There's only 3 dj's in the ot that i can say I haven't listened to proper. But the rest I have thoroughly enjoyed before. Jamie's Oct mix last year was certainly a fav though. Captured that deep vibe I was buzzing with at the time. I am missing the Nick Sneddon Summer mixes of of the distant past. I was buying at least 4 or 5 tunes off those. All while discovering new artists. You have about 5 months Nick smile

BF not being shy about his "ass like a linebacker" fetish.

Great cuts from steely and Millsy. I like variance in my music endeavors. So this chug thing works for me. Industrial,EBM...and the synth sounds of the 80's and 90's is kinda my musical its nice to hear this stuff getting recycled.

Still play this a lot.

Whatever happened to the old Dave who would be drunk when posting? Have a few Dave and comeback and delete this thread you sober cunt.

One day you'll find that groove Phil....and it will all make sense.


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It was nice to see the Black Panther's lend support to the halftime show.

dutchy101 wrote:

Had toyed with the idea of wall mounting, but it will be a complete fucker to sort out and will mean rearranging my whole room to accommodate. The TV currently sits nicely in the bay window area.

Worst placement for a tv. Blocking a window smile

Big_Fella wrote:

Just hope my other eight nominees can manage a thank you.

I'm sure you'll get over it.


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Yep its bs. I do avoid most.

I must not hear it then.


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My effort here feels tainted now. Many thanks Strudders!

Lol @ BF. Always spoon in hand.

I did have the opportunity to see Beacon again last night.  This time they headlined and I don't think there were even a hundred people in attendance. Anyway those two are simply fantastic. The wife and I thoroughly enjoyed this one. Their new LP "Escapements" has some lovely non prog beats on it......


Listened to View2 a couple times now and its just ok i guess. Not a fan of the vocal sound on the 4 beat. Would like to hear more though.

steelydan wrote:

got both the pioneer 1500 & these...which are excellent.

Love the subtle confusion there. Probably best paired with the Nike KD vi though.

My k612 have been superb thus far....

id say it was about time.


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Yeah I might have some corn to pop Sean, so goodnight to you sir.


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Sean hates popcorn.

Yeah Naveen is a consistently great dj. Seems to nail all the details. Certainly embraced warmly here in Chicago. He can lay out a warm up set with class. His rain and storm logic mixes are worth an ear. As well as his City Fox from 2014 and 2015.

Remember Pole Folder on opening duties for John. Another dj who knows how its done.

Sad to see everyone blowing out ol Milky's candle. The jealous are troublesome to others Millsy, but a torment to themselves.


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Yeah that's exactly why I started the thread. Thanks Sean. C

Musically one of the best to come out of Canada is certainly Skinny Puppy.