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DuFunk wrote:

Just think he gets over hyped due to his celebrity status has along way to go to be counted as a British great never mind globally.  Fought nobody truly world class.  Wlad deserves to be in the top 10 off all time for what he has achieved maybe over looked a bit, I reckon Joshua will be in for a shock he will be way quicker but if he gets caught early will be interesting to see the outcome.

On the contrary, every article from anyone worth listening to states he's not the finished article but you can't help but have a genuine excitement at his potential considering he didn't box until after he turned 18! He comes across very grounded, talks a good straight talk, seems un-phased by it all (still lives with his mum when in London, uses the same Sheffield Sport Academy as his amateur days), yet appears to be totally focused on continuing to better himself. Good luck to the lad.

Agreed, seems like a sound lad, looks like decent role model for the kids etc... (to date)and has got many many more people into boxing (which cant be a bad thing)

Mind you all this could change of he wins this fight, profile will go through the roof, and the american networks may come calling

In summary, i hope he fucking wins

Think as long as AJ stays mobile, avoids the jab and the holding (to tire him out) i think he will stop him some where between rounds 5-8

smallman1 wrote:

Heading to this on a stag do in June, can't wait -

What a wank blanket

Rohypnol, gaffer tape, a gas mask and a blinfdold is all you need for a knockout stag do.

Yant wrote:
fadass wrote:

Sing when you're winning, Fam?

Tru dat, blud.

Why the fuck not, been a shitty season, so will take any little joy at the moment

Decent day out at Wembley on Sunday, ride our luck at times but nice to see the side finally show a bit of grit

Would crease me with mirth if we ended up winning the cup after being totally shit since October (which i don't think we will) and Spurs having the bestest season ever end of potless again

Anyway, looking forward to another day out at Wembley in May

Oh, and 7 semi finals losses on the spin...........bahahahahaha

To be fair to smalls, if i were to eat out at least 4 times during the week (twice at weekends) smash 7k plus runs every day, and go to every event, (presumably after eating out) in London, every week, 52 weeks a year doing copious "mick mills", i would probably look like ghandi as well

Maybe if he stopped eating all that pretentious bollocks and got a couple of decent KFC and shitty indian takeaways in him, he would stop looking like Pete Doherty

fadass wrote:

All the more impressive when you consider Juve didn't hand pick the ref having paid him off & are no longer engaged in an East German style doping system. We think.

lol, so cynical Fads

Thoroughly enjoyed the defensive performances of Juve and Athletico over the past couple of evenings

And here was me thinking defending was a dying art

Fucking hell, all this "tempted by" or "seriously considering" getting a pair of fucking trainers!!

Your'e not buying a car or a £5k watch, its a pair of fucking runners.

Man up, go into the shop/online and buy them and stop fannying about

fletcher wrote:

Underworld.Brixton Academy, London, England. 01.11.2008.

1. Parc
2. Cowgirl/Rez
3. Born Slippy
4. Oich Oich
5. Always Loved a Film
6. King of Snake
7. Pearl's Girl
8. Beautiful Burnout
9. Two Months Off
10. Rowla
11. Strumpet
12. Spoonman
13. Jumbo
14. Born Slippy .NUXX
15. Nu Train
16. Moaner

Absolutely top notch day out drinking in London with my mates, followed by this storming performance by Underworld.  I've seen them 9 times now, and this was the definitely the best.

(Also helps that the CDs of the gig got released, so thankfully I own a copy, and its also on youtube if you search)

Totally forgot about that, was a great gig, although i was completely off my box

The Rapture at the tripod in Dublin, purely because it was the best atmosphere i've witnessed at any gig i have been too. The whole room, to a man, we bopping their wee socks off

liquitech1 wrote: did the gadge just pour it over your motts head for no reason? Or was it during a rousing chorus?

Think the lad got a bit over excited during a rousing rendition of "Crazy World" and threw an entire plastic pint into the air. Alas we were right in front, and his aim did not appear to have the required velocity (think he had a touch of the old "dartitus") and just went straight up then down and onto the Mrs Lol

Was a real shame, as his two of his pals jumped on me just as i was lining up the follow up headbutt (wanted to make sure i got in first before the inevitable kicking!!)

Quick pint in Brogans next door, then pronto into a cab, back to Sunny Tallaght

fadass wrote:

Bedrob, strudders, Simon.... I just love when the ABUs start analysing united. Gas.

Arsenal only spend 10 grand on a player, Liverpool didn't get every decision going for 20 years when they backpassed their way around the continent. Thanks for reminding me why modern football is shit, never mind gentrification, all seaters, Sky... it's internet Bantz!

And Strudders, Shaw is back from injury months ago  you dope. He's a professional athlete & was known as McDonalds most loyal customer in Southampton.

Speaking of which, they made serious coin rinsing clubs for the likes of Shaw & Lalana... fair dues.

You need to take these off

smallman1 wrote:

Beans on toast - Post.

I think you will find its..............."Blimey, its gone in off the Sunday roast"

fadass wrote:

You met la nausee then Rob.

hahaha, alas i was somewhat pressed for time, was preoccupied with getting first dig in rather then exchanging pleasantries. Something told me that being a Londoner at a Aslan gig in the centre of Dublin hitting someone in a group of 4/5 would lead to things going south very quickly

Apologies, La Nausse, hope the nose is ok?, took me over a week to get the claret out my beige linen suit

Added to the fact that he dresses like that cunt from the crystal Maze

Pogba....not rhouses

Nice comment on F365 about Jose
And imagine being a United fan. Hated Mourinho with a passion for years, now have to pretend to love the bloke, as he ruins you. It’s not a lot of fun being an Arsenal fan right now, but at least it didn’t cost the club £600m to get there…

liquitech1 wrote:

..Aslan - pissed up sing along inner city Dublin shite

Saw Aslan at the Olympia about 8/9 years ago, , there mist have been about 4 fights in there. Some berk threw his pint over my Mrs, so i gave him a dig (then got jumped by about 4 of his inbred northside posse) and got kicked out. Never been so relieved to be thrown out of anywhere

Nick Sneddon wrote:

If we get anything from the game tonight ill be pleasantly surprised

6/1 for the win for West Ham, gotta be worth a tenner surely, we are flakey as fuck at home. Dickhead supporters creating a toxic atmosphere does not help either...............cant wait!!

Grant wrote:
BedRob wrote:
Grant wrote:

Injury time winner, 1-0 Bolton - ten points clear of third, five games to go and in some decent form. Wish my mate could see this.

Gutted, was over Roots Hall last night, decent game, quite even. Nearly 10,000 there, bumper crowd for a Southend game

Back to the bread and butter tonight, over the Emirates to watch Arsenal draw 1-1 with West ham

To be fair, it would've been a miracle if Southend got second - we'd have to lose four games and you win all yours - we're on some form an all.

I would be happy with them getting in the play offs, thankfully Scunny are playing terribly, but Millwall and Rochdale breathing down Southend's necks. Given that they only came up the season before last, they are doing quite well

Have to be honest, have rather enjoyed going over to watch them the past 3-4 years, have more fun over there than i do at the Emirates. Also helps that a season ticket for me and my two boys is only £430 all in, and i can leave my house at 2.30pm and be in the stadium for 2.50pm. Sick and tired of thats been going on at Arsenal over the past few years, just sucked all the enjoyment out of it, and its a ballache to get to from where i live, never mind the fucking cost

Grant wrote:

Injury time winner, 1-0 Bolton - ten points clear of third, five games to go and in some decent form. Wish my mate could see this.

Gutted, was over Roots Hall last night, decent game, quite even. Nearly 10,000 there, bumper crowd for a Southend game

Back to the bread and butter tonight, over the Emirates to watch Arsenal draw 1-1 with West ham

Diminished Responsibility wrote:

The bassline on Can't Go For That, might be the greatest bassline ever.

Could have done with putting a donk on it

smallman1 wrote:

That's only when I'm on the Mick Mills and I'm done with beer.

That and I've got a sweet tooth and the cranberry juice delivers the requisites.

Not sure I'm doing myself any favours here.

I do hear you to a certain extent there Ed, for exactly the same reason i like a JD & Coke later on in the evening, just to remind myself i still have tastebuds

The Killers

Mrs begged me to tag along several years ago when we lived in dublin, fucking awful, worst 2 hours i've ever spent at a gig, pus they stopped selling alcohol at the bar as there were so many underage in there