None of them are up to my standard so I don't really bother tbh.....

Link here: … ssential-2

Track listing on the SC page.



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Cheers Tim,

For those who missed the mix 18 months ago, Quivver Me Timbers: … imbers.mp3

Nice dude.


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Sasha playing more banging progressive house, maybe, just maybe my prayers will be answered afterall! yikes)

No promotion intended, just sharing music as original post requested.

Some good stuff on there mate!


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Cheers Warren, was gutted to miss out that night but Matty gave excellent reports.

Cheers Simon, will give it a listen.


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Cheers dude.


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Hey Guys/Gals.

Here is the link to my latest live mix.

It was supposed to be 2 hrs long but got a little carried away so it's just under 3 hrs now but I hope you enjoy it.

Please leave feedback, good, bad or otherwise. Tracklisting as follows:

1.    Aeron Aether - Aikhy
2.    Marquez Ill - Regret
3.    Niko Fantin - Dry & Dirty (Andrea Cassino Remix)
4.    Spieltape - Lonely Places Ive Never Been (Evren Ulusoy Remix)
5.    Mango - Forever July (Chris Nemmo Otherworldy Mix)
6.    Sezer Uysal - Weird Walking In Bursa (Darin Epsilon Remix)
7.    Jim Siver - Water Sound (Python Remix)
8.    Arctic Night - Valley Of Desires
9.    Jim Rivers - 7 Days (Steve Mac Remix)
10.    Sander Kleinenberg - My Lexicon (Eelke Kleijn Space Mix)
11.    Davi - Blue Hour (Eelke Kleijn Space Mix)
12.    Way Out West - Ultra Violet (Guy J Remix)
13.    Diyo - Skip Intro
14.    Hypnotic Duo - Overcast
15.    Nick Stoynoff - Take A Seat
16.    Breeze & Quadrat - 4 AM In Glasgow (Loquai Remix)
17.    Und Sound - Drawing On You
18.    Arctic Night - Intertwining Senses
19.    Mastino - Project Alpha (Pole Folder Remix)
20.    Namatjira - Late At Night (Chloe Harris Remix)
21.    Argeniz - Thinkin N Purple
22.    Butter & Parsley - Soft Street
23.    Quivver - In Your Boat
24.    Medway & Luke Porter - RTFM (Cid Inc Remix)
25.    Dinamica - Dead Water Drops (Python Dub Mix)
26.    Sezer Uysal & Evren Ulusoy - Turkish Mood
27.    More & Gafry - Crystal
28.    COU Muzik - Stellar Rock (Seb Dhajje 7 To 8 Remix)
29.    Lish - Running Away
30.    Hybrid - Can You Hear Me (Eelke Kleijn Remix)

Hope you enjoy it. Have a great weekend.


Hey all, hope you're all well.

Just a quick note to let you know the latest episode of the LovePheesh RodCast is now online here on Podomatic: or by searching 'LovePheesh' on iTunes & here on SoundCloud: … episode-10

Live mix as always & I hope you enjoy it. Any feedback always welcome, good or bad. :o)

Tracklisting as follows:

1.    Tropical Highlight - Keep Walking
2.    Soulfinder - Wasteland (Python Relax Mix)
3.    AlterImage - Universal Truth
4.    Josel  Pedro - Quiet Storm (Python Remix)
5.    Peter Sajche - Embrace The Style
6.    Pietro Coppola - Select Mind (Sezer Uysal Remix)
7.    Innate - Parabolic Curve (Beat Factory Remix)
8.    Kasey Taylor – Reynosa
9.    Pablo Acenso – Habitat
10.    Digital Impression – Unconnected
11.    Domased Electronica - Ganga (Loquai Remix)



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Original is a blinder!

Wish it was minus the crowd noise and not sounding like it was recorded through the old yogurt pot and string trick..

Cheers Andy, great stuff.


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Cheers Steve.

Great stuff. smile

Hey Guys/Girls/Other...

Traditionally, it's always been Pheesh on a Phriday so with that in mind, a new mix is available on the LovePheesh RodCast here: or also on my SoundCloud page for those who dont do the whole podcast thing.


1.    Danito & Emil De Moreu - Painting You Away feat Rachele Dione (Gabi Newman Remix)
2.    Blinky - Kiss Not A Kiss (Kosmas Epsilon Mix)
3.    Tuxedo - Farewell
4.    Zajac - Neighbourhood (Lanks Pava Street Mix)
5.    Solee – Dubtale
6.    Grafiti - Spooky Trains (Nick Warrens Back Of The Bog Dub)
7.    Ricky Ryan - Perfecto Mundo (B.O.N.G Remix)
8.    Harley Augustine - Biblioteque (Python Remix)
9.    Max Demand - Roller Coaster (Paronator Remix)
10.    Snake Sedrick – Tone
11.    Stiven Rivic & Michael & Levan - Angel Dream (The Stain Remix)

Hope you all have a great weekend.

Dan - Easy... wink as it's possibly my fav as well, or I may be wrong of course but:

Horse - Careful (BIR v Sasha Remix) into Bedrock - Set in Stone, Renaissance 4 disk 2.

Friday - Noisettes in Brighton then to friends in Horley
Saturday - Anything could happen TBH..
Sunday - Lunch, then home to Oxfordshire!

Real shame another one has gone. sad

Awesome! smile

Thanks for putting this up guys. smile

Frickin love that Depeche Mode remix

Chilli Jam in a Bacon sandwich is the way forward! smile Nice.

Cheers guys, appreciate the feedback smile