Have been listening to Deep Dish Ibiza lately, terrible mix, but the second disk is just full of that chunky as fuck Timo sound, I forget how much I loved it at the time, still do truth be told.


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Working for women is fine, but never, ever work for a homosexual.

millsy23 wrote:

the 'he looked us straight in the eye and just continued' approach. That's a ledge right there.

Used to work with a bloke, who, when on a 'works weekend away', stripped off, climbed on top of the hotel wardrobe and started wanking off whilst smiling and winking at everyone. He genuinely couldn't fathom why he was sacked on the Monday morning.


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Fucked if I'd ever cycle on a road these days. But not because of sloppy old cunts like him.

Does breadth and width of my Hemingway esque lifestyle not ooze out of every post?

Look out, someones had a shandy.

How long does the data on a submerged black box last?

Fuckin hell Matt, off with the blinkers and look past the headlines mate. Your comedy's terrible, but I though you where sharper than that.

aural wrote:


This is where digi files become a bit of a nightmare for me... I'm very visually orientated, so looking at a list of names, black text on white background, I struggle to put a name to a track. Where as when crate digging, the associations from the sleeve to the music are there from the moment you buy it. I hardly ever remember the names of tracks these days. Wish you could tag artwork to wavs!


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Sky will do exactly the same mate, and they'll factor it in to their prices, and your footy will cost more because of it.


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Bit bored of drone footage, but this actually works as a shot.


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Presto wrote:

For what you get, the licence fee is a bloody bargain.

This^^^^^ If you can't see the value in the BBC your a fucking thicket. What you get for your money, quantity and quality, is better than anything any independent company could ever offer you. The radio output is worth the licence fee alone.


He's warming up for Leftfield!

https://www.thewarehouseproject.com/eve … GHT-SOURCE


j.p sykes wrote:

Now your talking - always loved this absolute beast back in the day:

Would you have had that back at uni?

Cheers, Gus, you have been missed!

liquitech1 wrote:

This was a belter of a mix..

https://m.soundcloud.com/rave_on/paul-v … x-20041997

Some of the mixing is a bit rough, but some of the tunes are monsters. Appreciated.

Will get into the Foort one next I think...


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Glynn, is this written by you?

http://www.thedailymash.co.uk/news/soci … 1203285064

'It will be a hybrid of Waitrose and The Wicker Man' got a proper lol from me.

I'd probably go for something along the lines of:

Freddie Mercury
Jim Morrison
John Lydon

Lots of good front men out there, but I'd say those three brought some proper showman ship and charisma to the stage.

Nighswan erik.

Always thought Putnam was trying a bit hard imo. GG was all natural. Especially when he smeared himself in his own shite on stage.

Ncable wrote:

Gibby Haynes is one of my favourite American counterculture music figures. Love me some of the Surfers, got a few of their albums. Their Stateside tours are the stuff of legend, all sleeping in the back of one small van with their equipment and whatever pox-riddled girls the band handed round amongst themselves, constantly ripped on LSD, not washing for weeks on end. The shows were even more bonkers with naked dancers, sex-change footage playing on a projector whilst Haynes, covered in fake blood, barked incoherent gibberish into the microphone. There's that great tale of them stopping at Michael Stipe's house and spray painting the side of it with 'Michael Stipe, despite the hype, we still want to suck your big, long pipe'.

This picture says it all...


If your going down that route, GG Allin beats everyone. Being mental doesn't really make you a great front man. It just makes you mental.

Fuck. Beaten to it! smile

Have you seen Scumfrog is releasing new stuff Dave?