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Why is one of Ed's front teeth shaped like a diamond ?

Is that from biting toilet doors ??

smallman1 wrote:

I think Utd v Liverpool's going to be a damp squib tomorrow, too much hype.

cheers Ed, that's made my mind up, just put a fiver on a 4-4

seanc80 wrote:
BedRob wrote:

Tru Fax - Use to live on the Kiltipper Estate, Marlfield Close to be exact, 2 mins from the boozer. Was there for the grand opening in about 2006 if i recall
Used to quite enjoy it in there

Very good Rob!

I like it because nobody really bats an eyelid whether you jaunt in there after work in a tin of fruit on Wednesday evening masquerading as a normal, or if you windmill in on a Sunday morning in smithereens. Its all gravy.

Agreed, can get a bit nawty in there though, used to have some proper heads in there!!

Had many a good sunday afternoon session in there, after a night on the bangers at Tripod (or wherever) and a cheeky trip to the Sporting Emporium Casino

They used to love a cockney Geezer in there watching the Arsenal on the roger melly

seanc80 wrote:

I had loaded fries with some beef sizzler thing and 6 pints of Heinken in The Kiltipper last night.

I was mad for a bag.

overall 4/5
Nay bad.

Tru Fax - Use to live on the Kiltipper Estate, Marlfield Close to be exact, 2 mins from the boozer. Was there for the grand opening in about 2006 if i recall

Used to quite enjoy it in there

Henry Rindhoops wrote:

You ever been involved in any fisty cuffs, Ed? Not the slap and tickle variety. Anything from a minor altercation at the Frappuccino counter to a good old slog at the back of your local boozer. How did it go?


I see Ed the melt's contradiction alarm has gone off on Dermo's laptop again

"cataclysmic prolapse"   hahahah strong work

I reckon Ed must have about 40 pairs of trainers judging by this thread, a pair for each of his imaginary friends!!

smallman1 wrote:

What's hot?

What's not?

Get your latest threads posted up!

Here's my latest purchase, an extra fine merino crew neck sweater, smooth and dead sopihsto -


Looks mint that............if you're Carlton from the fresh prince

Is Will Grigg still on fire ?


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jules72 wrote:
millsy23 wrote:
Dermatron wrote:

Testing the water? Asking for a friend millsy?

lol. Hedging.

Not amicable in slightest and kids involved. But will be better for both of us on the other end... pretty sure of that!

Jules, i know some people , just give me the word *winks"

That should always be a pleasure rater than a chore Ed, depends on the situation


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100% Melt

All this trendy shite, you'se daft fuckers are drinking

Get 10 pints of Stella down ya , kick off down the boozer, then home to smash the granny out the Mrs

Soft cunts


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"long time" girlfriend!!

Wasn't that long ago, you were out with that swamp donkey in the paper and telling us about a "German Doris"

More bullshit most likely

Cracking thread to be fair

Reeks of child abuse

23,000 at Wembley last night for Spurs lol,

Cologne has more than that at the Emirates last week

Fact 1 - All catholic priests are fucking nonces

Fact 2 - I loved going to church as a kid


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smallman1 wrote:

She fell for me big time -

https://www.theguardian.com/lifeandstyl … minique-ed

Err, she gave you 7/10
you gave her 10/10

So i read that as you met each other again, went back to casa smallman and she ran for the hills when she saw your aids like frame !!

Grant wrote:

Just been for lunch at Bocca di Lupo - second time in a few months - easily the best restaurant in London at the moment.

Ed, can you corroborate this please, as you have been to every eatery in London ?

Dermatron wrote:


Fowl play ?

Cracking night at the Emirates, proper old school!!

We really do have some of the worst fans in the country, fucking chickens

Cant see Leeds, West Ham, Millwall, Stoke etc... letting all them fans in their ends.

How did they not now they were all going to descend on the stadium, did they not notice all the planes/trains/boats full of Germans

20,000 odd people just dont go missing, really poor from the club

Having said all that thoroughly enjoyed myself


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Henry Rindhoops wrote:
Grant wrote:

Who gives a shite about facial recognition?

Very useful, IMO. Register with you best jizz face. And then when you get mugged and they tell you to unlock it, you'll get a hand job out of it at least.

haha, sweet

Ed, its Pizza Express, i think we all know what to expect !!

And no, i wont be "holding tight" for feedback you monotonous cunt

smallman1 wrote:

Millsy, how many times have you had 5 Guys in Kingston?

uh.......wake me up when September ends

Fucking hell!!!

Nothing says "i love you" quite like curling one out on your birds chest

That and flowers!

More gags than a kidnapper, our Ed