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Currently eating  packet of Pipers Crisp Co. - Kirkby Malhm Chorizo


Best tasting crisp I've had in yonks...

Dahu - North (Krink Remix)
Abyss - Mix On The Bed (Sasse Remix)
Sasha - Vapourspace
Rampue - Sephiroth
Beddermann & Dahlmann - Small Talk (Patlac Remix)



James Hunter - Back Together Feat. Lazarus Man (YokoO Remix)
https://soundcloud.com/yokoo/james-hunt … okoo-remix

Julien Piacentino & Philip Pioge - Harmonics (Rafael Cerato Remix)
https://soundcloud.com/befreerec/bf015- … ix-snippet

Arjuna Schiks - Ada (Jonas Saalbach Remix)
https://soundcloud.com/einmusika-record … bach-remix

Jakob Seidensticker & Boronas - Train To Heinz (Sid Le Rock Train To You Remix)
https://soundcloud.com/suruba/2-jakob-s … -suruba051

You & Oui - Principles (Los Suruba Remix)
https://soundcloud.com/los_suruba/you-o … incopat027

My heart goes out to the poor hospital staff...

http://www.deephouseamsterdam.com/sanke … iza-goers/

Skream - Still Lemonade (Redshape Remix)
Howling - Signs (Rødhåd Remix)
Ruede Hagelstein - Soul Dynamic (Fur Coat Remix)
Mark Evemport & DJ Da - Mooding
Philipp Kempnich - Empty (Original Mix)

Skydney wrote:

My Favorite Robot - Glass to the End

Don't you think the synth line on this reminiscent of Quivver - Twist and Shout?


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Who was Jazzy J then?

Illesnoise – Nova
https://soundcloud.com/stilvortalent/il … va-snippet

Atelier Francesco - Akaino (Few Nolder Remix)
https://soundcloud.com/bosolab/atelier- … lder-remix

Enric Ricone & Danny Fernandez - Afterthought (YokoO's Stoic Remix)
https://soundcloud.com/yokoo/enric-rico … toic-remix

Maurice Aymard & Pablo Sanchez - Skylines

Job Jobse, Barnt & David Hasert - Cologne Megamix

I that Ed's infamous neck behind Zabiela's shoulder?

Liking this too...

https://soundcloud.com/next-mondays-han … tar-dundov

Not the Be@TV version. Great set.

https://soundcloud.com/endless-worldwid … l-14012015

Maribou State - Rituals

Fennec & Wolf Feat. HiTop - Hold Up (Benotmane Remix)
https://soundcloud.com/fennec-wolf/fenn … ix-snippet

Daniel A Söllscher - And We Drove (Tigerskin Remix)
https://soundcloud.com/oh-records-stock … her-and-we

Jan Oberlaender - Automatic (Schlepp Geist's Schlepp-O-Matic Remix)
https://soundcloud.com/katermukke/02-au … epp-geists

Dave DK - Halma

David Granha - Just Us
https://soundcloud.com/einmusika-record … ranha-just

Problem Makers - Lacerta (Ryan Davis Remix)
https://soundcloud.com/ryan-davis/lacer … -davis-rmx

My Favorite Robot - Glass To The End
https://soundcloud.com/myfavoriterobot/ … march-23rd

Manuel Tur - Agrafena (Aera Remix)
https://soundcloud.com/freerangerecords … aera-remix

Silent Servant - Lust Abandon
https://soundcloud.com/oh-wicked-man/si … st-abandon

Animal Picnic & Aaryon - Rhapsody
https://soundcloud.com/steyoyoke/animal … n-rhapsody


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No SC link, it got pulled due to the first track being distributed by Infine. All labels distributed by them are not welcome on the SC platform from the beginning of Feb.

simonlanghamfebruary2015parttwo - http://we.tl/OQqJnrNvIO

Talul - Ghost (Somniloquist Remix)
almaMALE - Rocker 33 (Alexander Maier Remix)
Anja Schneider - Dubmission (Felix Cage Remix)
M.A.N.D.Y. - Gizmo
Eagles & Butterflies - Three A.M.
Hunter_Game - Bermuda
Mondkrater - Siberia
Alex Niggemann feat. Bon Homme - Sorrow (Deetron Remix)
All My Fears - Hepburn
Dear David - I've Been Waiting (Los Suruba Remix)
Eating Cannibals - Ombre
Lee Van Dowski - 050504
Alessio Pagliaroli - Chance A Glare (Dub)
Garance - Loro Cabeciazul

Nikolas Noam - U Got Me (Krink Remix)
https://soundcloud.com/krink/nikolas-no … rink-remix

SB - Matters Of Depth
https://soundcloud.com/lossless-cc/ll12 … s-of-depth

Butch & Hohberg - The Spirit (Adriatique Remix)
https://soundcloud.com/vincent-smid/but … ique-remix

Alex Fiction - Robin

Upercent - Eterna Tú
https://soundcloud.com/upercent/upercen … l-mix-amam

Is there anywhere you can get a flat file containing the weeks releases on BP?

Human Machine - Black Mechanism EP
https://soundcloud.com/engraveltd/sets/ … anism-ep-1

Clarian - Siren's Call
https://soundcloud.com/clariannorth/sir … -preview-1

The Legendary Lightness - Hey Ron (Frank Wiedemann Remix)
https://soundcloud.com/adultsonly-4/the … ix-snippet

Barnt - Cherry Red (Tale Of Us & Recondite Remix)
https://soundcloud.com/peter-stott-3/ba … dite-remix

Blancah_Ripple Effect... Love that too.

Primal - Boundaries (Christian Löffler Remix)
https://soundcloud.com/just-this/a2-pri … -christian

Steve Huerta - Say It Wasn't (Locked Groove Remix)
https://soundcloud.com/anjunadeep/steve … oove-remix

Brattig & Soloma Feat Mario Morar (Boy Next Door Remix)
https://soundcloud.com/boy-next-door/br … ix-snippet

Felix Cage - Secret Lover (Madmotormiquel Remix)
https://soundcloud.com/electronicalreed … ix-preview

Miyagi - Don't Bother Me (Einmusik Remix)
https://soundcloud.com/der-turnbeutel/m … e-einmusik

Nu - Geno (Bedouin Remix)
https://soundcloud.com/bedouin-official … duin-remix

James Sison - Napier Lake (Speaking Minds Remix)
https://soundcloud.com/bade-records/jam … et-128kbps

Speaking Minds - Who The Fuck Cares
https://soundcloud.com/club-autonomica/ … o-the-fuck

Speaking Minds - Who The Fuck Cares (Christian Prommer Remix)
https://soundcloud.com/club-autonomica/ … o-the-fuck

Affect! - Akaria (Kris Davis Remix)
https://soundcloud.com/save-us-records/ … avis-remix

Talul - Ghost (Somniloquist Remix)

Squidgy wrote:

I hope those numbers are in the proper order Kumquat

I'm not American, so yep.

Best track on there is now confirmed for 9/3.

https://soundcloud.com/tomasbarfod/puls … gust-remix

You can d/l it direct from Boileroom, just register. It's only 192kbps quality.

Not as good as that Live Rampue set I posted IMO.

Yeah, some of the old Rob Hubbard C64 game music was brilliant. Think he went to work for EA.

Gotta love a bit of Zelda...

The Legend Of Zelda - Ocarina Of Time 'Song Of Storms' (Lancelot Bootleg)