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I would like to thank some of our fallen comrades who gave so much in the heat of the battle


I cpouod go on and on, but rest assured, you will all never be forgotten


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Arsenal v Spurs games always hard to predict.....however if they cant get themselves up for this game then i reckon they may well finish below United


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Has Diggers been PM'ing anyone else on Soundcloud?.................filthy stuff altogether


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Surprised this made a 2 pager to be honest

smallman1 wrote:

"Tough times don't last, tough people do."

My PE teacher John Green circa 1997.

You were still doing PE at 17, aren't you 34 now?


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Spurs, Everton, Liverpool losing, United giving us all a defensive lol fest as well as City and Chelsea dropping points

Welbeck and Ozil scoring. .........only thing missing was a Diaby bicycle kick into the top corner and would have been my dream weekend

Up the arse

Nitron trying mind games to get into Lamberts head (sure Paul reads this forum) before the game today


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Serious question,  do have ear/health issues that requires you to wear them? Any other people wear earplugs on nights out other than for medical reasons

Personally I like to be shaken From my prog foundations. Bones shaking, teeth chattering and temporary tinnitus for 2 days after

Recovering from a colonoscopy -  joy


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Saved us bailing them out in a few years time

Does this mean that we can't send Andy Gray home now?

Boris now trying to charge everyone in a zone yet to be confirmed an Aryton to stand on a public street watching fireworks in the air above London .......Jesus Christ

Can't wait to see how they will manage this........


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Aaarrrgghhh Fucking hell ........

Surely you can sort this out by seeing whose dad is the biggest

So very sad

Haven't seen per and kos get twisted up like that for a while, they probably had to pay to get back in

22 shots on goal from Dortmund.......embarrassing

Lucky to get nil. Dortmund better in every department. Sobering performance

Getting taken apart here, should be 4-0 down

Is there no end to this madness................

Lets have another GIF


I take your point, and there does not seem be much interest in the "big clubs" in defensive reinforcements at present

However, Ivanovic is a seasoned international and has operated at the highest level for several years and has also filled in at CB on numerous occasions (i rate him very highly myself) and Zouma is also a CB by trade as far as i am aware

Alas Chambers is not (yet....) and i would be scared fucking shitless if we played anyone half decent with Flamini there

nitron wrote:
BedRob wrote:

we let three centre backs go in the summer: Vermaelen. Miguel and Djourou

Vermaelen is an injury timebomb, Miguel has been around forever and done nothing and Djourou is just shit. This is another thing about Arsenal fans (sorry Rob, I'm not singling you out by the way). Always going on about Wenger clearing out the rubbish and when he does they moan about players leaving!!

Arsenal have six international defenders. Of those, Monreal gets the most stick but I don't think he's that bad. A bit lightweight in the tackle but he's quick, tenacious and can whip a decent ball in when he gets forward.

Personally I prefer my defenders to be a bit more Branislav Kompany myself, but that's just me.

I have no problem with them leaving, and i agree an your assessment on the three that have left, but not getting a bona fide CB (and don't tell me chambers is a CB...yet, looks like he will be a hell of a player, but a lot to learn) is bordering on negligence

Anyone with half a brain who watches/supports Arsenal will tell you the same

nitron wrote:

Except that Wenger usually plays 4-5-1 with Giroud on his own, therefore midfield options are paramount. How many players do you think Premier League clubs are allowed BF? 6 goalkeepers, 15 defenders, 24 midfielders and 10 strikers? I know that your precious club would buy that many if they thought they could get away with it. Anything to break back into the top four eh? (But there's no trophy for that, let's be clear)

So by that rationale, only playing one up front, do we need 7 listed forwards at the club

Not sure if you have watched us recently, its more of a 4-3-3

smallman1 wrote:

Wenger out?

They will never get rid of him

He will jack it in at when his contract expires and move upstairs to become DOF and he will appoint Klopp as his replacement

When you factor in how fragile Gibbs and Monreal are you cannot expect to go through a whole season attempting to compete at the top table with only 6 first team defenders

My early pre season prediction of us finishing second if we get a DM and a CB now seems way off ....lol....as per

Flamini at the back against a bottom of the table team may see us limp through, but play him against, City/Chelseahelsea etc... do me a fucking favour

Big Fella wrote:

Perhaps Rob;s point is that he has six player to fill the four defending role yet 12 players to fill the 4 midfield roles.


Indeed  we let three centre backs go in the summer (Vermaelen. Miguel and Djourou...yes i know one was a kid and one was on loan anyway but we still had Vermaelen)  Two experienced internationals (again thier quality is questionable) and bring in a 19 year old kid, who only played 20 odd times for southampton....mainly at right back..... thats my point

From the Arsenal Website.............tad short in defence eh but we still have Abou Diaby and Francis Coquelin in the first team squad


Wojciech Szczesny
David Ospina
Emiliano Martinez


Mathieu Debuchy
Kieran Gibbs
Per Mertesacker
Laurent Koscielny
Nacho Monrea
Calum Chambers


Tomas Rosicky
Mikel Arteta
Jack Wilshere
Mesut Ozi
Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain
Aaron Ramsey
Santi Cazorla
Mathieu Flamini
Abou Diaby
Francis Coquelin
Gedion Zelalem
Serge Gnabry

Lukas Podolski
Olivier Giroud
Theo Walcott
Alexis Sanchez
Yaya Sanogo
Danny Welbeck
Joel Campbell

What next?? Joey Essex spearheading Rolex's next ad campaign