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what happened to him, did he just stop posting ?

Came out with some classic stories that lad, certainly had a way with words

Dermatron wrote:

It takes some doing and you wouldnt think it possible but Corden isn't the biggest cunt in this thread.

lol, you can take your pick in this thread...me included

Truly the day the music died

Hope the bell end red cards himself at the weekend

Shocking state of affairs

Anything from Eternal yet ?

This is a most unwelcome turn of events

Jay, i insist you donate all of your ill gotten illicit gains to the fabric fund forthwith,so we can see you name in lights with all the other big hitters in the "underground music biz"

You sneaky fucking cunt

Working in the debt sector, can honestly say, cant wait for it to go south, lets the good times roll.

Stay out the red and in the black chaps!!

fletcher wrote:

And it's still broadly the same - just with less bantz and more middle aged anger.

Fuck off

Beijing Dave wrote:

The funniest thing you'd ever do Matt would be to die in a house fire.

tad harsh but made me lol all the same


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This is the best thread Ed has ever started, primarily because he hasn't contributed at all since the first post

But he will come back and say "Pleased to bank a 3 pager" or something like that, because he's a fucking whopper

Pogba absolutely dogshit again today

Bailly played like he was wearing roller skates

Yant wrote:

As bad as I've seen us play in the first half. Better second half and had plenty of chances but the damage was done by then.

Great atmosphere though.

The problem with paying at Wembley (as we found out in the late 90's) is that it's an iconic venue and most teams you will face could well be the only time that their players get to play there, so they will no doubt raise their game

That being said, Spurs were much the better team overall, but still massive lol's though

Beijing Dave wrote:

BedRob and Yant all over this thread.

Is it Burns' Night already?

Yep, 2 posts in the last 4 pages certainly point to me being "all over it"


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Wally wrote:
Boring wrote:

the board has clearly spoken.

You're not wrong. The amount of pathetic whining from some of the people in this thread is off the map: "Wah! I can't get T&A on bedrock anymore! Halp! halp! I'm being oppressed! <sob>"

Grow the fuck up and have a word with yourselves you embarrassments.

It doesn't matter what the board says. What the mods says, goes and they've agreed with me.

You would have thought uncle John threatening to shut the place down last year because of the levels of cuntery on here would have made people realise Bedrock isn't your living room where you can do whatever you want - it's a public message board forum and part of Digweeds' business.

Maybe, like most places of business, they've realised nudity and random *unmarked* threads being NSFW isn't helpful for business since it stops people from browsing and can be off-putting to new members (especially women).

As for banning me, not necessary at all - and I didn't do a U-turn Dermo either - I asked for clarification on the board rules. If Hannu had said NSFW material was fair game I'd have left voluntarily. But the mods (and I get the feeling this was a decision reached by consensus rather than me coercing Hannu into it so maybe stop singling him out) didn't did they? Is it not sinking in why that is?

Deal with it. All the porn you want is all but a few clicks away anyway.

Lol, Fucking hell, someone's taken the jam out of Walter's doughnut

smallman1 wrote:

Where can one hear said Fanfare?

Just turn the volume up on your laptop every time you post on here

fadass wrote:

Dermo burnt like Simon Weston after that one, Yant.


I'd say you are also right up there, Rossi


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simonR.....Get yer fucking tits out !!

Would rather shit in my hands then clap, than listen to any of his stuff

Gen Lol's all round
Special mention to Dermo' ankles and Ed's laces for reinvigorating this thread


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Just don't fucking ruin Christmas, Wally

Fucking Kids...they should leave serious clubbing to the over 40's

smashdad wrote:

England's U21's just turned in a genuinely impressive performance.

Just seen the highlights, looked decent , bit of a shame that a fair few of  them don't actually get ganes for their (parent) clubs


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Where may one find the offending post that lead to this shit show, or has it been removed

Bit of a storm in a D cup for me this

Really sad news this, as mentioned before, I'm from old street, just round the corner and had many many great nights there
If Fabric's security measures are not deemed good enough or appropriate,  then surely must clubs in the UK must also close! !

mr rossi wrote:

Give or take a few retro footy tops any grown man who purchases a football shirt is usually a massive cock.Fully expect Bedrob to have one too.

Guilty as charged Rossi, that's because I play and coach football you fucking berk