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Loopy's family photo album must be a great laugh...


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Used to regularly play 5/6 hour sets, always thought the best approach was stringing together lots of little pre planed bits.


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Sex on acid is always freaky as fuck, I never know which end to start, fair play.

I can testify to the '8 hours of tenting' with the viagra too. The problem with that stuff, is that if you don't need it, it's like fuckin dynamite to your length. Best to do a half and candy flip it with something else.

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Rumours gathering about Kanye West headlining on Saturday night.


One word, six letters, middle three are 'w.e.r.v.'...

Au contraire! If I can get tickets in the resale, I'll be front and centre with a 2 liter cider bottle, absolutely brimming with warm piss and his name on it.

I've had two minor celebrity hit and run attempts on my life.

Some time around the age of 14, pro skateboarders Danny Way and Colin McKay (you probably bets know them for DC trabs and sponsoring Ken Block etc) tried to mow me down in their tour bus at Shrewsbury skate park. They drove after me and my mate across the footy fields for about five minutes. It must have looked like something from Benny Hill.

Goldie off roaded backstage at Creamfields circa 2002 in his maroon BMW M1, to do something similar, before laughing his head off and flashing the full grill of teeth at us. Top bloke.

Wally wrote:

Aye, i bet he didnt dry hump a sofa in fabric while completely mashed or anything.


Is Joey really David Vincent in disguise?

Massive hard on!

Fancy the live show too.

Traxsource it is.

Similar genres I'm used to, decent player, all the artwork my sudo synesthesia needs, plus all the key / bpm info.

I just have to ignore the fuckin awful logo and the heavy interface.

Or one proper weekend!

simeon79 wrote:

Great track, but I'm still pissed off with how short that intro is.


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Sorting the men from the boys etc.

The player isn't up to much either.

And when they do put the artwork up on the player, it's down at the bottom left, so when your using chrome and your mouse is over a link, half the artwork gets covered by the link info.

Where's next best gents? I can't handle any more of it.

It's twisting my fuckin melon!!!!!! Kaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaannnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnttttttsssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss!

Hawtin, the definition of disappearing up your own hoop whilst emerging from it simultaneously. He's such a complete bell whiff he actually breaks the laws physics.

DuFunk wrote:

Lottie, John Carter, Guy Ornadal, Tim Deluxe, Fergie a few others who went of the radar.  Surely they have to seek other careers must be quite depressing this kind of demise.

Lottie was boss.
Carter was an bumbling alcoholic.
Ornadel played some awful shite.

The lack of artwork next to the tracks in my cart, or anywhere for that matter, is driving me fuckin crackers.


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Played Turnberry last year, keen to play more Scottish classics now, The Old course being the top of the pile.


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smashdad wrote:

wouldn't touch a Nano with a barge-pole obviously

You don't like Nanos or you don't like Apple?

MarcusGraham wrote:

The last attack with advanced arms technology on British soil was?

Well, the argument there is that such an attack hasn't happened because we have such advanced weapons and  well trained and equipped forces etc.

Didn't the USA consider invading us after WW2? I'm sure the French would be all over us if let our guard down for a second wink

Don't get me wrong, I fully understand what your saying, I'll probably be voting Green myself, but I think whilst modern puppet politics still exist and big business goes around the world dicking anyone worth stealing from, I'm happy we have big clever guns, which again, I know it's a self perpetuating argument. I think the change needs to be a bit slower and other things need to change before we get rid of our nukes.

MarcusGraham wrote:

'The weapons go out of date' argument always makes me laugh, yeh, because a bomb that can wipe out quarter of the planet won't be powerful enough in 10 years time, or bullets that can pierce concrete will go off and smell rotten in a couple of years.

Hmmmm. It's less that they go off, more that they become less of a threat when your enemy has a greater technology. By your way of thinking, our troops could be using old blunderbuss's and woolen undercrackers whilst our enemy uses all kinds of lazer guided shiz and sexy as fuck body armor.

It's a race, and it's best to keep your hand in.

No, thorium reactors are where it's at! have a google, very interesting stuff, especially how we got stuck with the ones we have now.

Also, wind and sun are all good, but they are inconsistent, we need to sort out tidal stuff asap. As long as we have seas and a moon we will always have tidal power. Although a little useless if your land locked.


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I have a funny feeling I may be going back at some point, so more exploration to come. Plus I just found out I have an old friend living only an hour away smile

iPod nano being smaller and lighter than most phones, plus if I bust it, it's not my phone that's bust, and if I drain the power I still have my phone. Almost essential for the adrenalin sports lifestyle I lead these days. Just ask Ed.

MattBlack wrote:

for example we subsidise wind farms to stay switched off because the amount of energy they actually create its not worth them being switched on.

Not true, they produce plenty of power. It's just that sometimes it's in the wrong place at the wrong time, as the grid doesn't have sufficient cable networks to carry the power produced to where it needs to be used, so they shut them down. The grid needs upgrading, not the wind farms shutting off, but fear not, it's something that is already happening.

Also, we subsidies power plants when they do the same thing and have been long since before green technologies came along. Check out how ze Germans have been making green energy happen and work. We look like Victorian mill owners driving horse and carts by comparison.

Don't know too much about the Greens policies, but is it not still better to have a full bus pumping out petrol fumes than the equivalent amount of cars pumping out the same? Would the Greens not naturally put more into public transport and tighten emission regs on cars?