Ncable wrote:

Are you on about Copenhagen? If you are then stop talking nonsense. It was mainly Leeds and Chelsea piggybacking off the Arsenal contingent who were right in the thick of it.

Nothing to do with football, i just find them and their country most unpleasant

None of the fuckers shave or use deo as well............and thats just the women

To be fair the turks are animals...horrible place and people


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crawly bum lick

millsy23 wrote:

The Strudders' Perfect Night In

Bottle of Prosecco
Caramel Snak A Jacks (lo Cals, natch lol)
Movie choice by Mrs Strudders (anything with Jennifer Aniston, Anne Hathaway etc)
Blankets/scatter cuhions/slipper socks


shaunstrudwick wrote:
MattBlack wrote:

So you've seen the first one as well Strudders?

been with my bird for 17 years - so yeh we've watched the odd rom-com together

I've been with mine 18 this year, if ever i walk into the living room and  a rom-com is on, My Mrs will be trying to "tap out" shortly after i enter

Sort it out for fucks sake strudders

Guns for show, knives for a pro

shaunstrudwick wrote:
snowstorm wrote:
shaunstrudwick wrote:

SITC2 is fucking shit

have a word strudders

i must have been off my head cos i think me & the mrs aw this at the cinema

Was it better than the first one ?

Do love a north london cup derby

Is Ed feeling guilty after his repeated ban requests for Dermo after he had his lunch money repeatedly stolen

millsy23 wrote:

Hope Strudders at least got a hand job for watching that absolute khazi.

The old hole in the bottom of the popcorn box eh...............timeless

Modern Arsenal

Ncable wrote:

Pool were lucky to get a draw. Arsenal movement and passing was outstanding

You were at the wrong game

We were shocking and apart from Sanchez chance, only a couple of half chances!! Liverpool should have had at least two in the first half

As for our passing and movement, What ?? yep, we improved in the 2nd half, but most of it was in and around the box, only 3 times did we get behind the Liverpool defensive line all evening

5 in 6 without a goal at the Emirates screams problems to me

Glad you got wet though lol

TBF you were quite direct last night, the big lad held the ball up quite well


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sage advice that

lol...please not the "buy a DM and a striker and we will win the league convo"

Arsene, you have 7 days, 7 fucking days

joeyp wrote:

Wenger showing how clueless he is once again.

Why don't the arsenal faithful understand this. i can't get my head around it!

There is a rule at Arsenal where you are not allowed to bring a sub on before the 70th minute

smallman1 wrote:
BedRob wrote:

haha, intend to stay off it. However, if i am offered a cheeky pull who knows. My lungs and short term memory are in much better health for it as well.


haha, indeed, but also being the wrong side of 40, having 3 kids and being a captain of industry means one needs to adjust ones vices to keep my A game in tact

Still absolutely"Tony Montana" the beak though

haha, intend to stay off it. However, if i am offered a cheeky pull who knows. My lungs and short term memory are in much better health for it as well.

Excellent stuff again Damo, had this on in the house on Sunday, even my 6 year old was throwing shapes

shaunstrudwick wrote:

pleased we got Clyne - he impressed me at Southampton

the Charlton youngster at LB  - Gomez - looks an astute buy as well

Yep he did, a bit raw, but he has poteintal, seems to have a decent of strength and pace as well

Getting a 30% annual bonus which has cleared all debts and payed for a qhole plethora of nice things for myself, the Mrs and the kids
Finally sorting my massive cash drain of a garden out
My daughter appearing in several musicals
Giving up the weed after 25 years (not so much as a toke in over 6 months)
Getting my level 2 FA coaching badge


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Have to admit, quite like them myself

Ed Trainers...not shemales

yep, everyone banging on about the save from Benteke, but the tip onto the post from Coutinho  was just as good for me

In fairness, you look much better organised so far

Impressed with Clyne, looks like he's been playing in that side for a couple of seasons

Thought man of the match was a toss up between Lucas and Coquelin

Looks like Matt could do with adding a few pounds TBF


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I am a boss at writing up CV's