom, with quality remixes for the likes of The XX and Maya Jane Coles, amongst others. His productions have featured on notable labels like Get Physical, Noir Music, Trapez, Great Stuff, Diynamic, alongside his own Eklektisch label. He's also resident for Kehakuma at Space, Ibiza.

The superb remix of “Veranoski” comes from another of Spain’s finest – Henry Saiz – whose outings on Bedrock are always exceptional. Henry's critically acclaimed “Balance 019” album, released in 2011, was the catalyst for his star potential explode around the globe. His superb collaboration with Guy J (“Meridian”) and his solo track (“La Marea”) for the landmark Bedrock 100 release, were of the highest level of quality and his “Cryptozoologist EP” (BEDDIGI27) was one of 2012’s highlights. Here, his remix of “Veranoski” once again proves Henry Saiz is undoubtedly one of the most extraordinarily talented young producers around.


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not from a movie but Deborah Morgan is always good for a bit of swearing

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The bedrock clothing range has always been horrific.

Anyone rocking the clobber tends to be an absolute tool as well, i.m.o.

Glad you're our best customer then. Suits you sir!


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Without a doubt has to be Moby "Into The Blue" Buzz Boys Mayhem Mix into Dum Dum "One Earth Beat"

also one you can replicate on vinyl without any studio trickery

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i imported it via itunes as aiff. just said track1, track2 etc. will check on cd player again, sec.

/edit weird, on my cdjs it shows up. might be that new itunes.

and just saw that many tracks are shorter than the beatport version ;p but that's not a big deal. prolly just to fit on the cd.

Yeah somebody needs to enter all of the info onto the Gracenotes system so that when you got to find info on iTunes it should all be there. Sadly this data has to be entered separately to the info we have coded on the CD but yeah we had to edit a couple of tracks to fit on the CD and there are 2 bonus tracks on the digital version from Eagles & Butterflies and Stelios Vassiloudis

faible wrote:

got my copy today. nice cd but no cd text? sad

Just checked 2 CD's here and both have CD text on, could it be your CD player?