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Back-peddling? For what? Call me a racist then you thick cunt. Then answer my question of why i am a racist. In detail please.


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Along with Zackster's gif there. Someone could probably post up a a photo of a good ole boy with the flag attached to a pick up truck. That would make the most sense right?


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Homegrove wrote:
furry wrote:

Being patriotic is now considered cuntery? How odd.

Flying your flag to everyone's facing and telling everyone your country is the greatest is considered cuntery pretty much everywhere in the western world outside of the US. Well it must be nice to have something in common with Russia.

I didn't know that.

I also didn't get the part where amps actually talked to these neighbors. So your projecting there.


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Being patriotic is now considered cuntery? How odd.

I actually installed that in the Best Buy at John Hancock fellas. I can diy though. I have decent plumbing and carpentry skills aside from electrical. Been getting into mag locks and door hardware lately as a side hobby. But I do loads of access and entry systems as well.

Fletcher gave great advice in knowing your limitations....which can in turn spare your frustrations. Oddly though many small projects are really easier than one might expect.

But I get the let someone else do that idea. Clearly, my car is a great example of that.....and Matt Black.

millsy23 wrote:

Decent Fritzl set up that, furry. You can actually see them put the lotion in the basket.

LOL! Thanks

Men admitting they're not men. As Tom said...

Ikea stuff is a disaster even for sissy boys who can't fix anything. Leave it to the professionals.


Haha that last one in the list is a lol...Brutal

Ill put a vote in for Sean. Didn't realize he was a dj.


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LOL.. oh my


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Dermatron wrote:

Who fucking cares furry? What its done is allow us to rekindle some of the worst fashion ever to have hit the board.

Oh i don't. I threw that in there as Buzzfeed has recently been busted for hoax. Hammer on fella.


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and it could very well be a hoax benson.


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Flares are a cry for help.

Those early teen years were enlightening for sure. I latched on to Underworld and went full speed ahead. Ah, good times.

ghostriddenhuffy wrote:

I was more into industrial ... Prong,  God lives underwater ,  Machines of loving grace, NIN before I got the Prog bug.

Those are certainly some of my favorites. MOLG being at the top.

Have a Happy one!

The Dermatron no compute.

Grant wrote:

I'm assuming Furry is responding to deleted posts rather than going mental?

I was going metal.

Ill get my vest.

jamie wrote:

epic Jay Tripwire remix of Tim Engelhardt. one of the best tracks I have heard this year -

(can't find an upload of the whole track yet as it only came out today so this is a rip from a recent cattaneo set)

Proper Tripwire. Nice one Jamie.

millsy23 wrote:

Always thought the dorises into metal in my formative years needed a thoroughly good bath. And for that reason alone, I was out.

That and the music was unlistenable guitar nonsense. Two massive black marks there.

Oddly enough I met a girl at a rave who was into metal. She was of the properly bathed Greek Goddess type.

What a mess you cunt.

I see you ran that through the Dermatron then?