Honestly, Micah's latest one "Swell" is worth a good listen. Fairly heavy rotation over the last few months.



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Hunzed-Sheeta (Mendo Mix) [Clarisse Records]
Sailor & I-Turn Around (Ame Remix) [Life and Death]
Max Cooper-Woven Ancestry (Lusine Remix) [Fields]
Los Teques-Nomadic People [Techno Materials]
Jori Hulkonnen feat. Tiga-Trust Your Body (Danny Daze Dub) [Turbo Recordings]


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MattBlack wrote:
303 abuser wrote:
deathbysmurf wrote:

Hi Nick.

haha i just stole the name.

Wasnt Nick 909 Abuser though?

Balls, you're right. Have this.



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303 abuser wrote:

a general thanks from me.  this place is a fantastic source for new music with the odd bit of good conversation mixed in. wink

Hi Nick.


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Well in, S. smile

Sbando wrote:


Not I, said the fly.

Big Fella wrote:

Too many Hobos for my liking.

They're all shipped in from Nevada, FYI.

http://www.bedrock.org.uk/socialise/vie … p?id=59021

Bacchus actually pointed this out to me a while ago, but apparently Soundcunt only scans the first 30 seconds or so of each upload to check for copyright violations. He started adding some spoken word or random intro blurb before starting the mix and hasn't had a problem since.


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universoGus wrote:


Because re-post.


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severe wrote:

hi helen smile


Yeah, that's a fucking 42-string guitar he's playing.

Nice stuff, Strudders. That Petar Dundov track is dee-lish.

Thanx! smile

Now (at last) uploaded to Soundcloud as well:

http://soundcloud.com/neon-logic/neon-l … ix/s-Wg1vH

A wee mix of old & new with an emphasis on "heavy" stuff.

http://www.mediafire.com/listen/6jeyg7r … mo_Mix.mp3

1) Thomas Barford-Light Shine feat. Malou
2) Yapacc-777 (Yakine Remix)
3) Michel de Hey-Whitebird
4) George Yammine-Emotional Harmony (Matthew Lynch Remix)
5) Deepfunk feat. Guy Mantzur-The Mind Palace
6) Infusion-Troika
7) DNYO-Fringe (Juan Deminicis Remix)
8) Vito & Dewald-Glistening Heaven (Johan Vermeulen Remix)
9) Quivver-These Are The Days (Vocal Mix)
10) Humate- Love Stimulation (Oliver Lieb Remix)
11) Dominik Eulberg-Sansula (Jonas Koop's Dubfreak Mix)
12) Atlas-Compass Error (East)


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mr rossi wrote:

Did they stick him in the oven?

Ashes to ashes...

http://www.mediafire.com/download/9g8i3 … 005%29.mp3


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Keep him in your thoughts, in hospital undergoing brain surgery after a skiing accident earlier today. sad

fadass wrote:

Deathbysmurf, your lovely flag.... I have that exact same design on the back of my kimono.


Always glad to hear our surf shop designs are making an impact on British fashion.


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Think 02-04-ish.


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Long time no see, Todos. Off-topic, but do you still happen to have that Chicago house/techy mix you did a long while back? Distinctly remember it had a fantastic remix of Chuck Love-Soul Symphony, can't remember any other tunes, but that whole mix was a long lost favorite of mine. (Probably still on minidisc somewhere...)

Haven't taken a pic in 2 years, but basically the same setup with a DJM-600 replacing the Behringer.