A friend of mine in Manc uses Brendon for personal training and it's all done to a Sasha soundtrack. Nothing's really changed much!

I think he's also genetically related to Ed Smallman in the neck department!



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Yes mate, even on the 256gb ones.


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If you use lossless files I highly recommend these Sandisk USB SSD drives. Everything loads pretty much instantaneously compared to using a normal USB flash drive.


https://soundcloud.com/simonlangham/sim … 017partone

Christian Löffler - Lid (Kris Davis Remix)
Joseph Ashworth - Dominika
Modd - Mohican
YokoO & Retza - Alexithymia
Sam Jaspersohn - Pretty Vacant
GeorgeX - In My Dream
atish & Bengal (SF) - Sun Salute
Pablo Bolivar - All Clear
Natural_Flow - The Alchemist (Tara Brooks Remix)
Frankey & Sandrino - Solaris
Nic Fanciulli feat. Eagles & Butterflies - Little L
Shane Watcha - Alkaline
Frankey & Santiago Franch - Multitude
Nic Fanciulli feat. Guy Gerber - The Perfect Crime
Anham - Secret Land
Night Talk feat. SUMA - Hypnotized
Nicone - Losing Control (David Hasert & Pierce Remix)
Ciano - Fairies

simonr wrote:

is this Dire Straits

It's Pink Floyd - Shine On You Crazy Diamond (Billka Edit)

Great edit from a few months ago.


https://soundcloud.com/rotten-city-reco … 01/s-fmP9J


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liquitech1 wrote:

.They played a remix of Pink Floyd - Set The Controls for The Heart of the Sun toward the end. (Anyone know who's responsible for that?)

Coming out at the end of August on Crosstown Rebels with a Guy Gerber Remix.

I know he's only played in two friendlies. However, Lukaku looks bang up for it and already looks like he's possibly going to be worth the exorbitant price we paid for him.

I just hope we don't buy Ross Barkley...

Nick Sneddon wrote:

For a club of our level right now, hes perfect

One of the deals of the summer at that price. I think he'll get you 15+ goals this season.

Way better than his LNOE podcasts imo.

https://soundcloud.com/circolocoibizaof … -012-sasha

The best EP Bedrock has put out in a couple of years.

It's all about the Trikk dub of that one Ed... The Dixon remixes are average, to say the least, as is his remix of Obafunke - Uzoamaka.

smallman1 wrote:


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Thanks folks, I'll post another part over the weekend.


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Lo-Fi 45 back catalogue free to download. Originals and remixes from Retza, Fideles, Vincenzo, Florian Kruse.

https://soundcloud.com/lo-fi-45/sets/lo … -catalogue


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https://soundcloud.com/simonlangham/sim … 017parttwo

Kora and Nic Falardea - Wahiba (Powel Remix)
Luc Angenehm - Kaiserkraft (Retza's Day Dream Mix)
Modd - TBA
Simon Vuarambon - Siberian
Modd - Cosmic
Simon Vuarambon - Leman
Bufi - El House Es Tu Idioma (Dave DK Remix)
Modd - I Love
VIMES - Hopeful (Panthera Krause Remix)
Damian Uzabiaga - Throw Kindness Around
Delta work - Mareokay
Miyagi - Mescal Lane (Kora Remix)
Clavis - Cucupha's Ring
Moon Boots - The Life Aquatic (Ian Pooley Berg Mix)
Knightlife - Cold Sweat
&ME - The Rapture
1979 - Permission (Mintz Remix)
Modd - TBA
Pablo Bolivar - Space & Form
Modd - Buran
Clavis - Circino
YES SET - Wolfgang (DJ Balduin Remix)
Andre Lodemann - Birth (Adriatique Remix)

https://soundcloud.com/simonlangham/sim … 017partone

Gacha Bakradze - Mapping
Pole Folder - Gate of The Sun (Olderic Remix)
Lessons - Tempest (Adam Port Europa Remix)
Bufi - El House Es Tu Idioma (Dave DK Remix)
Deltawork - Mareokey
Miyagi - Mezcal Lane (Kora Remix)
Dino Lenny - This Time We Take It Easy (Agoria Rework)
Kyson - A Song About The Future (Dave DK Extended Mix)
Kiani & His Legion - Oval Flight
Jose Vizcaino - Heroes
1979 - Doors (Dead-tones Remix)
Dee Montero - Halcyon
PQM - The Flying Song (Uner Remix)
Masaya - Picture (Petar Dundov Edition)


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Thanks folks. Even I'm enjoying listening back to part 1.

I've put the track lists up for them.

That's a brilliant remix.

simeon79 wrote:


This sounds remarkable like a remake of Energy 52's - Cafe Del Mar...



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Thanks for posting.Jamie.

I've put the tracklistings up for the mixes on SC now. There'll be a couple more going up either later today or over the weekend.


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The new series of Home by the Med had Dan Prince on the first episode.

If you want to see what what years of drink/drug abuse does, it's worth a watch (about 50 mins in).

He still just about looks like the bastard love child of Danny Rampling and Sasha.

Sasha feat. Polica - Out Of Time (Original)

The one from the LNOE podacst 10 that starts at 1hr 45min.


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I've just watched the first three episodes of 'This Country' a BBC3 mockumentary that was recommended to me. Absolutely hilarious, particularly the third episode.

Also watched the last episode of Taboo. Which apart from the final action sequence (which reminded me of a Carry On film from the 70's) was excellent too. I'd be surprised if it doesn't get re-commissioned for another series.


dutchy101 wrote:

Snedds,  is that Ultimate Sports still going? Seems like they've taken down the sign up page. Just as my other subscription finishes ffs

I bet you'd all still kill for a copy of Tale Of Us & Raz Ohara - Light though wouldn't you...

There is, it's in the '... more' button.

Dermatron wrote:

like it. no fucking dl though.