Good to know where still getting right on your tits Creepy.

Here's hoping we win it in the dying seconds with a super special stevie starfish peno dive.

Homegrove wrote:

Reading Quantum Thief by Hannu Rajamäki. He's a Finnish dude who teaches mathematics or something in the Edinburgh university. He wrote it in English, and the language is beautiful. Damn good scifi if that's your thing. Think a mix of Ian M. Banks and Dan Simmons' Hyperion-books.

Bought this for the plane ride to the Algarve last week... fucking awful drivel. Left it on the plane as I didn't have the nerve to pass it on to a mate.

Pair of Fords, only wear them in the car though, or on holiday, any other time and you just look like a cunt.

Ripping Yarns on BBC4, still brilliant.

Dan Harwood wrote:

Glad to see I don't make the list.

Did you ever get your apology? Is it linked to your ranking?

Do the twins from Fun House count?

vinnyt77 wrote:

We used these guys last year.

Handily about half way down the A303 for us, so just dropped off the car at theirs when picking up the van, and were in&out on the way home.

They're well set up for Glastonbury goers as well.

I need something a bit more North West based Vin, but thanks all the same.

Can you remember roughly what you paid? Gonna start shopping around tonight.

BedRob wrote:

having my tent ranscaked

Oh and I only do 'ransackings'. I have no idea what a' ran-scakeing' is. Sounds weird.

BedRob wrote:

looking forward to having my tent ranscaked from the thieving fucking scousers as per!!

I'll pencil you in for Sunday evening, bring something worth nicking yeah?

Ticket paid for, picked up a camper van ticket too... now I just need to find a camper van...


From about 1.20, on proper boss bangers too!

Beijing Dave wrote:

He's known as the Brendan Rodgers of the Rhein-Ruhr.

Genuine lol

Big Fella wrote:

I have had to hold my hands up to numerous dippers recently and concede that if i have given it out for the last 20 years, i can take it for a month or so.

Fair play to the fat man, some of the other ManU fans are conspicuous by their absence.

Amps wrote:
flares_and_an_anorak wrote:

Morrissey seems to have bludgeoned British culture into accepting him with the sheer elemental force of his twattery.

Boss. … feature=kp

flares_and_an_anorak wrote:

Morrissey seems to have bludgeoned British culture into accepting him with the sheer elemental force of his twattery.


Diminished Responsibility wrote:

What an absolute pisstake from Beijing Dave referring to Dave Grohl as the Ringo of Nirvana.

Poor show here from Dave. Slating Ringo shows a lack of knowledge: his timing is fuckin superb, you can beat match a lot of Beatles tracks, no wild drum solos, imagine if Phil Collins was playing on some of those tracks, and he pretty much invented progressive breakbeat before anyone knew what it was.

Grant wrote:

U2 are the most overrated band I can think of.

We have a winner.

Dermo wrote:

sladek set his stalll out the minute he came on here.. A stall that invlolves being a purposely controversial spastic.

Pot. Kettle.

Dermo wrote:

No need I've already done the official mensa test and was just under genius. Both my brothers were genius.

Lollerskates. Your Liverpool supporting, pederast, rapist brother is a genius? Did he work in Eastern Block too?

dutchy101 wrote:

Lol, I do. You'd make a great scout La Nausee. Do you have a uniform?

La Nausee wrote:

I've just been looking at two lezzers going at it with a double-ended monster dildo. It doesn't mean I want to buy them outright. I think.

This sort of thing should always be on an hourly rate.

shaunstrudwick wrote:

Rodgers will be looking at a lot of people Vic

I'll put it i bold for you Vic: He thinks your a whopper chatting shit.

I just think the more organised sides will be our downfall in the run in. We need teams to come and attack us and give us the room and that might not happen with Chelsea or possibly West Ham.

dutchy101 wrote:

In all seriousness though, Amps, looking at how we can play, with no defensive errors we can win them all. I'm not saying we will, but this season we've shown we are a match for anyone in the Prem on the day. Our toughest opponents in our remaining fixtures we play at home.

We don't seem to have any problems scoring, so its down to the defence holding out in each game.

Cue a defeat to Cardiff tomorrow in true Liverpool fashion lol

Yeah, I can't see us going 9 games or however many it is, without some defensive errors. I could easily see Chelsea parking the bus and doing us on the break etc.

FAO Liverpool fans.

How many of our remaining games do you think we can win?