Yeah, they're not the most durable, but I'm sure I can keep them tidy... I'll only be going the boozer in them.

Middle age heathens, every last one of you,.

Chewin over a pair of these... not convinced yet.

Am I the only one still using Beatport Classic?

He lies about working in record shops Jay, he really doesn't have a lot going on, haranguing you is as good as it gets for Derms.

fletcher wrote:

I'm ok with taxes going up as long the money does actually end up benefiting society

Good, but how come a few posts ago it was all:

Felch Aid wrote:

but what else can you do.

There's always a way if you really want it.

Boring wrote:

The NHS needs way more than £1.3 billion per year (£20bn/15years) to sustain itself at current levels.

Work out where the extra money is going to come from before arguing about how to spend it.

I know, thats why I said it would sort out a 'bit' of the NHS. It needs a lot of work, and it will have to be payed for. I, like Felch, and I assume many of us here, don't mind my tax going up if it's for the right reasons.

On that note, I'm all for itemised tax, knowing where it's going etc, but I seem to remember the Lib Dems trying it years ago with a few pence for education and everyone laughing at them. You need someone more serious than Jezza to start talking about it now and it might be deemed politically acceptable in twenty odd years time.

Felch Aid wrote:

The NHS is fucked as we're an ageing growing nation.

The only way you possibly save it from meltdown is relieving it of its burdens in modern society which means private medical insurance becoming the norm in this country for basic care. I hate saying it and I dont endorse something the Tories want to introduce but what else can you do. On top of that the uk is fucked financially.

Felch Aid wrote:

but what else can you do.

Fuckin hell! Double lolers. This is exactly what the current government want you to believe. That some how all is lost and it's the only option. That the way things where before is somehow now impossible. Bollocks. 20 odd billion on war in the past 15 years. That would sort out a bit of the NHS. Again, you just need someone in power who will prioritise it.

(haven't read the entire thread, so apologies if this has already been dealt with Ax)

Not a massive boxing fan, but gutted I'll be missing his. Out kitchen sinking it I'm afraid.

millsy23 wrote:
fadass wrote:

ooooh sore point.

Added to spreadsheet. lol.

You're on thin ice when you insult our beautiful English roses lol. Rhouse-dawg agrees.

Not even a challenge, I've fucked fatter, spunked up uglier, and pissed on angrier birds than her.

Nah mate, not interested in the phony balonies, awful things. Real deals all the way.

Are you all on crack? This idea that 'the NHS is fucked beyond repair' and has to be privatised is a proper nonsense. Have you all been slurping down the Tory spunk flavoured Kool-Aid? If you get a government in that wants to fix it, and prioritises it, it'll be fine. End of. Get some cunts in who want to under fund it and manage it badly as an excuse to gift it to their mates... guess fucking what!

jules72 wrote:

Yes Im a Tory voter because I work hard and dont want it to finance people sitting on their arse.

Jules there, summing up exactly what is wrong with this country, all reading the Mail and being outraged / terrified that someone down the road might be getting something for nothing... oh the horror!

What an awful, narrow minded cunt.

jamie wrote:
erik.b wrote:

Where are we getting the information that Labour are fucked under Corbyn?

Just about every opinion poll I have read recently.

From what I can see, the party is divided under his leadership and he is weak as a leader and as a statesman. At least Trump exuded some sort of authority. Corbyn seems like a supply teacher at school whose classes you knew you could fuck around in as he couldn't do fuck all about it.

Best thing for the Labour party is for them to lose terribly and then appoint a new, leader with a bit more energy and appeal to the swing voters. Not sure who it could be though as the party is in disarray as far as I can see.

I hate the tories but as it stands I can't see a viable alternative to them. I have no confidence in Corbyn and wouldn't trust the Lib Dems with anything after the boomerangs Clegg performed when they got in with the Cameron. … 9063716864

Correct Roberto.

In other recollections of the evening, what the fuck was going on with total strangers rubbing my baldy head like I was some sort of small friendly child, and double what the fuck was going on with the Burmese bloke standing on peoples feet and Facebook Live-ing their reaction?

Boss night.

Liked the club, good vibe, good crowd, sound wasn't bad, drank lots of gin.

Was a bit gutted John didn't bang it out a bit harder, but top stuff all the same.

Drive home nearly killed me.

spinnerlg wrote:

Rage Against The Machine @ Manchester Ritz 1993. Angst in every way. Blew my mind. The end.

Great minds Spinner!

Rage Against the Machine, Liverpool, 93. My first gig and still one of the best.

AC/DC, Wembly 2015. Just fuckin boss, end of.

Green Day, Boardwalk Manchester, 94. Still spewing that I missed them at Wigan Cricket Club in 92, but this just about made up for it.

Memorable mentions to the Chems at the Apollo in Manch 97, Underworld at Glasto last year, Pantera at Donnington 94, The Pharcyde at Manch Ritz late 90s, and fuck loads that I've forgotten.

I don't know how Luc Besson does it, but somehow all the effects work in his films look like they where done by the team at Blue Peter, utilising there standard fare of loo rolls and sticky back plastic.

I'll not complain too much, as his films are, for the most part, way above the usual Hollywood fodder.

One would assume he read all the Mobius stuff when he was a kid???

Fair play, I reckon Guttenburg did some goosing in his time.

Truck loads of Dermo's ones on eBay.

If you can't steal those, B&Q do a version, the Curver Heavy Duty Crates, very similar, not cheap, but the bonus is the handles: they've got big round sturdy bastards on them, so when you try to pick up a full crate of records they don't cut into your hand like cheese wire!

I don't think the lids on them are as sturdy as some, possibly not as industrial as Dermo's ones, but the handles are a winner for when you come to move them. Just remember to check the dimensions, some of the smaller ones 'nearly, but not quite' take records etc.


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Don't ruin this for me Yant.


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By far the nicest, best kept, course I've played, but they should all be tearing it apart, it's far from the toughest course. The fairways are miles wide, the rough is very kind and the greens are massive. My local muni is a far harder round.


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Nice one Yant. Do PM me if you want to hear me endlessly batter on about my round at Bay Hill.

Lollers at Wexit! lol