any others to recommend? I enjoyed the Lee Foss mix...

Enjoyed this mix very much. Will look forward to the full interview in DJ mag.

Trump has 0% chance of actually becoming president but still, there are some dumb, dumb motherfuckers in this country.

The Revenant 6/10 - Apart from the cinematography not much substance to it, mostly violence porn.
The Hateful Eight - 7/10 - Fairly entertaining
The Big Short - 8/10 - Really well done, some great performances, still don't understand what a CDO is
Spotlight - 9/10, film of the year for me
Room - 5/10 , that guy was a poor man's Fritzl
Sicario - 6/10 Missed opportunity
We are your friends: The Loopy Story - 0.00/10

If you're planning on going up the empire state building like every other cunt, go to 30 rock instead, it's cheaper and lines are much shorter.

Rhouse's old lady is not bad looking either, congrats Rhouses.

This mix is nuts but I like it...


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Playoff predictions?

I'm gonna say Patriots vs Panthers in the Super Bowl, though I'm a bit biased.

I think Stevo did it as well, but the cops did go to extra lengths to stitch him up. The Brendan kid definitely got a raw deal, I'm surprised he was even determined competent to stand trial, the kid was clearly a few fries short of a happy meal.

fuck sake, you guys will love the shite they previewed before Star Wars

Batman vs Superman
Captain America: Ahoy captain
Fifth Wave or some fucking apocalyptic YA nonsense
The 39th fucking X-men film

Did someone say The Wire wasn't funny?

Rawls vs McNulty
Madam LaRue
McNulty and Bunk "fuck" scene
McNulty crashing his Pontiac
Bunk setting his clothes on fire
Stringer explaining market exigencies to gangbangers
Fuzzy Dunlop
snoop buys a nail gun
honey nut cheerios
"Yes, hello, this is Sidney Handjerker with Handjerker, Cohen and Bromberg..."



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I plan to do one of these threads when the real-world plaudits for my trabbs come crashing in.


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Got these for $25 on a black friday sale, summer shoes but whatevs

Spectre belongs here.

great mix.

Diminished Responsibility wrote:

Trying to understand why a bonafide Anglophile wouldn't want to man-up and contribute to the first glorious trip to his very own promised land?

He's already said, his girlfriend said no way

This is going Mrs Brown's Boys bad...

Get it together Ed, I fear there's about to be a run on the banks

Did you know one in every two and a half men is HIV positive?

I'll watch just about anything Aaron Sorkin writes. I thought the Social Network was pretty good, and that was about fucking Facebook.

Some of his interviews are really kind of great, too.

I think I'm late to the party, how do I donate?

I'm sure this is really just a veiled "the book is better than the movie!" comment, but I thought Black Mass was pretty poor. It didn't begin to get to the depth of the collusion between Bulger and the FBI. 5/10.


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North face is the brand of the commoner in the US, Ed. You can't walk down the block without seeing this.


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I think I may spring for a classic peacoat this winter, though I've already a few too many coats in the closet.

Is there a kickstarter or something? I will donate the american equivalent of 20 if and only if Loops promises to post no Movember pictures this year.


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Thank you sir.