Yant wrote:

5 years too late.

defo, but we are all still going to watch...............or more likely for myself, order it on PPV, hit the drinks cabinet  early and fall asleep by 2am

The bouncers are well known season ticket holders at the bridge

strummerjones wrote:

Can`t believe Arsenal are 3rd with that awful defence.

Considering the amount of changes/injuries/square pegs in round holes we have fielded this season, i don't think that having the 5th defensive record in the league is bad ......

Plus we are 3rd top scorers and 3rd best goal diff, so i would argue we are roughly in the right place

Got lucky on Sat mind, Palace deserved at least a draw


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Thoughts and Prayers etc.....

Just got my first managerial gig in 10 years, running a team of 6 year olds, just the 4 day coaching badge course to complete

Oh and the CRB check, that may be more of a problem

Bedrob......unearthing "The next big thing" since 2015

What happened to Daniele Davoli, saw him bang it out a few times at the Gallery

Didn't Kathy Lloyd appear in some dodgy quiz show in the early/mid 90's with Bob Monkhouse ??

Also, saw Jo Guest in a few cheap top shelf skin mags as well.................in fairness she had a top top growler from what i recall, thick as shit mind

Thoughts and prayers etc.............

I would have nailed her

yep decent tunes and top top growler

Off to get some wotsits

mr rossi wrote:

Will you last 8hrs Smalls?

cue template broccoli, running and kitchen sink response



http://www.dailystar.co.uk/news/latest- … ulled-pork

The recent competittion for the new Walkers flavour (which was won by pulled pork) was thought up by a dad from my kids school. they won £1m

Tru Fax


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just another 9/11 #falseflag for me......................as you were infidels


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I fucking love a #teamtruth thread


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loopdokter wrote:

The widow's peak is a bitch, but my current coif...


Greg Proops ?


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liquitech1 wrote:

It's obvs a shocking situation but not half as shocking as using a 1.2Ltr Citroen as a getaway car..

lolz, i was thinking the same myself, though in fairness it could probably navigate those Paris tunnels a little easier than a Mercedes W140 (RIP the queen of hearts)


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Thoughts and prayers etc........

liquitech1 wrote:

I rarely use FB these days, now everytime I open it things look different. It's the ultimate vehicle for absolute prats who want people to know all about their business, it wasn't long ago that people like that were shunned from the community..

Nonsense, seeing what somebody who i went to primary school with had for lunch has made my day (if was a beef burrito in case you were wondering)


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could never go wrong with a home made soda stream

Holocaust denial is a crime in Germany.

Ed, dont you have any actual mates who you could offer the ticket to ?

Had a few mates round for beers and a game of poker on Friday, had this on, cracking mix as always Damien, the boys also enjoyed it

Thierry is my favourite ever Arsenal player

I was there for this.................Legend

Hope the club brings him back in sime capacity

Well shave my bollocks and call me Sandra, we got a half decent CL draw

And BMM will be under it when it breaks........gripping stuff