ugh...i see dead people

Looking forward to later.

The Mrs's aunt just been rushed into hospital with a suspected heart attack this morning. Feel bad that she has to deal with this alone while i am cutting some serious rug

Actually i feel fine

quality stuff though hoppy, was creased with mirth here

MattBlack wrote:

Some gen lols there but isn't Remington Steele a bit hard for Smallman?

I would of gone for

Love it when we beat those cunts

Nice to see the gooners doing a bit of redecorating around white hart lane as well


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Big Fellaa wrote:

Less is more, Rob.

Heavy Hitter or Relentless Banality ?


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“Kitchen sinking it”
1.    Kitchen sinking it is the practice of attending an evening of repetitive dance music  event where one ingests half a synthetic pill carrying little or no MDMA and subsequently spending half the evening resembling Arthur Fowler following the unfortunate episode involving the Walford resident Christmas club fund.
“kitchen sinking it may also but not exclusively involve standing motionless next to the headline DJ excitingly checking your phone for tinder messages or to keep up to date with dance message forums. Observers have also noted “kitchen sinkers” regularly dressing like a chemical experiment in Hoxton

Looking forward to a solid 10 pager interspersed with tales of high jinx from Diggers and ETC upon his return

ETC - This is your time, procrastination is not an option

Never was so much owed by so many to so few


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shaunstrudwick wrote:
smallman1 wrote:
shaunstrudwick wrote:

did you double drop?

Why you ask Strud?

just trying to save you a bit of loss of face mate

That ship sailed around June i think


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millsy23 wrote:

Pacha was a nightmare mate. First of all I Struddersed up the online ticket booking, then all my clothes shrunk in the wash and I had to wear all my Yant clobber.

Then when I got there I had half a yoke and pulled a right Smallman. After a sit down I got talking to an attractive (what I thought was) girl. Turned out she was a bloke! Almost did a Rhouses! Anyway, felt sick as a dog and had to do a benson. What a Reg.

lol, strong work

Big Fellaa wrote:

West Ham are the second team in London nowadays.

I think you'll find they are the 1st

Boring wrote:
BedRob wrote:

I don't see anybody crying

That Mike Dean post was a figment of our collective imaginations then?

Since when does copy and pasting some stats from a newspaper etc.... constitute crying?

I don't see anybody crying


Koscielny should also be charged for thrusting his face into Costa's hands IMO.....deplorable behaviour

New song for the yids after yesterday

I wanna see  the Son shine after the Kane

Most welcome

Big Fellaa wrote:

Hopefully Bournemouth will reserve their tickets for the fans that have been with them through thick and thin, not the Johnny Come Latelys.

Even the ones with ridiculous teeth ?

mr rossi wrote:

Still a traditionalist when it comes to match days.Couple of pints before and a pie and Bovril at half time.

Agreed, all part of the matchday experience

In pub for 2-3 hours before and after game.....standard

Yes Costa is a nasty piece of work!!
Yes Gabriel should not have got involved but as usual Its every Arsenal Fans fave ref who yet again continued his crusade against us. Every time he is picked to officiate a  match involving us you can hear Gooners across the globe letting out a collective groan

Arsenal’s win% in the Premier League since 2009 is 57% so a 24% win rate is quite anomalous.
Dean has given 7 red cards in 5 matches (he’s given 2 red cards in 2 different matches). Those red cards have almost always come in the big games (Chelsea, City, United, Spurs, and Newcastle) and they have almost all gone against Arsenal (5/7). Red cards almost always mean a certain loss for the team that goes down a man so it’s no surprise that Arsenal have lost all but one, the Spurs match where he awarded a red card to Scotty Parker. The only other time Dean has awarded a red card to the opposition was after Arsenal had already had a man sent off and gone down 2-0 to Man City.
Penalties are a similar situation. Dean has awarded 6 penalties in the last 30 Arsenal games he’s been in charge, 5 have been for the opposition and one for the Arsenal. Arsenal have only won 2 of the games in which Mike Dean awarded a penalty: the 2-0 win over Man City and the 5-2 win over Tottenham. It’s also a fact that the pens he awards almost always come in the big games with 5 of them in the matches against big teams and just the one he awarded to Burnley.

Phil Collins should stick to what he is best at, writing songs for Disney films


The Peter Boat - Leigh On Sea

This is where i can be found most weekends in the summer (weather permitting) Food and drink are average, but always a good atmosphere and live music outside etc..

Marathon Man

Got a guy in the office who runs to work every day, gets to his desk dripping and reeking of sweat, not to mention the lycra.

Goes and makes his muesli and fruit bowl every morning then tells anyone who is listening about his previous/next run/iron man competition. Then goes on to perv at ladies suggesting they go with him for a run at lunch as he will "keep them fit"

Comes back from lunch run, gets to his desk dripping and reeking of sweat, not to mention the lycra.  Tells us how he gets his 8 year old son is taking part in a 3k tough mudder run for kids this weekend and how much the family all enjoys it when we all know that his wife and kids hate him and she probably regrets fertilizing his "super semen" every waking moment of her life

He literally talks about nothing else

Net curtains as well, its the little things

MattBlack wrote:

Seems Arsenal are happy enough just to be in the Champions league rather than actually compete in it

It would appear so

Dan Harwood wrote:

Arsenal have been amazing tonight.

It was awful wasn't it

Why play Arteta in that role away from home ? the game was crying out for a midfield of Coq/Ramsey . Why drop Cech for champions league game. Opsina didn't do that much wrong but still a strange decision

We didn't need another forward before the window closed.................and then he brings on Joel Campbell

He should have tried the veal