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Of course....plus Harry Ramsdens are doing a two for one fish supper!! Quick bite then a game of Outrun in the arcade then its back to my Vauxhall Zafira (parked illegally in the HGV Zone) for some heavy petting


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At least he has dropped the beard and tache

Anyway, Danny Rose has now pulled out the England squad, i am beside myself with grief !!

Surely commenting on it or acknowledging it just add’s fuel to their fires, just ignore the monotonous drivel and move on

Let the man like BMM do his thing if he so desires

What sort of name is "Germanwings anyway?

Sounds like a kraut tampon company

Nope, there were suicide missions in 1945 as the allies advanced into Germany, they used stripped down Messerschmitt's to try and ram allied bombers

Bit of a shock about that pilot in the French Alps crash, thought we had seen the last of German suicide bombers about 70 odd years ago!


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Big Fella wrote:

Real men don't wear Johnnies.

Agreed...however, i am riddled with syphilis and self-doubt

starcreeper wrote:

Wheres that Bedrob cunt? Hes an Arsenal fan I can rub my eyes to.

Still here Vic me old mate, clinging on to the 4th place trophy as per

smallman1 wrote:

Not wanting to spoil the party or anything but these back and forth ding dongs were part of almost getting the board closed last year.

Prog, football and bants = all good.

Tit for tat personal abuse = not good.

That's my one sensible post for the year out of the way!

Well said Ed


It was probably David Duckenfield asking Pele to move the JFT96 collection along the directors box

Next year will defo be there year

I think Ed needs to stop "kitchen sinking" every night on his own in "Melbs" and get out in the sun a bit more

Looking a tad washed out...............................i recommend lashings of broccoli

poirot wrote:


Nice to see Pete Doherty looking so well

To be fair, United were the only team out the top 4 to play relatively well over the weekend

City got the game handed to them in the first 2 mins
Chelsea were quite fortunate to get the win, Hull had plenty of chances themselves, but they looked really shaky at the back
Arsenal's legs completely went in the 2nd half at Newcastle, lucky to get the win

Surely its worth creating an alias to join in this outpouring of respect

..................or will i be cast in the same light as David Duckenfield


Ozil has been playing well for several weeks now, anyone who watches Arsenal regularly will know that. It's easy for the mainstream media to criticize him because of the price tag and his "languid" style of play, but he has been integral to most of the good things we have done over the past couple of months.

Agree that he still hasn't lived up to the hype as yet, but he has improved considerably since his dip in form after he signed and the two major injuries he has had

Can wait to get 4th again so we can go out in the last 16 next year


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Grant wrote:

Dodging Bullet just romped home at 5-1 - had £25 notes on the nose.



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Yant wrote:




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Hang around the paddocks 30 mins before the race and lump on the one that's curled out the biggest turd

Always worked at Walthamstow dogs for me

I think you mean "the closet" Jase


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"Must remember to get the mince out the Freezer, Wednesdays are Ragu nights"


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I only watch it for James May's hair


cracking stuff as per

Make hay Sean, shame its not this time next week!!!

mr rossi wrote:

Should be longer for Smalls to stop him regurgitating the same old 'bantz' that he's been doing for the last 3 years.

lol, hold tight for feedback...............natch