Didn't we already do this?

1. Banksy
2. Jonjo Shelvey
3. Graham Norton
4. Villalobos

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smallman1 wrote:

Guess the financial well has run dry.

Nah, Drummond is still rolling in it. Lots of finger in musical pies etc. Read enough about him and you realise they burnt the million quid because they could easily afford it.


Some dormant gems id long forgotten about ^^^^^

Still love this track, i sold it for £30 on 12"  back in 2004 ish on e bay..i regret it.

Used to lift the roof off its joists back in 2000.

Fair play, that's boss!

Nick Sneddon wrote:

did you get your ticket for 11/2 Ed? we can arrange to meet and completely miss each other again

Garnier? Playing anywhere decent?

seanc80 wrote:

So rich are we now with genuinely shocking posts, that when Rhouses makes a diabolical show of himself, its barely worth mentioning.

A golden age, if you will, of horror posts. Akin to the late 90s for prog.

millsy23 wrote:

Rhouses, you are horrific on every conceivable level mate. But goddammit I wouldn't change you. You're beautiful.

This! lol

Yant wrote:

Preferred Force Awakens after that first viewing.

Are you on smack?

Well said Rossi, merry Chrimbo everyone!


I did toy with tying his name into the title, but thought it was a little harsh.

As ever gents, where on page three and very few of you have posted any eye candy, get posting and enjoy the flaming!

Well, this went about as well as they usually do...

Here's some Angela White.





Awwww, my Sheridan Smith gif got deleted, I didn't realise she was that offensive! Lolers!

Understood H, apologies all round.

Wally wrote:
Amps wrote:

And what the fuck was with the jarg sound track? Could they not get the rights to the original recordings or something? Proper knock off cover version shite.

Due to the reshoots and scheduling conflicts, original composer Alexander Desplat pulled out and was replaced with Michael Giacchino who had four weeks to do the entire score.

I thought the music was pretty generic myself but given that, it's a miracle he got what he did done.

http://www.ew.com/article/2016/11/23/ro … standalone

I was thinking more that, on the main theme, they have rerecorded it and tinkered with it, why not use the original recording? It sounds like a cheap cover version. Haven't read your link if that gives me said answer.

liquitech1 wrote:

..appreciate the effort, Amps, but wtf is going on here?


It's called humour, it may have passed you by. Or are you one of these misogynistic mentalers who prefers his women with no personality at all?

History repeating it's self here Derms... Post your choices? Or are you to scared to even share your taste in women?

Homegrove wrote:

4,5 / 5. My mancrush on Ben Mendehlson is strong.

Couldn't work out who the fuck he reminded me of: he's the love child of Johnny Rotten.

And what the fuck was with the jarg sound track? Could they not get the rights to the original recordings or something? Proper knock off cover version shite.

It's a fucks sight better than the last one, but it's still just an okay film. Got fucked off with all the constant references and nostalgia to the original trilogy, they really need to ditch that and make these fuckers work on their own. Did we really need to see minge mouth Ponda Baba? No we didn't.

You know the rules Grant, put up or shut up, post your pics.

Well gents, it's billed as NSFW, but I can assure you, it's nipple free. It's the thread equivalent of a pint of Kaliber. As Edward would have it, all fart and no poo. If this fucker limps over to two pages it'll be a minor miracle. For once I will actively encourage Dave to post his emaciated Thai he/she types, just to bump up the post count. Bad times.

Roxanne Pallett

Crap TV type I stumbled upon the other day. Does it for me in a 'works on the till at Kwik Save, probably flicks herself off in the store room' type way.





Felicity Jones




Jessie Andrews

Return of an old fave, just because I saw her in some grot last week.





Maria Ramos

Everyones favourite Mrs. Mario is back for a second year in a row.







Amy Thunderbolt

Other Cosplay type, I'm assuming she's over 18.





Album: Chaosmosis - Primal Scream
Mix: Any of JPs Conversations
Festival: Glasto
Film: Modern cinema is shite
Concert: Underworld at Glasto
Trabs: My blue Nike Berwuda that Sean had a hissy fit over.
How many gigs  attended - U.K: 4
How many gigs  attended - Abroad: 4
Benson Award - Did you make it t the main act or leave early ? Last man standing every time
Reg of the year - Wally and Nipple Gate / Dermo posting his cankles in the trab thread.
Funniest poster - Still ETC, but he has been missed of late


If i heard anything that good in a club these days, I'd spunk in my strides.

smallman1 wrote:

That is one of the most pathetic insults I've ever heard, you're way better than that Derm!

In fairness, he's got you there Dermo.

lolers on the line up, Hot Since 82 is probably the only one I would be arsed seeing.

Huge, and once it's proper rammed, and you will never see your friends ever again!