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Like the top pair amps, how much did they set you back ?

Can see Jay shooting some hoops in the bottom pair

Has the new German Doris been attending these events with you ?

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TBF any other team would have murdered Liverpool down the left side yesterday with Moreno playing, he makes Pascal Cygan look like Maldini, They scored some cracking goals though

Liverpool v Arsenal has been probably the most entertaining fixture in the league for several years now, mainly because neither team have a clue how to defend

Moreno is shit at defending

So replace him with Milner, yeah that makes sense. Can someone explain how you can go from beating Arsenal away to losing at Burnley?

James Milner,  the human Swiss army knife


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Cracking Olympics for GB to be fair, absolutely bossed the cycling

THAT kiss between Kenny and Trott made my heart melt

Cracking draw away to the champions lol

In fairness Koscielny was immense in his first game back, how we missed him last week. Holding was also miles better alongside him

As fr the rest lf the game....meh, front 3 were totally static on Saturday

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I enjoy watching Costa - he's a pantomime villain rather than an outright cunt like Terry.

Two games running he's scored a late winner when he shouldn't have been on the pitch - apparently these things 'even themselves out over the course of a season' - I fucking hope so...

They haven't so far, he hasn't has one red card since he's been playing in England

Should have just dropped the e's.......................



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lol , clearly


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I was absolutely gutted that SeanC didn't make it to Dekmantel.

We would have absolutely torn up the d-floor during Tale Of Us and Dixon.

Ed, don't you ever get bored of typing the same old tired shit day after day

Dermatron wrote:

I rarely drank in the early days. A weekend of double figure mickeys and a couple of g's of the crazy dust would be par for the course. The kind of action that would have gedward dropped off in a body bag outside mama smalls.


Where did it say it has to involve booze ??

The point i was making is that no matter what i ingest (booze or otherwise) it takes so much longer to recover

When i used to go out, i would maybe 1-2 pints before i go into the venue, water for a few hours, them maybe a couple of JD and cokes late on to remind my palate that i was still alive

On a slighlty related note, it was my youngest's birthday yesterday, had a wee party for him and his friends at home, I had about 8 bottles of Peroni between 3pm and 9pm, i feel like i've been hit by a fucking bus this morning

A big night out these days ( and i mean BIG night out, not one of ED's cranberry and berocca soirée's) normally means somewhere between 48 and 72 hours recovery time, hence the reason i only go out one or twice a year now


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Dermatron wrote:

Went first xmas 99 to early 2001 a fair few times. Had some proper mad no recollection of anything nights in there with Richards and Francis. I like to think it was before all the twats latched on to it. All the said twats were going to Home luckily.
Even went (accidentally) to a D&B night and the bass coming through the floor was absolutely fucking mind blowing. Prog does not use those bass speakers under the floor like D&B. Do they still even have them? Felt my cock vibrate for 3 hours. Also saw Cox there one night and he played all kinds of shit. A corking night.

Yep some of the Friday nights in there were immense, totally agree with what you say, spent many a night of my melons, shaking like Muhammad Ali on that dancefloor due to the bass, before it became a tourist backpackers paradise


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millsy23 wrote:

Is there more cycling later? Tenterhooks

3 golds up for grabs today Stu, GB in with a good chance of them all....get the handy andies on standby


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Although i haven't been there in about 4 years, would be sad to see fabric go, Grew up and ilved 5 mins from the place and had some monumental nights in there over the years

As i said earlier in the thread, would be a shame if some kids who cant handle drugs forced its closure...leave the class A's to us crafty veterans eh!!


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At least the cunt can play for Liverpool with that barnet


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Grant wrote:

There have been a couple of faces like slapped arses recently with GB hopefuls winning silver and not gold when they had absolutely no chance of getting the gold, and even silver would've been a bit of a dream. Get a fucking grip and definitely don't fucking cry about it.

lol, yep that Louis Smith character looked proper gutted when Whitlock beat him to gold, didn't even congratulate him...lol...go Team GB


The same "know nothing" people were saying that Arsenal v Liverpool was a cracking game.......turgid first 45 where Arsenal were only one nil up, due to Liverpool playing a fucking turnip at Left back, The scousers couldn't put 3 passes together

Liverpool got better 2nd half and we had a crazy 20 minutes....but a great game......not for me, two teams who cannot fucking defend more like..............the other 70 mins were zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

"Hey Laura, Smalls is taking about football again"


smallman1 wrote:

Ha ha, excellent work for all!

Been seeing this bang tidy German doris so we shall see, hold tight for feedback!

Any Pics ?
How long you been seeing her ?
Does she have a tache?

He was no Tony Daley

After the untimely death of his son, thoughts are with Big Ron and his family at this time

The atmosphere inside the stadium was fucking horrendous yesterday, even for us (particularly in the 1st half)

There was a couple in front of me and she was more interested in applying sun tan lotion and fixing her nails than the actual match....what the fuck has happened to football.......................his name was Giles by the way if recall (i'd been in the pub since midday!!)

Chris Samba and Nick Bentdner