steelydan wrote:

10. Is a firm fave. Nice mix

Bought that after your August mix Dan. Its a fun fucking tune. Cheers.  I'm looking forward to hearing Millsy's stolen version smile

Tracks look solid Millsy. Do like some of that Betamaxx stuff. Interested to hear the Donatello rmx though. Just didn't do much for me when I heard it...but sometimes it takes a dj to show the way. I'll have an ear tonight for your mix. Thanks mang.

dogmanstar888 wrote:
Jim-bob wrote:

I'll take it that it sailed over your head then.

Dermo, you are one of life's biggest failures and it's out there in public;  a dissociative identity disorder played out online for the dance music world to behold over a tragic decade of messageboard rage, bullying, pitiful one upmanship and weird aliases, complete with lies about your employment, your experiences and even your identity.

You will forever hold the title of 'biggest online weirdo ever'.

Ban request please.

Big Fella wrote:

America ruins most things they put their hand on.

If I could only get them around your neck bf.

Thought I saw Darey dj in 2000 or something.

Pink is a bit overrated imo. Holden's version being the best though.

IBEW....Have many titles....Communication Electrician, Technician, Lead Programmer, Foreman, PM, Estimator, Design, Training Consultant etc etc....But basically I'm an alarm technician.

I'm at 9. Most were many years ago mind.


Looking forward to seeing that SK-1.

La Nausee wrote:

My placenta smoothie recipe is to die for.

I'm no Rachael Ray but that sounds delicious.

lol i only just noticed your new title there loopy. Anyway....never been to Canada but im sure its fantastic. I would have been a lumberjack for sure if i lived there. Currently living in a sinking ship so I can't say much.

Anyone have an ear to the Yamaha's HS80M? They're supposed to be comparable next to those KRK' Ive heard.


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...and van m/affkt/luxor---dreams. More of a great breakdown though.


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But has millsy even considered dropping a donk on it? That's the awesome sauce.


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fadass wrote:

What a Millsy!

Love some of the Wrecked Angle stuff. That Guy J tune is a beauty though.

steelydan wrote:

Does the Biz

I'm sure. That's a tune. … k-stephens

Mr. C's Acting Career wrote:

These are fucking great. Fantastic find, Zackster.

Hahahah wtf..

Made it to see The Boxtrolls with my little one. Picked the 3D version which is really the best way to see a film like this imo. She gave up on the glasses after about 15 minutes. Doh! Although she loved the movie I felt bad she had to watch it with the consequential blurring. So I ended up taking her and the wife to see it again on a regular screen. Enjoyed it twice now....8/10 Mr. Gristle is gold.


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Finally Tom is back to his old self. Tbf to dusted....I do miss the odd mix from him.

How sad that empty web archive is though.

Have fun and be safe gents smile


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Kinda love when bands do a "classic album" show. NOFX just played a 20 year anniversary event for Punk in Drublic. Would love to have been there. Anyway...I think the classics nights are fun. Just couldn't indulge very often. That odd golden thrown in a set does work a charm though.

How does one get 20 years out of their cans without the line cord breaking? Especially a fixed mount cable. I took my Akg's apart to re solder the wire leads. Worked good for sometime. Its starting to fail again though. Had to cut away the rubber boot to get clean wires. Leaving the line cord very weak to pulls and strains. See I prefer an older version headphone for everyday use but Akg doesn't make it with the quick disconnect. It would be nice to just buy a new cable and plug the thing in.