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stylustrouble wrote:

Thought this was going to open up into madness. Its very Shpongle_esque. Sadly it didn't.

Maybe Kelly will come back now. Nice to see this place getting cleaned up though.


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jamie wrote:
smashdad wrote:
nitron wrote:

Strudders has been called a thicket before and not by me. Doubtless it will crop up again, but in the best possible taste of course. It's a good-natured remark in the mischevious spirit of the board - you on the other hand, have a foul mouth and an inability to control it. The textbook internet warrior. When was the last time you contributed anything remotely constructive to proceedings? You seem to exist simply to insult and degrade others at every available opportunity.

The only absurd concept is why you continue to post here. It's very troubling indeed.

Apologies for causing confusion lads - after post 117, which happened to be by Loopy, I posted a response to 'nitron' highlighting (yet) another aspect of his moronic hypocrisy.  Ten minutes after having posted it I had a change of heart and decided the cunt wasn't even worth responding to so I deleted it.  As I was doing so 'nitron' happened to add his response and, when my deletion was complete, it looked like he might've been addressing Loopy.

Like I said, apologies for the confusion.

there were a load of posts deleted mate.

hannu deleted the posts about people complaining about this thread being tedious...

Oh really? Which ones now??

Little abrasive Ed but I agree. Grant and Henry do need some type of professional help.

Didn't think it was that bad tbf. Lol at Zackster though...the hats crack is spot on.


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Was there a Mogsy on GU?

I bet John couldn't stop thinking about cake the whole time.

Unbroken1 wrote:

..I care, I'm fond of a Friday 5, usually on a Friday tho

Ahad believes someone will steal this thread so he gets it in early.

Well that pm clarified things nicely. I'm at a loss for words now.

Tune there Jamie ^
Lots of great dark beats this year. … -daelo-rmx

Nope. Hit your page back button a couple times.

missed tell.


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There it is again... "I'm watching you" From Henry and now nitron. I'm shutting my blinds.

Still remember that time he actually hit his head on the kitchen sink. Silly Ed.

Give it time. Someone at his event will be seriously injured by his antics. What a silly twat he its.


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My Sly reference was mentioned only because your statement about Kraftwerk seemed to edge towards them being the first to use electronics for music.


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I also have never met a Yank who shat on about Chicago being first in line to use electronic gear. Maybe about it being one of the first places to spawn house music. But not the equipment.


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and wasn't Moog being used in early 70's too??


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IIRC didn't "There's a Riot Goin' On" by Sly feature the use of a drum machine?


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Loopy smashing it smile


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Some solid words of wisdom there. Thanks for sharing. Pretty happy to have seen Marcel play this year too. Most enjoyable.

steelydan wrote:

Nice to see the boards own kloop the loop/silinder in the mix there. Nice one Gav

Well deserved praise smile