a few pages back voted Cassy...

ace track & great album from Drumcode.....

Bicep's forthcoming EP sounds tasty...

Grant wrote:

Six Feet Under was superb, the birthplace of quality TV

the best TV show i'ver seen...the final 10 min still gives me goosebumps!

Glasto 1999...my first and last. Some amazing live acts Rem,Manic Street Preachers,Underworld,Skunk Anansie,Oakey,Queens of The Stone Age,Fabio & Grooverider,Mercury Rev...

after hour classic....it will never sound dated!

Cassy...saw her a couple of times and was fantastic!

killer bassline...


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another one


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01.Ross Evans_Deep Water [Mobilee]
02.Maxxi Soundsystem_300 Vows (Bells & Whistles Remix) [OM Rec]
03.Massimiliano Pagliara_Native Tribes Of Jaguar [Live At Robert Johnson]
04.Julian Jeweil_Funky Skull [Minus]

05.That Kid Chris_Keep On (Pressin On) [1992 Digital Dungeon]

jamie wrote:

bit of a throwback. used to love this tune as a set starter -

brilliant remix...remember all the buzz for this sound and labels like Siesta,Grayhound,Panhandle

dogmanstar888 wrote:

The new Julian Jeweil E.P.  4 x wicked techno grooves from a very reliable / consistent producer ...

brilliant ep indeed!

cracking new stuff from Mobilee...

Henry Rindhoops wrote:

Two new tracks from Nils Frahm:

nice Henry...

millsy23 wrote:

Just dug up this old Sasha favourite. Wondeerful stuff imho.

one of my all time faves:-)

Solid Steel brings Ame...nuff said

https://soundcloud.com/ninja-tune/solid … -3-4-ame-1

great track Matt...loving the bassline!
thanks for share:-)

more Limbo madness...

Sbando wrote:

I will re-up them all, in time.


John Daly does it again...