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millsy23 wrote:

Ruining as many lives as possible before Christmas Rob? Busy time of year for you I would imagine.

I am full of the joys of christmas all year round


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loopdokter wrote:
smashdad wrote:
loopdokter wrote:

Err, the very first mix listed there as 'Jay Kaufman's Christmas Mix-Tape' is not I?

Is it perchance the mix done 'for you' by the person you were paired with?


Yes.  Duh.  I'm a muppet.  My formerly drug-addled brain is showing the effects of 'caning it' and my memory isn't quite as sharp as it once was.  Put simply, I forgot about that aspect of the deal.

I've already got a few tracks bookmarked for this.  I reckon I'll go down a similar route as last year, but perhaps not quite as long.

I still havent finished listening to last years


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been a busy bee


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Maggie stole my milk...the cunt

The witch is dead


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MattBlack wrote:

Pele is in intensive care it seems, maybe its time to lay off the Viagra

Southampton will really miss him, been in great form


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Chuffed we have achieved qualification from the CL group stage for the 15th consecutive year!!

Looking forward to getting knocked out in the last 16 now


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Thoughts and prayers etc......

Thought it was a no ball myself to be fair

jamie wrote:
smallman1 wrote:
smashdad wrote:

Smalls old boy - one must conclude that it is the lack of exactly this sort of atmosphere that Jose was bemoaning the other week - having seen this video are you now the man to tackle this problem and 'sord it ahhht'?

In answer to your question Smashy - Yes I am.

Smallman Snr and I will have the place jumping against West Brom on the 22nd.

As always, you heard it here first.

somehow I don't think you will get the whole stadium singing "rar, rar, rar! we're going to smash the oiks"

although you never know?

That's what we do at the Emirates these days, in between booing and stuffing our faces with prawn vol au vents

Jim-bob wrote:

Apologies bedrob I've amended.

Much obliged

Creased with mirth here

JIm bob - no worries old bean, here have a tissue to wipe that egg off your face


smallman1 wrote:

Enjoy that South Park episode did you BedRob?

haha, spotters badge for smalls..............i did indeed lol

Whats racist ??

The word was nagger, as alluded to by Jase in an earlier post you plum

Do keep up dear

Love it when the Mrs is on the blob.....or "Anal Week" as i like to call it

Yant wrote:


So Jase, your Mrs is a massive N*gger ??


erik.b wrote:

Religion is a pissing contest over who has the best imaginary friend.



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Bet she's a mucky ol bugger though

I'd nail it just for the anal tract



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Lovely looking couple, can fully appreciate why she might get jealous

Fucking fat cunt

steelydan wrote:
loopdokter wrote:

The backing of the song to that famous video montage came about after it was released and it became associated to those images, but listen to the lyrics.

I suppose like anything it's open to interpretation, but I stand by my commentary that it's about a relationship gone awry.

The video showed a girl having a nervous breakdown

of fucking hell steely dont start me off again...i'll get knob ache..that video's better than getting jacked up on a 100mg of viagra

Peaches ?

Always loved Rickys wavy hair in the 90's so debonair

MattBlack wrote:

Apparently Levy is preparing to reconstruct Tottenham and wants Southampton's head of recruitment Paul Mitchell. Can see that working out well...

He's no CEO of the year that's for sure

Yant wrote:

Trying to think of a club that's more of a complete shambles from top to bottom than Spurs.

Fortunately for us, the league is piss poor this season and there are at least 3 worse teams, otherwise i would be very worried for their status as a top flight club this season.  Money has been completely wasted on average dross.  Major changes needed throughout.

North London is brown

smallman1 wrote:

Cracking free kick from Sigurdsson.

Was indeed a cracker to be fair

erik.b wrote:

Monreal is utter shite.  Why do we persist with that cunt?

Chambers should play alongside Mert.

exactly, give Bellerin a run (at least they will all be in what is supposed to be their preferred positions) Even Mert is having a shocker this season, mainly due to the fact of the chaos around him. Szczęsny who was much improved last season, also appears to be lacking in any confidence due to the madness

looking forward to a 4-4 draw with the mancs next, both comedy defences!!


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'peter andre goes to iceland'

Those ads make me fucking cringe