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I read somewhere that there is massive ego beef between the software team and the hardware team at Apple, and basically Jobs was some sort of expert cunt wrangler who kept them all in line and doing there job, supposedly the new guy isnt too handy at that side of things.


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I believe the current theory, if he doesn't win, is that he will launch a rival cable channel to Fox News?

Hopefully he will eat his own head.


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Homegrove wrote:

You don't yet know that Apple are making a world a better place with just their devices?

I work on one of these cunts: http://www.apple.com/uk/mac-pro/specs/

Can it Bluetooth a file to my phone? Can it bollocks.


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ghostriddenhuffy wrote:

I doubt if Donald Trump woyld ever resign if he was president. The most logical conclusion would be some type of impeachment process.

Feel like I've posted this before, but, if Clinton was kicked out for getting a nosh of Monica, shirley on day one of the Trump reign he would have all kinds of 'not fit to serve' type shit thrown at him and he'd have to stand down sharpish?

smashdad wrote:
Dan Harwood wrote:

How do you work that out?

I suspect he's hazarding an educated guess based on 6000+ punters through the door week in, week out, month in, month out, year in year out for almost seventeen years - the overwhelming majority of whom pay to get in and then buy the occasional, massively marked up, drink.

He'll confirm for himself of course...

Yeah, that's sort of where I was going.

Dan Harwood wrote:
Amps wrote:

Now, do call me a cunt and tell me to fuck off, but having an idea of the kind of revenue big clubs pull in, does Fabric really need our financial support?

They lose £ 400,000 in revenue each month they are closed. Their mortgage, they own the building and the lease, is £120k+ a month. So, you can see that even if they have a reserve that wont last that long before the bank starts knocking on the door.

Obviously, to negate costs they have made over 200 non-essential members of staff redundant.

If they have anything less than millions in the bank they and their accountants want shooting.

monostereo wrote:

Meanwhile in Berlin.....Berghain given a tax break due to it's cultural significance

https://www.theguardian.com/music/2016/ … cant-venue

Article doesn't mention public arse fisting anywhere? Is that not culturally significant?

Louthy in their with a large one too.

Now, do call me a cunt and tell me to fuck off, but having an idea of the kind of revenue big clubs pull in, does Fabric really need our financial support?


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smallman1 wrote:

rancho relaxo

Sounds like a rub n tug I know in LA.


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monostereo wrote:

In what is surely one of the most elaborate stings in the history of this message board. SimonR was surreptitiously photographed (by doggy?) in a compromising position wearing what appears to be someone else's world championship clay pigeon shooting medallion, accompanied by a Nigerian brass in a toilet cubicle at MOS?

If this is the case then surely his position as board moderator is now somewhat untenable?

Sounds like he pretty much nailed the interview for Head Mod to me.


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The Internet - Letting whoppers and biffs obsess over each other since the mid nineties... brings a tear to the eye...

smallman1 wrote:

Fairly sure Amps has met Purple Aki.

Went back2back with him, three hour warm up set for The Advent at Voodoo in Liverpool circa 98. Smashed it obvs.


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Good fight, but I thought they stopped it a bit early.

Massive lol at Fat Prince Naseem, the weird little fucker.


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Walter, you massive meff.

Homegrove wrote:

Amps, you can post your lucky length list provided you find pictures where they're clothed.

I shall re-name it 'Amp's Chocolate Tea Pot Thread'.

If you cut the sleeves off, where do the flames go?

Gutted this thread isn't about busty chicks wearing tight jumpers sad

Short run, limited edition, heavy twill, not available to the public, possibly with some sort of 'X up' or 'Vs' with Stussy or Comme des Garcons or the like, and I'm in!


How in the fuck is there not a 'Bedrock Board Member' t-shirt?

Or more to the point, a 'Bedrock Senior Board Member' t-shirt?

smashdad wrote:
smallman1 wrote:

Fair play to Dave for buying what are comfortably the worst pair of trabs that any of us have ever seen.

These however aren't that bad...


Fuckin hell, proper special them! I'm not sure Diadora ha ever made a decent trabb, ever.

fletcher wrote:

A few of them were available at the time.
Picked this up from £5 in the Fopp bargain bin a few years back!

https://www.discogs.com/Sasha-Global-Un … ease/38340

Yeah, got my copy of this, still in the cellophane etc.

I reckon I've seen just about every 'big name' DJ there is, and a few more, but I've never seen Tenaglia... and I have absolutely no desire to change that situation. His stuff just does nothing for me.

seanc80 wrote:

Those first pair of Yant's are an absolute no-no for me. The mesh toe, the same-material-tick-as-on-the-trainer situation. Not for me.

I hear what your saying about the tick, but as they're a proper pair of runners I think they've made them as lightweight as possible. They're not quite Mayflies, but they're pretty light.

Hop_Head wrote:

Like the first ones as well.  Ignoring the Jordan's for a second, this is the most consensus on a pair in this entire thread I'd wager.

My ACGs from last year currently hold that crown.

millsy23 wrote:

Considering the plethora of Jordan variations out there it's quite remarkable you would pick those. Gold? Really?

Easiest ones to sell on in a year or two. Some queg will have a melt down over them etc.

BedRob wrote:

Like the top pair amps, how much did they set you back ?

Think they where about £90.