I would buy them. Actually, can you send me some Hannu?

https://soundcloud.com/eyalcohen/darasp … eyal-cohen


Major disappointment this thread.

Hey jocko, go fuck urself.

then you grind out a shit. Winner

Takes away all the hate.


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I think a thread title with the word wand in it is an automatic 5 pager.


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Dermo wrote:
Homegrove wrote:
starcreeper wrote:

Where the fuck is HG? How does one accuse somebody of something and then fuck off leaving a trail of destruction?

What kind of fuckery is this? This comicalAli cunt is just Sladek, same MO, appeared at the same time, Sladek gets banned with another alias so alibaba goes all Britney Spears and starts threads that burn deep into your face. HG could settle this with an official statement, a Dermogate Commission Report if you will. Then let that be that.

Nothing's changed. They have the exact same ip, both post from Australia. I based my accusation on the same ip.

Either way you can fuck off for shit stirring.



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Dermo cant mix his way out of this one.

Seems i just caught the last tune. doh Sounded nice.

This is great.

smallman1 wrote:

Not forgetting The Warehouse in Chicago, obvs.

Whenever you do make it back we can dance down Frankie Knuckles way and have a laugh.


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For a split second I thought Hannu had followed me to Traverse City.



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sabotini wrote:

For me the all caps "LOL" was the shared trait that proved the Opian/Dermo crossover. Hard to see the board recovering from this frankly.

I noticed that too.


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I'm still struggling to see the comical side of things.

Some of the cancer stories are very promising.
My state's reform has just started this year so time will only tell as to how things will go.

On point ^

Here https://soundcloud.com/mattwalsh/matt-w … show-24-03

Finally an id for the last tune.

Have you been listening to any of the Matt Walsh sets steelydan? He's playing some great tunes recently.

That move at 42sec is sweeeeeet. Well in Millsy.


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chuffer wrote:
sladek wrote:

Nina Simone on the stereo. Glass of veuve clicquot and some good smoked salmon on brown bread. A nice steak sat in the kitchen ready to griddle when my potatoes are cooked. Bottle of good Amarone, already open and breathing ready to wash the steak down.  cats snoozing at my feet.

If you khunts could manage to be amusing for a change then life would be pretty much perfect .

there's no swear filter on here, dickhead

apparently no shit thread one either

Needs more fadas.