MattBlack wrote:

Think I've found BFs new Twitter account

lol, looks like its going well

Easy Wally..........put your headset on and go and talk to someone called "Toxic Dragon" online, take the load off!!

You need to de-stress fella, so much anger, it's only a game

As Grant said, I find it implausible that the Jury would not have been influenced by the massive media coverage and the public campaigns/outpouring of grief that this issue has attracted

If you went to any first division game (as a standing spectator) in the 80’s it was the same every week. Most people used to leave the pub at 2.45, after getting in there around 11.30am and get to Highbury where there was the same problem week , week out, of fans pushing to get in the ground in time for kick off, it was just as bad when you used to actually get onto the North Bank, that was not the fault of the police, it was our fault………..the fans. I was crushed several times this way, and at away games, but again that was my fault for not trying to get to the ground well in time for kick off

All most of us here are saying that the police made critical errors, but had the vast numbers of LFC fans not turned up just before kick-off (with tickets or otherwise) the likelihood is this tragedy would not have been so severe, or maybe not happened at all. You can post all the links to media outlets you like but I won’t change my opinion of it

So you are essentially saying that if ONLY ticket holders for the match had congregated outside the stadium the subsequent crush inside would still have taken place ?

Dermatron wrote:

All of a sudden he's Barry fucking Grant..


Glen wrote:

11 11 hour set? How do you go about when having to pee?

Simonr will always be on ...ahem...... hand

They will literally do anything to get into a game of association football those cheeky scamps


Dermatron wrote:

No point liqui. Chuffers been on the juice . The old delusion juice.

"Spirit of shandy" ?

millsy23 wrote:
Wally wrote: … ay-trailer

12 year old me would be passing out with excitement at this one. One to keep an eye on.

were you a regular at those Games Workshop places?

Holding his pre pubescent hampton in front of the "Gamesmaster"?

Love Dominik Diamond's get up in this, can see smalls pulling it off at Royal Ascot this summer

Wally wrote:

Now here's a game for real men.

"REAL MEN" don't play video games


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Let me know how it pans out , it could be beers and capers at the Peter Boat next summer


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I give you a week in Leigh on Sea with me Glenn and you will be back on the bag...............good lad

Nice one John, you make me wants to touch you in places even my kids wont allow


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Lovely spot that mate, bit pricey in and around the broadway though, just as nice houses towards the London road with bigger gardens and cheaper, only an extra 5-10 mins walk

BF will be thrilled with this development


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dutchy101 wrote:

Hahaha. Fucking hell. If this thread sees 3pm this afternoon I'll be amazed.



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Im just back from ten days in Dubrovnik and i was hoping the he might be back. Then again i miss Matt(the original flares and an anorak). I feel the sting has been drawn from this board over the past 9 months or so . one of the many reasons i only post on here half a dozen times a week or so now.

still ..its all about the music, Man.

Its been a tough period of readjustment Glenn, that's for sure

We will all be stronger for the experience


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Teachers, Doctors, Bin men and  Probation officers can all suck my dirty jailbird cock. Just get on with the fuckin job at hand.

You forgot air traffic controllers, their time is less than 3 months away!!


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Had to get up from my desk here, like a baby's arm i am


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Dermatron wrote:

Just imagine how special you'd have felt knowing a load of people missed your posting.

Oh i'm special, don't you worry about that lol


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Dermatron wrote:
BedRob wrote:

I don't mind him, just a bit strange to see grown men fawning that's all

Cant see anyone fawning. Looks like a few people like his posting.

Remember when you got banned and nobody noticed?

hahaha, i do indeed, but strangely i managed to get over it. Paul got banned with me as well if i can recall, never did find out why

Homegrove wrote:
BedRob wrote:

I watched London Has Fallen on the train home last night. 1/10 worst fucking film i have seen since Olympus has fallen. It was so effortlessly racist and terrible plot/acting effects all round

Strudders will love it

Why would anyone watch that? And this is me honestly asking.

It came up on showbox and i thought i would give it a whirl, fucking horrendous

In other news, started watching Deadpool on the way in this morning, Don't care for superhero movies by and large but so far it has tickled me

This is all very sad etc...... but the only time Liverpool and 1989 should be mentioned in the same breath should be because of this



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Grant wrote:

Fuck me, I've been in a horrible crash tonight - doing 30-odd mph on a circuit race. Am absolutely fucked to bits.

Hope you aren't hurt to bad Grant

I once caught my bollocks on the gearstick of my chopper, awful business


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I don't mind him, just a bit strange to see grown men fawning that's all

smallman1 wrote:

Some goal from Saul Niguez.

Had me out of my seat.

Was indeed a pearler

I actually enjoyed the game, not the greatest to watch, but you have to admire the way Athletico go about their business, they really play for each other and their manager