They should have dominated the market for club audio stuff, but the build quality just wasn't there. A lot of it used to break to easily in a club or tent environment etc.

I remember them giving us a demo model of their cdjs in about 2001 / 2002, long before the Pioneers where king and the technology was really out there, and it had a good pitch / tempo adjustment but you could lock the key, so it stayed in key as you sped it up, or the other way round of keeping the tempo locked and allowing you to change the key up and down. Sort of like a built in Melodyne or Auto Tune. No idea if modern cdjs have this in, but it was new back then. Another example of them not capitalising on what they had.

They need to release the demographic info of the voters to give it some context.

Voters having to creatively express how much of a massive wand they are along with their age before they can put pen to paper etc.

Is that even the real results? How the fuck is Bob Sinclair still getting a gig?

Just to clarify, that's 18 DJs, not 18 of Dermo's alias email accounts.

Amazingly I've seen 18 of them, is that the most, do I win a prize?

All very nice, but I'd like something I could get my teeth into a bit more.


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smashdad wrote:

I don't consider myself a misogynist, but I want to punch her in the face.

The thought of having to watch Roy Keane say or do anything makes me want to puke.

Can't tell if your being sarcastic and I miss read... or you actually got the title wrong and changed it!

Either way, I was more than happy to stumble across this in Eastern Block at the time

Promoters are a sly bunch, not so much aggressive etc. There are so many dirty tricks going on it's untrue.

loopdokter wrote:
Amps wrote:

Been listening to the remastered version of Dubnobass on the old headphones today... kerwalitee stuff all round!

Do you notice the difference in the sound quality/dynamics?   I had it on in the car and found it to be definitely punchier.

Dunno about punchier, but it all sounded beautifully clear, everything nicely separated etc. on the cans.

Been listening to the remastered version of Dubnobass on the old headphones today... kerwalitee stuff all round!

Listened to it on 6 today. Top stuff all round.

djdiggers wrote:

he lives ‘off the grid’, hiding behind a secret identity due to his beliefs regarding the intrusiveness of the modern state and digital society

When his book sells a bundle, do they get a big truck and pay him in turnips? Or at that point does he get interested in a bank account, like most people have, you know, a standard digital bank account? Is this a tax dodge?

Hong Kong disk 2, for the first time in ages.

Always amazed at how plop disk 1 is. Bar playing Doop, it's possibly Diggers worst moment.

Is their download manager any good?

Won't load my cart, crock of shite.

Uber cunt for so long. Much better now he's grown up a bit and stopped trying so hard. Plus, he was never funny. His political stuff is far more interesting.

djdiggers wrote:


I hope you have not been losing any sleep over this.

When i last looked it was not trending on twitter so I think I am ok


Clearly ashamed and trying to deflect attention.

Ibiza Disk 1

Seen a fair few djs clear the floor at Cream. So many used to show up and just bang fuck out of it from the word go.

But worse than that is being bored to death by the likes of Hawtin or Hernan. Neither seem to have any interest in interesting music, or putting together a set that has any sort of dynamic or tension to it.

John really needs to get in here and explain himself imo.

Too tough to narrow it down, my first proper gig is up there though, Rage Against the Machine at the Royal Court on the day I did my last GCSE.

(i was 15 before any of you smart cunts suggest I was kept back a few years!)

Edit: Digweed at Feel was, I'm pretty sure, the best dj gig I've ever been too.

JamesLawrence wrote:

If you know the story about these two guys I doubt there is any benefit in the movie. I came in as a lay person and found it really interesting as I always thought Tony Hawk was the main guy (so I was marketed) in Skate boarding.

There are plenty of very talented skaters out there, but Hawk is a freak of nature, he just doesn't fall off. I've seen him at demos and comps and, although he's probably skating within himself at those events, he's unbelievably consistent. The ability range within pro skaters is pretty wide, went to a Plan B demo years ago and they where virtually booed off, very good on film but crap in person. But then a few weeks later I saw Gonz and Cardiel on a different tour and they where fuckin brilliant. I'd guess if those two where winning comps, they where very good, as you have to have that consistency to put together winning runs.

JamesLawrence wrote:

Just watched All This Mayhem - really good movie. Not touched a stake board since I was 10 but still thought it was a good hour and 40 minutes

Hadn't heard anything about this, just watched the trailer, and had forgotten about the train / bridge jump. Boss. Although not that arsed about watching the rest of it.