smashdad wrote:

"Disco Droids" - "Interspace"




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Henry Rindhoops wrote:

About the people wearing full length Canada Goose jackets?

Last time Ed takes clubbing advice from Loopy.

Looking forward to hearing these gentlemen. Don't be em up. … b-remixcut … ary-151114

MarcusGraham wrote:
jules72 wrote:

Oooo Betoko - the unmentionable..

Not only Betoko, but this chap has controversially named a much loved producer who sadly died about 10 years ago, tut tut, very sick.

Somehow they thought it was funny.

Agree with bf on his mixing skills though.

Unbroken1 wrote:
smallman1 wrote:

In his pomp Oakey was the best in the business.

...disagree. Good business man, but very limited as a DJ. Can honestly say I've never hear a set of his that has 'blown me away' in any fashion

His e mix from Liverpool in 99 was pretty special imo. Blew me away when I first heard it.

dutchy101 wrote:

Never understood the love for Holden's Balance. In fairness I only heard it a few years ago, but it did nothing for me.

I was going to suggest a ban request but I see it's allready been sorted  smile

I don't dj and i probably buy hundreds of tunes a year from bp. I have no need for the streaming service though. Haven't any time really.


Let the festivities begin!

Or not. Gud thing i can spel though.

Big Fella wrote:

Big tune on Holdens Balance, can't say I gave the sample a second thought if I'm honest.

Its a big tune because on the words.

...the flow on the Miami disc is magic. Shiro is a beauty.

Hahaha! wow

Presto wrote:

Can anyone tell me if this is a house record or not?

Would you play this at your house Presto?

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Depends on your stream rate i believe.

Does anyone here own cans that need amplification to push the sound levels to normal? Looking at pulling the trigger on a new audio interface but noticed that a few of them don't seem to have the power requirements to drive some pro monitor hf's. I had a fiio that i dropped and broke. Is that the direction i need to go? An audio interface and an amp/DAC?

http://cloudedvisionrecordings.bandcamp … hovel-tame


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Not for me. But it seems to be nice on the eyes and simple to navigate. HiFi is a great sales tool.


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I'll kindly disagree about Richie. His other "personalities" aside. His dj and production skills are solid.

Henry Rindhoops wrote:

I can't. I'm just off out with the missus to do some shopping. The kind where after 10 minutes you can't take anymore, switch your phone off, take the sim card out and go AWOL down the pub.

It has to be the matching chateau parka's in "rust"  that's finally got to Henry. Let it go man. Grab a coffee and have an holiday adventure.