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Which is as good as any reason to repost this:


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I'd forgotten about Bas!


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Pair of chrome Converse Dave?


Beijing Dave wrote:

He's the chungwit, the biff-boff and the puff pastry hangman.

Choice quote! smile

I take it I'm the only one who hasn't missed him in the slightest?

Considering a trip somewhere in Jan after the raging success of the stag do in Chamonix... also have Florida in March so the purse strings may be a little tight. Fuckin gutted it took me so long to get off a skateboard and onto a snowboard though, fuckin boss fun.


I reckon most peoples inability to tackle him was as much down to fear and reputation as anything else. A great player, but should have swerved the roids.

Hannu is dusting this bad boy off as we speak:


loopdokter wrote:

Some people who pledged haven't kicked in.

Hang your fucking heads! Lets have a naming and shaming Loops, Hannu can get his Black Mamba Mod Wand on them. Worthy of a months ban if ever anything was.

steelydan wrote:

Rinsed fuck out of this. Difficult to find anything to go either side of it though as its so stand out.

I don't know if it's a base, they might have just stopped at Sandbach motorway services to fill up.

How the fuck do you go from such epic vistas of crashed star destroyers to an A road in Delamere Forest???

Going off several of the trailers:

The bit where they're battling over the rebel base, the tree lined lake bit etc. It looks like they're trying to invade a Centre Parc. It's hardly fuckin Endor sad

Edwardo, add me to the list of PayPal deets please.


Liking the last track on the vid.

fadass wrote:

Get in there, Amps!!!!

Solid work.

I won't lie, Sunday was tough going.


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Not a bad world cup, All Blacks being worthy winners imo.

I also posted this in the footy thread for some reason:

Amps wrote:

I've been in the pub all day and now dome loads of bugle. Winner.

Which explains most of what you know.

Is your exclamation mark as revered as Johns question mark?

djdiggers wrote:
Amps wrote:

Even John knows his place...


I have no idea. Woke up this morning on the kitchen floor.

Piss your strides stuff. Top work,

Even John knows his place...

I've been in the pub all day and now dome loads of bugle. Winner.

Is your new one going to do anything about those tar sands?


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Dan Harwood wrote:

Huaraches - the shoe de rigour of the Shuffler.

Awful trab. Should be consigned to the TK Maxx bargain section.

As we know Dan, I'm a chameleon of style, I could make a bin bag look good.