If you like true crime, the Murder of Laci Peterson is required viewing. Did Scott Peterson kill her? Well now I'm not so sure.

The Big Sick is a good one to watch with your lady (or man I don't give a fuck), 8/10.

The House. I only watched this because Jason Mantzoukas was in it. About as funny as shingles. 1/10.


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fadass wrote:

I only watch for the fly bys and overt far right military presentations.

As long as our boys are bringing freedom & killing towel heads, lets. Play. Ball.

But you do watch all the same Mr. Fadas and we're happy to have you aboard.


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It's almost time boys! Naturally the best team should kick off the season.


millsy23 wrote:

Is NYC/Boston where you picked up all your horrific Americanisms, Rhouses? Bro?

Chill Millsy.

Dermatron wrote:

Wasnt Boston just voted homophobic capital of East cost America?

Boston?  not a chance. One of the most liberal cities in the US. Pretty dodgy history of race relations though.

Remember there was a Star Trek movie about whales?

smallman1 wrote:

Shame you're not there Slabs, we're staying in South End in Boston, any cop?

South end is nice, brunch capital of Boston, you'll love it.

I'm no longer in Boston, unfortunately. Would have loved to show you around.


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Enjoying this!

Homegrove wrote:
Dermatron wrote:
ghostriddenhuffy wrote:

Not true, but a lame comment.  Try to have some sympathy asshole.

Yeh Grant fuck sake. Think of all those poor homeless Trump supporters before you mouth off next time eh?

I know this storm affects other areas in Texas too, but Houston is very liberal.

It may LEAN liberal, but it is decidedly not "very" liberal.

Dunkirk was all right. Good but not great. Parts were unnecessarily confusing, characterization was basically nought and Han Zimmer's score was shite this time around. I'm fairly certain the term "masterpiece" gets thrown around a bit liberally these days. 7/10

How do you hate Gary Lineker? He's about as harmless as they come.

I'm convinced Brits just hate everyone in the public eye.

Grant wrote:

I'm off to Dallas next week on a stag-do.  Is it near?

To Dallas? no.

smallman1 wrote:

Posts: 20,809

Started watching Top of the Lake: China Girl, since the first series was well done, but series 2 is dross. There's a crime in there somewhere, but it's buried under mounds of pointless meandering story lines and tedious characters. Swerve like Ed's Creative Director.

Manhunt: Unibomber is good though.

You're making a grave mistake.

So then everyone, what is the most disturbing film you've seen?

Another one for me was The Snowtown Murders. fuck. There's a couple movies that are supposed to be vile like Audition, A Serbian Film that I won't watch because they're just meant to be sadistic and nothing else.

Kill List is to this day the most disturbing film I've ever seen.

jules72 wrote:

I did read When Breath becomes Air...quite sad (about a surgeon that dies of cancer), and interesting in parts, but not quite in the same league as the two I reviewed above imo.

It was okay, but ended a bit abruptly. Bit lazy of him not to finish it.

Homegrove wrote:

The ginger guy seems like UK's Frankie Munez, ie loaded for life, and quite happy just to enjoy it, and not bother with movies anymore, because he'll always be that ginger guy from Harry Potter to people.

But a lot of big actors are doing tv now, and he's on the tv version of Snatch.

jules72 wrote:

Flogging to death themes that I like (as I tend to), Ive been reading brain and heart surgeon books (biographies):

Do No Harm by Henry Marsh is perhaps the most memorable book Ive read in years. He talks about the highs and lows he has experienced as a brain surgeon. Seriously good reading 9/10

Fragile Lives by Stephen Westaby is probably just as good. The highs and lows of being a heart surgeon this time. 9/10

Where's your review on that Ben Carson?

Also did you read When Breath becomes Air?

Few decent ones in the past year, more on the "well-written thriller" tip:

Jane Harper - The Dry
James Lasdun - The Fall Guy
Noah Hawley - Before the Fall
Tana French - The Trespasser
Hideo Yokoyama - Six four


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superbowl picks?

Patriots vs. Cowboys for me. maybe.

Anyone try to watch The Circle? fuck how did Hanks sign on to that turkey?

2/10. Avoid like a gofundme request from loopdockter.