Thanks to Flaresy's insights they won't even have to spring for trophies this season.


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Classy guy Paul Newman. Raised hundreds of millions of dollars for charity.


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13 pages of the usual meltage for a thread on geopolitics, carry on gentlemen.

Typical Friday night for the Mills.

pube85 wrote:

Have to say I'm surprised at that performance. I genuinely thought they would rhouses themselves.

lol @ "women's hockey." Didn't realize there was such a thing.

It's definitely not because his views on guns are controversial and "polarizing." It's because he is and always has been culturally irrelevant.

flares_and_an_anorak wrote:

Why isn't there a White History Museum?

There is one. It's called "society."

Beijing Dave wrote:

My apologies, it was Littles who coined 'Crisps McFapburn'

wrong septic dickhead

If you're not torrenting True Detective you're a fucking asshole.


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Don Cheadle

Wolf of Wall Street. 5/10. "We know you're too dumb to understand any of the scams we ran so we're just gonna do drugs for 3 hours." Prefer Boiler Room.

All is Lost. 8/10. I think there were 17 words spoken in this movie. Loved it.

The Counselor. 6/10. Cormac McCarthy wrote it. Some good monologues. Otherwise incomprehensible.

Ender's Game. 3/10. Crap book worse movie.

Inside Llewyn Davis. 6/10. Lesser Coen brothers. Was it a musical?

Her. 9/10. My first thought was "Spike Jonze even made LA look passable." Most of it was Shanghai. Excellent film.

12 Years a Slave. 9/10. Surprised by this one.

Captain Phillips. 4/10. By all accounts the real captain was an arrogant pricked who ignored warnings and endangered his crew. fuck hollywood.

In fairness "Bag Full of Dreams" was a stupid name so it was for the best that he quit music altogether.

Didn't someone on GU used to be the jizzmopper at the porn shop?

I fully expect all ads in the UK to have Ray Winstone in them.

I love dogs. Great animals.

But dog owners are the fucking pits. There's something about the desire to own a dog that correlates strongly with being a self-absorbed attention-seeking scroad. Like these fuckers who brought their  dogs to the airport to greet their SO home from a flight. So in addition to sharing space on a shuttle  stuffed to the gills with fat people and luggage I have to stand eye-to-eye with some scabby little yappy mole rat.

have some of this fellas


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Where are all the mad conspiracy yodelers in this thread?? flares, ahad, a dose of starcreeper? All racist then surely.

Here are some gooduns:

12 Years a Slave: 9/10, film of the year for me
American Hustle: 8/10
Gravity 8/10


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Let's do this the right way.

Let's say the mean gestation period is 281 days, with a standard deviation of 13 days (ref below). You say your stag-do is 30 days before the due date, and let's say you'll definitely be back 27 days before she's due. That puts the likelihood of having the child before you get back at 2.08 standard deviations away from the mean. This means there is about a 2% (p = 0.018763) chance of her having that child before you return.

Tell her to fuck off.

Bergsjø P, Denman D 3rd, Hoffman HJ, Meirik O. (1990). "Duration of human singleton pregnancy. A population-based study.". Acta Obstet Gynecol Scand: 197–207.

Wasn't Coutinho supposed to be some kind of "magician"? He was rubbish against Chelsea.

furry wrote:

Bedrock Board Thread of The Year : Upcoming Happy birthday Slabs! thread
Person you would most like to share an ale/line with :  Runcorn Dave
Weirdest John obsessive : SimonR
2013 Newcomer Of The Year: Flaresy the conspiracy-trumpeting fucking cunt
2013 tune of the year (ONE ONLY) : Booka shade - love inc
Your favourite simmering feud : Naus against everything
2013 Bedrock Board Funnyman : Milesy, fadas, naus, Runcorn Dave same ol
2013 Best Alias : S0103
Board member who generally has the worst taste :
The boards best KLANG merchant : Smallman
The Bedrock Board's Best DJ (apart from John) :  lots
Biggest fucking know-all who knows fuck all : Flaresy and his 1000s of books
Most clueless sports contributor : Sturdders
Your favourite non-English poster : The irish
Finest Mix Posted on the Mix Section (link required) : the first one Millsy did
Unfunniest Board Member : dj matt black has just got and done it again
The person who's posts make your face melt : that fucker who doesn't use a space after his commas
Your most enjoyable night out whilst listening to repetitive dance music 2013 : Dirk Diggler @ 12 Pines

Grant wrote:

The Deep - 3/10, Icelandic film with subtitles based on a true, tedious, story.
A Hijacking - 9/10, terrific Danish film, great tension and acting all round, best film I've seen for a while
Blue Jasmine - 8/10, great film, Cate Blanchett is superb
Manhattan - 8/10, never seen it before I'm ashamed to say - a poor man's Annie Hall, but still a great film

Bit late to the Woody Allen party Grant but nevermind. Have you seen Crimes & Misdemeanors? My favorite of his. Also enjoyed Match Point, Hannah and her Sisters, Deconstructing Harry.

Grant wrote:

Just ordered this, looks amazing. Apart from Submarine.

Which of these are worth watching Grant? Apart from Dead Man's Shoes and Four Lions, obvs.

Oh and I guess I've seen Kill List and Snowtown which are two of the most disturbing films of recent memory, so thanks for that Warp Films.

NE 2 Disc 1
Holden - Balance
Nick Warren - Reykjavik Disc 1