Ozark is really quite good so far. I thought the first episode was a little high-pitched and the intensity would wane quickly but it's sustained itself quite well. About halfway through.


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As much as I want it to be true, I still haven't seen anything damning enough to justify impeachment proceedings. It's all a lot of nebulous meetings and sort-of-maybe-attempted collusion. Not buying it.

I saw Coldplay once (on a girl's prompting, natch). It wasn't as bad as I expected.


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Surely no one actually likes Andy Murray...


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Beijing Dave wrote:
smallman1 wrote:

Very good Derm!

Heading there on Tuesday.

Chinos, boaters and a bow tie, can't wait.

Only Yanks call it a boater. I think you'll find it's a straw hat or a 'Harrow Hat'.

I thought he meant boat shoes. What do you call those, deck shoes?


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My first year living in England, able to watch some early-round matches at a reasonable time.

I expect Ed will be there with a glass of bubbly, trousers with no belt and some shit oversize sunglasses.

What are your predictions?

Fitness trackers are for cunts.

millsy23 wrote:

Had a flick through Netflix last night to select downloads for my commute into London and came across 'Closer'. Had previously discounted for obvious reasons (it has Jude Law in it) and then remembered Hanners had put it squarely in the 'classic' bracket on this thread. 'Well', thought I 'Hanners has always been absolutely bang on the money and is now my de facto film expert since ol' Barry Norman is sitting on his faux leather chair in the sky'.

It's an abomination. A classic in the same way Sex Lives of the Potato Men is a classic. Crap. 1/10 for Natalie Portman being half naked for much of it (I think I may see why Hanners believes it's a classic, actually)

Next up: Gattica

You're making quite an effort to prove me wrong lol.


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seanc80 wrote:

Hi biggest one was leaving it in.


ghostriddenhuffy wrote:

47 Meters Down.  8.5/10.  Best shark movie I've seen in years - completely shits on The Shallows.  Nothing hokey about this film at all.

I had been trying to remember the name of that. Absolutely terrifying. I loved it.

Gattica is an underrated film. I'm sure Grant would agree.

Learn how to use the internet you fucking bumbleclot.

millsy23 wrote:

Side Effects. Was expecting this to be shite as anything with Jude Law in it is normally an auto swerve. Surprisingly good and reminded me of Primal Fear. Recommended if you've not seen it.

He's had a few gooduns....Closer, The Talented Mr. Ripley, Gattica.

Well fellas the first reviews of Wonder Woman are in!

"In a single sentence: It was pretty fucking awesome. The comedy was on-point (and very welcome!). The pacing was solid, the action was fast and enjoyable. "

Don't know about you I can't wait

Nick Sneddon wrote:

Good Will Hunting. Only seen it a handful of times, however its a film that I tend to get more out of every time I watch it. the jousting scenes with Damon and Williams are gold. genuinely makes me sad that he's not on the planet any more, along with the terrible business of Chris Cornell this week it just highlights what an absolute c**t mental illness is........

That's probably my favorite movie. Remember when it lost best picture to fucking Titanic? Jesus wept.

I used to work with a girl who said her boyfriend's favorite movie was Men in Black 3. She had some nice taters too.

millsy23 wrote:

still not been able to obtain Gommarah. The means I would normally use for such things doesn't seem to yield the desired results.

Probably bc you spell it wrong ya donut.

Grant wrote:

Paterson. 96% on RT, but this is tedious, predictable art-house cinema at its zenith. I fell asleep near the end and couldn't recall if I'd seen the end or not - not a great sign. 3/10

God, it was awful. Turned it off after 30 minutes.

Well personally I think the jury is still out until Fadas weighs in

I'm sure I'll take a pasting but these rainbow flyknits are going right iinto the collection


Line of Duty is one of the best shows on TV. Season 4 impressive so far.

Beijing Dave wrote:

Good shouts on Mulholland Drive, True Romance, Glengarry Glen Ross, actually most of the films mentioned.

Re-watched American Beauty a few weeks ago. Absolutely boss, even better than I remembered it being.

Almost any Woody Allen or Spike Lee movies.

A lot of people have said American Beauty didn't age well. wrong.

Any list that doesn't involve Strudders is invalid

Few favorites that may have not been mentioned.

Crimes and Misdemeanors
The Hours 
The Ice Storm
Jacob's Ladder
Leaving Las Vegas
The Thin Red Line
Wonder Boys