Thanks TitianWarrior smile

Guess I don't give "the battle of the sexes" enough Probably because I simply treat everyone with respect anyway.

I could only get through 5 min's of the vid. Sounds like a typical progressive male who is too preoccupied with the idea that every woman has "this agenda". There are bat shit crazy men and women all over this planet. Manipulation goes both ways. I'm confident and have a pretty good bs filter for people. So I generally don't need some bitter cunt from the internet to MacGyver in some human behavior lesson for me. I'm all for a Jack Handey moment Glen but not for this.


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He sucks anyway.... … ice-flops/

As for abortion. Never understood how someone could tell a woman let alone anyone what they can and can't do with their body. It sorta ties into privacy issues for me in some regards. Sure there are many that use it erroneously as a form of birth control. But there are many circumstances that make it being a option necessary imo.

I've always thought about it like that CK quote. How does it really effect your life? Do you think that these people will just stop being gay? Give over.

Proper soundtrack at times...

Finger on the pulse with the Of Norway stuff John smile


smashdad wrote:

Reminded of this today from the new Balance pres. Fur Coat - immense tune...

Yeah that's a great tune.


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I didn't post after grant did I? Anyway...some here already know Flaresy's denial of Doves credibility.


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Are you like the board monitor here?? Dissecting everyone's posts and interjecting your opinions and criticisms. FFS man lighten up.

I almost started the same thread. Nice one Rhouses. Listed to this on sc a few weeks ago. Sounded really good iirc. Probably need to give it some proper ears this weekend. Love most of their stuff though. Bucket list act for sure.

Haha sent....Maybe we can dig up some answers to this mystery!


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Hopefully this helps you forget Matt.


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I could dance in the rain to this.

Never heard this. Cheers


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Matt is just inciting malicious biases HR. Us film warriors know better though.

Are you sure that's not Rhouses American cousin Hop Head? I thought Dermo was confined to a wheelchair?


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Oh i agree. I haven't even seen the film and thought that was a poor description.


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Wally wrote:
MattBlack wrote:

One of the reviews i read said it was like watching a 2 hour car chase

I dont think it was meant how you think it was. The whole film takes place on the road getting from A-B but there's definitely a lot of story moments in there too.

Add in that the chases are unbelievable and constantly upping themselves all the way through and it never gets boring or tedious.

One could loosely say that about all the films though. Vehicle chases were pretty dominant.