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Fur Coat - Polyphonic

https://soundcloud.com/furcoatmusic/fre … polyphonic

Michael of Norcross wrote:
Big Fella wrote:

She will get to stay in the seven star hotel for the next few weeks til they have the after party, fair play to her i say.

I hope they are stocked up with grub, the fat fucker !
A joke that people like this are made rich and famous.

She'll be alright, there's a McDonald's in the Westfield shopping centre next door to the Palazzo Versace.

Alternatively if she's really peckish, she could pick a dolphin up from Seaworld and get the hotel to BBQ it.

$4 billion in revenues coming in, only $578m going out...

The FIFA Development Program is probably a Blatter slush fund!


Yant wrote:
smallman1 wrote:

Reading the feedback on this FIFA report gets my blood boiling.

Can they ever be be accountable for anything?

Do admire their brazen chutzpah though. Takes some front.

I struggle to get my head around how they continue to get away with it all the time.

Simple, money... They are a fine example of a modern day mafia. They've got money coming out of every orifice. A bit of criticism here, a scandal there... Makes no difference to them, there's nothing anyone can really do as they govern themselves.

Yant wrote:
smashdad wrote:

Are they bruises on her breasts or is she rotting from the inside?

Fucking lol.

she's allegedly Betoko's new squeeze.

In memory of Dermo.


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https://soundcloud.com/simonlangham/sim … 4partthree

01. Moritz Guhling - Dust
02. Fabio Giannelli - Signals
03. Nick Muir, John Digweed - Gigawave (Fairmont Remix)
04. Moritz Guhling - Transparency
05. Nick Dow - Armour Plated (Hubert Kirchner Remix)
06. Audion feat. Troels Abrahamsen - Dem Howl
07. Meerkats & Edler - Morbit (Krink Remix)
08. High Heels Breaker - Come Easy feat. Sarah Palin (Dave Aju Remix)
09. Neil Flynn - Louise (SBTH Remix)
10. Sid Le Rock - Burning Daylight (Original / Dub)
11  Idioma - Pandore (Ruede Hagelstein's 'Gentle Touch' Remix)
12. Wareika - A Night at Hoppetosse (Finnebassen Remix)
13. YOKTO - Nishinomaru


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Tom Hardy cracks me up in it. Great character.

Speaking Minds – Warp

Konstantin Sibold - Apart
https://soundcloud.com/konstantinsibold … bold-apart

Aki Bergen - First Glimpse
https://soundcloud.com/steyoyoke/aki-be … st-glimpse

Marco Resmann - Sun
https://soundcloud.com/uponyourecords/5 … esmann-sun

Locked Groove - Enigma EP
https://soundcloud.com/hotflush/locked- … 37-preview

Unimpressed. I wasn't impressed with that video Digweed posted from ADE (with the pedestrian lights floating around either).

Let' face it, you only really need a strobe, a big fuck off laser and a glitter ball. Everything else is superfluous.


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jamie wrote:

I concur with Henry - Loved part 2.

Cheers J


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Henry Rindhoops wrote:

Part deux is da bollox.

Cheers H

£30.50 for a 1 colour T-shirt (hand pulled, environmentally friendly or not) is taking the michael....

Diminished Responsibility wrote:
steelydan wrote:

I love a Biryani, but find it a tad dry. Would love to go to Indian one of these days and try the real deal.

We usually get our biryani served with a curry made from chicken/mutton bones on side - this helps if you find it dry. We also get 'raita' - a yogurt with onions, chilli, cilantro and tomatoes mixed in - helps when it's too spicy.

Let me know if you have a  trip planned in Bangalore, we can do a "biryani crawl" of sorts... tons of different variations - north indian, andhra, musilim... etc.

They used to do a fucking mean Bangalorean biriyani at the ITC Windsor hotel.


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I think Matt has a bit of a thing for another Matt judging by the number of times he's been mentioned in this thread. Bordering Gilli's levels of adulation for Guy J.

MattBlack wrote:

King Unique mix of Candyland, nice

MattBlack wrote:

hearing the King Unique mix of Candyland was a particular highlight

MattBlack wrote:

Guy J Candyland King Unique remix on vinyll


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https://soundcloud.com/simonlangham/sim … 014partone

01. Neil Flynn - Louise
02. Pete Oak - Tranquila
03. Nicolas Masseyeff - Vero
04. John Daly - Everlasting
05. Stephan Bodzin - Sungam
06. NTFO - Diagram
07. Nicolas Masseyeff - Len
08. Dark Sky - Rainkist (Trevino's Heartbeat Remix)
09. Ten Walls - Gotham (Brian CID Remix)
10. Flowers and Sea Creatures - Citadel (Speaking Minds Remix)
11. Fairmont - Grizzly
12. SBTH feat. Flowers and Sea Creatures - Dagito (Main)
13. Aaryon - Fairy Tales (Ran Salman Remix)
14. Krink - Decay
15. Sven Vath - L'esperanza (Ame Reinterpretation)

https://soundcloud.com/simonlangham/sim … 014parttwo

01. Ryan Crosson - Close To Danger
02. Krink - Eclipse
03. Alex Niggemann - Abaton (Lee Jones Remix)
04. Sisterhood - Tunnels (Bicep Remix)
05. Oberst & Buchner feat. Mimu - Doves (Patlac Remix)
06. Lehar - Sargas (Mario Basanov Remix)
07. Boy Next Door - Living a Lie (Benotmane Remix)
08. Horixon feat. Robert Owens - Brighter Day (Locked Groove 'Marching Trumpets' Dub)
09. Flowers and Sea Creatures feat. Wrong Jeremy - The Very Next Day (Adriatique Remix)
10. Livio & Roby - Ananda (Luca Bachetti Remix)
11. Super Flu feat. Dortmunder Philharmoniker & Philipp Armbruster Philharmoniker - Volkwein
12. Vincenzo feat. Minako - Just Like Heaven (Dave DK Remix)
13. Corvum - The Island of Fay

Edler & Meerkats - The Morbit Hounding EP
https://soundcloud.com/ploetzlich-musik … the-morbit

Aidan Lavelle & Robbie Akbal - Stars featuring Shawni (André Hommen Remix)
https://soundcloud.com/culpritla/cp048- … mmen-remix

Melokolektiv & Konvex & The Shadow - Train To Neverland (Smash TV Remix)
https://soundcloud.com/smash-tv-1/melok … ix-preview

Idioma - Pandore EP
https://soundcloud.com/mkgmusic/sets/id … 1-snippets

Uner - CTA

Audion feat. Troels Abrahamsen - Dem Howl
https://soundcloud.com/audion/dem-howl- … sen-kom314

Dauwd - Saleh

AFFKT - Faceless

Eating Cannibals - Magnolia EP
https://soundcloud.com/eatingcannibals/ … a-ep-ec001

Nikkname - Dance Alone (Original Mix)
https://soundcloud.com/mangali-music/ni … iginal-mix

Livio & Roby - Ananda (Luca Bacchetti Endless Remix)

Mind Against remix of Peter for me.

https://soundcloud.com/liquid-youth-ams … ed-preview

jamie wrote:
seanc80 wrote:

The Drifter remix of Peter is where its all happening Jamie

although I like that mix (heard it on a few TOU sets) I found it a bit 'wishy washy'

New Gardens Of God EP


Tube & Berger, Paji - Reliquia
https://soundcloud.com/pajimusic/tube-b … ix-preview

SHOW-B - Arps To Heaven

Jonas Saalbach & Tony Casanova - Aura (Dahu remix)
https://soundcloud.com/click-records-am … anova-dahu

Benotmane - Theme
https://soundcloud.com/schallbox-record … mane-theme

Butch & Hohberg - Thai Cubensis (Vinyl Speed Adjust Remix)
https://soundcloud.com/superbutch/thai- … s-vsaremix

Fabio Giannelli - Signals
https://soundcloud.com/fabio-giannelli/ … li-signals

Fairmont - Grizzly EP
https://soundcloud.com/beachcoma/sets/f … y-previews

Denis Horvat - Bliss
https://soundcloud.com/denis-horvat/den … noir-music

Bob Barker - Firbeck (Greenville Massive Remix)
https://soundcloud.com/greenvillemassiv … mixpreview

Stiff Little Spinnners Vol. 5
https://soundcloud.com/audiolith/sets/s … ners-vol-5

Horixon feat. Robert Owens - Brighter Day (Locked Groove 'Marching Trumpets' Dub Mix)
https://soundcloud.com/eskimorecordings … d-groove-m

Pete Oak - Tranquila EP
https://soundcloud.com/steyoyoke/sets/p … -tranquila

Shall Ocin - Atlas EP
https://soundcloud.com/paneoh/sets/shal … s-ep-ellum

Nicolas Masseyeff - VERO EP
https://soundcloud.com/nicolasmasseyeff … 047-vero-1

Locked Groove - Meditations In An Emergency (Clockwork Remix)
https://soundcloud.com/bigupmagazine/pr … work-remix

The Ten Walls EM without voiceovers is back up now.

https://soundcloud.com/tenwallsmusic/bb … mix-130914


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The Ten Walls EM without voiceovers is back up now.

* Wrong thread...