Sbando wrote:

one of my all time faves....

cracking tune from Woolfy...

Unbroken1 wrote:
Kumquat wrote:

Gacha Bakradze - Restless [album] on Space Hardware. The sound of summer for me...

Full Album out digitally today. … 508733ede7

Couple of tracks off it.

...sounds ace, look forward to hearing the rest, loved 'Drift' on Best Works

lovely album...



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Digweed is such a nice guy...hope the best for his family.


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simeon79 wrote:

1st one:

possibly a vocal remix from Luca Bacchetti?


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01. Leona Naess – True love will find you in the end
02. Ryuchi Sakamoto – Firewater
03. Harold Budd – As long as i can hold my breath
04. Reinhold Heil – Native Funeral
05. Katharina Franck – Wind was playing with my hair
06. Pteranodon – Ancient Air space
07. Tangerine Dream – The unknown is the truth
08. Christian Kleine – Firn
09. Elika – You win hearts
10. White Rainbow – Warm Clicked fruit
11. Sensorama - Aspirin
12. Flying Saucer Attack – Oceans
13. Sun Electric – Stimpak
14. Aus – Halo (Ulrich Schnauss Remix)


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anyone watched The Preacher?

finished Dark Souls III a few days ago....once again Miyazaki & From Soft gave a masterpiece.

the new live action trailer for the forthcoming Deus X....can't wait!

Sbando wrote:

This is my favourite of mine. The second part is dark stuff. It's more of cassette tape, no prog in it, nun. And it's a story, not a journey.

"Little Girls Lost"

01. [00:00] Peter Broderick - When I'm Gone [Hush Records]
02. [03:44] Brian Eno - Spirits Drifting [Island Records] + "The Lovely Bones"
03. [06:19] Peter Broderick - A Beginning [Type]
04. [08:08] Goldmund - Door Of Our Home (Sampler Version) [Type]
05. [11:27] Peter Broderick - A Glacier [Type]
06. [13:56] Wayne Horvitz - Sweeter Than The Day [Songlines Recordings]
07. [18:54] Keith Jarrett - Lalene [ECM Records]
08. [27:16] Aaron Copland - Midsummer Nocturne [Sony]
09. [29:07] Deaf Center - White Lake [Type]
10. [35:37] Paul Robeson - Takin' Names
11. [38:05] Peter Broderick - Something Has Changed [Type]
12. [40:30] On - Too Many Demons Still Haunt This Land [Type]
13. [45:28] Jesse Somfay - Folding Ghosts Into Origami Stars [Archipel]
14. [49:14] David Sylvian - A Certain Slant of Light []
15. [50:26] E.E. Cummings - Sweet Spring Is Your Time (Excerpt) [Caedmon]
16. [50:43] Stevie Wonder - Come Back As A Flower [Motown]

remember this one from MS, every single track is a winner....still on my Ipod.

the new Culprit release....


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episode 5 is amazing...

[Ho]l[d] the d[or]...

Baikal's stunning new EP