… party-1993

Lehar - Fantasia
Frankey & Sandrino - Hubble
Luca Bacchetti - Above The Line
Jager, Golden Parazyth - Line Of Your Soul (Francesco Chiocci Remix)
The Element & Musumeci - Pneuma (Olderic Remix)
KatrinKa - About Love
Definition feat. Jinadu - This Mystery
Aemes - Rubin (Kris Davis Remix)
Frankey & Sandrino - Izar
Matthias Vogt - Fluorescence
Aril Brikha, Chymera - Nihari
Mind Against - Gravity
Eagles & Butterflies - Mojave
Solemn Eye - Aura (Just Emma Remix)

El Mundo - Sierra (Krink Remix)
Maurice Aymard & J.E.E.P - Mellocoton (Manoo Remix)
Frankey & Sandrino - Hydrae
Dead-Tones - Sentiment
Lehar - Magical Realism
Evans - Pluto Minus One Day (Luis Leon Re-Encounter)
Recondite - Nock
Andre Crom - Jaunde
Monkey Safari - Plexus (John Digweed & Nick Muir Remix)
Ron Flatter - Youmai
Kris Davis - Delta
Alex Flitsch, The Element MT - Puma
Ruede Hagelstein - Footprints (feat. C.A.R.) (The Drifter Remix)
Sløw Hearts - Slw Hearts

New one for you.

sounded like the same record being played for the whole 60 minutes. Dull


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What an absolute disgrace this countries travelling 'football fans' are. UEFA should kick us out, but we'll probably get a paltry 100,000 Euro fine and a warning.

Can't get enough of this...

Gacha Bakradze - Restless [album] on Space Hardware. The sound of summer for me...

Full Album out digitally today. … 508733ede7

Couple of tracks off it.


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Oh dear!

Finally out, such a tune...

Thanks for posting them Jamie/Grant, and thanks for the support from those who know...

Digweed in Benidorm on the 13/8. I bet you've not been there Ed? :-)


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A special pair for Ed..

[video] … lm/daisuke


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I thought you'd be rocking the Dixon's Sean. Sadly no Âme version available yet. … -sun/dixon


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Lost Boy, Saqib - I Surrender To You
Lost Boy, Saqib - Romance Of Shehrazade
Eating Cannibals  feat. Forrest - Collapse (Original)
Satori - Bad Looking Trouble (Hraach Remix)
Pisetzky - Adria / Pisetzky & Primal - Elevation

Why, it's out on 1/4. Lot's of label promote the quarter in advance, particularly for compilations. Maouri's sent it out.

I got it through this week. Skipped through it, I won't be bothering again unless I've got acute insomnia.

01. Channel deq
02. View2
03. Baracus
04. Linepulse
05. Time After Time
06. Detour
07. Pontiac
08. Cassette Sessions D
09. Cassette Sessions E
10. Healer
11. Modcon
12. Scarpa Falls
13. Warewolf
14. Bring on the Nighttime
15. Corvette
16. Shelter
17. Untitled 3
18. Abacus
19. Rooms
20. Broadcast
21. Vapour Trails

Label: Late Night Tales
Released: 1st April 2016
Format: 3xLP // CD // Digital // Deluxe Box Set
Cat no: ALNLP43/ALNCD43/


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No, nothing personal! I just don't visit here very frequently anymore...

I'll PM you some stuff from over Christmas in the next couple of days. December did go up on SC, but it got taken down immediately.

Alejandro Castelli - Natur (Satori Remix)
Speaking Minds - The Last Step
Yawk & Mowgan - When It Kicks
Jackspot - Unari (Fairchild Remix)
Definition - Cosmic Room

Dead-Tones - Lost Souls (Jade Remix) [Clouds Above]
Overum - Loaded [Unsigned]
Llewellyn - Walking In Melbourne [Riotvan]
Paul Twin - White Island [Nous'klaer Audio]
Slow Hearts - Bronx [Suruba]

Good shout on Fritzy Presto, she's the best thing on BBC World.

I'd happily have him at Man Utd tomorrow. He'd fuck Fellaini off straight away.


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On the whole, always been far better at remixes than originals. 2011 was their best year.

Ironic that everything being posted is from yonks ago... … he-remixes