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All tunes etc on the computer, then backed up to 3T drive, which is then backed up to another similar 3T drive just in case. The just in case drive is stashed in an unmarked box in the loft, just in case the house gets done over.

Have considered a few times over the years getting a safety deposit box for the rare bits of vinyl and back ups etc, but after this week...

...might just get a fireproof Peli case or the like for the just in case drive.

Fuck the cloud.


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JohnnyVegas wrote:

How about you poirot - you ever had a go?



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Ger_Stokes wrote:
Squidgy wrote:

Thought you would mean this one Ger_Stokes....

I actually prefer the album version over this and the extended ver, with this coming second

Yep, that's the one in the vid I posted there, the only mix of song for life. Legendary.

It's a boss mix, but it wouldn't have worked on the album.

It would be interesting if they had mixes like this of all the other tracks on the album.

Go green for a protest vote Yant, better than not voting, they'll never get in, but hopefully  it'll send a message that the shite the main parties are churning out isn't good enough.

And just to contradict myself...

jules72 wrote:

The Tories may be repugnant to many but perhaps most dont realise the UK economy is doing way better than elsewhere in the world. I can guarantee Miliband would fuck it up in the way Hollande did in France - he is an unmitigated disastrous commie.

The Tories are better at the country management stuff. The thought of Labour getting another go is horrific. have a read of Masters of Nothing by Matthew Hancock if you want to get an idea of how inept they where last time.

Do you think the Lib Dems would completely fuck it if they got in?


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I like the idea of an early start for an early finish these days smile

Can you imagine Ed in talks with Putin. He'd fuckin rape him and throw the corpse out the window.

There all thieving cunts, it's just which brand of thief you want.

Probably going to vote green... not sure yet.

MattBlack wrote:

He'll be the next bench warmer at City to help their English players quota, they'll use him for cover when David Silva is injured

This^^^ He's really not as good as he or everyone else seems to think he is. He might be, one day, but not right now.

Skills JP, skills!

Thank fuck for that!

Cheers Neko

This is how you police a thread:

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No idea why it didn't make it to a ten pager...

What mix was this on? It's doing my head in!

loopdokter wrote:
Amps wrote:

Mine looks a lot like Yants, but with added 200kg dead lifts down the gym.

What sort of muscular prog helps with that scenario?

Mine looks a lot like Yants, but with added 200kg dead lifts down the gym.

poirot wrote:

Pushin to hard was already out and battered to fucking death on Sounds good records.

Belting record label.


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millsy23 wrote:

If anyone has suggestions of better trabbs to play basketball in than top of the range Jordans, I'm all ears.

If you have to wear Jordans, make em Jordan 5s, the rest where for the most part a horror show.

seanc80 wrote:

Forest hills have been rinsed to death. The only decent ones that anyone should wear are the gold ones which are discontinued.

Know the ledge. Gold ones where the original colours. Didn't mind some of the others though. Summer trab if ever there was one, very lightweight, virtually a flip flop sole.


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Far from it Roberto, as stated numerous times before, they're only ever sported in the water or on the beach, or on occasion at a drug fueled barbecue for some self depreciating humuor... although I doubt many on here understand that concept.

Truth be told, they're far from the worst trabbs I own, I also have boot version of the Rifts with a horse hair finish smile


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Get it right you dozy biff, it was a pair of these:



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It's really not that big a deal, i'm not losing any sleep over it or anything... but back when nobody was dressing like a victorian gent, Robertson was, so he's sort of entitled to keep doing so, his wardrobe has looked like that for years. It feels like Weatherall is trying a bit to hard to be hip, and he clearly doesn't need to, very talented chap etc.


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Unbroken1 wrote:

what more do you want?

Him to not look like he's trying so hard. As you have rightly pointed out, he doesn't need to, he's very much his own man.

smallman1 wrote:

and some bang on Nike Air.

Lets see some photo evidence in the trab thread Smalls, we wouldn't want both your prog and fashion credentials to be in question...


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Not a fan of 'hipster' Weatherall.

Tip of the hat to Robertson though, who has been playing nose bleed techno in a cravat and silk smoking jacket since about 93.


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seanc80 wrote:


Noice choice.

Millsy, have a word with yourself.


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I like it, not sure it sounds very Leftfield ish though.

We looked clueless for the first half today. Who knows, with eleven me the second half could have been a bit more interesting.

Shite all round sad

I appreciate his hard work Smashey! However it's drivel in a very narrow market sad