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Unbroken1 wrote:

...every time I've neglected to activate downloads on something, the first 5 messages/comments are 'where is the download button?', and yeah... I want somewhere I can upload edits/mashups too (without the getting pulled despite the fact they are only ever fucking stream-only), ideally on the same page as my mixes

Shame on you wanting to be an artist and supporting other artist's as well.

steelydan wrote:

I normally put megadeath on towards the end to drop subtle hints that the bbq is over and it's time to leave.

I'm sure some Mettalica would send people on thier way quickly aswell.

Also not one mention of Thievery or Bonobo??


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https://soundcloud.com/mahagonee/tyron- … gonee-edit


smallman1 wrote:

Knew I should have gone.


Ncable wrote:

Shut Up and Play the Hits is well worth a watch.

Sure is. Saw it for the first time last year. I now happily own it.


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Nick Sneddon wrote:
chromosome_junction wrote:

Never had you down as a racist Nick if I'm honest.

Im not prejudice mate, I hate everyone

Good man.

Great bunch though....

http://www.forbes.com/sites/hughmcintyr … al-launch/

Picked this up too Simeon79. Great release.

jamie wrote:

This reminds me of the 'WTF is this?' druggy stuff that Sasha used play before he lost it.

Yeah recently picked this up....

Liking some of the Spacebeat output atm. Ill have to grab that one Jamie..thanks.

Those are great vids. I don't get jealous much but this night looked like it was serious smile Judy and Persuasion...wow.


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Stew-pot. FFS

Been nodding my head to this....


Great tunes on this page smile Thanks

simeon79 wrote:

Thanks...added to my cart.

Think Persuasion / Repercussion for me. Reminds me of Johns Bedrock which was massively influential at the time.


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https://soundcloud.com/djtapesh/tocadis … e-download

Wish this was released....

https://soundcloud.com/bedrock_rec/guy- … esto-remix

Ha Ha. Morning/Night to ya Dave. Oh I was just feeling a bit froggy last night. I knew it wasn't particularly aimed at me. Anyway probably Central or Southern flavors of Thai for me.  Mind I do like a good Dim Sum and Xiang style eats.

Sorry to hijack yer thread K smile

Maroon 5 are still a thing huh. Barnett isn't that bad tbf.

There you go again Dave...disguising your cup of noodles like brain for some culinary expertise. Such a culinary city yet you only suggest something in the Chinese flavor. Thai food is better anyway Davey boy.

Was on my way out so couldn't immediately comment but with my limited NY restaurant experience ill say yeah that's one of the places I ate at when I was visiting. Pretty fancy but the food was damn good. Nailed all the standard yet amazing...shrimps, surf and turf, oysters etc...all fantastic. Price wise.....you're in NY so no need to comment there smile Can't remember the name of the breakfast place i went to though. Think it was somewhere in lower Manhattan and iirc it was more of a diner...anyway good luck and safe


Watched those vids last night. Huge stuff. Some well deserving applause for John as well smile


https://soundcloud.com/stellar-fountain … -gravity-1