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£150 quid a minute (based on a 2hr set) or, £1k per mix (if he's able to string 18 tracks together in those 2hrs).


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Nope, it basically says that MH17 was in fact MH370.


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I'm surprised ahad hadn't come up with this theory yet.

http://humansarefree.com/2014/07/busted … h.html?m=0

Our favourite Pikey doesn't have much luck does he?

munkyn wrote:
Kumquat wrote:

If he played BSPF they'd be whooping it up...

I am so glad I don't know what that is

Bog Standard Prog Fodder. Its what South America thrives on (and half this board for that matter).

An hour into this and quite enjoying it.

https://soundcloud.com/guygerber/burnin … co-knights

If he played BSPF they'd be whooping it up...

One for BF.


Possibly the best thing you've heard this year.

SBTH feat. Flowers And Sea Creatures - Dagito
https://soundcloud.com/lossless-cc/sets … o-snippets

mikemiller wrote:

Someone played this late on at Beat Hotel after Massive Attack finished on Sunday at Glasto. Singalong moment, one of a million blurry magic memories from this year

Still love this version of it from '95.

Nice freebie.

https://soundcloud.com/the-soundkartell … bula-remix

Better than that new Edu Imbernon EP Zachary!

The next game Danny Mills co-commentates on, listen out for how many times he uses the word "athletic" and the tone of his voice when he uses it...  Deffo closet.

LUV11 B1


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http://val.fm/love-light-in-flight-mari … onder-mp3/

I would imagine Dr. Steve Peter's is keeping his head down this morning after rat boy's indiscretion... Fine advert for your services if ever I saw one.

What was the 12 year old boy greeting the Cameroonian players when they got substituted all about?

La Fleur - Arms Around (C2 Affected Remix)
https://soundcloud.com/watergaterecords … cted-remix

NTFO feat.Forrest - Pretoria
https://soundcloud.com/ntfo/pretoria-fe … out-7-july

Few Nolder - Clouds (Boso Reversion)

SchNee - Lumi (Madmotormiquel Remix)
https://soundcloud.com/der-turnbeutel/0 … nbeutel-27

https://soundcloud.com/der-turnbeutel/0 … nbeutel-27

MattBlack wrote:

Bet Moyes was watching wondering where the fuck that Fellaini had been all season

I can't believe that donkey scored, let lone in the WC. Maybe, just maybe some fool might spunk 12 million on him after all.

Paskal & Urban Absolutes - Bits Of Me Feat. Pete Josef (Jimpster Dub)
https://soundcloud.com/sonar-kollektiv/ … -remixes-2

Benotmane - Sun Queen (Animal Trainer Remix)
https://soundcloud.com/samyboulbrima/be … iner-remix

Habischman feat. Louisahhh - Closer (Marco Resmann Remix)
https://soundcloud.com/marco-resmann/ha … ir-preview

Gorje Hewek & Izhevski - EN ROUTE (Dub Version)
https://soundcloud.com/izhevski/gorje-h … i-en-route

Christian Prommer - Marimba (Jon Charnis Remix)
https://soundcloud.com/joncharnis/chris … st-records

Matthew Dekay - Patience Please
https://soundcloud.com/maeverecords/mat … se-snippet

DJ Sneak - Deepest Trip feat. J-Dub (Speaking Minds Remix)
https://soundcloud.com/speaking_minds/d … inds-remix

Stereo MCs - Good Feeling (Terranova Remix)
https://soundcloud.com/robstereo/good-f … va-remix-1

Robinn - The Game Is Now Over feat. Nathaniel Pearn (Cocolores Remix)
https://soundcloud.com/compost/robinn-t … ores-remix

And a great mix by Krink
https://soundcloud.com/krink/stiff-litt … x-38-krink

You didn't put this on.

https://soundcloud.com/capital-classiqu … dean-remix


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Both on my cloud now: https://soundcloud.com/simonlangham


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Added some new links.


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I've about given up with SC mate.

They've recently taken 20 hours of upload time off me, given me the runaround for a month and then given me a load of bullshit about why it has vanished.
I've been trying to upload June it to SC for the last two days, it either breaks during the upload never finishes transcoding...


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Thanks guys, glad you enjoyed it.