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Dan Harwood wrote:

Didnt someone on here say that Ozil wasnt world class?

Anyone who watches him week in week out etc... will know that he is just a joy to watch, and has been now for two seasons

Nice to see us make 4 changes last night and that it didn't hamper the team. Much tougher tests to come, but its good to see that the team seems to have "rolled up it's sleeves" somewhat

Not saying we will win the prem or anything, just seems that Arsenal have a bit more fight about them this year than in previous, and i think that's been a key ingredient missing


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Sounds absolutely fucking awful............in, tickets booked


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Henry Rindhoops wrote:

Shouldn't organic clubbing allow you to fling your shite at the promoter, busting all the moves behind the DJ?

Lol, Comer's muck spreader would come in handy

loopdokter wrote:
liquitech1 wrote:

..I had an Israeli divemaster on a deep dive with me off the coast of Honduras years ago. We spotted a Black Tip over some coral and the guy just took off after it with his camera. I left him to it thinking I would get a great view of a live kill. Never materialised.

A dive master I hung out with a fair bit in Honduras saw a great white and did his best to get the fuck out of the water quick fast.  Haha.

The ladies in the office nicknamed me "The Dive Master" but enough about me Jay, tell me more wonderful tales of your marvelous life


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Grant wrote:

I'm with Ed, it's annoying as fuck - streams of spoilt shits knocking at your door every two minutes

That surprises me, Grant

The new fivers are superb when used in conjunction with beak

smallman1 wrote:

Millsy's the second funniest poster on this board after me.

yes yes yes, i spend  most of my time on here laughing AT you

Yant wrote:

were they really?

that team were more than good enough to win at least something.

Good individuals Yant , but not great team. Teams with better players have also won nothing before you know, see Brazil 82, Holland 74,78, Argentina (any time over the last 20 years etc .....)

Yet then you have teams like Greece and Denmark who won things with fairly average players but a strong defined gameplan, formation and tactics as well as a desire to win (see Leicester last season)

Sadly England always seem to be caught between the two.

I will be in a pub at Kings Cross from about 5pm today where i have a choice between Fosters and Carlsberg on tap....................cant wait!!!

In mitigation..................(and here comes the Ed smalls bit) i am flying to Barcelona tomorrow for 4 days so will no doubt upping my game food and drink wise.....................AND YES I REALLY AM GOING

Have to say, i thought Hop Head's post was quite amusing and also right on the ...ahem...money

Admittedly, nowhere near as funny as the absolute kicking Ed and Loops have taken

In these times of fiscal prudence, i would expect all monies to be returned in the next 48 hours with interest at 4% above the Bank Of England's Base rate

Just a question, has anyone ever left the "legendary" afters as Casa Smallman bereft of  wallet, phone or any other personal effects ??

How the Bedbrock board hierarchy have let this flagrant fraud play out under the banner of their brand is beyond me!!

We are all brothers in prog, this really is a new low

Hate to be an ol fuddy duddy, but a ban request for Ed and Jay surely if the cash is not returned.

Come on John, it's bad for business

Dermatron wrote:

Id try anal out infront of my boss. Just to show him what it looks like.

Dont do it, my arse hurt for days

Dermatron wrote:

Good job im thick skinned Bedrob. Smalls could take a few tips how to take it on the chin. And I dont mean a pair of balls.

I know you are Derms, i've seen your ankles lol

Smalls and Jay, you pair of fucking cunts, show your face in here ASAP and answer the points raised.
You pair of thieving fucking bastards

I'm off for a coffee!!

bollocks, haha, i was just going to post that, Smalls i am just gonna bump it to the top so you can easily find it .....hold tight etc.....

TitianWarrior wrote:

I went, it was dreadful in many many ways. Mainly loads of pissed up knobheads chanting "Leeds! Leeds! Leeds!".

Dermo ?

roberto wrote:
BedRob wrote:

Smalls and Loops should be ashamed of themselves for not fronting up for this enquiry and showing their faces in this thread with a detailed account of events
Any posts they make from here on in should be totally ignored

I thought those sanctions were generally already in place?


Smalls and Loops should be ashamed of themselves for not fronting up for this enquiry and showing their faces in this thread with a detailed account of events
Any posts they make from here on in should be totally ignored

steelydan wrote:
Yant wrote:

We are so much stronger as a squad this season. Got a real chance to go all the way.


As somebody said on F365, the "Spursiest" thing that they could do this season would be to go unbeaten and still finish below us

Dan Harwood wrote:

Before I give my evidence, m'lud. I would like to vouch for Edward Smallman as a fine upstanding young fellow who's intentions were entirely honourable. However, the c**t sowes me a bobby, so hang'em!

"Objection, your honour"

"Sustained, please discount from the testimony"

PS - If you need assistance in recovering the money, you know where i am, i'm big player in the industry!!!

Just t confirm i didn't commit any funds to this shitshow on the basis of Jay being a nice fella but of very limited intellect and the fact that Smallman is a serial wankstain. This was only ever going to go south

I hope you get your answers, i really do, but i'm out


Saville would be horrified to learn that he's been compared to Big Sam

Could be the only England manager to end up with a 100% record during his tenure