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TitianWarrior wrote:

It's supposed to be pretty quiet when running (after the game has installed on the hard drive), you might have got a duff one.

Yeah, it quietens down once it's loaded, but it's still clearly cheap parts, it makes a racket like a shit car cd player from ten years ago when you throw a disk in.

Also more than a bit disappointed to find it's not backwards compatible with ps3 games.


Didn't get a bundle as I didn't fancy any of them, so just got the standard version and picked up Battlefield 4. Bit disappointed with the downloadable games though, was hoping to pick up lots of old Capcom stuff, but I can't see any of it.

Grant wrote:

Get 'The Last of Us', it's been jazzed up for the PS4. I've looked in enviously at the that game.

Not my sort of game. Swerved.

Fair fucking play to whoever is in charge of product design / finish at Sony, they're having a good laugh. It feels like it'll break in your hand and the disk drive and fans sound like they came out of a skip. Thought they would have sorted such things after the ps2. feels like a cheap £50 printer rather than a £330 quid console.

Went for a ps4.

Good on the pair of them!

Big Fella wrote:

Got to be better than Creamfields in a rainy field in Warrington.

Anything has to be better than that.

simonr wrote:

Looking forward to the arrival of Super Mario's squeeze:


.. peachy

It's lovely down at Formby these days.

Dermo's sense of humor shining through again!

Presto wrote:

Technically the PS4 is the better system. Not least due to it's usage of GDDR5 ram all round.

However, in this multiplayer world, it mainly boils down to what your mates have. If they mainly have PS4 then get the PS4. If they mainly own XBoxOne then get that.

If you want to kickstart the trend then get the PS4.

Don't know why, but online gaming doesn't appeal to me at all. It'll only be put online when I have to download a game or update.

Hmmmm. I'm not that mad for the FPS stuff, I'm more of a platform / shoot em up type. That said I was mad for Timesplitters many moons ago. Might give Destiny a whirl.

Was thinkin of pickin one up tomorow, but yeah, fuck all games out for either of them yet. So far the PS4 is sneaking ahead.

What's the boards percieved wisdom on this one?

He's been a complete cock end since about 2000.

Mono, not sure if he's genuinely intrigued or just has a lot of time on his hands, brilliant all the same.

This has disaster written all over it, should be good for a laugh all the same.


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Can you imagine having to listen to Hawtin every weekend. Grim.

Skated in plenty of pairs of Vans over the years, but they're no Vision Street Wear.

Reckon you can get away with a pair of Vans Era, white, with a pair of chinos, and a button down shirt, at a push.

Didn't Druqs have some nice piano style ambient noodly bits in it too? I seem to remember liking some of it.

smallman1 wrote:

Was the set any cop?

It's all a bit hazy if I'm honest Ed, it was a long time ago and i think it was after another gig, at about 10 in the morning. I remember being rather chipper about it all at the time.

Bit like RDJ, boss records, but for some reason, feels he needs to fuckin drill your head live.

Once saw him play dub out the back of a British Gas van.

If you think he's bad, go and see Squarepusher do anything anywhere, he's guaranteed to bring the nausea noise!

millsy23 wrote:

Absolute Razzle pile up.

I'm not sure how I feel about this... I hear what your saying, lovely reference, but somehow it's sullying a childhood memory.

DocWho wrote:

and zero dead space.

Load of bollocks.

And yeah, my initial team looks grim.