Is that a new Advent track? Are they still doing stuff? Sweet.


i wish your'd do one of those ,micheal palin  style travel books , id buy it.

It has Channel Four travelogue written all over it. Glen doing his best Attenborough impression on the voice over.

dutchy101 wrote:

The Luke Fair mix of 16B  Colours. Tunarge.

At some point your man Fair did a very catchy remix, or original track, big hooky synth / pad thing, cant find it and I'm damned if I'm going looking for the vinyl.

Top bloke though.


Such a big part of my life for so long. Still does the business.




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Very EuroTrash.

Probably gonna be massive after some cunto on radio 1 starts playing it.

loopdokter wrote:

This seems to be happening the world over.  I have no idea how relevant Nation is anymore (Amps?)

It hasn't been relevant since about 2004.

Just in case anybody was unsure: … 70#p437470

Holy fuck, Gordon Brown is the Ricardo Villalobos of politics!

What a cunt!

erik.b wrote:

Criminal negligence would be a good starting point.


Correct and correct.

I hate all the cunts, but it comes down a bit like:

Can't vote Labour after they fucked it last time, don't trust them and they'll just bloat the civil services again too.

Can't vote Conservative, the Scottish referendum showed them for what arrogant, lazy cunts they are, (as if we didn't know) and they want to drill under my house and that drives me utterly fuckin mental.

Will probably vote Lib Dem, there as bad as the rest, but couldn't do any worse. Some of their old crew seem to have a clue.

erik.b wrote:

Brown and Blair fucked Labour

They fucked the whole country, especially Brown. I've said it before, but he should be locked up for what he did to the Bank of England.

I'm in. … /12276178/

Pedelo, bandanna, bottle of rum, twenty Marlborough lights, pretend your a pirate, best holiday you'll ever have.

Was up that way a year or two ago.

Not a lot to do so defo get a car and have a look at one of those 'Secret Ibiza Beaches' books. Found a few cool spots when we where there.


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Guy would never play this:

End of conversation.

Amps wrote:

Quite possibly one of the most muscular tracks of all time...

I'mm so concerned about this geting the right aount of recognition as one of the true muscular monsters, i actually checked the board on my phone in the pub. Feel like a right cunt. new low. Kill me now.

Quite possibly one of the most muscular tracks of all time...

Starting to think it might be a tape from a club...

Fucked if own a Seb mix. Must be on something else. Can't pin it down though.

dutchy101 wrote:

Instant pandemonium.  Just add Amnesia and ice cannons.

Going mental here, what mix was that on? One of the nu breeds?

smallman1 wrote:

demolition prog.

One of my favourite muscular sub genres.

smallman1 wrote:

2 decks, a mixer, a fcuk off soundsystem and some juiced up demolition prog.

I'm getting carried away now and repeating myself.


Decks, mixer, two speaker stacks, strobe, smoke machine.

Saw Jeff Mills use that very formula to destroy Voodoo in about 99 I think. Middle of a heat wave, blokes handing in their kecks to the cloak room, birds dancing with their tits out. Boss night.

millsy23 wrote:
Yant wrote:

The fact that you have a builder as a Dad makes a massive difference IMO.  Most people are too cautious/apprehensive/unsure about doing work like knocking down walls etc to do any of that stuff.

Including myself.  As mentioned already in this thread, it's difficult to know who to trust.

A week into new house and I already have a plumber re-siting a boiler, a carpenter building all manner of things (yeah, thanks erik MATE) an electrician rewiring half the bastard place and a bathroom fitter on standby. Fuckity fuck.

I've just watched a mate do up a flat over about 3 / 4 years on his own. In that time he's bought about every power tool under the sun, learnt how to use said power tools and learnt all sorts of building / trade / finishing skills. Even though he only worked part time, progress was unbelievably slow as he had to learn as he went. Place looked amazing, very high spec, but it just wasn't worth the effort. He basically lived in a  building site for 4 years and it nearly bankrupted him.

He just moved into a 4 story town house gutted it and paid proper trades to come in and do all the work, finished in six months and he got his life back.

Yant wrote:
Amps wrote:

Played Turnberry at the weekend, both courses, howling gale, pissing rain, ball getting blown off the tee etc. Hotel was decent though.

Sounds right up my straat, that.  World famous links course, playing at it toughest? I'm in.

Check your PM.