seanc80 wrote:

Have that yiz cunts lol

Danny Dyer jacket.

Didn't realise Natalie Dormer was in this. Might start watching.


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He'll be wanting an Air Max for that, possibly a 360, to help with buoyancy etc.

Amps wrote:

Underworld - boss.
New Order - boss.
Churches - boss.
ELO - boss.
Wolf Alice - boss.
Banco De Gia - boss.
Coldcut - boss.
Hybrid - boss.
Plump Djs - boss.
Will White - boss.
Joey Beltram - double boss, smashed it.
Henry Saiz - meh.

Also saw Finding Dory at the Pilton Palais: Glasto Cinema Tent - boss.

Homegrove wrote:

Another Abrams cover version, the cunt.

I was front and centre Derms, just didn't want to admit it here...

Underworld - boss.
New Order - boss.
Churches - boss.
ELO - boss.
Wolf Alice - boss.
Banco De Gia - boss.
Coldcut - boss.
Hybrid - boss.
Plump Djs - boss.
Will White - boss.
Joey Beltram - double boss, smashed it.
Henry Saiz - meh.

Boss weekend, but the mud and the rain just knacker you out before the day even starts... more details when I can be arsed...

Your not going insane at all Eddie:

NE2, Disk1, is the greatest mix ever. End of story. Its basically high art.

303 abuser wrote:

a lot of those mixes just sound to fast now.  great at the time, but i know as i get older, slower is better.

Thats why I love them, the music has some energy about it.

Pappa and Howels ones are boss, in fact the Howells one is close to sublime.

Nick Sneddon wrote:

weather is looking ok for Glasnost next week - not really too fussed as Im driving this bad boy there

Looked at these last time... they do look like the way to go, but the prices are fuckin cosmic come Glasto weekend, and that was if you could even get hold of one.

Rave Lizard wrote:

Festivals like Glastonbury are OK for camping. Global Gathering, Creamfields etc fuck that. Too many cunts walking for days having taken too many class A's with no sleep.

Middle class festivals are the way forward. If Waitrose did one I'd be all over it.

Did my postal vote today and voted to stay in.



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joeyp wrote:

Just back from 4 days play in villamoura. Some cracking tracks and the booze up was great too. Recommend.

Did it a few years back.

Vale do Lobo? How did you do on the 16th?

Pull trolley, Coleman pop up tent, camp bed, esky, slab of ale, bag of green, bag of bangers, it's like a home from home.

The above is pretty much my set up for Glasto next week.

millsy23 wrote:

If I was a famous DJ I would insist on referring to myself in the first person 'DJ Millsy does not sign autographs' 'DJ Millsy approves of her. Have her washed and sent to my dressing room'. Fair play to him being an absolute cunt.

I'm afraid Eric Morillo has you well beaten to this Millsy, used to talk to himself in the third person all the time.

'Does Eric want sauce on his chips?'

'Yes, Eric does'

Top bloke.

Well happy with that, I quite like the German footy, love German birds (nearly all filth), and they know how to do a good sausage.

Mid forties in Spain during a heat wave about twenty years ago.

No aircon, no fan, just an open window. Was lying their pouring cold water over myself and then watching it almost instantly evaporate. grim.

Dermatron wrote:

A few days later she busted me to the filth for knocking out pot and pills and receiving stolen goods. ie a dodgy tv and video!

This all whilst your where working at Eastern Block?


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Fair play, near an RAF base I get it, but:

Stick a couple of placcy flags on your car during a sporting event, maybe a union jack t-shirt or some other tacky shite during a jubilee or other national date, fine, you've just bought some crap at Asda during your weekly shop, and your enjoying the spirit of the occasion.

Buy a flag pole, of any size or shape, display the flag every day of the year and you've clearly gone out of your way to make a statement. Probably a racist one.

There's three houses with flag poles in their front gardens by me, all gloriously flying the union flag. The first is a mental old racist, the second only put it up to annoy his terminally ill neighbour and the third I have no knowledge of.

Is the a local phenomenon or can this sort of outlandish patriotic display be seen in other suburbs of our great isles?

(FAO the Oirish, we know you'll paint a flag on anything so no need to reply, cheers, Ax)

Bit of a ledge with the DIY here gents.

The trick is to get the right tools for the job, and, painful as it may be, watch some other cunt do it on YouTube first.

Tricky shit like plastering / tilling / heavy electrics or plumbing is to be swerved and left to the pros.

I've got about two days holiday left this year... it's gonna be a fucking long year.

Very tempted to throw those two days at an Ibiza weekend in September or the like though.

Few links needed in this thread chaps.

Only really heard JP's and Millisey's.


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Think we should put a team together!