millsy23 wrote:

The quicker you all wake up and realise we are all just pawns in Bf's enduring game of messageboard chess, the better. He's been playing us all against each other for years and probably had a hand in 911.


I would like to apologise on behalf of all Arsenal fans for Flares and Piers Morgan

It really grates at me that Chelsea have won the CL and we haven't. United and Liverpool i can accept (as with Forest and Villa, bygone era's and all that)

But Chelsea.....aaarrrggggh  Roman you fucking cunt


When i am completely losing my shit to Florence and the machine all i can think about is how far i can throw my beer can full of piss and who has any rizla as i've dropped my "small greens" on the floor

Armed to the teeth with Class A's and booze and ready for weekend of total debauchery the first thing i make a note of on arrival at any festival site is where the recycling area is located

Go green or go home

mr rossi wrote:
BedRob wrote:
mr rossi wrote:


Disappointed in that Mr Rossi, with your board username one would have assumed you would have been the "go-to" guy in this thread

"Mind That Child"

I even had the Match of the day theme tune.

hahaha, one of the vans in Islington had that tune growing up as a kid

That was Mr Whippy though, stingy cunt on the nuts and Strawberry sauce though

mr rossi wrote:


Disappointed in that Mr Rossi, with your board username one would have assumed you would have been the "go-to" guy in this thread

"Mind That Child"

Low hanging  fruit threads a plenty!! lol, sure fire winner in this weather

Quite rare now, but my all time fave (from the ice cream man though)

Honourable mention to Funny Feet



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jules72 wrote:

Rang them up, said I wanted to cancel my subscription... and they discounted the fee so that Im going to be paying the same for the next 12 months... sorted smile

How much you paying now then ?

Bryan Adams, Celine Dion, Michael Buble, Carly Rae Jepson, Greg Rusedski, your split arses took one hell of a beating

Grant wrote:

Get a grip Rob, what a load of old shite.

I know, i really shouldn't have enjoyed it, but i did

steelydan wrote:


coming from a Spurs Fan


Happy with Cech, although £10m is prob 33-4m too much IMO

Lot of rumours re Vidal, just don't see why he wants to leave Juve, and why no other "big" clubs are after him ?

Mind you if we do get him and a £30-£40m top notch striker, i will be rather pleased


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On reflection............... after having listed to this 4 times, its fucking superb, excellent work

Simon, i hold you personally responsible for my sunburn, this mix was so good i simply had to get back out in  the garden to listen to it and creosote the garden fence panelling, you cheeky scamp you

I am just gonna come out and say it.............I thought Florence's set at Glasto on Fri was great


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Things appear to be getting a little "tetchy" again here, i put it down to the heat in the UK.................anyhoo, I just wanted to wish you and yours a wonderful weekend, may it be as beautiful as you are

I don't really post on weekends due to me having a real life etc.......but i look forward to hearing from you all on the other side

Take care of yourself...........and each other

Essex Riviera


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seanc80 wrote:

Millsy has Frank & Geoff with their crew over later for a cook-out.

On the  Weber 57 Premium one hopes. cask ales, batting averages...sounds aces

Hahah have you seen some of the staff?


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With no exceptions if my Mrs purchased me any of the bags in this thread, she would be the recipient of a swift kick to the cunt

I'd smash it

Would have expected a bigger garden for £2.75m

There's just no value in the market

Defo, reckon they are nailed on for 5th next season


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Beijing Dave wrote:

Faced with the choice: Horse-faced techno maelstrom Spackster or bed-wetting, built-up shoe wearing Arsenaltard BedRob to choose a bag for me, I'd choose Wackster every time.

haha, in fairness that's the first time i've looked at Zacks pic in any on

"built-up shoe wearing" lol