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Gillactico wrote:

Box opened at midnight last time. Diggers was walking around the club while BOg, I think, was on in the bar area. Nice early vibes.

R.E.C. kicks off proceedings from 10-12 in Room 103. I'm plugging this because I've given him a track to play...

Defo in for this - have a tasty mix lined up... (hopefully)

2002 is a belter - those lads have been putting together some serious tracks over the past year, been hearing a few snippits and I reckon they have a big year ahead of them!

Agreed - been playing his stuff a lot of late, lovely tracks.


I damn near burst into flames when he dropped Dark And Long (Dark Train) - christ what a tune!

MarcusGraham wrote:

Message sent to Dave 'khankra' Morrison.

Image being made.

Game on mate! Just looking through my tracks now, looking forward to putting this mix together!!!

I'm in!


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I know mine was - but not sure about Guy J's - presume he'd have to sign off on any release of that first though...


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Decent spot alright, always a good crowd there.


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He did indeed, made a point of saying it to me at the end again too which was appreciated. He's a decent chap - he stayed back for a while after the gig for a few pics and to sign tickets/boobs etc. Great attitude!


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It's safe to say that Guy J was on top form this Friday in Dublin - he started off quite techy, then lifted it to another level mid set with a lot of unreleased material (similar to 7.11 etc.) He finished off the night with on a more melodic note - ending with Once in a Blue Moon. He was very impressive.


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I think his sets have massively improved over the past few years - I've seen him both warming up and headlining and I think he is far better at the latter. Looking forward to seeing him play in Dublin this Friday, lucky to get the nod for the warmup too.

Gillactico wrote:

The real challenge is not learning another synth but finishing a track, start to finish, and mixing it down.

Until you've done that, and done it well a few times over, you'll never feel like you're getting anywhere

Good advice IMO, serial starter but non-finisher me!

I had a set of Allen & Heath XD 53's and I thought they were top notch - until I listened to the Pioneer HDJ 2000's. They are very crisp and make the A&H's sound a bit tinny. They do cost a bit - but you need quality when dealing with your ears!


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WAV or AIFF (both lossless) are the only really acceptable formats that should be played out. I've heard a few Einstein's that think you can convert upwards... but you can't polish shite.

Managed to crack 2 ribs earlier this year - had to rest up for a full 3 weeks, but after that they were fine when running. Don't chance anything that could displace them now.. that can hurt.

It does, same key too I think!

Great night - the vibe in the room was incredible - then sasha came on and played a great set... here's my warmup on the night.

https://soundcloud.com/khankra/sasha-wa … factory-pn

Casino Times - I Wanna Know (Dave DK remix)
DJ Tennis - Floating Boy
Anja Schneider - Stay Quiet
Grum - The Touch
Kollektiv Turmstrasse - Ordinary (Lake People remix)
Pedro Aguiar - Devotion
Juan Deminicis - Feel
Samu.I - Invitations
Sasse, Stelios Vassiloudis - Refuse (Dub)
Bog - Strange Creatures (Aidan Lavelle remix)
Booka Shade - Love Drug (Maya Jane Coles remix)
Lake People - Night Drive
Centuty - Luv Crime

nitron wrote:

By the way, was your set recorded? I'd like to see it up in the mixes section please smile

It was indeed recorded mate - here's a link, I've added this to the mixes section too...

https://soundcloud.com/khankra/sasha-wa … factory-pn

Was lucky enough to bag the warmup for this one - what a savage night, the place was absolutely hopping from the off - Sasha was well up for it too. The set was recorded - hopefully it gets a release soon.

Very happy to have gotten the nod to warm up for Sasha in the Button Factory (Dublin) tonight - they asked me for a teaser mix.... I obliged, here she is...

https://soundcloud.com/khankra/dave-mor … -july-2014

1. Lee Burton - One (Lake People Remix)
2. Kollektiv Turmstrasse - The Dentex (Kollektiv Turmstrasse Remix)
3. Casino Times - I Wanna Know (Dave DK Remix)
4. Vincenzo - Tasmania - Original Mix
5. Kasper Bjorke, CTM - Sylvia (feat. CTM) (A/JUS/TED Remix)
6. In2Deep - On Rainy Days (Cosmic Cowboys Remix)
7. Few Nolder, Kurak - Houly Pouly (Dave DK DJ Version)
8. Joy Wellboy - Before The Sunrise (Dixon Remix)
9. Marcelo Vasami - Smoog
10. Pedro Aguiar - Devotion


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DJ Ino - Triple X

This is my effort - sent to Skydney.


Aggregate Mix - 2014

1. Agoria, Scalde - For One Hour Feat. Scalde (Jack Dixon Remix)
2. Dance Spirit, David Scuba - The Hazing
3. SCSI-9 - Un Seul Sourire Pour Nous Deux (Dave DK Remix)
4. Kollektiv Turmstrasse - Lapacha (Original Live Mix)
5. Aidan Lavelle - Issues
6. M.A.N.D.Y. - Superstitious (Chaim Bells Mix)
7. Ame - Den Råtta feat. Vulkano
8. Dave DK - Byway
9. Dance Spirit, David Scuba - The Wi_th
10. Jack Dixon - Square
11. Traumer - Hold On
12. Sasse, Stelios Vassiloudis - Options And Futures (Phonogenic Remix)
13. Affkt - Hellraiser
14. Miss Kitten - Life Is My Teacher (Borderline Remix)
15. Pan-Pot - Kepler (Julian Jeweil Remix)
16. Roland M. Dill - Tzycho


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Skydney wrote:

and a fine fucking mix it is too mate, been on repeat since you sent it. Cheers Kanky.

Right back at you mate - really enjoying your mix! Great idea, this! Gona post mine on the mixes page if anyone wants to take a listen!