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Thanks...added to my cart.

Think Persuasion / Repercussion for me. Reminds me of Johns Bedrock which was massively influential at the time.


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Ha Ha. Morning/Night to ya Dave. Oh I was just feeling a bit froggy last night. I knew it wasn't particularly aimed at me. Anyway probably Central or Southern flavors of Thai for me.  Mind I do like a good Dim Sum and Xiang style eats.

Sorry to hijack yer thread K smile

Maroon 5 are still a thing huh. Barnett isn't that bad tbf.

There you go again Dave...disguising your cup of noodles like brain for some culinary expertise. Such a culinary city yet you only suggest something in the Chinese flavor. Thai food is better anyway Davey boy.

Was on my way out so couldn't immediately comment but with my limited NY restaurant experience ill say yeah that's one of the places I ate at when I was visiting. Pretty fancy but the food was damn good. Nailed all the standard yet amazing...shrimps, surf and turf, oysters etc...all fantastic. Price're in NY so no need to comment there smile Can't remember the name of the breakfast place i went to though. Think it was somewhere in lower Manhattan and iirc it was more of a diner...anyway good luck and safe

Watched those vids last night. Huge stuff. Some well deserving applause for John as well smile

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Amongst all the swinging


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Grabbed tickets to see Kiasmos with Beacon in May smile

Let me help....

Mad yokes man.

Tuning in now. Love me some Danny H.


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Hop_Head wrote:

You're taking this all too seriously Kev.  It's just a bunch of middle aged men killing time (most avoiding work or family I assume) on another middle aged man's vaguely dance music orientated message board.

With respect mate, it's the fella who's creating aliases in order to send amateurishly abusive PMs that is taking it too seriously surely?!

Agreed. What it some childish bullshit.


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