I've got about two days holiday left this year... it's gonna be a fucking long year.

Very tempted to throw those two days at an Ibiza weekend in September or the like though.

Few links needed in this thread chaps.

Only really heard JP's and Millisey's.


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Think we should put a team together!

MattBlack wrote:

Klopp just sounds like Hans Gruber to me

I'm alright with that.

Proper bottled it after their first goal went in, not enough mental steel in the side.

benson wrote:

last night was the last time

first time was about 14. Allegedly got pissed on 2 cups of cider, and the name 2 cups stuck with me forever

Two cups, one Benson?

Late starter on the ale, I was too busy skateboarding. Think I was about 15, new years maybe, got into a club, danced to Jazzy Jeff and the Fresh Prince, and drank lots of Budwiser sad

dutchy101 wrote:

Mental season. If someone told me at the start Liverpool would finish 10 points ahead of Chelsea, but 21 points below Leicester I'd have called the men in white coats. Seriously. What would the odds on that have been?

Or that we would have gotten into a final of any sort.

Glad the Euros are on to distract from the usual transfer nonsense.

This will feature somewhere:

If I know it's coming, I'll put a few quid away for a decent sound system and the rest can go behind the bar.

millsy23 wrote:



Get yourself out there mate, I highly recommend it. Loads of golf, loads of Disney, boss weather. Well worth the wedge.

furry wrote:

Bummer. Next time eh.

Ha! I believe the Winstone look would have been fitting...and I am a huge advocate of indulging in great food and booze while on holiday.

It can be a struggle not to spill your white russian whilst bobbing about on your lilo though. Thats when you know it's time to make the change from pool to hot tub. Tough times.

Yant wrote:

Take what you can get mate! I know Sawgrass is one you want to tick off the list, but Bay Hill isn't going to be too shabby!

I am very jealous.

Went around Bay Hill in 95. Said hello to Arnie on the way around too (He just drives around the course in a buggy saying hello to everyone, sticks on the back, never plays a shot). Lovely course, but like most American courses, it's very forgiving, wide fairways and light rough etc. Can't complain about the other courses either.

furry wrote:

Great news smile

Run into any Conch fritters?

Had to google them... no, afraid I didn't.

I did put on just under a stone in two weeks though. I was starting to look like Ray Winstone in Sexy Beast.


fadass wrote:

Think Alvarez will kill him tomorrow.

Ginger & Mexican. What a mix!

Go on, you can have a lol.


yes chief, got battered in the people carrier! smile

dutchy101 wrote:

Can was immense last night.  Coming back from an injury as well.

Origi, Can, Llana, Lovren, Toure, Firminho even Sahko (although that may have been the drugs) all look like different players under Klopp. That said, Benteke looks beyond hope.

Cue the chart to be posted.

Mignolet to be transformed in the off season, everyone to change their tune about him pronto, hailed as the new Casillas by the start of the new year.

dutchy101 wrote:
Amps wrote:
joeyp wrote:

You get to Miami mate? We're thinking of booking for June and never been.

Didn't go, there was way too much to do in Orlando etc.

Wet and Wild?

No STW, but I'll keep you updated.

joeyp wrote:

You get to Miami mate? We're thinking of booking for June and never been.

Didn't go, there was way too much to do in Orlando etc.

smallman1 wrote:

Amps and Benson -


I have a very similar shaped head to Dwayne.

Fair play, that was a boss two weeks. Got back this morning and I'm in need of a holiday.


FYI, the weather is in the 'perfect / delightful' range, people are very friendly, golf courses are immaculate, my game is the usual average to bad. No bugle so far.


Want the whole franchise to fly into a black hole.


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benson wrote:

There was a kid at my school who was t allowed laces because he once tried to strangle his brother. Truefax.

It seems quite a common thing is the old 'strangle your brother'. I know a few people who have tried it at one point or another.

ghostriddenhuffy wrote:

If you're going soon, the heat and humidity won't be quite so oppressive. But if you're going in June, July, August or September, then it's pretty bad

Off this week.

Looking forward to this:

http://www.huffingtonpost.com/entry/cic … 0ccda37223

Should be far south enough... I hope...

Yant wrote:

Great to see the best side in the league absolutely bossing it at the Britannia.

Should've been 6-0.

Are you not scared of being 'very Tottenham' and fucking it all up at the last minute?