Broke many a Joystick on Track and Field

roberto wrote:

Anyone have one of these bad boys?

Used to love tron deadly discs on my Intellivision


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Karma for the titty ban me thinks

Shouldn't have worn the minecraft tee

$90 for for the yanks to watch it, but only £20 in the UK.......... fucking lol

I wanted the C64, but my old man bought me an Amstrad CPC 464...................with the green screen.............the tight cunt

There will be better scraps in Southend Town Centre at 1am on Sat night

Anyone who pays for this shit is a cunts trumpet

DuFunk wrote:

Is it true this hasn't even sold out!?

Unlike both of the fighters


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Chelsea are based in West London !!


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smallman1 wrote:

North London really do let the rest of London down football wise.

Yes, because clubs from South and East London are absolutely tearing it up at home and abroad, you fucking plank!!!

What would simonr get done ?

mr rossi wrote:
seanc80 wrote:

I bet you Ed Smallman's favourite dish is a Korma.

His arse could handle a vindaloo the amount of cock it's seen.

Rossi = Wimbledon FC circa messing about, straight in the box

Well played

Dermatron wrote:

Anything minced


Brexit is great news for those of us big hitters in the debt collection sector.....the good times are starting to roll

Diminished Responsibility wrote:

STFU dave. 125 quid on a champion hoodie is a disgrace and embarrassing.

I thought all indians wore the 1991 Man Utd Home shirt

liquitech1 wrote:

..I think Henry Street was the International capital of Champion for many years. Well deserved.

Champion trackies were all the rage in Islington in the late 80's

I looked the bollocks in my lime green pair with my purple kickers !!

mr rossi wrote:
steelydan wrote:
smallman1 wrote:

Back from the dead with the likes of Justin Bieber rocking it.

See Diadora and Ellesse also.

Next it'll be Russell Athletic back from the dead.

British Knights and Troops lol

I remember the hoo-haa about troop when i was younger and the rumours who were running them behind the scenes.

My and my mates actually had a fight in Wood Green shopping centre with some......."Afro-Caribbean" lads as my mate was wearing a pair................great days!!! … interview/

Dermatron wrote:

Ive officially seen Arsenal more than anyone else on the board this season.

haha, how was it ?


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can't lie, it cuts deep


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If only


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Yant wrote:

Yeah I won't be posting here any more chaps. This is not a nice place to be.

I've been around since this board began but the negativity is too much for me to be bothered with anymore, life's too short to be wasting my time with it. Seems like you cannot post without having the comment ripped to shreds. So no thank you, that's enough for me. 

All the best.

Yant, you may be better suited to posting on here, best of out for Doris, 68 from Kings Lynn, she makes Dermo look like Paul O' Grady … old-moaner


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Homegrove wrote:

Tried listening to this at a peaceful summer cottage by a lake on Saturday. Works much better as commuting soundtrack on a pissed off Monday! Relentless.

Agreed, listened to it on the way into work this morning, no messing about, got the ol blood pumping on the tube!

Enjoyed it so much, i took a shit in the HR directors desk drawer when i got in, i feel wonderful


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Dermatron wrote:

Lol who rattled your cage ? Take it you're another man driving a birds car then? To even try to put a hairdressers tt in the same sentence as an S3 or the amg is proof enough that your haven't got a fucking clue.

Other hairdressers cars

Audi A1
Mazda mx 3
Mini Cooper
Porsche Boxster
That silly little Peugeot

You forgot about the Fiat 500

Would be surprised if McGregor makes it past the 2nd minute

Cracking "ground game" though


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Guns for show, knives for a pro!