Very much so, highest concentration of shellsuits outside of Kosovo


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Yants room 101 thread.

fucker, beat me to it

smallman1 wrote:

He's alright JT.

Yep, its all shits and giggles with JT until he takes your wife up the hoop

Lived near Jobstown in Tallaght for a few years, Made Sarajevo look like Monte Carlo

Even the Gangsters wouldn't turn off the N81


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1. Broccoli
2. Running
3. Chelsea


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Good fucking riddance
Two chord cunts

Yant wrote:

Gary not helping.

Fucking Yiddo crisp thief big nose/big eared  cunt

Lineker not Yant..........


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'watched 'The Voice' for the first time at the weekend, I am in no doubt, no doubt at all, that Zika virus Pinhead and Corbyn loving slosh pot Paloma Faith  looks the type to hunker down on engorged Somalian phallus to shock her parents.

Indeed , Bringing home a 7ft Rasta drum and bass DJ To meet the parents and then fellate on the front lawn in full view of the Neighbours playing cribbage , displays ones PC minerals more than the black glove of Tommie Smith ever could. Having showcased her Credentials, Paloma  could then settle down to marry a venture capitalist and hold dinner parties with their friends in their dockside apartment, listening to 'Avalon' by Bryan ferry in his sharkskin suit on vh1.

I ran this post through various filters and the only words I could find offensive were 'Bryan Ferry' , I can supplicate 'Robert Palmer' Should the need arise .

hahaha, quality

3 games without a league goal now, walking out the emirates at the end of the game, you would think we had been relegated....

Forster made some good saves etc..... but we just cant get going at the minute, the Flamsey partnership does not work in the middle, Wenger needs to get his Coq back out ASAP.

Still could be any one of us/City, Leicester and Spurs to win it IMO

PS - fucking atmosphere was dreadful as per, at least they have stopped bothering to tell us to sit in our seats

What the fuck was Big Mert doing looking over at the Lino the second before he slid in, stupid decision and and Costa was always going to go down (primarily because he is a cheating cunt) Even though it looks like he didn't touch him, if the Ref  thinks he did then its a straight red

Chelsea were the better team anyway up until that point, we only look half decent when Sanchez came on. Well done Wenger for Making Theo captain, inspired.....really showed in his performance

As yant says, anyone of 4 teams can win it at the moment

Nick Sneddon wrote:

Ive been sure all along that Pep will be going to Arsenal, could still happen

I think we are probably his "best fit" in terms of playing style


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poirot wrote:

I played in a no contact league for a bit. Do they even have them in blighty? Anyhow it was pretty good fun. I was surprised.

Never heard of it over here

I gave up playing a couple of years ago, just finished my FA level 2 and now coach kids every week at a charter standard club (nice cover for when i want to touch them)

Still rock the Puma King;'s out on the park


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Just caught up on the last few pages of this over lunch, fucking superb work to all involved, a lol a post for sure

.......................fucking boot cut...................pahahahahaaaa

smallman1 wrote:

Have to say I'm thoroughly looking forward to us throwing a massive spanner in the works of Arsenal's title tilt on Sunday.

1-0 Chelsea, Costa (if fit)

As always, you heard it here first.

We have Ozil and Sanchez back for this, plus Jose is no longer your manager so Wenger cant lose to him again, so i am going for 3-1 to us


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smallman1 wrote:

I've just banned myself from my own afters.

Not too worry, just leave us your keys..............and your sisters

steelydan wrote:

taking my Lad to his first game (Arsenal V Burnley) dreading being surrounded by a load of his sort.

Hope he enjoys it, is it discounted ticket prices for the FA cup ?

Big_Fella wrote:

Your average Arsenal fan... … t-5630606/

What a fucking hampton.............look like he deserves his wife, hope his breathing is ok at high altitude

Sadly typical of the new breed of football fan...............having been at the Emirates for the Newcastle game recently, i would estimate around 20,000 of his type were in attendance.

One of said type asked me to sit down and stop shouting halfway through the 2nd half as if it was the opera, fucking idiot

oh the laughs we had

Big_Fella wrote:

Not so sure i could get excited about an afters settee packed with Presto, Benson & Wally.

Horrendous Bants.

poirot wrote:

The dance floor won't be the only thing getting smashed.

*packs rohypnol and leather gloves*


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Goes without saying...................thoughts and prayers etc.............


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Boring wrote:

It was definitely the Arsenal fans that went after BF.

Not true, I've nothing but mad love for the man like..........

As if there was any reason to hate Spurs and more, fucking Kane's peno cost me £268 on my 5 team accy yesterday - fucking Spurs counts

And why the hell is the FA cup draw on during the one show ? Is their ratings that bad ?

millsy23 wrote:

Giles Brandreth is a Dixon fan

His jumpers screamed "Yewtree" to me