I get that. Completely. Some pubs/bars do offer homemade food over here. Think of.. your very local pub. Like Cheers.
You are free to take what you want to eat but a tip is expected. It wouldn't be unheard of to have a roast at a place like this but its certainly not like being at home.


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Fingerman--Button Pusher (Dr Packer remix)
The Deele--Material Thangz (Petko Turner Edit)
A Tribe Called Quest--Can I Kick It (King Most Redirection)
Jascha Hagen--Afternoon Of A Faun
LTJ--Trigger Finger

Is that strictly an at home thing Dave?

fadass wrote:

Some conflicting roastie  ideas from chefs I've seen... Some shake them round the pot after the boil to rough em up around the edges but others think a more genteel approach is best.

Are you gentle with your spuds Tom?

Ahad Adump wrote:

I can't believe the level of vitriol on display here, all because I don't go along with the mainstream view. I feel like a heretic for having the temerity to sit and question your urbane, politically correct, mainstream dogma. If you believed in it so strongly, or if you knew what the hell you were talking about you wouldn't have to resort to snide, classless attacks. It's easy to go along with the crowd which you lot obviously are. What's flying a plane got to do with this anyway, I know plenty of pilots that disagree with global warming. To question someone's faculties just because a viewpoint doesn't fit in with your own blinkered narrow view of the world is cowardly. Let's all have the same viewpoint shall we and not have courage to put your neck on the line and actually question what's going on. I bet you love it though Dermo/Millsy, I've given you the opportunity to do what you do best, snidely mock others in the only way you pair of nasty bastards know how.

Sums it up nicely there Ahad. The pile on from some here is embarrassing. Zero class.

This board lately has been void of anything that resembles an adult conversation or debate.

In just a few hours of independent research on climate change. I'm finding there's a lot to sort through and I can not reasonably say that we are looking at some dire consequences. Or that I would even commit to saying there's a huge problem. By the tone of most in itt...there are some real experts on this subject here though. I'm looking forward to being told I'm wrong when I question something I might find that is well, apparently wrong about climate change.


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What kind of person lies about where they were on 9/11?

http://www.washingtontimes.com/news/201 … s-nyc-911/


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ukhursty wrote:
Dermatron wrote:

Its utter nonsense so please tell your 'well informed friend' he isn't 'well informed'.

Yes,  I will be holding him to account if it's nothing,  however he seemed pretty sure and I know the guy personally and what he does for a living.

It has to center around these emails though if it is true.

I heard about this a few days ago. Google 3rd phase of wikileaks.

Mr. C's Acting Career wrote:

Did you just call a fly a cunt?

Ha I sure did. Nasty old thangs.

Lovely label indeed.

Homegrove wrote:

What are facts for when you feel certain way, and vote because of the way you feel.

I have yet to find those stats she claims. They're up from where I'm sitting though.

Furthermore when it come to your comment there Hannu. Half the States think Obama is mad when he's forcing schools to allow boys in the girls showers... based on a feeling.

I've have never given the topic enough dedicated time. I have feeds that state the earth is warming and others that its cooling. Among other scientific ideas. Leo and his GW crusade is pretty rich..the cunt flies all over the planet creating his own carbon footprint.

Been listening to this lately. Good stuff.


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roberto wrote:

It it was America, he could just buy a gun and shoot everyone.

If it was America she would have received an ambulance and treatment without the runaround.

What a dismal story. I hope the best for your buddies situation Wally.


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Some can continue to believe the official report or accept the popular mechanics version which every nondescript website will copy and paste. Or you can research it for yourself and you may find it stinks. It stinks real bad.


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I might have to have a pint of the black stuff with you when I make it back to Dublin liquitech1. I'm glad to see other people can pick out the bs ive suspected for over 10 years. There's so much to work with evidence wise. So many lies and blinders applied to the faces of fear and disbelief that day. It changed everything for Americans.

Questions I have asked myself before gents. No doubt it was a missile. No video evidence of a plane. Feds rounding up CCTV tapes from businesses around the pentagon that day. Yep.

Odo wrote:

Sausage Party - 6/10. It had it's moments.

Wrong thread?


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Same story here. Find myself searching the site often.

Your second response Neko is spot on. Why not right?

https://soundcloud.com/44100hzsocialclu … recordings


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The demanding of apologies from some is laughable. Has the entitlement crew arrived? Sit down. lol


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I really appreciate the denigrating new custom tile Hannu. Your misinformed bigotry shines bright.


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ghostriddenhuffy wrote:
furry wrote:

One would have to believe the official story about the fire's temperature intensity being hot enough ghosty. I don't. 

How does one get vaporized in a plane crash then?

It depends on the type of plane crash and who is in control at the time the plane is crashing and where  it is crashing.   Usually pilots dump all the fuel prior to crashing if they know of the plane is going down and they have time to do so.   A fully loaded plane with fuel, it's basically a flying bomb.   The impact combined with the fire is easily enough to vaporize people -  The impact alone would dismember human bodies to such an extent that they would be tiny fragments, the rest would be done by high heat,  incendiary  fire, and pressure.  As I recall, many body parts were recovered from the plane that crashed in the field where the passengers tried to take control.   If a plane were to crash in the field, body parts would be strewn all over the place just like in an automobile accident where people get ejected some would be charred to such an extent that they would be unrecognizable, but others would be, because it is an open system. The plane crashing into the World Trade Center would have a crumpling effect on the bodies, thereby dismembering them,  but the point is the bodies have nowhere to go as the fire rages inside of a closed system,  and then you have the crushing power as the collapse of the world trade centers ensued.   As I recall, the terrorist pilots specifically chose these planes because they would be fully loaded with fuel because those particular flights were long and the plane would need to be fully loaded and the terrorists were completely aware of this, that is why they chose them.   Even in geology, many rocks and minerals can be formed or changed by high heat and pressure - the same principle can be applied. It is a simple rule of physics.

I don't know man. Maybe you could point me it the right direction but I'm having a hard time finding human vaporization stories that don't deal with atomic bombs. How is human Vaporization like Metamorphism? I'm confused.


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steelydan wrote:

I'll pass on that one.


That's too bad. I thought we could have at least met halfway at the high school physics side of things. Cheers


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Hi Dan. I've been in the construction industry for almost 20 years. Worked in steel and concrete towers from the ground up. Have been in and around tower elevator shafts for the same. I'm in the Life Safety side of things. I'm admittedly not a high rise structural engineer but I have to question how so much material and resistance could cause a building to crumble to dust. Maybe you could explain how the video from David Chandler i posted is misleading or just wrong?