Listened to all of these, they were excellent.

Except for Zackster's. That one was crap.


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This is the kind of shit Trumps is reduced to promoting now, the fucking thicket:

Big coup you got the white bible-thumper vote locked up Donnie!

‘Trump has been having a tough time with one key demographic — voters’ - Stephen Colbert

Perfect, thanks Sean.

Been listening to some old Digweed classic mixes circa 2001 on youtube, anybody got any recommendations for best mixes around that time?

Somebody mentioned Friday Night Lights, a seriously underrated show.


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Was there some melter in this thread saying Trump was not only going to win but win big?  are we going to talk about "unskewed" polls again? How did that work out last election?

Oh here we go: … mp-voters/

You really have to be a special shade of stupid to believe this nonsense.


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Don't forget in November that I said page 1 or 2 in this thread that Trump would never be elected president.

This says it all about comic book movie fans really:

Critics slam 'Suicide Squad,' so fans try to shut down Rotten Tomatoes … /88037494/

+1 Gomorrah.

Also enjoyed The Disappearance, French mini-series.

Dermatron wrote:
Yant wrote:

American Sniper


Well done IMO.

Oh Yant. Oh dear, oh dear, oh dear. Its absolute fucking dire shit. Pure unadulterated Ameerican patriotic drivel. Please go fuck yourself ASAP.

I was laughing my dick off that more than a few Republicans were aggrieved that Bradley Cooper attended the Democratic convention...fuck sake


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Will be giving this a whirl this weekend


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dutchy101 wrote:

I'm just going to get the Financial Times, get the Financial Times



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303 abuser wrote:

so i'm only vaguely aware of the eu vote and the potential consequences, but how close is this to the trump movement in the states?  as in an uneducated populace (a minority i'm sure) following a right wing movement without any thought as to the consequences?

As an outsider this had all the stink of American politics -- plutocrats stoking the fears of the common people to convince them to vote against their interests. Thankfully Trump is going to get smashed in November. Demagoguery only gets you so far. … -5491.html


where'd it go???

Grant wrote:

Wrong thread Erik!



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I'd come out of sobriety to ledge it with Fadas.

Death Valley for me as well...

I get that they shouldn't force you to upgrade but honestly what's the big deal? Surely it's not any worse than 7. Definitely an improvement on 8.

I bet Runcorn Dave is up there.

I'd like to throw my own hat in for 97-98 emo bands from florida...

Line of Duty is really fucking good.

RIP Jinxy

I've just dl'ed and haven't listened but will DEFINITELY do so on the back of this soundcloud comment:

"this is an awesome mix. you tell a great story of emotion and deepness through those dozens of fantastic songs. great job!"

haha glorious.


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monostereo wrote:

iTunes is a shambles.  Why Apple insist on one single application that does everything from device management through to online shopping and music streaming is beyond me.  It's a bloated fucking mess which I used to put up with due to using an iPhone and a Mac.  .

And if you have the nerve to try to run Itunes on a PC it's whole new layer of hell. Literally the worst application I have ever come across in my whole life. I finally use something like Syncios to transfer files.


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furry wrote:'re in Boston and're in Philly? Why on earth would you two want to vote for someone who would raise your taxes significantly? Both of you. Including me live in the highest taxed cites in the nation. Were you for the min wage hike too? I can never see it getting to fifteen dollars. Or needing to.

I don't know if you know this, but "Taxachusetts" is number one in the nation in just about fucking everything. Lowest percentage of uninsured residents, #1 in education, including among the top 5 or 10 nations in the world in reading and math, best prenatal care, best access to medical and dental care, top 5 infant mortality rate, top 10 life expectancy, 2nd highest per-capita income,  a booming tech-driven economy...I could go on and on.

So yeah I think the "welfare state" is doing just fine.

Also unless I'm mistaken I haven't see a plan where one of the Democrats would raise taxes on middle class Americans. It's definitely not in Hillary's plan, though of course I take all their promises with more than a grain of salt.