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D.Y.A. - Do It (Original Mix) / (Hollis P Monroe Remix)
Lee Burridge & Lost Desert feat. Junior - Lingala (Gorje Hewek & Izhevski Remix).
Bryan Ferry - Avonmore (Prins Thomas Remix)
King Britt - Uzoamaka (SBTH Remix).aif
Patlac - Velox (Mathias Schober's Polished Version)

Whole album is immense...


A taster

https://soundcloud.com/inverted-audio/v … -everysoul

Great to see lowly Burnley bring Liverpool firmly back down to earth with a bump!

"Liverpool had 81% of possession and 26 shots - but only tested Clarets keeper Tom Heaton with efforts from distance.

The 19% of possession that the Clarets had is the lowest total by a winning side in the Premier League since Opta began recording the statistic in the 2003-04 season."


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I fully expected Flares would be causing all manner of chaos over the weekend with the gestapo away...


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Cleveland - Rio
Ryan Davis feat. Lmnskt - Hadron (Aparde Remix)
The Cyclist - Pressing Matters (Robag's Pinvoldex Sull NB)
Kollektiv Turmstrasse - Jupiter Sunrise
Terranova feat. Stereo MC's - 004remedy (Aaaron Mix)

Sony bought them primarily for their extensive Zumba/Spinning/Running fitness CD back catalogue...

Crime against music...

smallman1 wrote:

Michael Mayer & Agoria - Blackbird Has Spoken

https://soundcloud.com/platform/michael … oom-debuts

jules72 wrote:

On Pogba what I detest is the mercenary way he left United a few years - didnt show us a bit of loyalty.

Fergie fucked him over then mate, He did the right thing at the right time moving on then. He probably wouldn't be where he is now if he hadn't moved on.

When a global artist like Adele only has 60k of followers, it show the reach it has to the general public.

I've noticed over the last 6 months or so that a lot of labels aren't bothering to upload previews anymore. They're moving back to using their own bespoke websites.


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mr rossi wrote:

Are they supposed to be diving in sewage?

The spent fuel pools at Chernobyl are probably cleaner than that pool.

MattBlack wrote:

True but if he helps Utd win the league then it will be worth it, plus Utd are not short of money. 21 million for the agent is not bad for a few weeks work though

Mino Raiola must have had £30m-£35m+ off us over the summer. He's also the agent of Zlatan and Mkhitaryan.

jamie wrote:

89 on him and another 21 on the agents fees.

fucking ridiculous.

More add-ons going to Juve on top of that!

+5 (performance related bonuses, +5 more if he signs another contract at the end/during the 5 years he's just signed for.

Potentially a £120m outlay!

Finally on the horizon... Lush.

https://soundcloud.com/diynamic-music/k … -sunrise-1

Prefer the instrumental, but it's essentially the same track.

https://soundcloud.com/xlr8r/premiere-g … enge-remix

I can't believe we've spunked £89m on him, I for one remain unconvinced... On the flip side, bye bye Felalini (hopefully).


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Kiz's conspicuous by his absence, so's Ed for that matter.

Sasha looks like he's been on the 'roids.


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Audiofly - She Gave Me Love
David Hohme - Fear Less (Debal Sommer Remix)
Audiofly feat. Georgia Lewis - In The (Last) Moment
Pete Cave - Hold On (The THC Remix)
Atelier Francesco - You Are Ivy (Fabio Giannelli Remix)

I use that too, never seen an advert either.

jamie wrote:

just out of interest - do you guys have any adblockers installed?

I have AdBlock Plus installed on Chrome and I don't remember seeing any of these since I installed it?

Otto Warmbier (pronounced warm beer) has obviously witnessed melt down's on here before given that tepid performance.

TBF the 40 minute mix is the best thing I've heard from Sasha all year. Those two recent Ibiza sets are cringe-worthy.

jdoty wrote:

They are back!!! 

Fanastic job on Sasha for not even bothering to give them a decent mix.  Just talking about tracks then a few minutes of a mix.  You'd think they would have signed some massive track and had him play it or talk about it but no a radio show.  Record label that doesn't release music or mixes.  Why?

Some further rambling from Julio Iglesias' cousin.


Seems like it's a new tool for the majors... Island, EMI, Virign etc.

Love these comments on: KIKO BUN - Sweetie (Alex Adair Remix)

Silhouetters says at 0:05:
This is fucking autism, bottled.

FFG Adam says at 0:05:
5 seconds in and I already have cancer.

I've just had a track come up in my feed called Offaiah - Trouble. Never heard of them, certainly don't follow them.

I noticed that where the name of the person your following usually is to the left of the track it says: 'Promoted track' with a little arrow. Is this a new spam feature?

Wank if it is...

Edit: It is and people are complaining already!

Cleveland - Rio [Permanent Vacation]

https://soundcloud.com/inverted-audio/c … t-vacation