smallman1 wrote:

That is one of the most pathetic insults I've ever heard, you're way better than that Derm!

In fairness, he's got you there Dermo.


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lolers on the line up, Hot Since 82 is probably the only one I would be arsed seeing.


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Huge, and once it's proper rammed, and you will never see your friends ever again!


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Mad lookin venue, would be into it with a decent enough line up etc.

Wally wrote:

He's already answered you twice in another thread you fucking moron. The one where the new rule was announced remember?. You know about that thread. You posted in it enough times whinging like a fucking toddler.

Chillax lid. Didn't mean to touch the nerve. I thought maybe things might have been loosened a little, with it being a Christmas tradition etc.

Still no direction from Hannu, come on chief, work for that... whatever it is you get out of being a mod... i have no idea... prestige? Kudos? Free t-shirt?

That's getting proper obsessional Derms... take a step back and enjoy Ed's posts for what they are, the lightest of light entertainment from a good hearted soul.

Currently listening to the ringing in my ears after having just seen Primal Scream at the Olympia in Liverpool. T'was boss.

Point of order: Homey, where do we stand on nipples at the moment? I'm starting work on this years Lucky Length List, and I don't want a ban or Wally crying into his tampon.

smallman1 wrote:

May, Hood, Wink, Ryan Elliot, Tama Sumo, Prosumer all on my list to see.

Not desperate to see them though being honest.

Wink is still a very good dj, but lets face it, if your going to see him, you see him in his pomp, mid to late nineties, when he was absolutely smashing it.

^^^ Kicks up a fuss about boobs on his screen, bemoans the second hand games market, but is happy to help your break the law and share copy written material.

Nice work Walter.


Grant wrote:
Amps wrote:

Billy Bragg is a cunt of the highest order.

I'm not really disputing that. He's a bit like Morrissey to me in that respect. Like Morrissey though, he's got some strong early work.

Nah, he's a proper cunt, have a look at that shit he tried to pull with the skaters at the South Bank, proper two faced cuntery of the highest order. Can't sing a fuckin note either.

zackster wrote:
Amps wrote:
zackster wrote:

i've seen atkins and derrick may, so feel like i need to catch big kev, at some point.

What did you think of Derrick May?

i really enjoyed it. played really repetitive techno, which i love, but it was pretty hard to fuck up in that venu. i saw him in an abandoned diner car in philly. 18 to get in and byob. saw a number of awesome shows there. that was over 12 years ago tho, so i have no idea what he is like now. derrick isn' my favorite of the detroit crew, so outside of transmat releases, i haven't really kept up with him.

Yeah, I was surprised by how good he was, very enjoyable stuff.

zackster wrote:

i've seen atkins and derrick may, so feel like i need to catch big kev, at some point.

What did you think of Derrick May?

Have been pretty spoilt on the DJ front over the years, ticked everyone off my list that i would ever want to see, and a few I really didn't want to too!

Billy Bragg is a cunt of the highest order.


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Beijing Dave wrote:

For some reason I find this video highly arousing

With your love of anorexic / famine victim birds, this means your technically now a 'feeder'.


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staygold wrote:

His speech this morning contained no angry rhetoric, which isn't in the same league as Farage's NHS backtrack, but might indicate that he has no intentions on following through with any of that stuff.

Dermatron wrote:

So trump runs a campaign based on division, isms and lowest common denominator. Then his first speech is about including everyone and becoming one. Talk about betrayal of your support. It's like brexiters saying the morning after, well of course it won't affect immigration

Heard this on the way to work... I assumed moment earlier a CIA man had shown him footage of the Kennedy assassination from an angle nobody had ever seen before, reminded him that he wasn't President yet, and should he do anything to stir up any trouble, he'd be locked up in a hart beat.

I think all those who voted on the 'not the same as the rest, drain the swap' promise will get something of a shock, if he's not offed or impeached.

Genuinely hope he does a good moderate job though, or where all fucked.

Ed and Derms are my favourite double act on the board of late. You can see the Terry and June / Bottom / Good Life / Odd Couple style sit com unfold before your very eyes:

Ed posts breezy, non committal, innocent comment...

Derms goes into complete meltdown because he's a highly repressed weirdigan, who takes everything very seriously, and can't handle Ed enjoying himself whilst possibly being ignorant of some outside factors.

It gets madder Sean...

I've never fancied New Balance before in my life, but this week I keep seeing their fruitiest numbers online and can't help but think 'fuck yeahhh, I well into that kind of action'.

I'm not sure if I've hit my head or something, or if I've got a touch of this: … a_Eriksson

Hold tight for upcoming purchase news.

smallman1 wrote:

Are you ok Amps?

Clearly having an 'off day'. Not sure what was going on there. Apologies. As you where.


Plus, the Union Jack is a bit UKIP voter for my liking...

Considering these... but I fear they look like they have been carved from solid mahogany, a modern clog if you will...

Laurent Garnier
Danny Howells

Dermatron wrote:

So the board has finally found an order -

Where do you fall?

Nork Hunter.