C12 - Judy

ahhh that would have been a moment. 


joeyp wrote:

Oh yes.  thank you.

my album of the year so far:


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dutchy101 wrote:

Lol. I know mate. Proper 'Et tu Brute?' stuff right there. Fair play.

fk all that dutch get your carcass round here for a prog 1996-2001 bbq


lets all get right on it. were all gonna die in a mushroom could of toxic of quark anyway

thanks for posting this tune.  I've haven't heard that in years.  Still brings the shivers.

http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2014/05/1 … mg00000063


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Temples - Sun Structures
Unknown Mortal Orchestra - II
Tycho - Awake

You just crushed me with that Reckless track.  Absolute classic.


Damien Kingstar wrote:

Is it shit or excellent?

Excellent.  Apologies for any confusion.

This is excellent.  Didn't quite get it the first two times.  Master class of mixing and tune selection.

Video is excellent.


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smallman1 wrote:

Know this is a couple of years old but I've always liked it -


Love this.  Dirtybird used to throw free parties across the street from my house on Sunday afternoons.  Good times.


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I have two murderers.  Fascinating animals.

steelydan wrote:

C-12 - Judy (hooked on coke) KULT

Twilo Business....still sounds mint

still love this one.

Mickyd wrote:

Apparat's - The Devils walk is on heavy rotation at the mo'.

almost a year since it's release and I still love it.  Great album.

that shit is cray.


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zebramofo wrote:

the king of kong

good one.

Hunger Games - Suzanne Collins
-post apocalyptic page turner.  Good for the vacation.

I turned my nose up at the new King.  Will have to check it out.

furry wrote:
Wiggipedia wrote:
mtill4 wrote:

Is it 'the best dj' poll or 'the best producer' poll?  Not that I really care but I think there is a difference.

You could have actually had a look at RA if you were bothered enough to post in a thread about it but the poll was for best DJs of 2011. You don't really get to be a successful DJ without being a producer these days so your point is moot.

Art Dept have had a good year, Maya Jane Coles is massive now, Tale of Us are doing some great stuff and I don't mind some of Solomun's stuff too. Pretty interesting list, as far as these things go.

The difference is that not all producers are great djs.

Agreed.  That is the point I was trying to make.

steelydan72 wrote:
starcreeper wrote:

Yeah, Maceo Plex/Maetrik has had 2 strong years in a row tbf. The stuff he put out on Bedrock last year was ace.

I don't think Plex has put a naff track out this year..........shame Midland didn't get a mention or Todd Terje

Is it 'the best dj' poll or 'the best producer' poll?  Not that I really care but I think there is a difference.

seanc80 wrote:

Been playing the Jacques Green mix, its the only one bothering with imo...

I've been trying to like this remix but the endless Thom Yorke dying cat vocal loop is making me mental.

is this Love Parade year where Sasha played 3 tunes and then it ended?  (in Leeds?)

MattBlack wrote:

Anyone else see this gem from Balotelli

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u9VwVeCg … r_embedded

What a shame.  So much skill for a complete douche...


Breaking Bad.  First episode of season 4 (new season) is just awesome.


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simonr wrote:

^ cheers ... and yes, I am. Reporting has been pretty poor over here.

Watched the Chile vs. Uruguay game last night and searched for the Mexico one his morning ... but must have got the wrong one - plus I'd forgot that they'd sent part of the squad home, doh !!

Brazil vs. Paraguary on at 8.00.

Mexico 1st team looked good in the Gold Cup.  Made the US look silly with this:


I'm interested to see if Neymar shows up tonight.