… 016parttwo

Trentemøller - Always Something Better (Mark Hoffen Reinterpretation)
Fabio Montana - Ortygia (Love Over Entropy Repatterning)
Joakim - Would You Give Up (The Drifter Remix)
Rancido - Redemption
Rancido - Patterns/Symbols
Konvex & The Shadow - Fall In Love
Peter Kruder - AscendDescend
LOR - Continuous Growth
Quentin - Mirage
D-Nox & Beckers - Mondays
Sphynx - Mercurio (Davis Remix)
SBTH - Ribolla
Quentin - Rain
Abstraxion - Dystopia (Cleveland Remix)
Olaf Stuut - Era Terminal (Gacha Bakradze Remix)

First of quite a few mixes coming over the next few weeks. … 016partone

Pablo Bolivar - Probably Never
Stereocalypse - Lace Star
Buran - Teflon Chamber (Kris Davis Remix)
Jimi Jules - Equinox
Affkt & Upercent - Voler Volar
D-Nox & Beckers feat. Santiago Franch - Summer Lights
Bwana - Generation Nostalgia
Kurt Baggeley - Winterland (Petar Dundov Remix)
Nils Penner - Velcoro (Christian Prommer Remix)
Bambook & Javier Orduña - Paloma (Quina Remix)
Chaty & Tamez - Introspection (John Tejada Remix)
Modular Project feat. Jinadu - Paranoid (Fabio Giannelli Remix)
DkA & Juke - Vedett
Silt - Bad Habits
Nicone - Eclipse
Brassica - Wryders


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UK owned/operated/administrated, hosted in France.

Nick Sneddon wrote:

So it was based in the UK? mental


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I've just been reading a thread on Reddit where a guy was doing his nut at not being able to get his fix of 1970's Nigerian disco...

"It is this Thursday, November 17th that the Gendarmerie Nationale, and more specifically the military of the center of fight against the digital criminals (C3N), has seized the servers mails, irc and trackers of the tracker torrent private In short, a nice nest of data that the investigators are analyzing. A first phase is not negligible. Even if the site is still active, it does not work anymore.

The users who used this private tracker found themselves without any connection to the three million proposed torrents (if I quickly calculate, it gives 3 million X 15 X 13 x 0,07 €, or 41 million euros of damage for the Assignees, NDR). The machines were seized in majorities in the North of France (Lille, Roubaix, Graveline ...) because hosted at OVH.

According to my information, this is a first sentence in this investigation, which began two years ago. It appears that the gendarmes were seized by SACEM. The investigation continues. The data seem to make it possible to go back to many French people and administrators, but also to the "boss" of, based in the United Kingdoms."


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This should be worth viewing.

Storyville: Weiner - Sexts, Scandals and Politics

I was looking forward to this too.. Having now listened to it, it's nowhere near as good as his ADE set.

Love this, quirky stuff...

Yeah, great album, brilliant producer and pretty good DJ to boot.

humfer wrote:

Christian Loffler - Mare Album. Wasn't too keen on the first couple of tracks released but cannot stop listening now have the complete album. Lots and lots of cracking tracks. 2 of my favourite below

Enjoyed this. … ibe-102216

No offence here chaps, but after skipping through the first 90 mins I listened to an hour from the middle of this set and all I wanted to do is sleep...

I skipped through the rest of it and it just doesn't do anything, first gear monotony all the way through.

Lol.. "slip 'n' slide time" must have been surely lifted from a Bedrock night.


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Grant wrote:

I've rinsed this mix and I think its Simon's best. It's in my top 5 mixes of all time - absolutely sublime from start to finish.

Cheer mate... (Derm/Yant/J too).

Will post you a link to something new at the weekend.

S … of-dancing

Credit where credit's due... Very, very good remix.

The game badly needed some argy–bargy and a sending off. I'm a little disappointed my man Fellaini didn't step up.

Love the new ADID EP by Viken.

I'd got the Synkro / Cleveland tracks on it, never heard anything else before.. There's a couple of early 2000's tracks that sound like they were made in 2016.

Synkro - Your Heart (Sven's to Be Pure in Heart Mix) [ … -heart-mix]
Laurence Guy - Knotweed
Seb Wildblood - Nothing
Leo Pol - Joy Misery
Agnes - Te Doua, mace
Map.ache - Let Me Sleep
Black Loops - Sex
Archie Hamilton - What's In Your Head
Cleveland - Rio
Mr. Fingers - Qwazars
Eddie Matos - Hypnotized (Igor O. Vlasov Remix)
Dwig & Deer - Organic
Georgi Kay - Joga (M.Rux Edit) []

dutchy101 wrote:

Just bought 4 bottles of Brewdog Punk IPA from Tesco. Having my first taste now. Lovely stuff.

Also got two 500ml Leffe's for £5

I love Leffe Brun, the Blonde leaves an aftertaste like you've eaten a bunch of bananas!


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Thanks all... … es-powel-1

Lovely on first listen. … g-man-2016


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Gregorythme - So Far So Good (Gab Rhome Remix)
Superlounge - Leichtigkeit des Seins
Retza - Just
Maga - Regata (Birds of Mind Remix)
Moosefly feat. Ian Howie - Damage
Tyoma - 1st (Manuel Tur Remix)
Superlounge - Rotwelch
Fulltone - Only Solution
FREE.D - Thinking Fast & Slow (Powel Remix)
Viken Arman - Sireli (Bedouin Remix)
Leafar Legov - Cenote
Dave Seaman - Nightfalls (Chymera Remix)
Rico Puestel - 2 Hours and 28 Minutes
Armen Miran & Hraach - Aldebaran
Superlounge feat. Forrest - All On Me (Hands Free & Kosmas Remix)
Atelier Francesco feat. Astrid - Dead End (Tim Green Remix)
Lee Burridge & Lost Desert feat. Junior - Lingala


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Tim Green - Ever Changing
Chaim - Zodiac
Andhim - Cloys (Re.You Remix)
Vessels - Are You Trending? (Hunter_Game Remix)
Sfire - Sfire 3 (John Talabot's Warehouse dub)


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You gotta be kidding...

It's the exactly same 4 bars repeated over and over for nigh on 8 minutes, with a vocal saying the same thing over and over for nigh on 8 minutes with a bit of basic perc variation/drum dropouts thrown in to try and break up the monotony of it... Great track that is, must have taken all of 30 minutes to make.

The rest of the EP is mediocre with the exception of the previously unreleased Tur remix and the Francesco Chiocci track.