Beautiful, real tear jerker that, Ed

To be fair, if the bird was like that bint he went out with from the Guardian, i would be getting up at 4am to get out the house as well


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Me and the Mrs went there in December . Left Southend Airport at 6.30am on the Saturday and returned at 10.30 pm on the Sunday.
What did i do in the intervening 36 hours or so.......i have no fucking idea

Yant wrote:

I wonder if anyone has kept those massive flags that they churn out at Anfield.  You know, these ones;

In Klopp we trust
In Rodgers we trust
In Kenny we trust
In Roy we trust
In Rafa we trust

The fucking mongs.

"Arsene Knows"


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liquitech1 wrote:

..Haye looks fairly rattled by Bellew going into this fight. Not a good way to be.

Hopefully they will knock each other out!!

smallman1 wrote:
steelydan wrote:
smallman1 wrote:

Oakey looks well -

To think you missed all this..

I was slap bang in the middle of it all SD, natch.

You would have been about 12 you bell end

Hopefully Millwall will start the demolition of White Hart Lane early.

Can see a big turn out from the meatheads from SE London

she defo takes it up the hoop, the muck bucket.

DuFunk wrote:

T2 4/10.  Bit of a mess lazy soundtrack, crap ending, cringe throughout some things shouldn't be touched.

Thought Robert Patrick was great in it myself

Diminished Responsibility wrote:

Just found out that one of my all-time favourite Chinese/Dim Sum restaurants here in India has a branch in London.  It's called Royal China, not exactly sure where in London it is, but if you end up going here's what you have to order:

Asparagus Beef Rolls
Crispy Prawn Cheung-Fun
Roast Pork Puff
Roast Pork Baos
Scallop and Prawn Dumplings
Prawn and Chive Dumplings
Crispy Turnip Cakes

The rest i guess you can figure out yourselves. This place will not disappoint, better than Yauatcha imo.

There is a place over Canary Wharf called Royal China (not sure if thats the one) but it's frequented by absolute bellends shafting our banking system over Roast Pork it's a no from me

Dermatron wrote:

Id have had a go on her tbf. Bet she was all kinds of wrong after a session on the dust.
Made a living getting her upper class gin out on a regular basis. Not shy to show up for the pap with one eye north the other one at another compass baring. Filth. Ooh yes.
She should rest better knowing this . RIP Tara xx

Pic taken in the immediate aftermath of Smalls telling her about the Spike Island Gig after a few liveners at Mahiki

Grant wrote:

My mate died two weeks, he was a good man, he wasn't a vacuous, rich, publicity seeking socialite (I can't think of a worse word in English).  He also didn't make the front pages and the next ten in all the tabloids.

Obviously, I don't wish her any ill will and RIP and all that, but why is it news?  She hasn't done a single thing to deserve this level of attention.  It's pathetic.

Spot on

couldn't give a fuck, but thoughts and prayers etc....

BedRob wrote:

Where's my money you cunt!

Oh, and many happy returns

Where's my money you cunt!

Dermatron wrote:

If he makes a film ill fly over and suck every board member off.

Dermatron wrote:

Spurs and Arsenal wont win it purely because they are bottle jobs.

Yant wrote:

Can't see anyone catching Chelsea now TBH.

Yep, Arsenal and Spurs had to win last night, yet as per, we both managed to balls it up

Even if we beat Chelsea at the weekend (for which i have a sneaky feeling we may well do, it would be typical Arsenal) i still cant see them being caught

smallman1 wrote:

Kante was magnificent agreed BedRob.

A bionic man.

For somebody so small and light, he is fucking immense, Chelsea's player of the season for me so far

Have to say, (flicking between the Arsenal and the game at Anfield) Kante was absolutely superb last night, all over the place
Arsenal again undone by our greatest enemy. ....light rain

seanc80 wrote:

Rob & Ed walk into a bar...

lol , poor taste Sean (insert trabb joke here)

Yant wrote:

Plus he'd be talking to you about how wonderful Arsenal are and what a brilliant manager Arsene is and then all of a sudden would talk about how he should get the boot.  Because that's what gooners do.  No offense Rob.  You melt.

Too much for any non-gooner to cope with.

err, Yant me ol china, i think i am quite level headed when it comes to football and Arsenal in a particular, unlike 80% of the mongoloid arsenal fans you refer to, but lets move on, thats not for this thread

smallman1 wrote:

My idea of hell would be stuck in a boozer with BedRob.

Awful bants.

Fear not smalls, there is no chance of that ever happening, you fucking bell-end


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Looking forward to Rhouses Kabbadi heat maps