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excellent Jamie....thanks for share:-)



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jamie wrote:
MarcusR wrote:

https://soundcloud.com/alldayidream/all … ost-desert

Track starting at around 44mins has been haunting me since this ADID podcast was out up. Groover~

Lee Burridge has been playing it for ages too - a slightly different version of it was in his Do Not Sit in the Ocean set from Miami this spring. General consensus is that it is another collab between him and Lost Desert.

from Absent Without Thoughts EP....


liquitech1 wrote:


still sounds fresh...amazing comp!

i'm little disappointed with Deus Ex Mankind Divided....Eidos made  fantastic gameplay mechanics but the plot is not as good as Human Revolution, finishing mission 11 out of 17 and dare to say that some secondary missions are far better than the mains.

blast....2nd track!


another beauty from Woolfy...

ace tune....

another great mix from this guy....

https://soundcloud.com/alldayidream/all … ost-desert

my fave hip-hop LP....

GregWhelan wrote:

Have never heard one of his sets. Any recommendations for a first time listener?



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sick beats from Craig....

great interview, Derrick is an amazing Dj...

Homegrove wrote:

26. Planisphere - Deep Blue Dream

blast from the past:-)

as always an excellent mix sir!

ADID crew...Gorje Hewek & Izhevski,Lauren Ritter,Oona Dahl,YokoO,Hoj


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