"Pop" tune..

Any reports from the worldly board here? Nils has been everywhere this year. Amazing talent.

Nice find Henry smile

I'll bring my Collins field guide too.

I love nature walks Millsy. I'm in.


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Fucking hell guys. Its a meltdown.

Well I'm certainly not defending it. But how much can you argue about in the end? Its a business...mixed with culture. Honestly I discovered electronic through more underground and sometimes lucky motives. Years before I was raving even.

But time passes and the popularity of electronica has grown worldwide. People start their journey somehow. Being part of discovering emerging "underground" music the time it was actually happening is something only some will be able to indulge in and the rest will have their path to take later.

Agree with seanc. Big NO on both rmx's.

Lack of admiration is not slagging off. Ill just leave it as difference's in music culture. I've never liked the Guetta "Brand" of music. Too closely resembles the Aoki's and DM5's of big money dance. Not for me.

Also. Condolences to Zack. Tough crowd here smile (on a prog board? who would have thunk?)  I may not listen to as much techno these days but growing up in the warehouses listening to Liebing, Clarke, May, Saunderson, Hardfloor etc... I have had that experience of total techno madness that no progressive set with ever create. Yes that looped techno. Pounding your brain to mush smile

In the past 10 years I've seen Mills, Speedy, Richie, Beyer and Clarke. All were very memorable.

Is it the mad money these world famous djs are making that creates an admiration and respect by people?? Its actually just another job. What's in one's bank account doesn't create admiration for me. Its actually the hows and whys of their craft that would.


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https://buy.itunes.apple.com/WebObjects … fferOptOut

Sounds like this techno music is a bit much for all the proganista's here.

MattBlack wrote:

Never really got the appeal of Jeff Mills but then im not really a fan of his style of music

So you're not a fan of techno. Fair enough.

^Look Pebbles, go back to your habitat...lol. Listening to this must surly be the equivalent to a lobotomy.


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Can't believe it was automatically sent to my itunes. As if I asked. What a disgrace.

https://soundcloud.com/anjunadeep/marti … iginal-mix

Kinda shoe horned that Caribou tune right in. Nothing really exciting about this set imo.

Looks like this Sunday for yous guys.

You're out 1 episode Millsy. Catch up mate smile

jamie wrote:

managed to get 30mb cable for $45 per month.

Did a purge a couple of months back and binned the home phone, line rental and most of the TV channels - ended up saving about $150 a month smile

Will be in the same boat but after Boardwalk ends smile

Its going to take another 10 to 20 years for residential service to be fiber based anyway. Until then the unprofitable POTS lines will be phased out along with DSL. I've be noticing for the past few years a push from manufactures of analog based communication products to produce high speed compatible components. Plenty of companies implementing Fiber backbones regularly now too.

joeyp wrote:
dogmanstar888 wrote:
joeyp wrote:

wiston mugabe regga

lol ... but could you fake it to look like you're enjoying it?

Having flown in private jet, on whopping, grade A marching powder and being paid £25K, wouldn't you?

Honestly people that slag these EDM lads off crack me up. Of course its shit music! They aren't in it to be credible and they dont give a shit as to what you think. Stinking rich.

No offense but its always the same line "they don't care because they're rich". You may be right but I still think its their deep lack of love and appreciation for the music that gets people fired up.


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Pretty much what drwho said.

Up until I heard Why don't ya placed properly in a mix. I didn't think much of it. Its a wicked good tune that got hammered to death. 

I like this one...

and Lord of the Rings.