Was he a drinker?

You'll need more than the lights out here, your lookin at a full new identity and surgery Si.

I think Bazza knows the rest of his years are gonna be sexual misery, no need to rub it in any more.

Mr Boring wrote:
Amps wrote:

Don't post on here at work.

Thank me later.

Presto's fucked if his work colleagues find this forum.

A simple google of "Simon Preston Brighton" brings this place up on the front page.

This being the headline:

http://www.bedrock.org.uk/socialise/vie … p?id=12471

Don't post on here at work.

Thank me later.


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the question is, are drugs on Gus?

loopdokter wrote:

"Did I tell you about myself by the way?  DID I?!  No?!  Lets talk about meeeeee some more!"

I don't need gear to do that.

Presto wrote:

some form of red wine.


Beijing Dave wrote:

When forced to I can put in a fairly legendary sesh. However, I will admit to being all about the sly, underhand tactics to get through it eg:

*Having a quick glass of water at the bar when sent up to a buy a round.
*Snidey tipping of drinks into plantpots
*When someone gets a round in waiting for someone to order a bottle then saying "yeah I wouldn't mind one of those too" instead of having a pint. Yet it appears to not get noticed because someone else has gone for the bottle first and it's not like it's a shandy anyway.
*If there's a meal involved, ensuring I go for something ridiculously bread-heavy like a calzone and ensuring I have a coffee as well
*The occasional ostentatious display of generosity so no-one thinks I'm a lightweight or stingy bastard "Right, my round! Double JD and cokes" (except mine gets a single shot when I go to the bar)

It's all about being a snidey cunt and not being picked up for it.

Have seen people get sparked out for less in rugby clubs.

Big Fella wrote:

He took offence to you baiting him about his mixes and you know it, Dave.

As a board we should be ashamed of our double standards. Wiggy didn't dare show his face after liking a shit tv show, Dermo lied about where he worked like a ten year old in a school playground and then couldn't even post a mix, a far worse crime. He should be banned just on the basis of being a whopper. If you heard one of your mates givin it all that 'I used to work in such and such' in the boozer you'd just walk off and disown them.

smallman1 wrote:

Bazza - Would I be right in thinking your Mrs has got some right udders on her?

Pics or STFU.

Get the fuck in!

Sounds like misery. Dave's idea might just be your best bet!

Fuck that, bin her off and get a younger model that swings both ways and likes to go dogging. Far cheaper and your happy for 52 weeks a year.


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Skills lid.

Big Fella wrote:

Go with Simonr Amps.

Erm... errrr... turns out I'm busy. Double booked. Who knew!


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Interesting read all this gents.

If we assume that both sides are as bad as each other, or that one side is worse than the other, or that both have a right or that only one does... I still feel that the bigger of the two sides needs to bring more to the table and lead the way to peace. If you are bigger, stronger, more resourceful, better connected, better educated, better equipped etc. then the onus is on you to do more than your fair share of the work.

Spewing that I didn't get tickets for this... not that any of my mates go clubbing now. Pure billy no mates on the dance floor me sad


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Grant wrote:
Big Fella wrote:

Why did it move from Heaven?

They already have night on Fridays and Saturdays that have gone on for ever.

What's wrong with the old Thursday night?

Its one smug, gregarious little rag though. Like a sort of anti Daily Mail.

Should have quit whilst you where ahead Dave.

Beijing Dave wrote:

(your 'reg-ister' if you will).

I like what you've done there. Strong work.

Once saw Gavin Hardkiss in there playing garage. Mad place at all times.

strummerjones wrote:

Haven't heard this in donkeys, such a boss track.


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Gold, thats the sort of attitude that made GU the best board on the internets.