another great mix from this guy.... … ost-desert

my fave hip-hop LP....

GregWhelan wrote:

Have never heard one of his sets. Any recommendations for a first time listener?


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sick beats from Craig....

great interview, Derrick is an amazing Dj...

Homegrove wrote:

26. Planisphere - Deep Blue Dream

blast from the past:-)

as always an excellent mix sir!

ADID crew...Gorje Hewek & Izhevski,Lauren Ritter,Oona Dahl,YokoO,Hoj


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Kumquat wrote:

ace track & brilliant EP....

lovely summery vibes

jamie wrote:

had to wait nearly a year for this to be released -

great tune....waiting the vinyl tomorrow.


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Homegrove wrote:

Finished Stranger Things today. We watched the last 6 episodes in a row. Absolutely brilliant.

same here....awesome show!


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classic Guidance of my fave records.

listening now....amazing stuff so far:-)

a masterpiece...

jamie wrote:

I noticed your breaks mix in my download folder the other day and was thinking about whether you had any new mixes uploaded and low and behold a new one popped up on my SC feed the following day.

great mix mate - very well put together selection of some of my recent favourites smile

thanks for posting

thanks for the kind words J:-)

surprised you mentioned the breaks mix....that's what i had in my mind, a deep house mix with shimmering melodies....

Henry Rindhoops wrote:

Enjoyed this Simeon. Nice one. smile

Grant wrote:

Thoroughly enjoyed that mate, cheers.

Yant wrote:

This is superb.  Great stuff.

thanks for the feedback guys...really glad you like it:-)