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Dermatron wrote:

Lol who rattled your cage ? Take it you're another man driving a birds car then? To even try to put a hairdressers tt in the same sentence as an S3 or the amg is proof enough that your haven't got a fucking clue.

Other hairdressers cars

Audi A1
Mazda mx 3
Mini Cooper
Porsche Boxster
That silly little Peugeot

You forgot about the Fiat 500

Would be surprised if McGregor makes it past the 2nd minute

Cracking "ground game" though


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Guns for show, knives for a pro!


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Ed can give you some tips on uphill gardening

Just seen the fixtures, everyone plays everyone twice, once at home and once away.............Marvellous


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Hope flares is ok


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Went past it on the tube about 45 mins again, looks horrendous, thought i still could see some flames at the top

Terrible way to go

Another top Mix Damo, makes me want to eat chips out of your underwear

Every cloud...............

I would say a broken wall and a few Italians would beg to differ


Homegrove wrote:

When can we expect results?

Be a few years yet HG

Loops, serious question..

Are you keeping the profits from the items you sell that don't belong to you ? I only ask, as you have previous in this regard

You would make an excellent "fence" nobody would ever assume anything

I appreciate the customer title as well, you fucking big nosed midget

Thanks Ed, but no thanks

Would rather eat my own shit with chopsticks than listen to you bang on about how great you are

Plus you dress like a massive fruit

Have fun!!

loopdokter wrote:

Our keeper on my pub 11-a-side league is from Dublin and has been here twenty years and still sounds like he landed yesterday.  He's not a bad keeper for his age and does a solid job for our side.

Anyway, on Monday whilst playing he dove out to grab a loose ball with an attacking player threatening to score and in the melee, caught an elbow to the head.  Seeing as it was a pretty hard smack and he went down like he'd been shot, we all were kind of concerned that he was concussed.  I then asked him if he knew where he was to make sure he wasn't concussed and he said, "At a brothel an' yer all a'bunch eh feckin' uh-glay cunts for whores!".  Yep.  He was clearly okay and still as Irish as ever despite leaving in his early 20s.

Sounds like it was one of those "had to have been there" moments

Thanks for sharing


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Cheers Stu


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My other half and my daughter go up to London every Saturday afternoon and my daughters performing arts studio is a about a mile from London Bridge. My other half and her friends had a late lunch in Borough market (the place was heaving at this time apparently) at about 4pm whilst waiting the kids to finish perfoming. She is obviously quite shook up by this

Not the biggest fan of "the fuzz" but looks like they did a great job on Saturday night

Yant wrote:

Europa Cup final, live on BT Sport2 freeview;

https://sport.bt.com/watch-the-europa-l … 4180293782

Don't normally watch the Europa, but may have a swizz, given that we will be going balls out to win it next year no doubt

£49 for my cup final ticket............which is £11 cheaper than i pay for a seat at the Emirates...........robbing fucking cunts

Looking forward to beating Chelsea, Wenger staying, then enduring the next two groundhog years


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benson wrote:

Out for a 200km beast of a ride tomorrow.

Probably be marginally slower than a small man marathon.

Are you going one way ?

Beijing Dave wrote:
millsy23 wrote:

One for a facebook meme in italics over an image of a sunset that one lol.

My fave recent classic Twitter post, posted by a UKIPper (obv.)

Brings a tear to your eye that

La Nausee wrote:
BedRob wrote:

Enjoyed my 5 years living in sunny Tallaght

Dan, get yourself into the Jobstown Inn, real friendly up for it crowd

The Jobber! Fair play BedRob. Lived in Tallaght for 5 years! Kudos. Worked in those parts for 13 years. Mad oul shop. Thankfully, I live on the more sedate Northside.

I actually lived behind Thomas Davis GAA club, saw more trouble in that pub than in 20 years of drinking in London, loved it in there though

Not biting old chap, merely stating facts

Anyway, always nice to get called out by such a level headed united fan

As an arsenal fan, even i have to grudgingly admit that the Middlesex lot have done well this year...................But.................. only 1 half of North London (the team that have actually been in North London longer than spurs) have a chance of winning a pot this season.....and we have been shite since November

And that folks is your Lol right there (even though we are more than likely going to lose the final)

Enjoyed my 5 years living in sunny Tallaght

Dan, get yourself into the Jobstown Inn, real friendly up for it crowd