His inbox will be stuffed no doubt.

https://soundcloud.com/alldayidream/adi … so-james-1

Yeah been picking tunes off their Summer Sampler. Quality beats.

LOL old proggy beans. Yeah no doubt he's a prog wizard. I stand by my statement though.

Trying not to be being tedious with terms... imo Finished Symphony is definitely a progressive electronic tune.

^^Yeah that one has the ability to invoke some pretty serious memories for me.

Liking this remix....

https://soundcloud.com/stanisha/cid-inc … free889wtf

Happy Birthday David!


Been listening to this a lot the past few months. Ha...fiver for Friday-------------->

https://soundcloud.com/henrygreenwood/f … enrys-lost

Surprisingly white for such a Mattblack.


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https://soundcloud.com/alkalino/alkalin … e-download

https://soundcloud.com/thats-not-an-edi … amite-cman

https://soundcloud.com/deejaylui/debbie … aoria-edit


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Grant wrote:

I find it hard to believe that so many masters have been 'lost'


Thanks for putting this together. Had a great listen smile


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Sorry to sidetrack this thread.

Great point too Shaun. Some stuff is genuinely not available.


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Availability is what its about. I can't understand these days why artist's and labels make music so hard to obtain sometimes. Every supposed vinyl only release i find on SC or wherever is like imo a big fuck you.....Hear guy's, listen to what I created. It really came from my heart. I'll just upload it to a digital online platform then tell everyone its only available in a limited vinyl. Fuck off.


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smashdad wrote:

A fair chunk of the '500 copies', limited print run, market is largely driven by the resale market - hype up a limited release, drop a few hundred vinyls - plenty of which never actually hit the open market but turn up on Discogs 48 hours after release at a MASSIVE mark-up - I have no time whatsoever for that element of the vinyl resale market.

Nail on the head.

I also have to wonder about artist's decision to sign to a vinyl only release. They have to realize that their music may not reach out to as many ears. (do/should they care?) I'm trying to understand the dynamic of the selfish artist vs the selfish consumer (with expectation to provide).


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Streaming is not a platform i use. But I can see it's appeal. How everyone is getting paid is a different story though. Majority of users aren't wondering if the artist's are making money. They just want access to the music and are willing to pay.


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Nick Sneddon wrote:

the feeling I get is that a lot of artists would let their work rot in some far away HD somewhere than people would have it for free

Sad indeed. Especially since I'm always willing to pay for stuff i like/want.

I veered off a bit sorry...not a bad read here though....http://lofalexandria.com/2014/11/the-demon-core/

Hey thanks for all your time. I greatly appreciate it. Wonderful resource really.