Beijing Dave wrote:

I'm not sure I agree. As I pointed out, they've spent loads of money (or at least given the manager the proceeds of sales to spend) unlike some cunt like, say, Ashley. It's not their fault loads of that cash appears to have been wasted.

Sterling's going no matter how much money is offered to him - again, not like you can say "They're not willing to pay for the talent once they've developed it".

I hear what your saying, but I think a lot of that money was spent on middle mark, 6 out of 10, or 7 out of 10 players with the hope of making them into good to brilliant 8 out of 10 or 9 out of 10 players who we can sell on. If by a miracle we developed three or four 9 out of 10 players at the same time, kept them for a season longer than we should, put a team together and challenged, then they can say that was the plan all along, when in fact it's just a bonus for them.

I reckon you need at least five top mark, 8 or 9 out of 10 players in your side to win the league, if Sterling thought we had that kind of caliber coming in, plus the wages, I think he would have stuck around. No chance are FSG about to sign five top players, they couldn't sign for a fucking parcel. So in a round about way, they're not willing to do what needs to be done to keep the talent there. Again though, point taken.

fletcher wrote:

Blanck Mass - Dumb Flesh.
One chap from fuck buttons has made a noisy / ambient / wtf album, its quite good.  Its not house music.

Cheers! I didn't know about this, due to being middle aged.

joeyp wrote:
simeon79 wrote:

Blur_The Magic Whip

I don't get the blur album. Listened to it a few times now, does nothing

Whoever the fuck told Damon Albarn he could sing deserves a kicking imo.

Rodgers fits what FSG want, so I don't think they'll get rid of him.

Any manager worth their salt will look at they're financial set up, the wage and transfer structure and give it a big swerve, they know that, so they'll always be looking for their man who is willing to work with less.

They're not willing to pay for the talent once they've developed it, so they've basically turned us into a feeder club. I reckon FSG will be happy with top half of the table as long as they churn out a good couple of players to sell every other year.

'FSG out' protests by Christmas.


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would like to give coogan a bone handle chiving about the hair line and scalp him

If it helps with your digestion of 24 Hour Party People, Glenn, then I can assure you that all the bugle they nosh back in the coach scene was real. Somebody bought a bucket load and they did it in whilst riding around the M60 for the best part of a day. Truefax from one of the sound engineers who worked on it.

shaunstrudwick wrote:

never had the pleasure of seeing JH live - thank fuck

Almost certain I must have seen him at least once, but don't remember it.

This may have already been posted.

The definition of a tear up.

Went double Green.

Would just about prefare Cons to Labour, but it's like choosing which eye you would rather lose.


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Henry Rindhoops wrote:

there's a fair bit of Photoshop frequency separation going on there too.

Nice spot.


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MattBlack wrote:

he used to play all that tech house stuff like Corbin Dalek and i think his career went downhill around 2002-2003 when he get kicked off Radio 1

You mean Corvin Dalek, who did Pounds & Penz? One of the muscular holy trinity of prog monsters?


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Trying to imagine a Zackster 'party set'.

j.p sykes wrote:

It was the weirdest most soul-less clubbing experience of my life...

It doesn't look like it's improved! Big, straight up and down clear spans like that are grim for clubbing imo.

Homegrove wrote:

One guestion about the Ultra-stage... Looks to be only one set up, hard to fathom every DJ there having same rider. How did they do the changes...

You can do them on the fly once the next dj has arrived with his gear / spec. You might have the bulk of it in flight cases waiting to go, but you might not plug it all in until they have told you exactly how they want it. Plus with some djs, you can't set up until they arrived with there bag of tricks, Zabiela etc.

What time does it kick off here?

monostereo wrote:

If Pacquiao, the humble god fearing champion of the people *somehow* manages to floor Mayweather the vulgar, nouveau riche narcissistic slap-head cunt, it will surely be worth every PPV penny.


As I think someone else has already said, I reckon Pacquiao has to leave him on the floor to get a result in Vegas.

Well done H, good work smile


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Get back to your Hi-Techs you bell end.


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Just ordered these, Jordan Flight Flex, for the gym only:

strummerjones wrote:

Some boss footwork there early doors.


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Lol for Dutchy.

Currently on a paleo diet, so it's steak for breakfast... as it is for nearly every other meal. Winning.


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All tunes etc on the computer, then backed up to 3T drive, which is then backed up to another similar 3T drive just in case. The just in case drive is stashed in an unmarked box in the loft, just in case the house gets done over.

Have considered a few times over the years getting a safety deposit box for the rare bits of vinyl and back ups etc, but after this week...

...might just get a fireproof Peli case or the like for the just in case drive.

Fuck the cloud.


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JohnnyVegas wrote:

How about you poirot - you ever had a go?



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Ger_Stokes wrote:
Squidgy wrote:

Thought you would mean this one Ger_Stokes....

I actually prefer the album version over this and the extended ver, with this coming second

Yep, that's the one in the vid I posted there, the only mix of song for life. Legendary.

It's a boss mix, but it wouldn't have worked on the album.

It would be interesting if they had mixes like this of all the other tracks on the album.

Go green for a protest vote Yant, better than not voting, they'll never get in, but hopefully  it'll send a message that the shite the main parties are churning out isn't good enough.

And just to contradict myself...

jules72 wrote:

The Tories may be repugnant to many but perhaps most dont realise the UK economy is doing way better than elsewhere in the world. I can guarantee Miliband would fuck it up in the way Hollande did in France - he is an unmitigated disastrous commie.

The Tories are better at the country management stuff. The thought of Labour getting another go is horrific. have a read of Masters of Nothing by Matthew Hancock if you want to get an idea of how inept they where last time.

Do you think the Lib Dems would completely fuck it if they got in?


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I like the idea of an early start for an early finish these days smile