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What about next year in the US when you'll have a whole block of voters who'll vote for Sarah Palin if she runs. Every 4 years the brainwashed are fooled into thinking the 'other guy' is the real answer. That's where the system is's not the system itself, it's the participants...

Right, they'll be plenty nutters who would vote for Sarah Palin, hence the reason for the rest of us to get out and vote for, say, Hilary Clinton. It may not make all the difference you want (it won't), but it's a far cry from the alternative.

seanc80 wrote:

Watched Birdman. Not sure what the love-in is all about for this. Thought it was fairly shitet, over-hyped much like the rest of the screeners i've seen this year.


I liked the Imitation Game.


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Been wanting to see this, thanks.

Loved The Fall, though the end was disappointing on some level.

The Roger Ebert docu was good.

"Chef" was stupid.

Some of these reviews of "They Dared To Dream: How Rodgers' Liverpool Went So Close" are fantastic: … roduct_top

"Football? Bloody hell!", as Bill Shankly once said.

By the final chapter of this book I was kneeling on the floor of my living room, floods of tears pattering onto my replica kit, wailing like a hysterical gibbon. My dogs, Rushie and Aldo, wailed in solidarity with me. They understood; my wife didn't. I felled her with a right hook.

Imagine if all you ever wanted was a carrot cake, and then, after 25 years without one, you see your most loyal friend walking towards your house smiling, carrying a carrot cake with your name on it. As he reaches your drive, he tumbles calamitously into a ditch. You rush out to find him writhing in agony amongst a cakey-muddy mess, a hungry raven pecking at his flesh. That is how we Liverpool fans feel about the 13/14 season (the raven is Tony Pulis, by the way).

This book is not just some cynical cash-in to make money out of Irish people. Paul Tomkins has truly encapsulated the modern-day Liverpool Football Club experience in literary form: the misty-eyed sentimentality, the endless self-mythologizing and, above all, the abject, humiliating failure. YNWA.

I just started Apple Tree Yard so good to see a thumbs up for it here.

Also reading Edward St Aubyn's Patrick Melrose novels and some dystopian thriller nonsense called "Red Rising."

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That Orange Black thing is rubbish, women's fodder.


Don't forget Loopy's lively support of the German national team! He's not actually German, but...

If one of Faible, Munkyn are offering to reupholster the board why not let them do it?

Just let Presto do it, you know he's been waiting his whole life for the opportunity...

What the fuuuuuck...

Negativity? This board is an earth day drum circle compared to GU.

There's a 30 pager in the mixes section on best board members mixes, some fantastic contributions, isn't that alone enough to justify the board's existence? Exposure to new music?


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I think it's a female conspiracy against me.

Maybe it's that Elliot Rodger vibe you give off whenever you open your trap.

A million seconds is 11 days, and a billion seconds is 33 years.

Fargo. I enjoy it.

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Lili Simmons is gorgeous, she looks good in Banshee too

You can tell she's been banged more times than the first pipe on Flappy Bird, though


fuck that made my night


we're going to get fucking battered.

Did Liverpool win the league?

Elysium was awful. Allegory subtle as a mortar blast.

FYI you can post any ol shite in this thread, the ban whisperer doesn't read these threads bc he's a bald gay

If you use exclamation points in your review you are immediately disqualified from having an opinion worth having, FYI.

Honestly, has there even been a single movie in years that was unimpeachably great? That wasn't a documentary?

Amour? Her?

Is there a single film anyone will watch in 50 years?

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I cant believe somebody actually spent the time to make something so shit.

Half expecting Jay Loopdoktor to make an appearance in the diner at some point.

Has anyone watched the recent for ESPN doc on Hillsborough? I fucking hate Liverpool FC with the heat of a thousand suns, but it pretty cleanly debunks a number of the claims being posted here.

Thanks to Flaresy's insights they won't even have to spring for trophies this season.