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Yant wrote:

Massively fortunate gooner scum.

Indeed, and there was no way the City should have had a pen directly before you equalised


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Lovely dogs to be fair!

Arsenal’s ability to self destruct really does know no bounds. But it does make for some cracking entertainment

How the fuck we are 2nd i will never know, we haven't played well consistently over 90 mins in one game in the league all season

liquitech1 wrote:

..only pikeys and Wayne Lineker wear Rolex. So there's that.

Dizzee Rascal is a fan so i believe

Still rocking my fake one of these that i bought in Turkey about 4 years ago,for £60, still works like a dream and only changed the battery for the 1st time about 9 months ago


I also illleagly stream music, films and sports if that helps

seanc80 wrote:

FAO Rhouses & Smallman.

Do you pair of simpletons really think I bought it?

If I were to walk around with dog intestines on my feet and a can of baked beads taped to my wrist you would still not be in a position to commentate.

You pair of half-handicapped, noveaus chique ballbags.

Jesus!! *chortle*

dutchy101 wrote:
Homegrove wrote:

Shit yank beers so could you couldn't taste anything even if they had a taste of any sort are ok to drink straight from the bottle, otherwise I prefer a glass.

A couple gave us a pair of these as a housewarming present.


Was taking a look at this one myself Hanners.

Looks like something i might shove up the Mrs's hoop!!



Lets keep it simple eh

Indeed, track reg for me..............my nan has a clio as well!!!

All credibility lost when overtaken by a Corsa after 50 seconds

Thoughts and Mare's etc....

roberto wrote:

the lads on this board are going to be more interested in your Toyota Corolla parts than Bedrock CDs

Cant argue with 100% feedback Roberto!!

If he only had an R186 signal box

jamie wrote:

T. Altidore was Man of the Match .

nuff said

I’ve got a really fucking funny Millwall anecdote.

When my daughter was born, my other half’s cousin bought her one of those Baby kits in the colours of our friendly south east London club as a joke to wind me up (My other half is from South London and most of her family are Millwall fans, most of which are now serving banning orders)

Wanna know what I did?? I only washed the fucking car with it and sent him a pic…the laughs I had, I am such a card

Dermatron wrote:

Trying to find the vid on YT of two or three years ago where a bus load of them went to Leeds. Every window got put through and the bus set on fire. It drove straight back to London.

Could only find this one

Nice reception

Pa!!! that's a normal weekday service for the 77a in Tallaght, Dublin

millsy23 wrote:

the temerity on display here is sickening. This board is full of workshy layabouts, dole scum, trogladytes, sex cases, sex workers, meffs, dangerously disabled meltcases, know-it-all music bores, washed up queens, failed mods, gypsies, pill freaks, fashion victims, deviants and thieves. You expect us to know what to do in such a situation? My advice would be for #1 and #2 to kill you and bury you in a shallow grave.

hahahahaha, post of the year for me, only becuase i fit in at least 5 of those catergories


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It's a nothing fight though..................don't see the point of it, pair of fucktards

dutchy101 wrote:

Met a few Leeds fans when I was up there at the Faversham 8 or so years ago. They were really excited as Millwall were playing them the next day and they and were looking forward to a tear up. I was quite happy about that. Fucking hate Millwall.

No one likes them Dutchy.......................but they don't care

Dan Harwood wrote:

To be fair, it was in June for the Happy Mondays all dayer back in 1991.

Over the years i've stood/sat in the home end at White Hart Lane, Old Trafford, Upton Park, but by far the Kop in Leeds was the most scared i have been at a football match.........no mean feat considering i have seen Igors Stepanovs marshall the Arsenal back line on several occasions

Mind you i did have a few drinks in the Captains lounge after with some of the older members, cracking late afternoon/evening that was

Diminished Responsibility wrote:

What are the rules when it comes to this situation?

Anal is a must, Rhousetrain.......use a lube though, otherwise your bum will be sore

Wally wrote:
fadass wrote:

Poor old Wally has become the board Roland overnight.

I know sad I stuck my head in the oven for an hour last night dude before I realized it was electric - another reg!

That would have been the microwave Wally!!

millsy23 wrote:
Wally wrote:

Oh and as a by the by, I've been in boards consciouness many times in the 6 years I've been around before you even joined BD.

Erm...Ouch. I think.

lol, yep that's got me smarting alright

Wally, sometimes you say it best, when you say nothing at all

Wally wrote:
BedRob wrote:
Wally wrote:

Taz isn't a computer game character.

Wally having another "elm street"


Oh and as a by the by, I've been in boards consciouness many times in the 6 years I've been around before you even joined BD.

WTF has that got to do with anything !!

Wally wrote:

Taz isn't a computer game character.

Wally having another "elm street"


I shudder to think of some of the stories Ed must have from his boarding days at Footlights college