furry wrote:

His e mix from Liverpool in 99 was pretty special imo. Blew me away when I first heard it.


All the birds in town have gone for the Raheem Sterling cut too. Bad times.

On my third listen tonight.


steelydan wrote:

missed out


See Dermo in the trabs thread.

steelydan wrote:

superb industrial site comms

Not a line you get to trot out every day.

smashdad wrote:

Classic tune - been reworked countless times but rarely as well as this...

Nice work Smashy.

millsy23 wrote:

They just 'work' you know?

Use them everyday, pain in the arse and getting worse.

Edge of Tomorrow, better than I was expecting. Happy to watch Cruise die lots. Not bad. 7/10.

Skills, impressive work!


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You want the 83/30s, a much nicer trab.


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smallman1 wrote:

Amps absolutely bossing the trabbs scene tbf.



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Fear not, they do a gray version for those less comfortable with my flamboyant side:


£90 or there abouts online. And yes they look like walking shoes because thats basically what they are or, ACG anyway.


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I'm here all week, try the fish etc.


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Their second album was crap.


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This weeks purchase.



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Ncable wrote:

I'm sensing a few exclusives knocking about.

Your wrong.

Lots of stuff that sounds like this but is better than this in the Nu Disco / Indi section on Beatport.

Loved Rise In, belting bit of prog.

Nowhere near as good as I remember it sad

Probably well after 2001 too. Taxi for Amps!

My memory is Swiss cheese.

Who did a track called 'The Shepherd'? Can't find the fucker.

EDIT - It was Chable. Just popped into my head after 3 days of chin scratching.


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You'd just launch the fuckin thing back at his head.

Is Misjah playing Glasto?

I'll have to get involved in the resale...

Feelin it! More of this please Uncle John!

Is that a new Advent track? Are they still doing stuff? Sweet.


i wish your'd do one of those ,micheal palin  style travel books , id buy it.

It has Channel Four travelogue written all over it. Glen doing his best Attenborough impression on the voice over.