i dont like F3 & New Vegas it's just a different game than the classic.

Wasteland 2 Director's Cut is awesome...


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wtf is going on...


yes W3 is incredible...the only thing that drives me crazy is the useless (repeating) side quests plus the endless map cleaning.Played around 40 hours but experience some heavy problems (XBOX One version)...that's my main problem with all the open-world games.

really missed the era of
Baldur's Gate
Planescape Torment...

Wally wrote:

1 was awesome
2 was a masterpiece but for different reasons to 1
3 was a total rush job piece of shit with one of the worst endings in gaming history.

Biowares last game was dragonage: inquisition which was a 7 at best. Theyve totally lost it since EA bought them out. All the best staff moved on ages ago as soon as their stock options matured / golden handcuff deals ran out.

still loves this universe...3 was not so bad but in comparison with the previous efforts is the weakest...
speaking about Dragon Age Inquisition, since i started the Soul's series i can't play RPG's like DA.

mass effect trilogy was a great game...Andromeda will continue the legend

01.Eric Kupper_Over Here (Deeper Mix) [Classic Music Company]
02.Boo Williams_Last Chance [Future Reactions]
03.Sebo K_Ojo Rojo [Robsoul]
04.Benno Blome_Abotha (Mihai Popoviciu Remix) [Time Has Changed]

05.Robert Owens_Visions [1990/4th Broadway]

Bloodborne is the best exclusive on PS4 so far....

beast of a tune...

breaking the rules with a 2002 release...

smashdad wrote:

Is 'The Last Of Us' worth £20 of my money?

one of the best games i'ver played...

oldschool heads (including me)...from the Amiga days...

Cybordelics_Adventures of Dama 2015 Remixes [Harthouse]

from Ricardo Villalobos/Butch/Tuff City Kids

out 16/11/2015 … ch__205870


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big fave...


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