unreal track....


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From the early years....
Hong Kong Trash_Down The River (McBuffalo Remix)
Danny Tenaglia_U Turn Me On

and one of the best nights of my life....a "higher state of consciousness'' moment as Diggers drops FBA-Pitch Black and then Solar & Poppcke_lightest shades of grey!

01.Manuel Tur_Es Dub (John Daly Remix) [Freerange]
02.Lake People_Illuminated [Permanent Vacation]
03.Stefan Riegauf_Behind The Dust [Bondage]
04.Reeko_Saturn Sequences [Modularz]

05.Karnak_White Rain [Tribal UK]

insane track...

Neko wrote:

Blaze - Lovelee Dae (20:20 vision remix)


an oldie from my crates

the unstoppable Drumcode with another huge release...

01.Mind Against & Locked Groove_Elysium [Hotflush]
02.Danny Serrano_No Change [Area Remote]
03.Ed Ed_Skin On Skin [Noir Music]
04.Pirupa_Raw Deal [Intec]


one of the finest mixes ever....

JZ's new mix....that's what i call ''a real journey''...
https://soundcloud.com/jameszabiela/qua … v-x360-mp3


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Yant wrote:

Walking Dead was great last night.

awesome episode....

anyone watched 12 Monkeys?...really like this show.


strummerjones wrote:

Quality mix Simon,right up my street.Love that Nick Devon tune. There`s a  lot of good stuff on Steyoyoke at the moment.

thanks for the feedback man:-)...totally with you about Steyoyoke, top notch stuff!

Sander K thread was the right excuse:-)

one of his finest...

01.Garance_Loro Cabeciazul (Patlac Remix) [Soulfooled Rec]
02.Pig & Dan_Shapes Of Horizon [Elevate]
03.Mononoid_Rhodospin [Einmusika Rec]
04.Jesse Perez_Divine Intoxication [Bpitch Control]

intelligent oldie...


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https://soundcloud.com/leftside-wobble/ … e-download

Henry Rindhoops wrote:

That Guten Tag track has got more muscle than Purple Aki in nothing but a pair of turquoise Speedos.

Hold. That. Thought.


erik.b wrote:

Haven't heard Guten Tag in years, looking forward to giving it a spin later

thanks Erik...That Ian Wilkie track was massive for me:-)

Henry Rindhoops wrote:

Listened to this twice today. And as always gets Henry's big stamp of approval. Also, a massive thumbs up if you recorded it in the confines of your dungeon.

thanks for the feedback Henry:-)

another Patlac bomb...

jamie wrote:

saw Whiplash last night - excellent.

JP Simmons has to be nailed on for the Oscar.

great movie & amazing performance....