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oldscool huarache....

stellar rework from Joris Voorn....


01.Pete Bones_Indulgence [Red Ant]
02.Alexander Aurel_Hold On [Leena Music]
03.Per Hammar_Release Dubb (Mihai Popoviciu Remix) [Danse Club]
04.Eduardo De La Calle_B2 [Analog Solutions]

golden classic...
05.Carl Craig_A Wonderful Life [1995/Blanco Y Negro]

liquitech1 wrote:

Bloodborne on the PS4 is an incredible game lads...highly recommended if you stick with it cool

Demon Soul's/Dark Soul's/Bloodborne....Hidetaka Miyazaki rocks:-)....waiting the Old Hunters expansion!


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https://soundcloud.com/chris-fortier/fa … de-records


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The Simpsons Burning Man edition:-)


Judge Jules Mix
2-01    –X-Static    I'm Standing Higher (Heavy Organ Mix)   
2-02    –Jaydee    Plastic Dreams (Trance Mix)   
2-03    –Gat Decor    Passion (Naked Mix)   
2-04    –Sil    Windows (Original First Take Mix)   
2-05    –Smooth Touch    House Of Love (Raise Your House Mix)   
2-06    –Jam & Spoon    Stella (Original Mix)   
2-07    –Moby    Go (Woodtick Mix)   
2-08    –Golden Girls    Kinetic (Cubic 22 Remix)
2-09    –The Ethics    La Luna (Original Mix)   
2-10    –Underworld    Rez (Original Mix)   
2-11    –DJ Hell*    My Definition (Resistance D Remix)
Remix – Resistance D
2-12    –290 North    Spirit Of 93 (Original Mix)   
2-13    –CLS    Can You Feel It (House Mix)   
2-14    –Rhythm On The Loose    Break Of Dawn (Re-Make Mix)

01.Simon Garcia_Ataraxia [Poker Flat]
02.Jori Hulkkonen_Capetown People [My Favorite Robot]
03.Tyson Ballard_Feel Like I Feel (John Daly Remix) [Voyeurhythm]
04.Dustin Nantais_Marching Through The Universe [Wide Angle Recordings]

05.Vapourspace_Gravitational Arc Of 10 [1993/Plus 8]

liquitech1 wrote:

Looking forward to the new Star Wars release... Looks immense

Battlefront looks massive...

i will start Until Dawn...

From Soft & Hidetaka Miyazaki masterpiecies...

Demon Souls
Dark Souls

smashdad wrote:

Bicep have done it again - this is gorgeous...

killer ep...

finishing MGS V a couple of days ago...still have goosebumps!

from my old days...
Baldur's Gate
Monkey Island
Grim Fandango
Fallout 1/2