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Sad times. And yes, they where immense at Wembley.

Whole album is currently getting rinsed down the gym, boss lifting soundtrack.


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Oh, and best of luck Millsy, stay strong chief.



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Bleeding the radiators.


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Dave's MBB imo.

Also, Fadas, clearly on the bugle, 3 posts on one page, the sort of message board action not seen in many a year.


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And Dutchy too!

Nice work Loops, pray it's got mums looks and fashion sense wink

Currently watch Christopher Biggins throw a massive whitey on ITV.

Celebs on there first space cake, boss tv, kicks the fuck out of the jungle etc.

millsy23 wrote:

Bench? Squat? What’s your stack? Gains? Pics?

Nothing to write home about, 100kg on the bench (3 sets of 6 reps), 200kg on squats (3 sets of 8 reps). PM for pics.

Beijing Dave wrote:

However, Amps, I have to question the validity of wearing a trab from the early 1970s to the gym in 2017.

Always a huge error wearing retro trabbs bought for style for a) the gym b) running c) footy with your mates down the local park. You end up crippled after about 20 minutes, while some fat Jane in NASA-engineered Asics or New Balance is continuing to demolish the cross-trainer next to you.

Agreed on all points, but my current gym routine is just heavy lifting and bag work, and they're well built enough for the bag work. Got plenty of real ones in the collection should I need to break a proper sweat.

fadass wrote:

Ben volpierre pierrots


Did I mention Villalobos is a cunt?

And how the fuck he ever made that list is genuinely beyond me.

smallman1 wrote:

I've never seen trainers with acne before.

Brassneck getting it all wrong. Original waffle racers, the cornerstone from which the entire Nike empire is built upon.

New gym trabs:




One of them in a Billionaire Boys Club t-shirt, the other in a Superdry jacket. I'll say no more.

I thought the score flattered us a bit last night. We did a rare thing of actually taking our chances, on another day that could have been a nil nil or one nil to you. In fairness to West Ham players, although they made heaps of mistakes and the body language wasn't great, they kept playing and still looked a threat late on in the game.

Went with Wolfenstein...

12 hateful minutes of cut scenes before I got to play the game. The games industry needs to lose it's delusions of grandeur. They make games not 'films', they make games, not 'immersive experiences', and when they try to make anything other than games, it's absolute dog shite.

The game seems fine.

had a look at that Liqui... looks decent, but I'm now thinking I might get the new COD... decisions, decisions...

jamie wrote:

"I was very nervous about speaking today so I prepared a few lines beforehand.

Having snorted them about 10 minutes ago, I fear you may have difficulty shutting me up now"

Had a mate do Master of Ceremonies at a another mates large / long winded wedding a few years back, it was basically the embodiment of the above. Sort of Robin Williams and Eddie Izard meet The Mask. Brilliant, surreal, but nearly had to hook him on several occasions.

Really? Thought it looked decidedly average. And yeah, 300 for one game... Nintendo clearly fancy another GameCube / Wii U moment where they've launched with a pony line up and will probably never recover from it. Odd company at times, they just did a short run of the mini SNES... it's like deciding to not print money.

smashdad wrote:
Amps wrote:

Possibly the strangest subject for a concept album I have encountered in a while.

I rather like that - but then I like their stuff - this 'jingoistic-banjo-nonsense-rave-type-thing' is an absolute favourite...

Agreed, I like all their stuff, but this as subject / sample matter seemed an odd choice. Not sure it's their strongest work either, need a few more listens though.


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Think that's someones butler Fad.