Had a few mates round for beers and a game of poker on Friday, had this on, cracking mix as always Damien, the boys also enjoyed it

Thierry is my favourite ever Arsenal player

I was there for this.................Legend

Hope the club brings him back in sime capacity

Well shave my bollocks and call me Sandra, we got a half decent CL draw

And BMM will be under it when it breaks........gripping stuff

Beijing Dave wrote:

Here you go Rob...

06.05 Wake up, having emptied my bladder of Carlsberg mid sleep. Oops. Shouldn't have had that third pint last night.

07.05 Wake up again. Check the computer. Someone acknowledged one of my posts on Bedrock without telling me to "fucking do one". Have a wank at the momentous glory of it. Go and piss out the dregs.

08.00 Should I have a shower? Nah, had one yesterday. Turn the undies inside out. Quick spray of Lynx Java on the socks. Ready to go.

09.05 Breakfast. Coco pops.

09.20 Leave the house. Catch the bus to the DHSS. It's Giro day.

11.45 Finally got to the front of the queue. Talk to Brenda at the counter about the Gunners. She's not interested in whether Ozil plays in the hole or as a shadow striker. What a let down. Customer behind tries to nudge me out of the way. Not moving until I hear whether she thinks Gibbs or Monreal should start left back next week.

13.00 Back home. Postman calls. Tries to sell me some gear. Says it's his extra income earner on the side and given I'm at home in the day I look the type. "Sorry pal, I don't do gear, I used to have a problem. I must tell you about it sometime. In fact, come in for a brew and I'll tell you all about it." "Fuck off, not interested," he says.

14.00 Write some new comedy material for the Bedrock board. Gonna drip feed this stuff at the appropriate moments, too good to lash it all out there at once.

15.15 Hang around the local hospital for a bit. Help a boy in the toilets who has his ballbag caught in his zip. Good deed for the day.

16.00 Post some of my finest material on Bedrock. People telling me I've had a 'reg'.  Think that's good because people say that to Smallman all the time and he's a board legend.

17.00 Beans on toast.

19.00 Crack open a can.

19.15 Fucking hell, this Warsteiner stuff is strong. Mental stuff.

20.50 Finish the pack of four bottles. Pissed. Start trecking down to the Polish offy. It's cold so I put on my Arsene-esque bench coat.

21.30 Wake up dazed outside the Polish offy. Remember taking a punch of a 15 year old, but he was a really hard 15 year old. Called me a cunt for not buying him and his mates beer.

22.00 Go home. PM Liquitech but he's not replying to me, even though he appears online. Must be this board and its rather lackluster manner of highlighting incoming PMs.

22.15 Fall asleep.

lol, fair play, quite amusing that..........................except for the cereal, i am a Cherrio's type of guy

smallman1 wrote:

For my 21st I saw Sasha at Fabric.

What year was that ?

Big Fella wrote:

FAO Dads

What present count are you going for this year for your child(ren)?

I was present for a convo the missus had with an associate of hers last weekend where this bint was worried as last year her brats present haul didn't match her mates on photos on Facebook.

Life Story

lol, well as i have 3 its pretty much the same as the other have said.

The each get one main present from santa
Then 1 main from me and er indoors
Topped off by a bevvy of sticking filler presents ranging from £1 to £20 (about 10 each)

Personally i am looking forward to flying my 9 year olds remote controlled helicopter on xmas day, before i give him the beating of his life on Fifa 15

Xmas Tip for you all - DONT shop on amazon after a cocktail of lager and cheap weed, i spent £350 online the weekend before last and ordered a load of fucking shit. Latest present to turn up was a pair of Rangers Football club trainers for my 5 year old who is catholic, doesnt even know where Scotland is and has been Brainwashed as a junior Gooner

On the plus side though, the refund money is coming in handy this week


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smashdad wrote:

Do the 'roid crowd intentionally try to recreate the stereotypical gay muscle-Mary look or is it just an accidental by-product of their topless, shaved chest, incredibly tight shorts and waxed legs get up?

Indeed, that was total handbags compared to Southend town centre on any given Fri/Sat, not a shank or iron pole in sight

Homegrove wrote:

I deemed it as a personal attack. I'm sure Dave can PM it to you since he obviously wrote it on some other platform, since he was able to copy and paste it thrice.

hahaha, personal attack!!! thats my Davey alright
Copy and Paste lol, after rarely posting for 2-3 months its an honour to know he is thinking of me at this time of year

Come on Dave lets get the Mistletoe out

So it wasnt Dave offering to bury the hatchet seeing as it christmas and wanting to start 2015 as BFF's then


Big Fella wrote:

I don't think BedRob minded, HG.

Alas i didnt get a chance to read it, but i am pretty sure of the content

Why was it deleted ?

Beijing Dave wrote:

Never mind welcome back. Not been anywhere. Just busy.

Where is that fucking cretin Bedrob?

Ahh Dave you've missed me...mwah

Nice to see that after 3 months of non-activity, that the candle still burns bright

So a birdie tells me you dedicated a "day in the life" thead to me, where might one view such thread

I am sure it was laced with your top notch humour and had the baord creased with mirth

Merry Fucking Christmas

Hop_Head wrote:

Lunch at the in-laws followed by a board game.  Last year was a new low:


I'm in charge of picking the game this year so I'm thinking:


ETC done it..............with the bone handled chiv...........In Vi's drawing room

win win all round then my good man

Anyway, which alias are you ? , i havent been on much, bit behind the curve etc...

liquitech1 wrote:

Bedrock Board Thread of The Year : I can hardly remember any specific but anything Glenn throws at us normally gets my full attention..
Person you would most like to share an ale/line with : Anyone really..
2014 Newcomer Of The Year :
2014 Tune of the year (ONE ONLY) : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AXGMyBQlKHQ (No Contest)
2014 Best/Worst Alias : Any of Flares' attempts...and a special mention to Dermo's 'ThickMick'...classic
2014 Finest Glenn moment : Too many, I did piss myself at 'The bone handled chiv of chivs'
The boards best KLANG merchant : Loopdokter
The Bedrock Board's Best DJ (apart from John) : Smashdad
Finest Pro-Mix Posted on the Mix Section (link required) : Thugfucker - Burning Man
Finest Amateur-Mix Posted on the Mix Section (link required) : Smashdad's retro one from late Summer, amazing
Unfunniest Board Member : Yant
Funniest Board Member : BigFella, impeccable timing..
The person who's posts make your face melt : BedRob, trying to out-funny Glenn will never work..
Your most enjoyable night out whilst listening to repetitive dance music 2014 : Sasha - Fabric
Which past former member would you like to return : Dermo, we've had our differences but the truth is he makes the board tick over..
MVP forum member, you know the one who is always bringing in the funnies, from the North West area : No idea
2014's Biggest Owning : Flares getting outed at the first attempt with every alias..
One forum member you just cannot get along with :
Which member has the worst taste and in what : Strudders - Movies
Which banned member should be allowed to return, if any : All of them, the board is extremely boring without a weekly dose of drama.

lol. cheers liquid, although i doubt anyone could "outglenn" Glenn, i just write the first load of crap that comes into my head

family over from ireland., so will be spending as much time at work over the festive period as i can

Bah fucking humbug

Nice to get a couple of mentions this year, mum will be so proud


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millsy23 wrote:

Ruining as many lives as possible before Christmas Rob? Busy time of year for you I would imagine.

I am full of the joys of christmas all year round

loopdokter wrote:
smashdad wrote:
loopdokter wrote:

Err, the very first mix listed there as 'Jay Kaufman's Christmas Mix-Tape' is not I?

Is it perchance the mix done 'for you' by the person you were paired with?


Yes.  Duh.  I'm a muppet.  My formerly drug-addled brain is showing the effects of 'caning it' and my memory isn't quite as sharp as it once was.  Put simply, I forgot about that aspect of the deal.

I've already got a few tracks bookmarked for this.  I reckon I'll go down a similar route as last year, but perhaps not quite as long.

I still havent finished listening to last years


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been a busy bee


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Maggie stole my milk...the cunt

The witch is dead

MattBlack wrote:

Pele is in intensive care it seems, maybe its time to lay off the Viagra

Southampton will really miss him, been in great form

Chuffed we have achieved qualification from the CL group stage for the 15th consecutive year!!

Looking forward to getting knocked out in the last 16 now


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Thoughts and prayers etc......

Thought it was a no ball myself to be fair

jamie wrote:
smallman1 wrote:
smashdad wrote:

Smalls old boy - one must conclude that it is the lack of exactly this sort of atmosphere that Jose was bemoaning the other week - having seen this video are you now the man to tackle this problem and 'sord it ahhht'?

In answer to your question Smashy - Yes I am.

Smallman Snr and I will have the place jumping against West Brom on the 22nd.

As always, you heard it here first.

somehow I don't think you will get the whole stadium singing "rar, rar, rar! we're going to smash the oiks"

although you never know?

That's what we do at the Emirates these days, in between booing and stuffing our faces with prawn vol au vents