Saw him in about 2012 and he was terrible. Never again.

Modern cinema is pony.

millsy23 wrote:

Get the carpenter to make her a coffin.

New brides like to know you're a planner

Your own special way of saying 'she's a keeper'.

I'd argue the other way around: Gerrard was massively underrated, mainly because he played in a lot of shit teams, had a 50p haircut and looked like he would nick your car.

Homegrove wrote:

Just like nature abhors a vacuum Dermo can't live without a nemesis. If one doesn't exists he'll make one up.

It's like watching some spacker kid constantly run into well polished patio doors.

Did they take Mignolet with them?

Boom boom! I'm here all week, try the fish etc.

Having a shop, anyone got anything currently working???

Every club has a transfer committee, or a version of it. We where just daft enough to mention it on the tv.

Lol at Dutchy, nuts deep in the stereotype!


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That wrist tattoo does start 'Stru...'

Fair point.

Who the fuck watches a trailer or the like and thinks:

"fuck yeah, those marketing boys have really nailed it, they know me and my demographic inside out, I'm emotional putty in their god like hands"

erik.b wrote:

The marketing boys have got it spot on too.

Fucking what?

He's doin okay for a club 18 - 30s dj imo.


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MattBlack wrote:

it's the new 'long sleeve t with flames up the arms' imo.

Took a while for the bangers to kick in eh.

Oh and yes, clearly something I could do myself, but I'm being lazy.

Could anybody point me in the direction of a well mixed prog classics mix? I'm thinking something muscular, for the gym etc.

New Gavin Hadkiss stuff: … uphoria-ep


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303 abuser wrote:
Homegrove wrote:

Disc 1 yes. Disc 2 is awful.

true, that's why i was specific. smile

It's basically the blueprint for muscular house you fucking thickets.

Dear fucking god.

Homegrove wrote:

Fabric 20 is my least favorite Digweed CD. Well after CD 2 of Sydney.

Your just trolling me now, right?

Er, yeah, we all know Sydney is the best thing he's ever done.

Pipe down H.


Can you have a word then, and see if next time he can do something as interesting as it used to be in the late 90s?


Hmmmm, for me, South Beach had almost no points of any interest... this could be the same, large s to the werve until I hear otherwise I think.

Can he not do at least one cd of unbridled throbbing vortex?