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Dave your shit thread is now ever more shit. Great job shitstar.


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You take meddlesome to a whole new level.


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Its ok to feel included Grant.


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I see the toddler is back....again.

Some tunes i just picked up....

https://soundcloud.com/republik-music-r … yne-duggan


That clip has been around for some time iirc. It never was appropriate. People looking the otherway and all....

Check out the Franklin Scandal. Abuse of children by people of wealth and power has been going on forever. Look at Bill Clinton. He's a pedo too. Hell, watch Boardwalk.

Cid Inc, Spacebeat and Kezokichi.

Been listening to this lately....

Wally wrote:

Another from the vaults - one benefit to getting rid of the collection is you get reminded about all the monsters back in the day

Everyone lost their shit to this one IIRC.


Yep. Loved that one. Tune is mental.


He'll probably say he'll come then blow it out.

cant stand cunts like that..

LOL. Fair play Ed

Ah maybe the mid life thingy. Should have bought a car instead.

Well sounds like justifiable ripping to me.


How old is he? I lived in hipster central for years. I don't have any hipster friends though. Its not my generation anyway.

Sounds vacuous because the writer comes off like someone who should not attend a festival like this. Starts his article by slagging off the fest. He's never experienced burns of the past. Is a virgin attendee up until now. Yet seems to piss on and on about how "corporate" it has become. Even blaming social media. Sounds like some uptight buffoon. I have to question his friends. Did they not tell him what to expect?? Never once in his story did he mention he met someone who was genuinely cool and respectful. All those people? His only mention is of some LED bracelets that he had brought to pay it forward. Then all he could comment on was inebriated hugs. As if a hug was some ingenuous experience for him. Who did he give the LED's to?

Either way I don't think a passion for house music could have helped this person from giving it a thumbs down.

Almost three pages Stu and you might have an answer..lol.

Grant wrote:

Illegal pirate radio station DJ? File under Yewtree/IS/illegal immigrants.

I remember when he wore that eye patch Grant. He kept wrecking all the mixes on the right turntable. It was really uncomfortable to watch.


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Porky held on to that cinnamon like a champ.


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Lolz...Tosh is great.

^ Frumpy no doubt.

N-cable's last sentence echoes a lot of what is going on over here. We are in dire need of a constitutional president. Not some authoritarian and treasonous joke. Progressive liberals have been working overtime to destroy this country and its values. Being a union member I generally side with Dems... but they have fucked things so good that I want nothing to to with them.

Not sure what issue sits at the top of everyone's list but over the pond its the immigration and security of our nation for me.

Supercilious mug.