Rebroadcast one of my fave mixes... … ebroadcast
01.C&C Music Factory_I Found Love (Loveland's DMC Remix) [1995/DMC 148/1/2]
02.Chanelle_Work That Body (Hysteria Dub) [1993/Great Jones]
03.Clivilles & Cole_Pride A Deeper Love (Underground Club Mix) [1992/Columbia]
04.D Ream_U R The Best Thing (David Moralles Mo Bass Mix Part II) [1994/EastWest Rec]
05.Anthony White_Love Me Tonight (Fathers Of Sound Extended Mix) [1993/UMM]
06.Blast feat V.D.C_Crazy Man (F.O.S In Progress Mix) [1994/X-Clusive Rec]
07.Sunscreem_Perfect Motion (Heller & Farley's Boys Own Mix) [1992/Sony]
08.Pizzaman_Babyloop [1993/Loaded]
09.Deborah Cox_Who Do You Love (Junior Vasquez DMC Mix) [1996/DMC158/1/2]
10.Judy Cheeks_Reach (Quivver Vocal Mix) [1995/Positiva]
11.Shiva_Let There Be Love (Renaissance Mix) [1996/Unit 28 Rec]
12.Brothers In Rhythm feat Charvoni_Forever & A Day (Sunday Club Remix) [1997/Stress Rec]
13.Sam Mollison_Cry (Fade's Sanctuary Mix) [1997/First In Flight Rec]

Sasha ''Giving It Up'' Kiss FM 1993....Digweed's mix!

solid producer & excellent DJ...

Alvarado & Graham's finest LP

looks & sounds fantastic....maybe a forthcoming Transitions episode:-)

always love this version....

better late:-)

01.Dauwd_Jupiter George [Kompakt]
02.Drift_Cosy (Falco Brocksieper Remix) [Thema]
03.Mark Broom & Gary Beck_Data Flux [BEK Audio]
04.Andre Hommen_Secret Sphere [Objektivity]

05.David Alvarado_Blue (Dub Mix) [Ultra Rec/1997]


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Guerilla releases...
Sasha & Digweed@Leeds Corn Exchange NE Tour...
Digweed/Fortier/Van M/Rabbit In The Moon@Cream (Stress Zeitgeist Tour)...
Sasha & Tyrant boys@Fabric March 2000 closing with Banco De Gaia_Obsidian (PFN vs The Light Remix)...

a true gem...

more recent...

OMG...just finished it...epic!

40 min so far and sounds A M A Z I N G...

another one from my crates....typical Rachmad quality


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tasty tracklist....d/l now:-)

Danny Elfman...

BOSS MIX guys....thanks for share:-)

01.Manuel Tur_Es Dub (John Daly Remix) [Freerange]
02.Yoikol_Psychotronic [Flash Rec]
03.Nicolas Duvolsin & Ben Larsen_Brain Feeling (Todd Bodine Remix) [Highgrade]
04.Daniel Wilde_Smtng Four (Jay Tripwire Remix) [Sullivan Room]

05.Pappa & Gilbey_Void (Young American Primitive Drifting Remix) [Twilo Rec]

smashdad wrote:

and was a classic ever more 'stone-cold' than this...

nice Smashy:-)....a real gem from that era.

Matador's latest release on Minus is freakin excellent...

from the ADD night if my memory serves well...